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As the demand for sustainable living increases in South Carolina, it’s becoming hard to navigate the sea of builders and choose one that delivers it in every nail and beam. The sad reality is that some builders who claim to build green and sustainably don’t have the relevant expertise. So, which top sustainable green home builders in South Carolina can you rely on?

Experience and the ability to build homes that meet building code standards are some of the crucial factors to consider when looking for a green home builder. You also don’t want a home that compromises your comfort and safety.

In this article, we’ve researched and listed the top sustainable green home builders in South Carolina. These builders have the expertise to build your next green home with guaranteed durability. Keep reading to find out what makes each unique.

The Best Green Home Builders in South Carolina

For lower energy bills and carbon footprint, here is our list of the most highly regarded green home builders in South Carolina.

  • True Homes 
  • Addison Homes
  • Cimarron Homes 
  • Piedmont Green
  • FHS Constructors
  • TAG Builders
  • Cerra Homes

So, without further ado, let’s investigate each of these builders and the specific features that they have to offer homebuyers.

1. True Homes

True Homes is a sustainable green home builder committed to bringing cutting-edge home designs, new home styles, and value to residential communities living throughout South Carolina and North Carolina.

Interior view of a True Homes green home
With True Homes comes the True Style package. It includes everything you need to decorate your home according to your preference, plus 40 free designer extras. Courtesy of True Homes

Thanks to an impressive clientele, True Homes has become one of South Carolina’s most notable sustainable green builders, with stunning homes in the most popular residential areas. But merely being imminent has not earned them a place on this list.

What makes the company remarkable is its commitment to being true to every little thing that matters most to you.

For instance, providing clients with four different home collections, from elegant luxury homes to sassy townhomes, or constructing on a personal piece of their land so they can find whatever best fits their lifestyle, budget, and personality.

Why Choose True Homes

  • Four different home collections to best meet your lifestyle, personality, and budget preferences
  • A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • Delivers extra square footage for the same money, meaning you can choose extra rooms without paying extra pennies
  • Innovative lifestyle floorplans that you can easily personalize your home and get the layout of your preference 

2. Addison Homes

Addison Homes is one of the premier builders of high-performance and sustainable green homes in upstate South Carolina.

Exterior front view of the Marietta, an Addison Homes green home
These builders make a home that “exists in harmony with the local environment and helps protect it.” Courtesy of Addison Homes

It is firmly devoted to building energy-efficient homes at the best possible prices and 100% guarantees that its new homes are Energy Star, EPA Indoor airPLUS standard, and Zero Energy Ready-certified.

The best thing about this green company is that it individualizes every project to the client’s particular needs and demands.

Moreover, Addison’s personalized floor plans feature open, integrated spaces designed to perfection for optimal flow and comfort.

A trademark Addison Home entails traits like energy efficiency, stylish aesthetics, and a universal design.

Each home also provides healthy air quality with natural lighting to further enhance the overall indoor environment.

Why Choose Addison Homes

  • Due to remarkable durability and energy efficiency, Addison Homes-built houses can save you money from day one and, over time, need substantially less upkeep and maintenance.
  • It is the only Greenville, South Carolina, sustainable green home builder that provides utility bill guarantees to clients. In a nutshell, you’ll spend fewer dollars on cooling and heating your space. If not, the company will pay the difference.
  • The company has received multiple green building awards, including the Housing Innovation Awards from the US Department of Energy and the Pinnacle Award for Best Achievement in Energy Efficiency from the Home Builders Association of South Carolina.

3. Cimarron Homes

Cimarron Homes is perhaps the only sustainable green homebuilder in South Carolina that has obtained the Home Innovation Research Labs National Green Building Standard (NGBS) Certification on each of its custom-built houses.

Interior view of a Cimarron Homes green home's kitchen
A sample kitchen layout for the Patriot model. Courtesy of Cimarron Homes

Over the years, it has diligently followed remarkable sustainable green practices in constructing structures and is recognized as an NGBS Green Partner of Excellence over the years.

Today, the company follows NGBS as a blueprint for creating sustainable homes as it’s the only green building rating system for residential houses approved by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

Why Choose Cimarron Homes

  • Cimarron Homes has been an NGBS Green Partner of Excellence for over five years. 
  • Follow practices that help curb the environmental impact of building homes, including site design and creating onsite infiltration/stormwater retention feat.
  • Every Cimarron Home comes equipped with the option to choose a solar photovoltaic system to minimize energy bills. In addition, the systems are designed and available in multiple sizes to fit every budget.
  • Cimarron Homes uses Moen water-conserving products, like faucets (32% in water savings), low-flow showerheads (40% in water savings), and highly efficient toilets (20% in water savings). 
  • The company uses low volatile organic compound (VOC) paint. 
  • All homes by Cimarron exceed Energy Star standards. Each house is built with tightly sealed ducts, advanced framing techniques, attic insulation, and air returns. 

4. Piedmont Green

Located in Greenville (and surrounding areas), Piedmont Green is an industry-leading container home construction company. It seeks to provide aspiring home buyers with affordable living through budget-friendly green homes.

Exterior view of a Piedmont Green home
Piedmont Green maximizes the potential of shipping containers thanks to green techniques. Courtesy of Piedmont Green

The company believes container homes are a modular and inexpensive alternative to conventional house structures.

Without any doubt, container homes are the newest and hottest trend in sustainable green living. Not only that, these houses come with complete personalization freedom at the affordability of low-income housing.

Interior view of a Piedmont Green home's kitchen
A sample of potential interior design work. Courtesy of Piedmont Green and originally by keresi72

With years of experience under its belt and a wealth of knowledge, this locally-owned and operated green company offers trust, respect, commitment, dedication, and integrity to meet customer needs and exceed expectations.

Why Choose Piedmont Green

  • Promises to deliver utmost customer satisfaction for all of their projects while guaranteeing affordable pricing, quality craftsmanship, and top-of-the-line customer service.
  • Provides affordable housing solutions. These sustainable container homes lower costs from inception to installation without sacrificing comfort or design.
  • Boasting steel cores and a contemporary, sleek design, Piedmont Green custom homes deliver incredibly durable structures built to last. 

5. FHS Constructors

This is a woman-owned construction company in South Carolina. It provides general construction and construction management services to residents and commercial customers.

We featured FHS Constructors on our list of the top sustainable green home builders in South Carolina due to its commitment to delivering quality projects under budget.

A tiny wood cabin or shed surrounded by covered furniture and trees by FHS Constructors
The Carriage House in James Island, SC. Courtesy of FHS Constructors’ Facebook page

Although the company specializes in renovation and new project construction, it also offers a complete range of design-build and construction management.

What sets FHS Constructors apart is that Scott,  its director of operations, is a green LEED-certified expert. He understands clients’ needs before, during, and after the construction. He uses his experience to build sustainable green homes that meet LEED standards.

Building a green home with LEED certifications in mind means you’ll have low energy bills. LEED homes are designed and built to be highly energy efficient.

Why Choose FHS Constructors?

  • Experienced and LEED-certified experts
  • The company delivers green homes that meet LEED-certification standards for energy conservation 
  • Timely delivery of quality and under-budget projects to save you money

6. TAG Builders

Serving the entire South Carolina, TAG Builders is one of the companies you can rely on for quality green building projects.

Having been in business for over 25 years, this company understands what goes into making a code-compliant green home that is guaranteed to last. It focuses on making its projects as energy-efficient as possible.

A farmhouse style 2-storey home surrounded by manicured lawns by TAG Builders, LLC
If you see a sustainable farmhouse in SC, chances are it’s built by TAG Builders. Courtesy of TAG Builders, LLC

The company’s green home designs incorporate the following features:

  • Sustainable materials to protect the environment and control the budget
  • Using green and passive energy to cool the house
  • Environmentally friendly and energy-efficient technologies like strategic designs and solar panel installation

TAG Builders stands out for incorporating the three R’s (Recycle, Reuse, and Reduce) in all its projects. For instance, it focuses on reusing about 70% of its construction waste. Consequently, this helps minimize the cost of construction.

The company has a highly skilled staff in custom home construction. It tailors every home to meet the needs of clients. Therefore, don’t expect a generic structure from this company. YOu can contract it for the following services:

  • Energy-efficient homes
  • Custom homes
  • Home additions
  • Home remodeling
  • Home restorations
  • Bathroom remodeling
  • Kitchen remodeling
  • High-end home upgrades

Why Choose TAG Builders?

  • Highly skilled and experienced home-building staff that lives up to a client’s expectations
  • A custom-home contractor that strives for perfection to meet your needs
  • A fully licensed and insured company, including its staff
  • Specializes in high-quality farmhouses and modern custom homes

7. Cerra Homes

Finally on our list, we have Cerra Homes, a company dedicated to delivering green homes with all amenities, luxury, and comfort.

Besides, Cerra Homes ensures that all homes are healthy, affordable, and easy on the environment. Hiring this company for your project means you’ll get a home with beautifully crafted architectural details and energy-conservation technology.

A fence leading into a white ranch style sustainable home by Cerra Homes
Every home is equipped with the latest innovations in sustainability. Courtesy of Cerra Homes

With over 40 years of experience under its belt, Cerra Homes has built a reputation as one of the best green home builders in South Carolina.

Its integrated design from the start to the end makes it possible to create green homes with low utility bills and superior indoor air quality.

Additionally, the company guarantees uncompromising attention to detail. Its professionals understand that even the tiniest details make a big difference in construction. As a result, they pay close attention to craftsmanship, fit and finish, and the efficient execution of all technologies.

You can trust this company for your next project because Don Cerra, its President and owner, comes from a family of architects and builders. He specializes in building custom, energy-efficient homes.

Why Choose Cerra Homes?

  • The owner is experienced in green and energy-efficient construction.
  • The company has received multiple awards and recognition. These include being the first builder to build an R-2000 super-insulated home in New Jersey, the presenter of PATH and LEED seminars, and the recognition for implementing green technologies in Habitat for Humanity homes.
  • Cerra Homes has trained and accredited LEED professionals for the best and most energy-efficient homes.
  • It’s a member of the US Green Building Council. Therefore, it builds homes that meet the standards of this council.  

Stop Hunting and Get Started!

Choosing to build an eco-friendly and sustainable home is paramount to creating a safe and comfortable space for yourself and your family.

When it comes to building a green home in South Carolina, we highly recommend you first speak to past clients, scrutinize each homebuilder’s license with the local licensing board, and use an online bidding system to get competitive quotes for the best price. 

With that said, if you are in the market for a new home or wish to invest in an environmentally friendly construction project to promote overall ecological well-being, don’t think twice about picking any green company mentioned in this list.

The aforementioned home builders will construct a safe and unique space, offering you immeasurable joy.

The best thing? By promoting green practices, you can play your part in lowering the use of dangerous pollutants that harm our environment. 

Keep in mind every environmentally friendly structure collectively brings us one step closer to a greener and healthier planet—a place where our future generations will be safe and happy. 

We hope our list of the best green home builders in South Carolina makes it easier for you to pick a company, and we wish you all the luck in this pursuit of building the house of your dreams!

Also, be sure to check out our list of green home builders in North Carolina and our top choices of modular builders in South Carolina, as several of the companies featured may be able to deliver a green home to your area of the state.

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