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If you’re planning to move to the Silver State in 2022, you’re not alone. With its bright, sunny weather, reasonable cost of living, eccentric nightlife, low tax burden, and diverse, welcoming culture, Nevada is undoubtedly a great place to live. 

So, if you are planning to live in Nevada long-term, buying a home there might not be a bad idea. It has relatively low property tax rates and plenty of opportunities for fun activities like skiing, fishing, and hiking.

As you are likely aware, Nevada also has some great restaurants, casinos, and shopping centers to keep you busy and entertained. 

Regardless of which stage of life you’re at – whether you’ve just joined the job market or are planning to retire shortly – Nevada has something to attract you to the state. 

But before you start packing your bags, you should spend some time thinking about your home buying options. 

Buying a Modular Home in Nevada

Unlike traditional, stick-built homes, modular, prefab structures are manufactured in factories instead of being built directly on the construction site.

Once the different parts of the home – like wall panels, doors, windows, and flooring – have been prefabricated in a factory, they are shipped to the building site. 

The different modules are assembled there, and the final structure is installed on a pre-built foundation.

This process of modular construction has several benefits.

  • As a modular home is fabricated indoors (within a factory), the construction does not need to be halted because of bad weather conditions. This makes the entire home building process significantly faster. 
  • Modular construction generates significantly less waste than traditional, onsite construction because manufacturers construct numerous homes simultaneously. So, any excess material from one project can easily be applied to another.
  • In traditional construction, only one home is built at a time in a given location. Therefore, any excess building material usually ends up in a landfill.  
  • The fabrication process of a modular home can continue round-the-clock since factory work does not need to be halted at night, unlike onsite construction activities. As a result, factory staff can work in shifts – both during the day and at night – to complete the project faster. 
  • Modular homes are a lot cheaper than traditional, stick-built houses. You can save more than 20 percent of the construction costs by opting for a modular home. It is also more cost-effective (and eco-friendly) due to reduced waste of materials. 

So, considering the many benefits of modular homes, why not consider building one in Nevada? It will afford you all the comforts of a traditional, site-built home, but much faster and at a lower cost.

Modern prefab homes are also highly customizable. So, as long as you choose a reliable and experienced modular home builder in Nevada, you will be able to design and customize your home to suit your unique needs and preferences. 

Choosing a Modular Builder in Nevada

Finding a skilled and reliable modular home builder in a new state is no easy task. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the best modular builders in Nevada to help you make a choice with minimal hassle and confusion. 

Alchemy Architects 

Founded in 1992 and headquartered in Saint Paul, Minnesota, Alchemy Architects designs sustainable, minimalistic, and energy-efficient modular homes in Arizona, California, Nevada, and several other states. Apart from modular buildings, it also develops traditional, site-built ones. 

This company is known for its modern aesthetic, efficient building practices, and (relatively) small footprints. Alchemy Architects make efficient use of space and technology to maximize the comfort, durability, and environmental sustainability of each home designed. 

Interior view of an Alchemy Architects modular ADU
Courtesy of Alchemy Architects

Alchemy offers a wide range of floor plans to accommodate different sizes, climates, and geographies. The company’s homes are delivered in a fast and efficient way, with the help of their factory partners. 

You can use these state-of-the-art modular structures as a guest house, cabin, home office, accessory dwelling unit (ADU), or as your permanent residence—or establish them alongside your primary home as a rental property for some extra income

Exterior view of an Alchemy Architects modular home
Courtesy of Alchemy Architects

This company has a time-tested process in place for all its projects. This process involves several steps, including a site visit, feasibility study, design development, and construction administration.

In addition, alchemy Architects work closely with their factory partners throughout the entire construction cycle.

Blu Homes 

Blu Homes delivers modern, resilient, and eco-friendly modular homes to buyers in various US states, including Nevada. They deploy the latest technologies, as well as the highest quality craftsmanship, to build you the home of your dreams—in less than half the time required to build a comparable stick-built home. 

Exterior view of a Blu Homes modular home
Courtesy of Blu Homes

The modular homes built by this company facilitate extensive customization. After selecting one of their homes, you can create a custom lookbook that aligns with your tastes and preferences. This lookbook will contain the exterior and interior finishing of your choice, your preferred color schemes, building materials, and more.

After you’ve created your lookbook, Blu Homes will review the building site, provide you with an estimated budget, and finalize the design agreement. Then, it will begin fabricating your home at its factory while concurrently commencing the site work, like laying down the foundation on your chosen plot. 

Interior view of a Blu Homes modular home
Courtesy of Blu Homes

Once the foundation has been laid, and the fabrication process is complete, your new home will be installed, including all the kitchen and bathroom fixtures, the interior and exterior finishing, the electrical and plumbing systems, and other components. 


Based in Las Vegas, this company manufactures modular ADUs, making use of:

  • Cutting-edge fabrication technology
  • High-quality, ecofriendly materials
  • A precision factory environment

Boxabl‘s ADUs are incredibly affordable and are designed to the highest standards of sustainability, strength, durability, and quality. 

Exterior side view of a home constructed by ADU builder Boxabl in the mountains
Courtesy of Boxabl

Each one is comprised of a full-size kitchen, bathroom with a large counter and deep shower/tub, a spacious living area, and energy-efficient heating and cooling equipment. 

Each unit costs about $49,500 and can be used as a guest house, home office, or rental property. The ADU is delivered straight to your backyard, and the setup process is fast and easy. Once it is delivered, you can move in within a day or two. 

Interior view of a home constructed by ADU builders Boxabl
Courtesy of Boxabl

The modular structures created by Boxabl are rated for hurricane-speed winds and engineered for optimal fire resistance, with the interior and exterior wall panels clad in non-combustible materials. Hence, these modular ADUs are as safe as any stick-built ones, if not more. 


Based in Austin, Texas, Kasita manufactures innovative, modern, and high-tech modular structures. Its tiny homes are designed to be as functional as aesthetically appealing. 

These homes integrate technology to make life easier for the residents while also reducing their carbon footprint. In 2017, Kasita received the Austin AIA Design Award for its modular prototype.

a picture of a modern boxy small home by Kasita with lots of glass windows
Courtesy of Kasita

Since 2018, the company has manufactured and sold its modular homes in Nevada and California (and its home state of Texas). Kasita received approval to sell tiny homes in these two states, where it faces some of the same challenges as Texas, like escalating housing costs. 

Interior view of a Kasita modular home
Courtesy of Kasita

At around $140,000, Kasita homes can offer potential homebuyers in Nevada an affordable alternative to traditional, site-built houses, which are far more expensive. 

These tiny homes can also be used as disaster-relief housing or as accessory dwelling units alongside a primary residence to generate rental income. 

Method Homes

Interior view of a Method Homes modular home
Courtesy of Method Homes

This company manufactures world-class modular homes throughout the western United States. Their precision-engineered structures are highly customizable and durable. 

Method Homes was founded in 2007 in Seattle, Washington. Creating healthy, ecofriendly, and high-quality buildings on a budget – for residential and commercial use – is one of its core values. Therefore, it makes use of sustainable materials and practices to manufacture all buildings. 

Exterior view of a Method Homes' patio and drive
Courtesy of Method Homes

The company uses a streamlined, time-tested process in its construction. This process begins with a scheduled phone consultation to discuss the client’s goals, budget, and schedule. Then, Method will help each client with site selection, financing, feasibility studies, permit acquisition, county inspection, and home design. 

Lastly, it will begin fabricating the home in-factory. Once the fabrication is complete, the house parts will be delivered to the construction site. They will then be assembled there until the home is ready for the occupants to move in.

Westwind Homes

This modular home dealer has offices in Elko, and Twin Falls, Idaho. Westwind Homes sells both modular and manufactured homes to buyers across Idaho, Nevada, and the Mountain West region. 

Interior view of a Westwind Homes modular home
Courtesy of Westwind Homes

It partners with reputed manufacturers to ensure each home is made from the highest quality materials and fitted with the best amenities and appliances. 

The homes sold by this company are of the highest quality and craftsmanship. Its wide range of floor plans offers great value and flexibility. In addition, each modular home is built to abide by all local and federal building codes. As a result, they are attractive, comfortable, safe, and highly durable. 

Exterior view of a Westwind Homes modular home
Courtesy of Westwind Homes

When purchasing a modular home from Westwind, you will have the option to choose the cabinets, flooring, carpets, as well as the style of doors and windows you want. 

The staff members will work with you to design a home that fits your specs and then turn that design into a reality. 

Craftsman Homes

Founded in 1997, Craftsman Homes has four offices spread across the Silver State, with the main office in Sparks. It also has stores in three other towns across Nevada—Winnemucca, Silver Springs, and Pahrump. 

Interior view of a Craftsman Homes modular home's kitchen area
Courtesy of Craftsman Homes

Craftsman Homes uses modular construction techniques to build both single and multi-family homes quickly and cost-effectively. Locally-owned since its inception, Craftsman has earned a reputation for stellar customer service and prides itself on going above and beyond. 

This company also functions as a full-service general contractor through its division known as ‘Craftsman Homes Development’. In other words, any project they take on is completed in-house, from start to finish. 

Exterior front view of a Craftsman Homes modular home
Courtesy of Craftsman Homes

So, when working with Craftsman Homes, you won’t have to worry about sections of your modular home being fabricated by dubious third-party contractors. 

The staff at Craftsman will guide you through each step of the home buying process, leaving you to rest assured that each material used is of the highest quality.

Clayton Homes

Based in Las Vegas, Clayton Homes builds modular, manufactured, and mobile homes. Each house is built in climate-controlled factories, using the highest quality materials for maximum durability and structural strength. 

Exterior front view of a Clayton Homes modular home.
Courtesy of Clayton Homes

Its modular homes come with state-of-the-art energy-saving features like Low-E windows, programmable (smart) thermostats, dual-element water heaters, and upgraded insulation. 

These features will ensure your Clayton home is as energy-efficient as possible. As a result, your carbon footprint – as well as your electricity bills – will be much lower. 

Interior view of a Clayton Homes modular home
Courtesy of Clayton Homes

Clayton Homes offers countless floor plans, guaranteeing you will find one among them that perfectly fits your budget, tastes, and lifestyle. In addition, many floor plans can be altered, upgraded, and customized to suit your requirements. 

Once you’ve placed an order with Clayton Homes, a dedicated home consultant will update you on your home’s development stage throughout the construction process. 

Starbrook Modular

This is a regional modular home builder located in Reno, Nevada. Starbrook Modular leverages a simple and innovative building process – as well as off-site, indoor manufacturing – to make homebuilding more affordable, sustainable, and faster than ever before. 

It sells prefabricated single-family and multi-family homes throughout the US, often building and distributing houses designed by other companies.

Starbrook builds high-quality, customized homes in multiple architectural styles. These homes are built in half the time it would take to construct a comparable stick-built house. Moreover, Starbrook’s modular homes are at least 30 percent cheaper than traditional site-built housing. 

Starbrook’s innovative homebuilding process leads to greater precision, higher quality standards, and zero waste during the construction process. Starbrook also offers multiple floor plans and architectural styles for its modular homes. 

Its homes are equipped with all the latest technologies, such as smart thermostats, solar arrays, car chargers, and full-house Wi-Fi networks.


Ideabox is a designer and builder of modern modular homes based in Salem, Oregon’s capital city. The staff at Ideabox will work with you, at your own pace, to design and build the home of your dreams without exceeding your budget. 

Interior view of an Ideabox home
Courtesy of Ideabox

The company sells its houses to buyers in Nevada, Utah, Montana, Idaho, Nebraska, Wyoming, Kansas, and Washington. The structure will be delivered and installed on your chosen plot within 14 months of placing the order, if not sooner. 

Before starting the fabrication process, Ideabox will provide you with a detailed floor plan, exterior and interior finishes (as you chose), the estimated delivery date, and the total construction cost. 

Exterior front view of an Ideabox modular home
Courtesy of Ideabox

The construction process only begins after you have reviewed and approved all of these elements. Ideabox offers you a wide range of home designs to choose from and allows you to customize your chosen design to a certain extent. 

In Conclusion

As you can see, there is no shortage of modular builders in Nevada. Hence, it would help to consider some important factors – such as your budget, design preferences, location, and sustainability requirements – before choosing the modular builder that is right for you. Careful consideration will ensure you are delighted with your new, state-of-the-art Nevada residence. 

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