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If you’re an eco-conscious homeowner, you know how hard it is to find sustainable green home builders in British Columbia. While many companies may advertise themselves as green and sustainable builders, not all of them will deliver outstanding results if hired. 

So, which builders should you trust with your green building project in British Columbia?

We’ve researched and compiled a list of the top sustainable green home builders in British Columbia. These companies have the necessary equipment and expertise to deliver any green building project based on your needs.

Keep reading to find out what makes each unique.

The Best Green Home Builders in British Columbia 

Here’s our list of the five BC sustainable home builders that stand out from the rest, including:

  • Green Island Builders
  • Green Emerald Construction
  • Blackfish Homes
  • Natural Balance Home Builders 
  • Ellenwood Homes LTD
  • Falcon Heights Contracting

So, without further ado, let’s consider what each of these esteemed builders has to offer prospective homeowners.

Green Island Builders

Whether you’re interested in a minimalistic home or want the whole nine yards, Green Island Builders can help.

This green home company promises to create a customized space that’s uniquely yours. It specializes in developing simplified living solutions for property owners in British Columbia.

Interior view of a Green Island green home's kitchen
Courtesy of Green Island Builders

More importantly, Green Island considers green home building an “integral part” of its work ethic. As a result, the company believes in incorporating small, functional, and practical eco-friendly architectural details for your home.

For instance, it offers services like material recycling to minimize waste during the renovation (or reconstruction) process, focuses on “preserving existing structures,” and eliminates environmentally-unsafe practices while building sustainable houses. 

Why Should You Choose Green Island Builders?

  • You collaborate with an award-winning team – with Green Island Builders, you work with highly-skilled workers and cooperative contractors. The company won the 2021 CARE Awards for the ‘Best Residential Renovation or Restoration’ in Vancouver Island. 
  • It never compromises on aesthetics – Green Island Builders demonstrate how sustainability can align with style. These qualities are visible in every project, whether you renovate/reconstruct existing homes or build new residences. 
  • You receive personalized support from start to finish – as your primary contractors, the team prioritizes your vision and budget goals. You can entrust them to respect your wishes and modify your home design accordingly. 
  • Extended services are available for a holistic home design plan – for example, you can hire Green Island for managed sub-trades like plumbing, flooring, electrical, drywall, paint, etc. In this way, each aspect of your home can become environmentally safe.

Green Emerald Construction

Do you live in Salmon Arm or a surrounding area? If so, Green Emerald Construction can assist you in building an energy-efficient and green home.

Exterior view of a Green Emerald Construction green home
Courtesy of Green Emerald Construction

The Energy Star-certified company takes great pride in being one of the top sustainable green home builders in British Columbia.

The team is comprised of talented contractors, designers, and workers who utilize their niche to create sustainable spaces for you. 

Green Emerald Construction strives to integrate cost-effective and eco-conscious features into home designs. These include ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms), energy-efficient HVAC systems, LED lighting, and airtight construction.

Interior view of a Green Emerald Construction green home's kitchen
Courtesy of Green Emerald Construction

Its pragmatic approach and environmental initiatives frequently receive recognition from juries and committees that award sustainable building in Canada.

Additionally, Green Emerald fulfills all BC building codes by ensuring its strategies are legally compliant. 

Therefore, we can guarantee that you will receive the best care possible from this amazing team.

The company is equally passionate about adding personalized touches to residential projects. That means your input, aesthetic style, and feedback play a significant role in the final layout of your sustainable homes. 

Why Should You Choose Emerald Green Construction?

  • Eco-friendly and sustainable designs – you get to work with passionate professionals that take green home building to the next level. Their ideas are cost-effective and energy-efficient. These traits make the company a good option for you and the environment. 
  • It brings its A-game to every project – the award-winning team works to exceed expectations while creating green residential properties. Its dedication and innovation have resulted in industry recognition—one recent accomplishment includes the Canadian Home Builders Silver Tommie Award 2019 for Excellence in Environmental Initiative in Construction (Residential or Commercial). 
  • Advanced technology meets traditional frames – the company balances earthiness, modern home technology, and sustainability in its designs. The use of traditional woodwork and frames with intelligent electrical systems proves this. 
  • It constructs homes tailored to your lifestyle – everything from aesthetic details and functionality to layout receives special attention. The team ensures that these aspects of your residential project align with your lifestyle choices. 

Blackfish Homes

This construction and renovation company was founded in 2005, and adaptability has been one of the reasons for its ongoing success.

Blackfish Homes did not hesitate to embrace eco-friendly green home construction long before it became on-trend. 

Exterior front view of a Blackfish Homes green home
Courtesy of Blackfish Homes

These days, it continues to add advanced technology and modern sustainable home ideas into its design. Its innovative approach has resulted in multiple awards and recognition in the news circuit. 

According to onlookers, Blackfish Homes breathes new life into residential areas with its clear-cut designs and environmentally-oriented solutions. 

Moreover, collaborating with this talented team feels gratifying because it puts its heart and soul into the project.

You can entrust the company with your unique vision and then witness those concepts come to life through functional frameworks and stylish spaces.  

View of a Blackfish Homes back deck with fireplace
Courtesy of Blackfish Homes

Lastly, everything receives a professional and legally-compliant assessment to ensure Blackfish Homes continue to be one of the top sustainable green home builders in British Columbia. 

Why Should You Choose Blackfish Homes?

  • Affiliation with high-authority Canadian organizations – the company has membership with BuiltGreen Canada, BC Housing, Homebuilders Association Vancouver (HAVAN), the regional Chamber of Commerce, and the Better Business Bureau. This affiliation proves its credibility and legal compliance. Consequently, providing you with the assurance that everything it does meets government standards.
  • It offers transparent conduct and effective communication – Blackfish Homes promotes open dialogue between contractors and designers. As a result, you can expect nothing but practical and realistic advice from your designated contractor. Moreover, the cooperative team appreciates constructive feedback and ensures it’s adapted into the final design.
  • Cleaner and greener air – many homeowners in populated areas and cities complain about poor ventilation. Blackfish Homes overcame this problem by ensuring its eco-friendly homes have open windows and strategically-positioned vents to improve air quality. These features create a healthy home environment. 

Natural Balance Home Builders 

Natural Balance Home Builders balances client interests with environmental responsibilities, as the name rightfully suggests.

It redefines residential housing by giving these aspects of construction more attention. 

Exterior backyard view of a Natural Balance Home Builders green home
Courtesy of Natural Balance Home Builders

In addition, the team believes in championing collaborative work by perfecting the conceptual design before breaking ground on the project.

Natural Balance Home Builders use advanced 3-D modeling software to create a realistic layout of your new living space.

The intuitive technology allows you to adjust design specifications to optimize sustainable changes within the framework. 

Most residential projects that this company undertakes use solar-powered grids to limit the use of non-renewable energy.

In addition, they use thermodynamics to regulate the home environment and temperature.

In some cases, homeowners request rain collection systems for efficient water systems.

Natural Balance also only uses sustainable, net-zero wastage products and other incredible high-tech equipment to ensure the eco-friendliness of your project.  

These elements come together to form nature-centric sanctuaries in modern residential spaces.

Nature Balance Home Builders goes above and beyond expectations to ensure the outcomes match your aesthetics and sensibilities. 

Why Choose Natural Balance Home Builders? 

  • Green-built designs have become its trade signature – the team goes the extra mile to source sustainable raw materials and products for the remodeling and renovation projects. It focuses on reducing costs, maximizing energy efficiency, and ensuring every architectural element stays environmentally safe. 
  • Access to 3-D modeling technology – you can visualize the final framework of your home before construction begins. It proves cost-effective in the long run as architects incorporate your feedback before the construction phase begins. That means it can minimize the wastage of resources and raw materials for housing development projects. 
  • It harmonizes your lifestyle and natural surroundings – Natural Balance Home Builders ensure that you feel relaxed as soon as you step into your living space. The greener exteriors, well-adjusted interiors, and optimized home systems make every hour you spend at home meaningful. 

Ellenwood Homes LTD

Ellenwood Homes LTD might be the last name on our list for sustainable green home builders in British Columbia. Yet, it matches the quality standards and performance levels of its competitors.

Interior kitchen view of a Ellenwood Homes LTD green home
Courtesy of Ellenwood Homes LTD

The family-owned businesses use locally-sourced, carefully-curated, low-impact construction materials. These efforts are a reason for its national-level recognition within the industry. 

Ellenwood provides third-party certifications from BulitGreen, Energy Star, and Net-Zero. The approval of these organizations ensures your sustainable home has durable, long-lasting, and resilient features.

In addition, the dynamic duo of Lara and Marc focuses on its niche interests. That includes Marc’s profession as an architectural and building engineering technician. So you can count on him to pay meticulous attention to the logistical side of this collaboration. 

As an interior designer, Lara overlooks aesthetical aspects of your homes.

She and her team ensure that Marc’s ideas are included within the design and vice versa. These efforts ensure that your residence radiates welcoming and cozy vibes.

They run on an energy-efficient budget that doesn’t disrupt its environmental surroundings or your lifestyle. 

Why Choose Ellenwood Homes LTD?

  • Third-party approved housing projects – Ellenwood develops five-star quality projects with the approval of known eco-oriented organizations like Energy Star, BuiltGreen, and Net-Zero. 
  • Responsible and reliable – purposeful designs, functional spaces, and meaningful aesthetics are used to exceed your expectations. The company follows realistic timelines and delivers everything on time. 
  • It maximizes energy efficiency in net zero house plans – you can go beyond solar grids by appointing an innovative and experienced service provider. 

Falcon Heights Contracting

As a superior-quality custom home builder, Falcon Heights Contracting has a team of specialized staff who provide clients with high-quality products and services. It specializes in custom constructions, renovations, and additions.

Throughout its years in business, the company has established solid working relationships with qualified sub-trades to ensure nothing but quality service and products.

In terms of green building, Falcon Heights is a member of BUILT GREEN CANADA. Being a member of this organization means its projects are third-party-certified for energy efficiency and are also environmentally responsible.

One of the company’s notable achievements in the sustainable construction space is that it was the first to be named a net-zero builder on Vancouver Island.

It’s also worth mentioning that this company is dedicated to maximizing the green aspects of its clients’ homes. It achieves that by collaborating with the homeowner, designers, mechanical engineers, and energy consultants from the start to the end.

Some of the company’s sustainable construction initiatives include:

  • Home orientation
  • Responsible land use
  • Air quality improvements
  • Home performance
  • Moisture-resistant options
  • Material durability
  • Wise use of resources
  • Low maintenance options

Why Choose Falcon Heights Contracting?

  • Third-party-approved green projects: The company is a member of BUILT GREEN CANADA which certifies green projects for authenticity.
  • A licensed builder: Falcon Heights Contracting is licensed through CHBA and CHMC for its net-zero energy constructions. These certifications mean that the company’s projects are highly sustainable and have low carbon footprints.
  • Unlimited options: The company offers unlimited green building options tailored based on a client’s budget and wishlist. Therefore, you’re sure to find a design that meets your taste.
  • Guidance: Its experienced staff will work you through every step of the construction process. This means you’ll understand what goes into creating your new green home.

Keith Construction

With over 30 years of experience, Keith Construction is among the top sustainable green home builders in British Columbia.

This family-owned business has a proven track record of building some of the best sustainable homes in different places, including in Vernon. Its success is based on the fact that it passes down skills and expertise from generation to generation.

Keith Construction stands out for designing and building award-winning homes in line with its highest standards of technical expertise, dependability, integrity, and experience.

The company’s commitment to green building and sustainability is evidenced through its Built Green and R2000 certifications.

Its green initiatives start from material selection. The company uses green building materials with minimal environmental effects. It relies heavily on recycled and renewable construction materials.

Due to its green building success, Keith Construction has Built Green ratings in the following categories:

  • Bronze (1 project)
  • Silver (5 projects)
  • Gold (2 projects)
  • Platinum (20 projects)

Why Choose Keith Construction?

  • Built Green Member: As a member of the Built Green initiative since 2009, Keith Construction guarantees the best quality products and services in green construction.
  • Green Certifications: Most of the company’s projects have been certified as green through the different rating categories.
  • SEER Rating: It installs heating and air conditioning systems with high Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) ratings for high energy efficiency. It also supports the use of tankless water heaters.
  • Home Orientation: It designs and positions homes in a way that minimizes exposure to the hot sun while utilizing the cooling breezes. This reduces energy loads.

Take the First Step Towards Sustainable Living in BC

Residential spaces are rapidly evolving in recent times. Sustainability remains an integral part of this conversation when we survey house market trends.

Hence, finding the best green home builder in British Columbia becomes crucial for homeowners.

You’ve got to select a high authority contractor that doesn’t hesitate to make innovative choices. 

You can benefit from any builder on this shortlist of top-tier companies that make housing cost-effective, customized, and strategically sustainable for single and multi-family homes.

Besides being an excellent advocate for eco-centric home design, these talented teams have a knack for adding personalized touches to living spaces. Moreover, they incorporate lifestyle details to match your minimalistic choices. 

Book a consultation once you find a company that aligns with your unique needs. Ensure that it operates in your area and matches your budget goals and creative vision. Having that in-depth conversation in the initial phase ensures the builder has a clear idea of your expectations. 

Up-front communication minimizes alterations throughout the process and promotes efficient construction.

Therefore, effective communication, collaborative work, and transparency remain essential traits you should use to identify reliable housing development companies. 

Also, be sure to check out our list of the top green builders in neighboring provinces Alberta, as well as our list of the best modular builders in BC, as several of the companies featured construct homes that are also considered sustainable and may service your area of the province.

Best of Luck!

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