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Kansas already offers relatively affordable housing, but if you want to lower the cost of homeownership further without compromising on the quality of your new home, you could consider building a modular home here.

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of modular homes, how they are made, and the advantages of this type of building, you can read our modular home FAQ article before continuing.

Wardcraft Homes

Wardcraft Homes builds high-quality, energy-efficient, custom modular homes in Kansas, Nebraska, and Colorado. It delivers affordable and energy-efficient homes to rural and urban areas in all three states. 

Exterior view of a Wardcraft Homes modular home
Courtesy of Wardcraft Homes

Family-owned and operated, Wardcraft Homes aims to ensure everyone can afford a durable, high-quality, and comfortable living space for their loved ones. The company has built more than 5,900 homes over the last 50 years.

What We Like

Each home built by this company offers a range of outstanding standards and features. These include 12-gauge wiring throughout the house and Spider Plus blown-in fiberglass insulation.

All appliances used in Wardcraft homes are of the highest quality and sourced from a reputed brand. For instance, the houses typically have Moen faucets, Pella windows, Onyx sinks, Lennox HVAC system, Kohler whirlpools, Kwikset locks, and Kichler lights.

Interior view of a Wardcraft Homes modular home's kitchen and dining room
Courtesy of Wardcraft Homes

Wardcraft also offers numerous options for customization. For instance, you can choose from over 800 cabinet designs and colors.

You’ll also be able to choose from many bathroom designs, over 75 kitchen layouts, and a wide range of exterior options. In addition, the residential designs ensure the highest levels of energy efficiency, exceeding Midwestern building code requirements.

The higher energy efficiency of Wardcraft Homes can lead to significant cost savings over the years in lower energy bills. 

Shocker Homes

Located just east of Wichita, Shocker Homes is a reputed seller of modular and manufactured houses. It builds high-quality single- and multi-family units throughout Kansas and Oklahoma.

Interior view of a Shocker Homes kitchen
Courtesy of Shocker Homes

Apart from housing, this company manufactures custom prefabricated porches, decks, and garages. 

What We Like

The company understands that each homebuyer is different and has distinct needs, tastes, and lifestyles that their home should reflect. Therefore, you will get a wide range of customization options when working with Shocker Homes.

For example, Shocker Homes offers each client more than 350 floor plans to choose from, and you can select one of many different bathroom and kitchen designs. 

Exterior front view of a Shocker Homes modular home
Courtesy of Shocker Homes

The company also offers many different options for interior and exterior décor. Everything from the siding, wall panels, and cabinetry to the doors, windows, countertops, and flooring can be modified according to homebuyers’ needs. 

Each home is manufactured with the highest quality materials, such as timber, steel, concrete, etc. Superior quality ensures that your new modular home will serve you and your family for decades and will not need frequent repairs or excessive maintenance. 

Midwest Homes

This company is based in Topeka and serves customers in northwestern Missouri, southeastern Nebraska, and northeastern Kansas. Midwest Homes aims to provide customers with affordable, eco-friendly, high-quality modular homes they will be happy with decades later. 

Interior view of a Midwest Homes modular home's kitchen
Courtesy of Midwest Homes

The company works with reputed brands in the modular construction industry – like Bonnavilla and Skyline Homes – to build reliable and durable homes for each customer without exceeding their budget. Midwest Homes will help you select, design, customize, and install the perfect modular home for your family.  

What We Like

Midwest Homes uses cutting-edge construction processes and world-class building materials to deliver prefab homes with unique architectural styles that are highly energy-efficient.

The company tries to get customers the best deal possible on their new modular home project. When working with Midwest Homes, you can be confident it will deliver incredible value for every dollar you spend. 

Exterior view of a Midwest Homes modular home
Courtesy of Midwest Homes

It even uses cutting-edge 3D virtual home tour technology to enhance customers’ home shopping experience. With this innovative technology, you can tour different home models from the comfort of your couch before purchasing. 

Midwest Homes has a massive inventory of expertly built homes, all of which are listed on its website. You simply have to click the 3D tour button to get an authentic home tour experience online. 

Advanced Systems Homes

Based in Chanute in the Southeastern part of the state, Advanced Systems Homes is known for designing, manufacturing, and installing some of the area’s most beautiful and well-built prefab homes.

For more than 40 years, it has been building world-class houses in Oklahoma, Missouri, and Kansas. 

Interior view of a Advanced Systems Homes' kitchen
Courtesy of Advanced Systems Homes

As a custom builder, the company gives each client maximum flexibility in customizing its floor plans. It offers both ranch-style and Cape Cod-style floor plans. 

What We Like

Advanced Systems Homes employs a contract pricing model, providing homebuyers with a financial safety net. Put simply, contract pricing means that once you sign a contract with the company, the house price will not change.

If the prices of building materials (such as wood, steel, glass, or plastic) rise unexpectedly, Advanced Systems Homes will absorb this price increase without asking you to pay more for your prefab home.

Exterior front view of a Advanced Systems Homes modular home
Courtesy of Advanced Systems Homes

The company also allows for complete customization, meaning you can choose every feature, appliance, and finishing in your new home. As a result, your new home will be unique and built to meet all your needs, tastes, and preferences. 

Advanced Systems Homes builds and delivers turn-key projects in very little time through state-of-the-art construction processes and systems. Faster construction will help you save money and time while moving into your dream home sooner than expected. 

Quality Homes

Based in the town of Summerfield in the northeast of the state, Quality Homes is a custom builder of eco-friendly modular structures. 

Interior kitchen view of a Quality Homes modular home
Courtesy of Quality Homes

Being a custom builder, this company allows buyers to use their own self-designed floor plan for their house if they choose. 

Alternatively, the customer can use one of the many floor plans Quality Homes provides. The company employs many skilled building professionals who can help customers decide on the best design, materials, and appliances for their dream home. 

What We Like

The wide range of building products displayed at the Quality Homes manufacturing site makes it easy for customers to see the available options and settle on a plan for personalizing their homes. 

Each house it builds has a one-year limited warranty for defective workmanship and materials and is constructed to the same building codes as site-built homes.

Exterior view of a Quality Homes modular home
Courtesy of Quality Homes

In addition, the houses are subject to constant internal quality control checks throughout the manufacturing process. State inspectors also inspect them to ensure code compliance. 

The modular structures manufactured by Quality Homes are fabricated in a state-of-the-art factory with the latest technologies and processes to ensure the homes are modern, well-built, and durable. 

The staff at Quality Homes are patient, helpful, and willing to inform customers upfront about the project’s cost. As a result, there are no hidden fees or charges in their building process.


D & H Homes was established in 1971 and started selling modular homes in the early 1990s. Apart from modular, it also manufactures prefab garages, basements, and covered porches. 

Interior view of a D & H Homes modular home's kitchen
Courtesy of D & H Homes

The company serves customers in Colorado, Oklahoma, and Kansas from its location in Lakin. It is a family-owned and operated business dedicated to selling affordable and durable prefab housing. 

What We Like

The company aims to simplify the home buying process and make it stress-free for customers. 

The highly professional sales team will provide you with a straightforward, easy-to-understand proposal outlining the costs involved in the construction process, as well as the different phases of that process. 

Exterior front view of a D & H Homes modular home
Courtesy of D & H Homes

The installation team – licensed and bonded in Kansas and Colorado – will help you choose the perfect floor plan, customize it to fit your tastes and requirements, deliver it to your chosen lot, and install it to form a cohesive housing unit. 

D & H homes come with functional and attractive features such as bay windows in the morning room, an optional front covered porch, nickel-trimmed surface mount lights, and a programmable digital thermostat. 

Champion Home Builders

With no less than 28 facilities spread across North America, Champion Home Builders is one of the top modular builders in the world.

It is headquartered in Dryden, Michigan, but builds high-quality, prefab single and multi-family homes throughout the US and western Canada. It also constructs factory-built commercial buildings in Kansas and 30 other US states. 

Interior kitchen view of a Champion Home Builders modular home
Courtesy of Champion Home Builders

Having begun building prefab housing units in 1953, Champion has decades of experience (and tons of accumulated knowledge) in the modular construction space. Moreover, it employs over 4,600 well-trained professionals who serve home buyers throughout North America. 

What We Like

This company builds high-quality modular homes for buyers with all types of budgets and lifestyles — from first-time homebuyers to empty nesters and everything in between. 

It has a dedicated network of home sales specialists and independent retailers in every state who can help you build the perfect house for your budget, tastes, and lifestyle.

Exterior front view of a Champion Home Builders modular home
Courtesy of Champion Home Builders

The homes Champion sells are designed and engineered by experienced craftsmen to meet stringent local and federal building codes. They are also inspected at every phase of the manufacturing process to help maintain quality standards. 

Champion homes are built using industry-leading designs and the highest quality components and materials from reputed suppliers like Daltile®, Whirlpool®, and Georgia-Pacific®. 

Final Thoughts

We hope this list of the ideal modular builders in Kansas has proved a valuable resource if you plan to build a home in the state.

If you want more options, you can research the best modular builders in neighboring states like MissouriColorado, and Iowa, since some might also deliver their products to buyers in Kansas.

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