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Hurricane ties and straps help increase the structural integrity of buildings in hurricane-prone areas. One of the US’s most well-known manufacturers of these essential building components is Simpson Strong-Tie.

Want to purchase a Simpson Strong-Tie and Strap for your building project? This article will give more details on where you can buy them. It will also discuss what hurricane ties and straps are, the types of hurricane ties and straps, and what they are often used for.  

You can buy Simpson Strong-Tie Hurricane Ties and Straps from:

  • Simpson Strong-Tie local dealers
  • Building materials supply stores
  • Online stores
  • Wholesalers

But, before we get into what each of these avenues for purchasing Simpson Strong-Tie products offer, let’s discuss what hurricanes ties and straps are.

What Are Hurricane Ties?

Hurricane ties are fasteners that enhance a structure’s resistance to high winds from extreme weather conditions such as hurricanes. Hurricane ties are also known as seismic ties because they help to reinforce a building against earthquakes.

Hurricane ties are also known as hurricane straps or hurricane clips. People use these terms interchangeably as they mean the same thing. They help to lessen the impact of a hurricane on a building. 

In a building roof, the point where the diagonal and horizontal beams connect is the weakest component and is most likely to get damaged by a hurricane.

Thus, hurricane ties are usually installed at this intersection to secure the roof and fortify the structure against strong winds. They keep the roof from racking, sliding, or tipping. 

Types of Simpson Strong-Tie Hurricane Ties

There are several types of Simpson Strong-Tie hurricane ties to choose from. While they all provide resistance against wind and seismic forces, each has a specific application that makes them work better for some structures or situations than others.

Some common types of Simpson Strong-Tie hurricane ties are:

  • Twist stud plate (TSP) – the Twist Stud Plate connects a top plate to a stud or rafter in a wall. The best place to install a TSP is on the broad face of the wall stud or rafter to avoid interfering with the sheathing.
  • HPT – designed for single-wall homes. For that reason, it connects to the wall and rafter without getting in the way of the blocking. The HPT transfers pressure from the roof to the wall, allowing buildings to survive strong winds.
  • Hurricane gusset angle (HGA) – a gusset plate is a thin metal piece that connects independent structure parts to a beam to improve alignment.

    Gusset plates are helpful in areas requiring additional support to sustain stresses, like joints, bends, or separate structural locations. For example, in gable end truss connections, the HGA has a gusset in the angle that provides lateral and uplift load strength.
  • Knee braces (VB) – these are connectors at the bottom of the beams that offer lateral resistance to buildings. However, they are most effective when positioned at 45° or more to the vertical plane.
  • Knee wall connectors (RCKW) – a steel stiffener used at the base of exterior knee walls, parapets, and partial-height internal walls to prevent overturning. An RCKW clip holds the RCKW stiffener with a screw and anchor holes identical to those on the clip.
Closeup of a Simpson Strong-Tie knee wall connector piece
Courtesy of FasTool Now
  • H-Series – relatively longer fasteners that provide moderate resistance to uplift loads. Their length makes them ideal for connecting components separated by a long distance.

    The H-series are the most varied types of hurricane ties and comprise the U-shaped and twisted models.
    • The U-shaped models include:
      • H1
      • H10A
      • H14 
    • The twisted models include:
      • H2
      • H3
      • H6
      • H8

Where To Buy Simpson Strong-Tie Hurricane Ties

1. Simpson Strong-Tie Local Dealers

Simpson Strong-Tie sells its products through a network of dealers in the United States and other countries. You can use the company website’s dealer locator map to find the dealer closest to you.

Alternatively, you can contact its customer service at 1(800)999-5099 if you’re in the United States or via the contact details provided under the appropriate ‘International Dealers’ section if you live outside the US.

2. Building Materials Supply Stores

The exterior of a Home Depot with the company's logo on the front of the building and cars parked in the lot in front
Home Depot carries lots of hurricane ties, usually in stock! Our links contain affiliate links, which help our blog support itself to write up additional content.

Hurricane ties are required for buildings in hurricane-prone areas, such as the southeastern coast of the US. Therefore, you’ll likely find many building materials supply stores that sell Simpson Strong-Tie hurricane straps in those areas.

Some building material supply chains that stock Simpson Strong-Tie products include:

If you want to have your supplies delivered straight to your home, you can also buy from McCoy’s Building Supply and Lowe’s online stores.

On the other hand, if you live in Canada, Home Hardware is the go-to building material supply store for Simpson Strong-Tie products. It has physical and online stores, so you’re free to choose your purchase method.

As mentioned, Simpson Strong-Tie also sells outside North America. Make sure to check your local dealer for more information. 

3. Online Stores

You can also find and order Simpson StrongTie Hurricane Ties from online stores such as:

We recommend purchasing your hurricane ties and straps from reputable merchants. Always double-check a seller’s overall reviews before hitting the “Buy” button. That way, you can ensure that you get quality materials and your money’s worth. 

4. Wholesalers

If you own a small building materials shop or are building or renovating several housing units, you’ll need a lot of hurricane ties. Buying these materials at retail outlets can become costly, however. Luckily, these products are available wholesale, meaning you can buy them for a lower price per unit. 

For example, you can visit Ajax Company for wholesale purchases of Simpson Strong-Tie products. Similar wholesalers include Amazon, Home Depot, and Hardware and Tools.


Simpson Strong-Tie is a well-known US manufacturer of hurricane ties. Hurricane ties reinforce buildings in hurricane-prone areas by providing resistance against wind and seismic forces.

Simpson Strong-Tie hurricane ties and straps include the H-series, HPT, knee wall connectors, knee brace, and hurricane gusset angle. They all enhance structural integrity, albeit in different ways.

You can buy them from places like:

  • Simpson Strong-Tie local dealers
  • Building materials supply stores
  • Wholesalers
  • Online stores like Amazon, HomeDepot, and Walmart

Happy hunting!


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