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 Sifting through countless builders trying to find the perfect option for your sustainable green home in Kansas can be daunting. With the market being flooded with choices, you only want to hire an experienced company that guarantees a code-compliant green home that doesn’t compromise comfort.

So, who are these top sustainable green home builders in Kansas?

The key factors to consider when looking for a sustainable green home builder are experience, energy efficiency, certifications, and credentials. However, assessing all these factors can be challenging, especially if you’re new in the sustainable building industry.

Luckily, we have researched and listed the top sustainable green home builders in Kansas based on the above factors. These builders have the necessary experience in building comfortable, code-compliant green homes. Stay tuned to find out who they are.

The Best Green Home Builders in Kansas

After scouring the internet, we’ve compiled a list of the seven best sustainable builders in Kansas that stand out above the rest, including:

  1. Bickimer Homes
  2. Starr Homes LLC
  3. B.L. Rieke Custom Homes
  4. Apple Tree Homes, Inc.
  5. Roeser Homes
  6. Willis Custom Homes
  7. Don Julian Builders
  8. Robson Custom Homes
  9. Live Smart Construction
  10. Sun Source Homes

So, without any more fuss, let’s get into specifics of what each of these renowned companies has to offer prospective home buyers.

1. Bickimer Homes

For over 40 years, Bickimer Homes has incorporated arts and science to achieve unique construction products.

It is a family-owned business that prides itself on customer service. Relationships are the first thing it builds—homes are secondary. 

Exterior front view of a Bickimer Homes green home
The 5-bedroom Danbury model. Courtesy of Bickimer Homes

Bickimer Homes uses the latest cutting-edge technology and the best building materials at the lowest cost to construct your homes. It has a long list of suppliers with whom it remains in constant contact. 

The builders at Bickimer Homes are the best at what they do and will make what is closest to perfection possible for you. 

Bickimer Homes are less expensive to own, and their cost does not depreciate over time. Each home is fitted with the latest plumbing and appliances and is independently rated to gauge its energy efficiency. 

Why Choose Bickimer Homes?

  • Offers free consultancy service
  • Offers a full one-year comprehensive warranty after moving into a home
  • Affordable financing options are available
  • Houses can be fully customized to achieve the look you want
  • Houses can be fully customized to achieve the look you want

2. Starr Homes LLC

Starr Homes is one of the best green home-building companies in Kansas.

It is a leader in building custom homes and can bring thousands of different concepts together to erect the house of your dreams. 

Interior entryway view of a Starr Homes green home
The luxurious interior of the 5,522 square foot Shamrock model. Courtesy of Starr Homes

Starr Homes always fosters relationships with its clients, aiming to fulfill all their needs. It uses the best building materials and the latest technology tools and equipment that save money, automatically making the customers happy.

The homes are insulated in different places using modern technology and fitted with effective appliances such as an ERV and a direct vent water heater, making them much more energy-efficient.

Each house built by Starr Homes passes a HERS inspection. A traditional house usually has an efficiency of 90 to 130, while a Starr home shows a HERS number of lower than 50.

They are, in general, about 40% more energy efficient than the average home and save up to more than $3,442 on your energy costs annually. 

Why Choose Star Homes LLC?

  • Excellent communication and customer services
  • Every nook and cranny of your house is fully customizable until you are satisfied
  • Only uses the best building materials
  • Rated by Energy Star as one of the most efficient green builders 
  • Your home will save you thousands of dollars every year on utility bills 

3. B.L. Rieke Custom Homes

Since Bruce and Tony Rieke founded it in 1989, B.L. Rieke Custom Homes has advanced its design, techniques, and craftsmanship to become one of the best. As a result, it has received national recognition for helping make homeowners’ dreams come true. 

Exterior view of a B.L. Rieke Custom Homes green home's backyard
These gorgeous homes were why B.L. Rieke was awarded “Best Of Design” on Houzz. Courtesy of B.L. Rieke Custom Homes

Building a custom home that your client desires is only possible by establishing a ground level of trust. If you can dream of it, rest assured that B.L. Rieke can build it, whether a small and cozy home or a multi-million luxury home with landscaping.

All homes are bounded by panels resistant to air and moisture leakage. The water heaters, windows, floor panels, and other components installed in the house reduce your energy bill significantly. 

B.L. Rieke employs the best subcontractors and partners with other companies that are the best at what they do so they can provide you with the best home-building experience.

Why Choose B.L. Rieke Custom Homes?

  • The use of green technology in homes increases their resale value
  • Offers full home customization
  • Offers construction and remodeling services 
  • Price ranges from $700,000 to $5 million 

4. Apple Tree Homes, Inc. 

As its name suggests, Apple Tree Homes is a certified, green professional building company.

It came into existence in 1991 and has expanded its services to become a general contractor specializing in remodeling construction and interior designing. 

Interior view of a Apple Tree Homes green home's kitchen
The cozy interior of the Harcourt Apple custom home. Courtesy of Apple Tree Homes

Apple Tree Homes has extensive research to incorporate many sustainable options in its home-building process. 

It uses the highest quality sustainable and green materials and technology in its homes, including insulated panels, bamboo flooring, high-efficiency furnaces, geothermal heating systems, energy-efficient windows, LED light bulbs, and rainwater reclamation.

Why Choose Apple Tree Custom Homes?

  • Excellent customer service and personalized app help promote client relations
  • Cost-effective green homes
  • Uses appliances that are Energy Star-rated

5. Roeser Homes

Since it opened its doors back in 2004, Roeser Homes has quickly climbed the ranks to become Kansas’s leading green home builder. 

Exterior front view of a Roeser Homes green home
A variation of the Lila model. Courtesy of Roeser Homes

The reason for its success was the company’s hands-on approach. Its determination, dedication, and ability to listen and execute what is required have made it one of the most pre-eminent green home builders.

Why Choose Roeser Homes?

  • Homes have good resale value
  • A personal construction manager goes over everything from A to Z in the building process
  • Offers a warranty
  • Shares maintenance tips to promote the longevity of the home
  • Homes can be tailored according to your needs

6. Willis Custom Homes

Willis Custom Homes is a family-owned business that has been operating for more than 50 years.

As the reigns passed down to younger generations, the quality of craftsmanship has only improved. 

Interior view of a Willis Custom Homes green home
The quartzite island is the centerpiece every kitchen needs! Courtesy of Willis Custom Homes

The company remains up-to-date with technology. The beautiful custom homes it builds are made from the highest quality sustainable materials and installed with groundbreaking, energy-efficient technology. 

Willis Custom Homes understands that sustainability can mean many things.

It uses the latest technology to keep the homes low maintenance and energy-efficient.

In addition, all homes are built using open-floor plans to cater to the clients’ future needs, whether it is downsizing or enhancing for growing families. 

Why Choose Willis Custom Homes?

  • Provides the option to customize several aspects of your home
  • Offers a warranty

7. Don Julian Builders

Last, but not least, Don Julian has operated since 1974 and has recently switched to green construction. 

Interior kitchen view of a Don Julian green home
This bright and airy kitchen is one of the rooms inside the 4,270-square-foot Courtland Reserve model. Courtesy of Don Julian

It has some of the best designers, builders, and architects who can understand your vision and bring it to life.

Efficient electrical, mechanical, plumbing, state-of-the-art heating and ventilation, and adequate insulation are just some of the staples in a Don Julian Home.

These features reduce your utilities’ overall cost over time and create a safe and comfortable environment that you can call home. 

Why Choose Don Julian Builders?

  • Offers the ability to customize or choose between plans
  • Clients are appointed a personal project manager who goes over the details with them and the workers personally to ensure smooth operation
  • Complete guidance provided during the closing process and functioning of your smart home

8. Robson Custom Homes

With over 30 years of solar building experience, Robson Custom Homes is a father-and-son company that does its best to meet a client’s needs.

The company incorporates utmost care for the environment. As a result, it builds homes that are not only sustainable but also comfortable for customers.

A cream house prominent rectangular windows with an orange deck by Robson Custom Homes
These builders perfected the art of seamlessly blending their homes with nature thanks to sustainable materials. Courtesy of Robson Custom Homes

It specializes in solar homes designed with sophisticated technology and natural, sustainable materials. This combination creates an atmosphere that lets you live comfortably and economically without compromising the environment.

Robson Custom Homes is a worthy contender for the top sustainable green home builders in Kansas for a good reason. The company’s main focus is energy efficiency through passive solar techniques.

It incorporates Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) in exterior walls to ensure an airtight envelope with a high R-value.

Additionally, the company installs a heat recovery ventilator in all its homes. The ventilator creates comfortable indoors by extracting stale air.

Why Choose Robson Custom Homes?

  • Energy-efficient heat recovery ventilators are installed to create comfortable indoors
  • High R-value walls that conserve energy
  • Low utility bills
  • Highly insulated foundations and concrete slabs
  • Radiant heating and cooling and a ground-source heat pump (geothermal)
  • Heat pump hot water tank installation

9. Live Smart Construction

Live Smart Construction is among the highest-rated net zero home building companies in Kansas City. It’s passionate about building homes that last a lifetime.

An outdoor fire pit and dining area by Live Smart Construction
Live Smart Construction promotes “modern living off the grid” with the help of intuitive and smart design. Courtesy of Live Smart Construction

What sets this builder apart is that it combines solar and energy upgrades with a focus on net-zero energy to create green homes. It focuses on the following green building aspects:

  • Net-zero: Homes that produce enough renewable energy to cover their annual energy requirements.
  • High-performance systems: Creating airtight building envelopes to conserve energy and reduce utility bills. It uses specialized thermal insulation on floors, roofs, and walls for efficient energy management.
  • Integrated renewable energy: Incorporating passive solar energy to balance natural warming and cooling. It also installs large windows and carefully situated shade structures.

Live Smart Construction has a comprehensive energy solution that makes solar installation more affordable and efficient. It specializes in roof-mounted, ground-mounted, and functional solar mounts.

Why Choose Live Smart Construction?

  • Efficient solar system installations
  • Smart home living technologies like smart security, smart energy, and a smart atmosphere
  • Energy audits and energy management services
  • Net-zero energy home construction
  • Low to no electricity bills
  • Avoid the rising energy costs 

10. Sun Source Homes

As a source for sustainable living, Sun Source Homes specializes in commercial and residential solar solutions. It stands out for its innovative designs that foster sustainable living.

The company’s green building technology is aimed at addressing energy consumption, production, and conservation.

A family home installed with solar panels on the roof by Sun Source Homes
Thanks to this project, the client is expected to save $106,564 in energy costs within a 25-year time frame! Courtesy of Sun Source Homes

It collaborates with customers to ensure everything is done accordingly to create cost-effective, energy-efficient green homes.

Sun Source Homes incorporates energy-efficient materials in all its construction projects. According to the company, these materials have helped its customers save 50% and more on their energy bills. 

The company guides its clients in choosing the most suitable energy-efficient materials for their homes.

What’s more, with a goal to have all its projects as net-zero, this builder ensures its final home designs generate as much energy as they consume annually. This will save you more money on energy bills.

Why Choose Sun Source Homes?

  • High-quality construction from the foundation, structure, roofing, and siding materials
  • Net-zero home plans in different styles
  • Low maintenance costs over time
  • An easy-to-use online quote tool

Final Thoughts: Choosing a Green Home Builder in Kansas

Many sustainable builders in Kansas have mastered the art of construction. These firms build homes precisely as you have envisioned and help make all your dreams come true. 

Choosing one from this list of the best hard work because of the competence of all the companies. So, go back through the list thoroughly and check out the client testimonials.

Due diligence will narrow down the choices and help you select the company that will work best for you to create your dream home successfully. 

Also, be sure to check out our list of green home builders in neighboring states like Colorado, Oklahoma, and Missouri, as several of the companies featured may be able to deliver a green home to your area of Kansas.

Best of luck!

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