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Home to the historic Route 66, the Philbrook Museum of Art, and the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum, Oklahoma is quite the state to call home.

Various casinos, the Myriad Botanical Gardens, and the Woolaroc Wildlife Preserve are just a few additional enticing attractions for its population of four million (according to World Population Review).

Additionally, the state boasts a relatively low cost of living. However, programs like ‘Tulsa Remote‘ in various metro areas are creating an influx of people relocating to the state, which may explain the increase in rental and housing prices in recent years.

If you are one of these individuals, or simply a current resident looking to build your dream home in Oklahoma, you may want to consider a modular home. Because of the fabrication process and their features, houses built with modular construction will save you money on both your initial purchase price and long-term recurring maintenance and utility costs.

But, if you’re looking for a modular builder to make your dream home in Oklahoma come true, what are your options?

To assist you in your search, we’ve scoured the internet and put together a list of the best modular construction companies in the state. 

The Best Modular Home Builders in Oklahoma 

Here are the most highly-regarded modular home builders throughout the state, including:

  • Lifeway Homes
  • Solitaire Homes 
  • Walker Homes, LLC
  • Katahdin Cedar Log Homes
  • Red Rock Log Homes of Oklahoma 
  • Country View Homes, Inc.
  • Hinkle Homes
  • Carpenter Log Homes

So without further ado, let’s delve deeper into each of these esteemed builders’ floor plans, customization options, and company histories so you can hire a company to begin planning and building your prefab home!  

Lifeway Homes

Lifeway Homes in Tulsa was founded in 2005. Serving Missouri, Texas, Kansas, Arkansas, and of course, Oklahoma, Lifeway Homes is the creation of Mike Harrison, who still owns the company today. 

Interior view of a Lifeway Homes modular home's kitchen
Courtesy of Lifeway Homes

For more than 30 years, Mike has built modular homes. His family-owned business has received numerous awards over the years, which ought to inspire confidence in your hiring decision.

The modular floor plans that Lifeway Homes offers encompass a variety of styles and designs, from single-family to two-stories, ranches, and nearly everything in between. 

Exterior front view of a Lifeway Homes modular home.
Courtesy of Lifeway Homes

You can request a custom deck, porch, workshop, garage, or basement to make your house roomier and more functional.

What We Like

Ask the Lifeway Homes team if you could use a hand paying for your prefab home—the company offers financing to make your modular home goals more attainable. 

Solitaire Homes

Oklahoma City’s own Solitaire Homes was founded more than 50 years ago by Helen and Jerry Elliott. 

Exterior view of a Solitaire Homes modular home
Courtesy of Solitaire Homes

The two were displeased with the state of the modular home industry at the time, so they decided to make more affordable homes using better materials than what the market offered. 

Today, Solitaire Homes sells its properties throughout Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Texas. More than 40,000 people have realized their homeownership goals with Solitaire at the helm.

The beautifully-constructed homes feature LP Smart Panel siding on the exterior, single-piece fiberglass tubs, ceramic tile bathroom backsplashes, wood ceiling trim in the house, and a stainless steel kitchen sink. 

Interior living room view of a Solitaire Homes modular home
Courtesy of Solitaire Homes

As for energy efficiency, a Solitaire-built home has it in spades. Your house will feature radiant-barrier roof decking, a vapor barrier, and roof vents. Double-pane, double-hung Low-E glass windows are a standard feature as well.

What We Like

Solitaire Homes offers a wide variety of floor plans. Single-story homes are 860 to 1,360 square feet, and double-story homes start at 1,450 square feet and are as large as 2,600 square feet. 

Walker Homes, LLC

Stratford’s Walker Homes, LLC believes that “the customer always comes first.” 

Exterior front view of a Walker Homes, LLC modular home
Courtesy of Walker Homes, LLC

Founded by Donny and Don Walker, the two combine their extensive construction and customer service experience to build custom modular homes under the Walker Homes moniker. 

All abodes feature laminated roof shingles, a vinyl house wrap, premium-grade vinyl shutters and siding, and vinyl double-paned, single-hung insulated windows. 

Interior view of a Walker Homes, LLC modular home
Courtesy of Walker Homes, LLC

Yet, there’re more features. For example, your Walker home will include fiberglass-blown R-30 insulation in the attic, outside wall fiberglass batts with an R-13 rating, and outside wall fiberglass batts rated R-19.

The closets come pre-lit, the bedrooms and living room floors are carpeted, and the bath fixtures are fiberglass. Vinyl covers the utility rooms, dining room, kitchen, and bathrooms. 

What We Like

Do you wish to add more to your home? The team is happy to accommodate you. 

For additional fees, you can add oil-rubbed bronze or nickel finish hardware, knotty pine wood doors, a metal roof, Low-E windows, Smart Siding, patio sliding doors, or raised panel wood cabinet doors. 

Katahdin Cedar Log Homes

Katahdin Cedar Log Homes in Checotah is family-owned and operated. It customizes log homes and boasts various building crews who can construct your modular structure to your requested specifications. 

Exterior view of a Katahdin Cedar Log Homes modular home
Courtesy of Katahdin Cedar Log Homes

The most modest floor plans start at a little over 800 square feet. But, if you want a larger log home, Katahdin designs floor plans at over 1,800 square feet. You can customize any floor plan you see to make it your own. 

All homes are built using Northern white cedarwood, which is rot, insect, and decay-resistant.

Interior view of a Katahdin Cedar Log Homes modular home's ceiling
Courtesy of Katahdin Cedar Log Homes

What We Like

You can also count on Katahdin for log restoration after you’ve lived in your home for a while. The team can power wash the house, add caulk, do chemical stripping, replace siding, apply a fresh layer of stain, and repaint using wet wood colors. 

Red Rock Log Homes of Oklahoma 

Norman’s Red Rock Log Homes of Oklahoma was founded by the husband-and-wife team of Matt and Nicole Fulmer. 

Exterior view of a Red Rock Log Homes of Oklahoma modular home
Courtesy of Red Rock Log Homes of Oklahoma

Matt has worked in construction for more than two decades in remodels and welding. Nicole has experience in forward operating base infrastructure as a former military member. 

Red Rock will customize your prefab log home, but you can also select from the standard package. The package includes pre-cut timber or log rafters, a structural ridge beam, a structural insulated roof, log siding, and interior timber or log posts.

Interior view of a Red Rock Log Homes of Oklahoma modular home's kitchen
Courtesy of Red Rock Log Homes of Oklahoma

Also included are settlement screw jacks, pre-cut timber or log porch rafters, a pre-cut timber or log porch plate, timber or log porch posts, and Andersen 400 Series patio doors and windows with custom frame stock mounting.  

What We Like

Are you interested in previewing life in a Red Rock log home before hiring the team? In that case, you can take a 3D virtual tour of their selection of log homes to find one that’s a fit for you! 

Country View Homes, Inc.

Shawnee’s Country View Homes, Inc. was established in 1986. In nearly 40 years of business, Country View has built hundreds of modular homes for happy Oklahomans. 

Interior view of a Country View Homes, Inc. modular home
Courtesy of Country View Homes, Inc.

The team favors custom prefabricated homes. It can build its structures either on a lot you purchase or in its facility. Your prefab home would then be transported to you, and you can move right in!

The available floor plans start at about 1,400 square feet and are available up to 1,900 square feet. 

Exterior view of a Country View Homes, Inc. modular home
Courtesy of Country View Homes, Inc.

What We Like

The standard specifications for Country View homes are #2 lumber, vinyl siding, insulated glass windows with vinyl or thermal break frames, and fiberglass insulated entry doors with windows. The interior doors are made of oak hollow-core or ash.

The walls feature blown-in insulation, and the rest of the home insulation is rated R-22. 

Your dream house will also have marble and china bathroom features, a steel tub, solid oak cabinetry in the bathroom and kitchen, and vinyl and carpeted floors.  

Hinkle Homes

The family-owned Hinkle Homes in Stratford was founded in 1999. In the more than two decades since it was established, Hinkle Homes has sold more than 600 houses. 

Your home is constructed with high-quality materials including #2 lumber, 2×6 exterior walls, 2×4 interior walls, 2×12 exterior headers, engineered trusses, hurricane ties, and vinyl siding. 

We’re sure you’re interested in how eco-friendly a Hinkle home is, and the answer is very. They are equipped with double-hung, double-pane vinyl windows and insulated exterior fiberglass doors. 

The attic will have an R-value of R-38, while the walls will be rated R-19.

What We Like

Hinkle Homes gives you customization options. You can configure the windows, doors, and paint colors so your modular Oklahoma home is uniquely you. 

Carpenter Log Homes

We have Carpenter Log Homes based in Broken Arrow to wrap up the list. The team at Carpenter prioritizes customer service above all else.

The company primarily serves northeast Oklahoma but will venture out 100 miles from its base in Vinita.

Carpenter can still help with your modular home project if you’re further than this distance from Vinita—it will gladly ship out the logs and a pre-cut wall kit so you can get building (or hire someone for the work).

Exterior view of a Carpenter Log Homes modular home
Courtesy of Carpenter Log Homes

As an independent builder, Carpenter Log Homes offers a variety of log styles and profiles, including flat on two sides or flat on the inside. 

The variety of floor plans should impress as well. You can buy a 20×26 log package, a 40×30 log wall package, a 50×30 log wall package, or a model called ‘the Forester.’

The 20×26 model with D-style pine logs features two floors with a dormer area, knee wall closets, a full kitchen, a full bathroom, and a porch. 

The 40×30 log package with D-style pine logs has 11 windows, four doors, two bedrooms, gable ends, rafter beams, and a sizable living area. 

The 50×30 log package also has D-style pine logs with decking, a porch kit, doors, windows, a master bedroom with two additional bedrooms, and a master bath. 

Finally, the Forester is a two-story log home. The first floor has two decks, a living room, a master bedroom, an office, a kitchen, and a master bathroom. You’ll find two bedrooms and a connecting balcony on the second floor.

What We Like

When Carpenter Log Homes uses lumber to build its modular log homes, it always chooses standing dead timber, preserving Oklahoma’s precious natural resources. Plus, according to the Carpenter team, standing dead timber is less prone to shrinkage!


Oklahoma has a rich selection of modular home builders specializing in all sorts of styles. So whether you want a cozy log home, a standard family home, or something else entirely, you have a great list of construction companies to get the juices flowing! 

Also, be sure to check out our list of modular builders in neighboring states like TexasArkansas, Kansas and Missouri, as well as our list of green home builders in Oklahoma, as several of the companies featured may be able to deliver a modular home to your area of the state.

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