So, you want to build an energy-efficient, environmentally friendly modular home in New Jersey? What a great choice.

After all, there’s a plethora of modular home builders in the Garden State. How do you find them?

You’re already on the right path!

I’ve pulled together this list, using my industry experience to guarantee you the best return on your investment.

1. Supreme Modular Homes

Supreme Modular Home in progress on a dirt lot in New Jersey during the daytime
Image courtesy of Supreme Modular Homes

Supreme Modular Homes has been delivering modular homes for families in New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania for over 25 years.

The company uses advanced design and construction technologies and methods to deliver quality homes.

You can pick from their diverse floor plans and building materials and customize them as you desire.

What I Like

The company’s representatives are highly knowledgeable and informative. They transparently guide you in picking the best option for your needs.

You also get reliable post-delivery service. You can be assured they’ll promptly handle any home-related problem you might encounter after your purchase.

2. Statewide Modular Homes

Yellow Statwide Modular beach house in New Jersey on a cloudy day
Image courtesy of Statewide Modular Homes

If you’re looking for the highest quality workmanship for your modular home, Statewide is the way to go. The company is well-recognized for its top-notch services.

It’s one of the few award-winning modular home builders in New Jersey.

This family-owned business has provided outstanding homes to NJ locals for three decades. They also offer various customizable prefab houses.

What I Like

The company provides the best bang for your buck. They also complete their projects in a relatively shorter time compared to many other builders.

3. Select Modular Homes

Select Modular Homes multi-story exterior on a green lawn in New Jersey
Bright kitchen from Select Modular Homes showcasing a view of the living room
Images courtesy of Select Modular Homes

With 30+ years of experience in modular home construction, Select Modular Homes is one of the most trusted home builders in New Jersey.

They offer different types of constructions, including custom modular homes, commercial buildings, multi-family modular homes, and more.

This family-owned business has achieved high customer satisfaction over the years due to its value and quality.

It partners with leading manufacturers such as Signature Building Systems to provide a massive variety of floor plans.

You can check the company’s immense gallery of completed projects on its website.

What I Like

The company considers each nitty-gritty detail of the design. So, you’ll receive your home exactly as you expected.

Further, the company’s processes are thorough yet short. You can expect them to deliver your home faster than most other contractors.

4. SJ Hauck Homes

SJ Hauck Homes exterior blue home on a grassy patch in New Jersey
Blue bathroom of a modular home built by SJ Hauck Homes in New Jersey
Images courtesy of SJ Hauck Homes

SJ Hauck Homes is the best option if you prefer cape and ranch modular homes. They also provide great two-story homes.

The company has more than 300 floor plans ranging from 1,000 to 4,000 square feet.

You can highly customize these plans based on your preference, budget, and needs.

What I Like

The company provides exceptional post-delivery follow-up. Contact them whenever you experience a problem with your house, and they’ll give you the required assistance.

5. Jersey Shore Modular Homes

Yellow multi-story modular home built by Jersey Shore Modular in New Jersey
Up close, angular ceiling view of a beautifully detailed ceiling with a lighted ceiling fan from Jersey Shore Modular
Images courtesy of Jersey Shore Modular Homes

Jersey Shore Modular Homes is one of the leading construction companies in New Jersey.

They’ve proudly partnered with Ritz-Craft to offer some of the best prefabricated homes around.

Jersey Shore offers various home styles and sizes to cover multiple needs. The company uses 3D virtual tours to allow their clients to picture how their homes would look like.

What I Like

The company offers responsive customer service that will guide you throughout each step of the design process.

They’ll also keep you updated on all the home construction progress. In addition, the company’s team will consider all your modifications and requests.

6. Hunterdon Modular Homes

Hunterdon Modular Homes large white home exterior on large lot in New Jersey
Image courtesy of Hunterdon Modular Homes

Hunterdon Modular Homes has provided quality modular homes in Flemington, New Jersey, for over 30 years.

They manufacture various home styles, from multi-family and two-story homes to cape and ranch designs.

What I Like

They provide relatively affordable prices compared to other northern Central New Jersey competitors.

Meanwhile, they deliver durable home interiors and exteriors. To achieve this, they partner with local, top-notch sub-contractors.

7. Atrium Development Co

Large White House from Atrium Development Co in New Jersey surrounded by trees on a clear day
Image courtesy of Atrium Development Co

Atrium Development has delivered modular homes in several styles for New Jersey residents for 30 years.

These styles vary from beach houses to single-family and multi-family homes. They also provide complete turnkey services to make your home ownership goals more attainable.

What I Like

This team pays attention to details and considers all your requests while working on your project. Additionally, they use reliable materials to get the highest quality outcome possible.

8. Zarrilli Homes

Zarrilli Homes two-toned, multi-story beach modular home in New Jersey
Spare room painted gray with white trim and a ceiling fan by Zarrilli  Homes
Images courtesy of Zarrilli Homes

Zarrilli is a leading custom modular home manufacturer in NJ with more than 50 years of experience. They are experts in designing beach homes, a staple of the state.

Whatever your needs, they’ll find a way to design and construct your house accordingly. They’re well-known for their incredible attention to detail and excellent craftsmanship.

What I Like

They offer high-quality beach homes for reasonable prices. Regardless of your budget, they’ll find a way to deliver a home you can afford.

9. Creative Modular Homes

Creative Modular Homes quaint home exterior in New Jersey
Creative Modular Homes bathroom with a large, walk-in shower
Images courtesy of Creative Modular Homes

In East Brunswick, Creative Modular Homes has been operating in New Jersey for 30 years.

The company is a full-service modular home contractor. It offers basic and turnkey finishing.

What I Like

The company combines quality constructions with innovative designs and affordable prices. That’s why many NJ locals consider them to offer the best bang for their buck.

10. Avalon Building Systems

Avalon Building Systems exterior view of modular home in New Jersey with a large backyard and swimming pool
Large, spacious living room with a hanging ceiling fan and white furniture by Avalon Building Systems
Images courtesy of Avalon Building Systems

Avalon Building Systems is a famous home builder that serves locals in New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts.

The company offers various modular home styles, including Victorian style, contemporary style, cape cod, ranch style, and more.

What I Like

The company’s team pays close attention to the smallest details about the building. They also use quality construction materials to produce durable output.

11. SICA Modular Homes

SICA Modular Homes large home exterior in New Jersey
Image courtesy of SICA Modular Homes

SICA has been providing New Jersey locals with modular homes for 51 years. They offer various floor plans to choose from.

You can add your preferred customizations to any floor plan as well. The customer service team will guide you through the process and help you decide what’s best for you.

What I Like

The company provides exceptional post-delivery service. They’ll be of great assistance whenever a problem arises in your home.

They also precisely adhere to the set time frames for design and construction.

Wrapping Up

Your goals of modular home ownership in New Jersey start here. You now have a list of reliable contractors and builders to contact so you can get those goals off the ground!

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