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As more people embrace sustainable and eco-friendly construction methods and lifestyle choices, shipping container homes are quickly gaining popularity. As a result, new homeowners all over the U.S. are embracing this novel construction method, even in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania’s top shipping container home builders include CW Dwellings, EcoCraft, and MODLOGIQ. They provide luxury floor plans and energy-efficient construction at affordable prices. Unfortunately, only a few shipping container home builders operate in Pennsylvania.

In this article, we’ll review the top shipping container home builders in Pennsylvania to help you decide who to call for reliable construction services.

We’ll also add a couple more from neighboring states to give you a broad range of options. 

So let’s get started!

The Best Container Home Builders in Pennsylvania

Our list of the top seven shipping container home builders in Pennsylvania that stand apart from the rest includes:

  • CW Dwellings
  • EcoCraft
  • DB Homes
  • Icon Legacy
  • Simplex Homes
  • Transport Planning & Service International

Now that you’ve seen the rundown, let’s delve into the specifics of what each of these builders can offer prospective homebuyers.

CW Dwellings

Exterior view of a container home by CW Dwellings
Courtesy of CW Dwellings

CW Dwellings is the leading shipping container home builder in the Keystone State.

The company is known for offering comfortable, stylish homes. Its functional floor plans are affordable, and completed homes are well-engineered and up to code.

Interior view of a container home by CW Dwellings
Courtesy of CW Dwellings

CW Dwellings uses creative design and cutting-edge engineering to construct environmentally friendly homes from containers.

The team handles everything, including design, planning, construction, delivery, and installation.


EcoCraft‘s most prominent selling point is a combination of speed, efficiency, and quality.

Converting a shipping container into a luxurious home is no easy feat, but EcoCraft achieves more than just that with reasonable turnaround times

Exterior front view of a container home by EcoCraft
Courtesy of EcoCraft

This container home builder can construct a luxury home tailored to your specific requirements in less than three months.

You have up to 28 floor plans to choose from, so you’re likely to find a design that fits your preferences.

The Pittsburgh-based company leverages efficient construction methods to provide greener homes, focusing on striking a balance between sustainability, quality, and value. 

Interior view of a container home by EcoCraft
Courtesy of EcoCraft

The company claims to build homes with net-zero energy consumption, a bold statement.

But, honestly, that adds up because the advanced technologies that EcoCraft’s team uses in manufacturing allow its homes to be 100% Energy Star-compliant.


Although this company is relatively new, the team behind it has been in the modular home business for over three decades.

MODLOGIQ’s vision is to provide smart off-site construction of modular buildings at low prices while prioritizing the consumers’ needs and preferences.

Courtesy of MODLOGIQ

According to its website, the company offers construction services for an array of modular buildings.

It isn’t limited to shipping container buildings, so you can browse and opt for the best solution for your project.

Its container homes and buildings are energy-efficient, expandable, transportable, and have a low carbon footprint.

The turnaround time is decent too, which is excellent considering this company’s affordability and impressive track record.  

DB Homes

DB Homes has come a long way from the small company that started in Dick Burke, Jr’s garage office.

Decades of experience allow the company to provide highly customizable shipping container homes for families at every socioeconomic level. 

Interior view of a DB Homes' container home
Courtesy of DB Homes

The firm offers numerous home-building options geared towards cost savings and allows customers to choose between partially and fully customizable floor plans.

It also provides expert financing advice to help its clients affordably fund their homes.

Moreover, DB Homes builds to standards higher than federal or state requirements.

The company’s range of materials is highly popular, so hiring DB Homes means you can expect everything from trendy interior design to sturdy construction and high-quality materials. 

Exterior front view of a DB Homes' container home
Courtesy of DB Homes

Icon Legacy

Boasting a different approach to customization, Icon Legacy is a manufacturer of modular components and materials used to construct modular homes (including container houses).

Exterior view of an Icon Legacy container home
Courtesy of Icon Legacy

Its team of engineers combines their wealth of knowledge to produce well-designed, high-quality custom modular components.

Icon Legacy components are manufactured with structural stability in mind.

You can choose from various floor plans that cover six house styles and negotiate contracts with independent builders keen to match your budget. 

Interior view of a Icon Legacy home's kitchen
Courtesy of Icon Legacy

Note: This company operates in over 20 states nationwide and isn’t limited to PA. 

Simplex Homes

Despite being relatively new to the modular home industry, Simplex Homes is considered a leader in modular construction.

Exterior view of a Simplex Homes container home's backyard
Courtesy of Simplex Homes

The company is known for using advanced technology to build container homes that exceed industry standards.

It operates in the Northern U.S., spanning operations across 14 states. 

While this company’s primary goal is to create the best modular homes at a lower price than the competition, it doesn’t compromise on quality and customer satisfaction.

It offers at least seven unique floor plans to accommodate various preferences. 

Interior view of a Simplex Homes container home
Courtesy of Simplex Homes

Simplex also caters to individuals looking to build their dream homes and real estate investors looking to construct commercial buildings.

Transport Planning & Service International

Transport Planning is one of the leading sellers of shipping containers worldwide, but the firm is based primarily in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York. 

This company is well-known in the shipping container industry for its stellar customer service and budget-friendliness.

While it sells containers for other purposes, a significant division of its operations transforms used shipping containers into elegant homes.

However, you will need to hire a separate interior designer because Transport Planning only deals with construction and delivery.

But, that isn’t necessarily a drawback because it lets you get creative with your unit. 

With a solid construction base, there is enough room to tailor-make your shipping container home to include all the bells and whistles. 

Container Home Companies Based in Other States That Serve PA

The truth is that there aren’t many shipping container home builders in the Keystone State.

So, if you didn’t find one that suits your needs and budget from the above list, your next option would be to have your container home built by a company from a nearby state.

Here are the top four out-of-state container home builders that also serve customers within Pennsylvania:

Black Box Containers

Interior view of a Black Box Containers' kitchen
Courtesy of Black Box Containers

Black Box Containers is one of the U.S.’s most consumer-centric shipping container home manufacturers.

The company fabricates and delivers custom-made units to the lower 48 states, but it’s based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Instead of relying on prefabricated construction and shipping various configurations, this company designs and constructs each unit specifically for its customers.

As a result, each container home project (except the Bungalow style ones) is designed separately, and an architectural construction plan is created specifically for the project.

Exterior view of a Black Box Containers home
Courtesy of Black Box Containers

Whether you want a vacation home, an in-law suite, or even a hunting shack, this company aims to provide safe and energy-efficient luxury homes that are both stylish and environmentally friendly. 

Container Homes USA

Container Homes USA is a container home builder from Cleveland, Ohio.

It builds all kinds of shipping container structures, from residential to commercial buildings.

Exterior view of a container home by Container Homes in wintery conditions
Courtesy of Container Homes USA

The company is well-known within the modular homes industry and has satisfied customers nationwide.

That’s no surprise, given its track record of exceptional customer service and focus on customization.

Container Homes uses the latest technology to repurpose shipping containers into luxury homes of all sizes.

According to its catalog, the team uses up to three containers in different configurations, even building two-story homes and classic-looking structures.

You can choose from various floor plans and budget-friendly units designed to meet your distinct needs.

There’s also a team of experts to help with project planning, so take advantage of that offer if things get a bit overwhelming.

Custom Container Living

This Missouri-based container home builder claims to be the best in the industry, and a closer look at its services reveals that this claim isn’t far-fetched.

Custom Container Living builds IRC-compliant container homes for homeowners all over the U.S. and even ships some of these units outside of the States.

Interior view of a Custom Container Living modular home
Courtesy of Custom Container Living

The company has an impressive track record of supplying high-quality, cost-effective container homes to its customers.

Multiple configurations use 20 and 40-foot (6-meter and 12-meter) containers, and numerous floor plans are available. 

If you’re spoilt for choice, the consultants at Custom Container Living can help you select the best style and configuration for your needs. 

Exterior view of a Custom Container Living modular home
Courtesy of Custom Container Living

Units are ready within 12 weeks, an impressive turnaround time by any merit.

The company also offers solar panels, high-tech insulation, and climate control.

Steele House LLC

Having been in operation since 2009, Steele House LLC is among the few companies you can rely on for a durable container home.

It designs and builds each container home to be stronger than traditionally “stick-built” homes.

The best part is that the company’s highly experienced team works on each project diligently. They weld the container to plates that eventually cast into the foundation.

Consequently, your home is guaranteed to withstand even the most extreme weather conditions.

Steele House guarantees fast construction and mobility with all its projects. Although each project undergoes careful and advanced planning, the company can install roof trusses in two days and have the entire sealed structure completed in two weeks.

This builder stands out for making its container homes cool and beautiful. It achieves this by combining corrugated steel with materials like wood and glass, making the home sophisticated, dramatic, and beautiful.

What’s more, it promotes sustainability by removing excess containers from shipping yards

Choosing the Right Out-Of-State Container Home Builder

As you might have noticed, shipping container home builders have varying offerings. Unfortunately, that means not every out-of-state company will suit your needs.

To help you choose the right out-of-state builder, here are a few tips: 

  • Inquire about the delivery terms and conditions in detail—specifically, ask about having the home delivered to Pennsylvania.
  • Find out in advance whether their prices fit your budget.
  • Check whether its container homes are built to code.
  • Prioritize companies that offer in-house assistance with project planning and financing.
  • Browse prospective home builders’ catalogs to get an idea of what the completed home might look like.
  • Compare the different companies’ turnaround times and strike a balance between speed and affordability.
  • Inquire about your home customization options.

If you’d also like to check out other forward-thinking homebuilders in Pennsylvania, check out the state’s best Pennsylvania modular home builders, best Pennsylvania green builders, and Pennsylvania’s best tiny home builders as well!


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