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Whether you already live in Mississippi or are planning to move there shortly, it should not surprise you that the Magnolia State has much to offer. 

From its low cost of living to its wide, open spaces and warm southern hospitality, living in Mississippi can be a fantastic experience—something especially true if you’re the type of person who appreciates living in a place with rich history and culture.

As one of the less densely-populated US states, Mississippi has relatively high land availability. Therefore, building your dream home there might be easier (and cheaper) than you imagine—especially if you are willing to consider modular construction. 

Modular Homes in Mississippi

Like the rest of the country, the housing market in Mississippi is currently thriving. However, while homes in the Magnolia State have not yet become as unaffordable as in some other parts of the US, house prices are rising fast—often faster than homebuyers’ incomes can keep up with. 

This increase is why more and more homebuyers in Mississippi are now opting for high-quality and durable modular homes.

Modular homes, unlike their traditional, stick-built counterparts, are manufactured indoors on factory assembly lines. Once the home’s parts or ‘modules’ have been fabricated, they are shipped to the building site for assembly and installation. 

This unique manufacturing process ensures that modular homes can be constructed faster (and at a lower cost) than traditional homes. Faster construction results because the factory-based production process does not allow any weather-related delays—workers in a factory don’t need to stop working because it is raining or snowing outside.

Furthermore, a factory manufactures many modular homes simultaneously. So, any excess material from one home can easily be used in another, leading to minimal wastage. This efficiency helps reduce construction costs since there is almost no wastage of construction materials like timber, steel, glass, etc. 

Moreover, the lack of wastage makes modular homes more environmentally sustainable than traditionally constructed houses. So, why not give this new construction technique a try, and look into some of the most reputed modular builders in the state of Mississippi?

The Top 9 Modular Building Companies in Mississippi

To help you in your search, we’ve compiled a list of the best modular building companies in Mississippi, including:

  • Spartan Homes  of Laurel
  • Freedom Homes of Pearl
  • C3 Design
  • Pro Modular
  • Elite Homes of Como
  • Bloxx Building
  • Whitson Builders
  • Clayton Homes
  • Sunshine Homes 

If you like what you see, you just may be able to buy the perfect, customized, and eco-friendly modular home for your family at a price that does not strain your finances in any way. 

Spartan Homes of Laurel

Based in Laurel, Spartan Homes is one of the premier retailers of modular homes in the Southern US. It supplies world-class houses to homebuyers in various states, including Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Florida, Texas, Arkansas, Georgia, and Tennessee.

Interior kitchen view of a Spartan Homes of Laurel modular home
Courtesy of Spartan Homes of Laurel

As a full-service dealership of modular homes, this company has the skills and experience to help you find the perfect home in Mississippi for yourself and your family. 

Spartan Homes aims to provide residents of Mississippi with the best quality homes at affordable prices.

In pursuit of this goal, it has also built a reputation for outstanding customer service and after-sales support. For instance, every single modular home sold by this company comes with a lifetime warranty. 

Exterior front view of a Spartan Homes of Laurel modular home
Courtesy of Spartan Homes of Laurel

Spartan Homes works with many reputed modular builders across the country to offer customers only the finest and most durable modular structures. 

As a result, the company can provide you with a wide range of floor plans to choose from since it works with designers and builders from many different parts of the country. So, no matter what type of modular home you want, you will find something that suits your needs, budget, and lifestyle when working with the Spartan Homes.

Freedom Homes of Pearl

Interior kitchen view of a Freedom Homes of Pearl modular home
Courtesy of Freedom Homes of Pearl

Based in the city of Pearl in Rankin County, Freedom Homes sells affordable, durable, beautiful, and energy-efficient homes to buyers across the state. Its wide range of floor plans is designed to fit many different lifestyles and budgets. 

Furthermore, the company employs experienced modular home consultants who can help you understand the pros and cons of each model and choose the one that best fits your needs and preferences. 

Exterior view of a Freedom Homes of Pearl modular home
Courtesy of Freedom Homes of Pearl

Freedom Homes’ advanced construction process sets them apart from other companies operating in this sector. Some essential features of this process include:

  • The homes are manufactured inside state-of-the-art, climate-controlled facilities with the highest quality cement, wood, steel, and other materials.
  • Steel I-beams connected by cross members add stability to the house’s foundation and support its structure. 
  • Some of the critical elements of the home are handcrafted for enhanced durability and structural strength. 
  • Every detail – including the hinges, doorknobs, wall finishes, and drywall – is carefully inspected to ensure no lapses in quality. 
  • Each Freedom home is constructed with energy-efficient features like double-paned windows, upgraded insulation, a smart thermostat, and more.
  • An engineered floor system – comprising a thick blanket of quality insulation and a nylon reinforced vapor barrier – provides a solid foundation to the house. 

So, if you want a living space with all of these incredible features, then you can choose to buy a modular home from Freedom Homes of Pearl. 

C3 Design

C3 Design is a design-oriented manufacturer of modular homes headquartered in Greenwood. Its homes incorporate cutting-edge technologies and advanced materials to provide you with a better, more comfortable quality of life.

Exterior front view of a C3 Design modular home
Courtesy of C3 Design

C3 designs world-class, pre-engineered cottages and traditional, single-family homes. Some of the best features of its modular structures are as follows:

  • Thermal insulated windows
  • Corrugated metal roofs
  • Polished hardwood flooring in the living room and bedroom
  • Stainless steel cable porch railings
  • Fiber-cement vertical siding for the walls
  • Stainless steel appliances
  • Bathroom floors comprising 48″ custom tiles
  • Natural, gypsum board walls and ceilings
  • Sturdy, quartz countertops for the bath and kitchen
  • Ductless, mini-split HVAC system
  • Bronze cabinet pulls and door levers/knobs

The magnificent, aesthetically appealing structures manufactured by C3 Design are often used as hunting cabins and quick getaways, surrounded by nature and the tranquility of the great outdoors. 

Interior view of a C3 Design modular home
Courtesy of C3 Design

The company’s designs typically incorporate vaulted ceilings, plenty of large windows for natural light, spacious bathrooms, open concept kitchens, welcoming porches, and full-size, cutting-edge appliances. 

Pro Modular

Based in Jackson, the capital of Mississippi, Pro Modular is a renowned builder of prefabricated residential and commercial structures.

Established in 1990, the company adheres to the most stringent quality standards when building modular residences, medical facilities, commercial offices, and educational centers in Alabama, Louisiana, Arkansas, and (of course) Mississippi. 

Interior view of a Pro Modular office's conference room
Courtesy of Pro Modular

Pro Modular offers customized building solutions for a wide variety of uses. Licensed as a general contractor in four Deep South states, the company undertakes site preparation (including laying the foundation) while the building is fabricated in its factory.

This process ensures that no time is wasted, and the project is completed much sooner than a site-built structure of similar size and design.

Pro Modular aims to offer a full complement of construction, fabrication, and installation services to minimize the stress often associated with construction work. 

This system allows for the client’s involvement in the project without overwhelming them with the nitty-gritty details of the building process. 

Elite Homes of Como

Interior view of an Elite Homes of Como modular home
Courtesy of Elite Homes of Como

Based in the small town of Como, Elite Homes sells modular homes to customers across Mississippi, Arkansas, and Tennessee. It has over 50 years of experience helping customers find the right home for their needs at the best possible price. 

Locally owned and operated, this company prioritizes customer satisfaction over all else. Over the decades, it has perfected the art of helping customers through the home buying process to make the experience quick, simple, hassle-free, and enjoyable for everyone involved.

Exterior view of an  Elite Homes of Como modular home
Courtesy of Elite Homes of Como

Some of the benefits of working with Elite Homes to purchase your first modular home in Mississippi are: 

  • One-Stop-Shop: This company offers all your homebuying essentials under one roof, making the process of purchasing a modular home super easy and convenient.
    Elite Homes helps with financing, design, appliance selection and installation, home assembly, as well as installing plumbing, electrical wires, and insulation in your new home. 
  • No Hidden Fees: Elite Homes has a very transparent and straightforward pricing structure. There are no hidden fees or charges, and it will provide you with a detailed breakdown of exactly where every dollar you spend is allocated. The final amount you have to pay won’t differ significantly from the original cost estimate provided by the company at the beginning of the project. 
  • After-Sales Service: Being a locally owned business, Elite Homes values its relationship with each customer. Therefore, it has earned a reputation for outstanding after-sales service and support.
  • Elite Homes’ staff members will take care of you long after the sale is complete, providing repairs, replacement parts, and answering any questions you have about your new home.

Bloxx Building

This company, based in Biloxi, manufactures custom modular buildings meant to be used as recreational hunting lodges, business offices, and residential structures. 

All structures are built per the 2018 IRC Code Standards. In addition, Bloxx Building is certified and recognized by the State of Mississippi as a local manufacturer of modular buildings. 

Exterior view of a Bloxx Building modular container home
Courtesy of Bloxx Building

Its modular homes are made from conex containers—a type of highly durable, weather-resistant cargo container developed during the Korean war to store and transport supplies on the battlefield. 

Bloxx supplies customized modular lodges and homes to buyers (including families, corporates, and vacationers) across Mississippi. Its container lodges are top-rated among clubs, recreational hunters, and outdoorsmen of all stripes.

Interior view of a Bloxx Building modular home's kitchen
Courtesy of Bloxx Building

The structure you buy will come fully assembled and equipped with insulation, an HVAC system, bathroom, kitchen space, and deck area. All you need is a place to install your new conex home, and you will be good to go!

Whitson Builders

Based in Gulf Shores, Alabama, this reputed modular builder serves customers in six states, including Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee, and its home state of Alabama. It offers professional home construction services, from conception and design to home installation. 

Exterior view of a Whitson Builders modular home
Courtesy of Whitson Builders

Whitson Builders will provide you with several pre-engineered floor plans to choose from, but these are not set in stone. In fact, most customers customize their chosen floor plan to suit their lifestyle, budget, and lot. The company will help incorporate your customizations into their floor plan to design and construct a modular home that you can be proud of for years to come!

Interior kitchen view of a Whitson Builders modular home
Courtesy of Whitson Builders

These houses are built to withstand wind speeds exceeding 150 mph, at a minimum. Once constructed, three different sources inspect each home to ensure that it can withstand most hurricanes without sustaining any significant damage.

Clayton Homes

Clayton Homes offers homebuyers a wide range of custom floor plans and home models to choose from. Based in Gulfport, the company serves customers in every part of Mississippi. 

Interior view of a Clayton Homes modular home's kitchen
Courtesy of Clayton Homes

Once you schedule an appointment, it will assign you a dedicated ‘Home Consultant,’ who will give you a private tour of the many display models (or even a virtual tour from the comfort of your home, if that is your preference). 

The Home Consultant will use their years of experience in the industry to help you choose the right home for your needs, budget, and lifestyle. 

Exterior front view of a Clayton Homes modular home
Courtesy of Clayton Homes

Clayton homes are, without exception, extremely durable, strong, and well-built. In addition, its designs are eco-friendly and sustainable, and are aesthetically appealing.

In fact, its houses incorporate some of the most cutting-edge energy-efficient features offered by any modular builder in the area. These include:

  • Double-paned windows with Low-E glass
  • Programmable, smart thermostats
  • Energy-efficient water heaters
  • A ductless, mini-split HVAC system

These energy-efficient features not only make the home more sustainable they also help lower energy usage and utility bills, thus leading to significant cost savings over the years. 

Sunshine Homes

Headquartered in the city of Red Bay, Alabama, Sunshine Homes is a modular home manufacturing company serving customers throughout the Southeastern US. Established in 1971, Sunshine Homes has been building the highest-quality prefab structures for the last 50 years. 

Interior view of a Sunshine Homes modular home
Courtesy of Sunshine Homes

Thanks to many years of industry experience, the company constructs houses with certain unique features and benefits, such as:

  • Innovative and exquisite designs
  • High-quality & sustainable building materials
  • Numerous customization options
  • Carefully crafted, personalized décor packages
  • Exceptional strength and durability

After ordering your home, you can ask the company to customize it according to your tastes and requirements. Customization options include different colors and paints, cabinet styles and finishes, shower tiles, siding materials, flooring type, and more. 

Exterior front view of a Sunshine Homes modular home
Courtesy of Sunshine Homes

The experienced home professionals at Sunshine Homes will help you pick out the perfect floor plan and customize or decorate it to reflect your personality, all without exceeding your budget or construction timeframe. 

Final Thoughts

To learn more about these reputed modular builders serving customers in Mississippi and the surrounding areas, you can visit their websites and check out their product catalogs. This due diligence will help you understand their projects, prices, and work styles.

You can also check out our lists of the top modular builders in neighboring states, such as Tennessee, Alabama, Florida, and Arkansas. Many modular home builders in these states also serve customers in Mississippi.

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