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For cost-sensitive buyers looking to build a home in Louisiana, one thing that could bring expenses down even more is choosing a modular home. These houses are produced using an efficient building protocol that streamlines construction costs and waste, resulting in savings for the homebuyer.

But, what modular builders does Louisiana have to offer, and which are the best?

We’ve compiled a list of the best modular builders in Louisiana to assist you in your search.

Let’s get into what each of these home builders has to offer clients. Keep reading for floor plan information, customization options, company history, and plenty more useful facts! 

Gulf South Homes, Inc. 

Louisiana couple Stephanie and Tim Duplantis founded Gulf South Homes, Inc. in 1995. Gulf South has been beloved for its modular designs, including commercial buildings and residential properties, for two decades and counting.

Interior view of a Gulf South Homes, Inc. modular home
Courtesy of Gulf South Homes, Inc.

Gulf South’s homes are single-sectioned or double-sectioned and designed with a high-pitched roof for a unique, distinct Louisianian style. 

The Gulf South Homes team will build your home with a cement sidewalk, driveway, patio, or slab. You can also select from brick, faux brick, or vinyl skirting. 

What We Like

Whether you’re more interested in Gulf South Home’s brand of single-wide or double-wide homes, the team partners with many manufacturers to bring you the best in modular design.

Those partners include Legacy, TRU, Champion, Southern Energy, Patriot, Cavalier Homes, and Franklin Homes. 

Gulf Coast Modular Homes 

For more than 25 years, the Gulf Coast Modular Homes team has helped Louisianians achieve the American dream with modular living. 

The company offers a wide variety of houses to browse. Even better is that all the homes you see on its website can be customized. 

Exterior front view of a Gulf Coast Modular Homes house
Courtesy of Gulf Coast Modular Homes

Whether you want to make minor tweaks or rework the house from the ground up, just ask the Gulf Coast team what your options are. 

What We Like

If you want to tour a Gulf Coast property before hiring it to build your home, the company has a YouTube channel complete with home tours of many of its available properties. It also has an active Facebook page where you can see recent work and ask questions.

They also have a page full of videos on their website, which you can access either at here or here.

Cajun Bungalows

Cajun Bungalows specialize in modular bungalows. When it comes to Louisiana living, it doesn’t get any better! The Moss Bluff builder is a newer establishment in the state, having less than ten years under its belt. 

Interior view of a Cajun Bungalows modular home
Courtesy of Cajun Bungalows

Even still, in such a short time, Cajun Bungalows has become a staple in Louisiana due to the strong sense of community and the company’s dedication to service and quality. 

What We Like

Cajun Bungalows offers a wide variety of bungalows for those who are on a budget but still looking for a high-quality modular home.

For those who want the best of the best and have a bigger budget, the Elite Series Bungalows will impress. These homes start at $140,000 and include two models, the Mardi Gras Queen and the Mardi Gras King.

Exterior view of a Cajun Bungalows modular bungalow home
The Mardi Gras King by Cajun Bungalows

The Mardi Gras Queen is a one-bedroom, one-bathroom home that’s 464 square feet. Gem aluminum-clad doors and windows, quartz kitchen counters, oak hardwood flooring, poplar bark siding, and cedar shake shingles are all included.

At 452 square feet, the slightly smaller Mardi Gras King also has one bedroom and one bathroom. This home model is cozy and elegant with lots of natural light due to the multitude of glass features. 

Bayou State Homes

The Eunice home builder Bayou State Homes has a tagline that we like — “satisfying the needs of today’s homebuyer.”

The company was founded in 1963 by local builder Newton Paul Thibodeaux. His real estate and sales experience formed the basis of Bayou State Homes. 

Exterior front view of a Bayou State Homes modular home
Courtesy of Bayou State Homes

The goal of the company, according to Thibodeaux, has always been to offer affordable housing to Louisianians. 

The Bayou State Homes team prefers to do things the good, old-fashioned way when building homes. Its hand-built construction makes each structure stand out as truly unique. 

What We Like

The Bayou State Homes modular properties include a wood-frame or on-slab foundation, R-13 batten wall insulation, vinyl siding insulation, and R-30 fiberglass blown attic insulation. 

To further batten down the hatches, all homes include Windstorm sheathing on the exterior, a Tyvex moisture wrap, and finally, an insulation board.   

Inside your home is hand-built custom kitchen cabinetry, plastic laminate counters, energy-efficient heating and cooling with a SEER rating of at least 14, and pre-completed plumbing and electricity.


Louisiana is one of the most beautiful states in the country. If you love southern hospitality, this could be where you should settle down and establish roots.

The modular builders we discussed today can make your home a reality from single-story to multi-story properties, cabin homes, and more! 

Also, be sure to check out our lists of builders in the neighboring states of Texas, Arkansas and Mississippi, as some of the builders noted may service your area of Louisiana.

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