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As the demand for homes in Alberta rises, so does the ecological impact of conventional construction methods. Conventional construction methods lead to environmental degradation, leaving eco-conscious homeowners with the urge to upgrade to green buildings. If you’re that kind of homeowner, you want to know Alberta’s top sustainable green home builders for the best results.

Sustainable homes are also becoming more popular because of their energy efficiency. Plus, they cost less to operate and maintain. These are attractive features in a province like Alberta, where the winters can be long and cold.

Today, we discuss the top sustainable green home builders in Alberta. These companies are highly experienced and have some of the most skilled professionals for the best services. Keep reading! 

The Best Green Home Builders in Alberta

Below is our selection of the top green home builders in Alberta, including:

  1. Effect Homes
  2. Habitat Studio
  3. Arbus Mountain Homes
  4. Kubix
  5. Trico Homes
  6. Kanvi Homes
  7. Landmark Homes
  8. Jayman Built
  9. Colbray Homes
  10. Christenson Group of Companies

So without further ado, let’s look at the nuts and bolts of what each of these acclaimed companies offers prospective homebuyers.

1. Effect Homes

Effect Homes emerged as a small business run single-handedly in rural Alberta in 2011. Today, it is one of Edmonton’s most popular green builders, with numerous awards and recognitions. 

Exterior front view of the Belgravia Green by Effect Homes
The multi-award winning Belgravia Green. Courtesy of Effect Homes

It built the city’s first net-zero energy commercial space when it opened its office. It’s the perfect demonstration of what the team can do for homeowners who wish to be environmentally friendly far into the future.

The company takes pride in building sustainable homes that suit clients’ lifestyles. Every little detail is customizable—the only limit is the homeowners’ imagination.

The team listens to and guides clients and follows a collaborative approach to fulfill their demands and priorities while making the most of the location. 

The home styles offered range from traditional or contemporary two or two-and-a-half-stories, garden suites, bungalows, or multi-family construction. E

ffect Homes utilizes various renewable energy sources to provide eco-friendly and energy-efficient homes.

You can expect everything to be better if you hire it, from building materials and insulation to structure and airtightness.

The unique design and clever use of materials ensure optimal functionality and durability.   

Why Choose Effect Homes?

  • It is one of the top home builders in Alberta, with local, provincial, and national awards. 
  • The company offers detailed consultations to discuss your options for green design and energy efficiency. 
  • You get to review the costs and structural components of the project before construction begins. 

2. Habitat Studio

This award-winning sustainable building company has served the people of Edmonton since 1992.

It is a nationally recognized North American authority in net-zero energy construction and design.

Exterior view of a Habitat Studio green home
The company’s mission is to make contemporary and functional homes that comply with sustainability standards. Courtesy of Habitat Studio

The team is committed to sustainability, energy efficiency, and Passive House system training. This builder exceeds minimal requirements in energy-efficient building practices, meaning their standard is higher than the industry warrants. 

With valuable insights into the latest sustainability and green building techniques, Habitat Studio ensures your home is a great place to live with an energy-conscious mindset. 

Here are some features that make Habitat Studio homes unique:

  • Wood timber window wells
  • Roof trusses for solar panels
  • Sealed and well-insulated rim joists 
  • Basement frost wall insulation 
  • Consistent attic ventilation 
  • Triple-glazed windows closed with spray foam 
  • Airtight electrical outlets and ceiling lighting 
  • Reversible electrical meter
  • High-efficiency direct vent mechanical systems 

This builder provides houses tailored to the homeowners’ needs, lifestyles, and budgets. It encourages clients to collaborate actively to make the space uniquely theirs. 

Why Choose Habitat Studio?

  • It has earned multiple awards for being a green building leader.
  • The builders construct and design net-zero homes boasting an EnerGuide rating of zero. 
  • The company has decades of experience in sustainable building and energy efficiency.
  • The final product perfectly aligns with the unique requirements and vision of the homeowners.  

3. Arbus Mountain Homes

Canmore-based Arbus Mountain Homes provides high-quality, sustainable homes that meet cost-effective green standards. 

Exterior view of two Arbus Mountain Homes green homes
You turn to Arbus when you need a gorgeous custom (or preplanned) mountain home. Courtesy of Arbus Mountain Homes

The owners, Dale and Mark, have a successful track record of developing luxury single-family homes. Today, they focus on functional and energy-efficient mountain home designs that last for years. 

The team comprises seasoned architects, interior and landscape designers, and trade professionals with years of training and experience committed to providing maximum value in terms of functionality, design, and flow.  

You can reach out to them to transform your Canadian Rockies mountain home vision into reality.

Why Choose Arbus Mountain Homes?

  • It provides luxury mountain homes in one market segment in Canmore, ensuring the clients get the team’s undivided attention. 
  • The team goes the extra mile to maintain the highest build quality and craftsmanship standards. 
  • It leverages technology to ensure well-managed timelines and cost-effective builds. 

4. Kubix

Kubix is known for redefining modern buildings with sustainable living in Calgary.

Its Metal Matrix™ building structure, combined with Systematized Hybrid Construction™, challenges the status quo and brings the architectural vision to life with unparalleled green home building innovation. 

Interior view of a Kubix green home's living room
Can you guess where renewed materials were woven into Kubix’s interior design? Courtesy of Kubix

The founder, along with the builders and designers, incorporates revolutionary technologies to enhance modern urban spaces with sustainable building designs and technologies.

Serving the Inner City, The Point, and Aventerra, this company creates innovative Metal Matrix™ structures using cold-formed steel to reduce wood consumption by 30%.

It has revolutionized the small-scale residential market using pre-insulated steel structures through progressive architectural engineering.

It also builds modular and sustainable container homes that look ultra-stylish yet don’t cost an arm and a leg. 

Why Choose Kubix?

  • It combines high-tech construction with modern design to reflect urban lifestyles. 
  • It uses unique and innovative design features for simplicity, sustainability, and energy efficiency. 
  • It encourages people to consider steel structures and container homes to reduce their carbon footprint and enjoy greater functionality, durability, and flexibility. 
  • It offers high-quality, well-designed houses at an affordable price.

5. Trico Homes

Trico Homes is the only B Corp-certified home builder in western Canada. It provides sustainable living spaces in Okotoks, Calgary, Chestermere, and Airdrie. 

Interior view of a Trico Homes green home
Imagine yourself having a coffee inside the Beckham’s kitchen. Courtesy of Trico Homes

The company promises to balance purpose and profit, using the business to do good.

Having served Albertans for 30+ years, Trico Homes takes pride in providing single-family homes, townhouses, condominiums, and duplexes that meet clients’ needs and exceed their expectations. 

This builder has constructed more than 11,000 sustainable single and multi-family homes as the innovation champion and corporate leader for green design, construction, and customer support. 

Why Choose Trico Homes?

  • It puts the community first and is committed to building safe, sustainable homes that add value to clients’ lives. 
  • It has received recognition from the industry, customers, and peers for delivering trusted green home building services. 
  • It has several programs, including the Repeat Buyer Program, Referral Program, and Flexdown Payment Plan, to make green homes affordable for everyone. 
  • The Trico Red Card Rewards Program offers ongoing savings and discounts from home stores, local retailers, contractors, and other services. 

6. Kanvi Homes

Kanvi Homes invites homeowners to build sustainably and save money and energy in the long run.

It customizes every little detail of the interior and exterior to the client’s needs and lifestyle. 

Exterior view of a Kanvi Homes green home
The Aura floor plan is a modern dream come true. Courtesy of Kanvi Homes

The company works on modern bungalow and two-story home projects in Edmonton, Sherwood Park, Lancaster Park, and St. Albert.  

The dedicated in-house team collaborates to create the most sustainable and durable houses. As a result, they proudly carry multiple awards for being one of the top green home builders in Alberta, Canada. 

Whether you like an open kitchen layout or want to build a private library in your home, Kanvi experts have the proper knowledge, tools, and resources to make your dream come true. 

Why Choose Kanvi Homes?

  • It has been building custom-tailored green homes since 2006. 
  • The team incorporates design details that match the client’s lifestyle.
  • It offers 360° virtual tours of the space. 
  • For maximum transparency, it gives access to an online portal to receive status updates during the build process. 
  • The Kanvi Quiz offers personalized recommendations for your new home. 

7. Landmark Homes

This building company prioritizes sustainability and functionality and has remained a leading service provider over the last four decades. 

Landmark Homes provides safe and healthy homes with medical-grade indoor air quality. The company uses premium engineering and building processes combined with state-of-the-art robotics and technology.

Interior view of the London's kitchen, a green home by Landmark Homes
From engineered lumber to triple-pane windows, Landmark Homes raises the bar in making energy-efficient and green homes. Courtesy of Landmark Homes

Each Landmark home boasts energy-efficient and green design features to lower energy costs and enhance your lifestyle.

Clients get to choose each aspect of their home’s interior design, from flooring, cabinetry, and countertops to plumbing, lighting, and backsplash. 

House styles include townhomes, bungalows, single-family attached/detached garages, condos, and luxury bungalows.

Here are a few characteristics that set Landmark Homes apart from others:

  • Off-site construction using automatic robotic machinery 
  • The use of Engineered Lumber as a standard 
  • Precision-built (cutting and nailing each component to 1mm precision) 
  • Moisture-free building with reduced exposure to rain or snow by 80%
  • Hi-Velocity Heating System for consistent home temperature
  • Tankless Hot Water
  • Interior finishes with low VOCs for minimum emissions

Why Choose Landmark Homes?

  • It has decades of experience building healthy, sustainable, airtight homes with precision. 
  • It invites clients for a one-on-one appointment at Ingeva Design Studio to discuss interior finishing for their new homes.
  • It tailors all details of the house to the client’s unique requirements.  
  • It offers a comprehensive warranty package for up to ten years. 
  • Professional customer service representatives are at your service to answer your questions. 

8. Jayman Built

Serving Calgary, Edmonton, and the surrounding areas, Jayman Built is a green builder focusing on sustainability and efficiency.

Any house designed and built by this company aims to save you money while promoting your family’s health. The company is always innovating to enhance the efficiency of its homes.

One-storey villa facade with attached garage and white siding, wood accents, and brown panels by Jayman Built
The Park 24 villa. Courtesy of Jayman Built

As a founding member of BUILT GREEN® Canada, Jayman Built incorporates some of the best green building techniques to attain the four sustainable building certification levels. These levels include Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

The best part is that every home built by this company is certified green. Its first BUILT GREEN® home was certified in 2005. Since then, the company has been enhancing its operations to fit among the best green builders in Alberta.

Today, Jayman homes boasts exceptional EnerGuide ratings. As a result, the company’s homeowners receive rebates worth $1,500 from the government for energy efficiency.

This company’s most notable sustainability initiatives include:

  • Incorporating the Fit & Finish™ carpet made from recycled plastic bottles. This carpet is also 100% recyclable.
  • Recycling more than 40,000 metric tonnes of its construction and demolition wastes.
  • The company has prevented the emission of 31,500 tonnes of greenhouse gases since 2004.

Why Choose Jayman Built

  • Save up to $75 monthly or $900 annually in energy bills
  • It installs water-efficient fixtures that will help you save more money
  • Quality indoor environment through heat recovery ventilators
  • Get triple-pane windows installed, superior insulation, and a 92% energy-efficient furnace
  • It installs tankless water heaters to help you save more energy
  • A founding member of BUILT GREEN® Canada

9. Colbray Homes

As a BUILT GREEN® Canada member, Colbray Homes is one of Alberta’s best sustainable green home builders.

Since its inception in 2007, the company has remained steadfast in designing and building Built Green-certified homes for its clients.

A mid-century farmhouse style with wood and brick siding by Colbray Homes
The Cascade is a mid-century farmhouse located in Willow Estates. Courtesy of Colbray Homes

The best part is that all homes built by this company are third-party energy adviser-tested. They also receive blower door tests. These tests ensure that all homes are high-performance and airtight.

Building a high-performance and airtight home will help you conserve more energy and, in turn, reduce your recurring utility bills.

What sets this company apart is that its green building initiatives focus on what matters the most to customers. For instance, it wants its clients to enjoy electricity, water, and gas savings while having a more comfortable home.

Therefore, you’re sure to get a home with better indoor air quality and less stress on respiratory and immune systems. These are some of the factors you must consider when choosing a green home builder for your family’s safety. 

Why Choose Colbray Homes

  • A BUILT GREEN® Canada member with a reputation for building energy-efficient homes.
  • Get a highly customized home that meets all your needs
  • All homes achieve an impressive blower door rating ranging between 0.52 and 1 air exchange per hour

10. Christenson Group of Companies

Finally on our list is Christenson Group of Companies, a multi-award winning Alberta builder with decades of experience. It boasts of building thoughtful, intelligent, and social communities for adults.

The company specializes in estate homes, villa bungalows, urban villages, and luxury condos. All these homes are designed and built to meet your lifestyle while remaining easy to the environment.

A bungalow-style home with an attached garage and stone siding by Christensen Group of Companies
The classic bungalow of Heritage Creek is one of the Christensen Group of Companies’ many projects. Courtesy of Heritage Creek

All homes built by this company are Built Green-certified. This means you’ll get a home that adheres to sustainable building practices and is third-party certified green.

Buying a home certified through the Built Green Canada initiative has benefits like enjoying a more durable, healthier home with a lower environmental impact. 

Also, these homes come with lower monthly operating costs, high resale values, and automatic rebate eligibility.

Christenson Group of Companies focuses on the following green building initiatives:

  • A healthier home environment: Using VOC and formaldehyde-free building materials, heat recovery ventilators, and safe floor coverings for improved indoor air quality.
  • Creating a resource-efficient home: Making the home as eco-friendly as possible during construction and day-to-day operations. It achieves this through energy-efficient furnaces, HVAC systems, and installing Energy Star-certified appliances.
  • Green Recognition: Building homes that meet EnerGuide Label standards.
  • Increased durability: Designing and building green homes in Alberta with a focus on durability. Such homes will require fewer fixes and renovations.

Why Choose Christenson Group of Companies?

  • It builds homes that meet Built Green Canada standards
  • A multi-award winning company for exemplary services
  • Receive a 15% mortgage rebate through Genworth and CMHC when purchasing a home 

Final Thoughts – Selecting a Green Builder in Alberta

There is no question that sustainable homes are the future. More and more people are looking to reduce their environmental impact, which the housing market reflects.

If you are building a new home, it is crucial to work with a company that can help you create a sustainable home that meets your needs. Many builders claim to be “green,” but not all follow through with their promises.

The best builders adhere to strict environmental standards, using sustainable materials and energy-efficient construction methods. They also understand the importance of indoor air quality and strive to create healthy and comfortable homes for their occupants.

The top green home builders in Alberta reviewed here are some of the most experienced and qualified in the country. They know how to create environmentally friendly homes that conserve resources.

The latest technologies and construction methods will ensure that your new home will be as energy-efficient as possible. In other words, you can save money on your energy bills in the long run.

Browse through their websites or schedule an initial consultation with them to learn more about their services and how they can help you build your dream green home!

Also, be sure to check out our list of the best green builders in British Columbia and our list of the best modular builders in Alberta, as several of the featured companies construct homes that are also considered sustainable and may service your area of Alberta.

Best of luck!

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