If you live in New Jersey and are contemplating a shipping container home, you’re likely looking for a reputable builder to partner with.

Fortunately, there’s no shortage of options in New Jersey in terms of shipping container home-building companies.

Any one of them can guide you through building your own durable, affordable, and eco-friendly shipping container home.

Read on to learn more about these companies and see which is right for you and your needs.

1. JPW

JPW will help you plan and execute your perfect shipping container home. (Photo courtesy of JPW)

JPW prides itself on giving prospective shipping container homeowners the full package.

Not only do they take charge of building a container home customized just for you, but they also offer guidance throughout the entire process.

This includes putting you in touch with an experienced contractor to help you through the legislative hurdles that come with building a container home.

Furthermore, this company offers excellent after-sales service. Their customer service agents are extremely friendly and helpful. They also provide repair, maintenance, inspection, and installation services.

2. Logical Homes

Logical Homes shipping container homes living room with couch and white cabinetry
Photo courtesy of Logical Homes
Logical Homes shipping container home exterior with palm trees on a clear day
Texas’s Logical Homes also serves the New Jersey area. (Photo courtesy of Logical Homes)

If you’re looking for a hybrid house that uses both shipping containers and conventional building materials, Logical Homes is the way to go.

This company is based in Austin, Texas. However, it’s operated in New Jersey for many years.

Logical Homes offers excellent customization options. This shipping container home builder allows you to explore various designs and choose the one that suits you best.

This variety isn’t limited to just design. Logical Homes also offers units at a wide range of prices.

3. C+C Architecture

C + C Architecture shipping container home interior living room render with red chairs, a TV, a throw rug, hanging lights, and an acoustic guitar on the wall
Photo courtesy of C + C Architecture
C+C Architecture shipping container exterior render
C+C Architecture is a green builder that uses recycled shipping containers. (Photo courtesy of C + C Architecture)

C+C Architecture’s affordable prices don’t mean you’re compromising on quality. Instead, it uses well-built recycled shipping containers to deliver results that’ll last many years.

What this New Jersey-based company lacks in design variety, it makes up for by being one of the more affordable options on this list.

4. Kubed Living

Kubed Living shipping container home kitchen with metallic fridge, blue cabinetry, and quaint atmosphere
Photo courtesy of Kubed Living
Kubed Living shipping container home exterior against trees
Kubed Living operates in Califonia but ships its container homes to customers in New Jersey. (Photo courtesy of Kubed Living)

Kubed Living isn’t based in New Jersey. Instead, this Los Angeles-based company manufactures its products in California and then ships them to customers in New Jersey.

This company is another budget-friendly option you can go for that assists you throughout the stages of your container home-building journey.

Not only does Kubed Living engineer its container homes with safety and efficiency in mind, but it also makes a point of sustainability and reducing waste.

It also helps you get the required permits before the manufacturing process kicks off.

Once your container home is built and ready to go, Kubed Living will deliver and install the finished product to you in New Jersey.

5. Custom Container Living

Custom Container Living shipping container home interior bedroom with toilet
Photo courtesy of Custom Container Living
Custom Container Living shipping container home brown exterior with a man sitting outside
Custom Container Living can build you a single-bedroom or three-bedroom shipping container home. (Photo courtesy of Custom Container Living)

Custom Container Living is your best bet if you’re looking for a shipping container builder that’ll offer you a select variety of floor plans and designs.

This company has the following floor plans to choose from:

● Studio

● Studio with loft

● One bedroom with loft

● One bedroom

● Two bedroom

● Three bedroom

If you decide to go with Custom Container Living, rest assured that you’ll get excellent quality and great customer service.

6. Elbar Tiny Living

Elbar Tiny Living shipping container home interior with a teal dining chair, flowers, wall art, and a spacious window
Photo courtesy of Elbar Tiny Living
Elbar Tiny Living shipping container home exterior with plants
Elbar Tiny Living builds tiny container homes and ships them to New Jerseyans. (Photo courtesy of Elbar Tiny Living )

Elbar Tiny Living is another shipping container builder that offers services in New Jersey even though it isn’t based there.

In fact, this Connecticut company delivers container homes all over the country.

Elbar Tiny Living specializes in building small, move-in-ready units with all the required amenities installed.

In turn, it’s a great option for those looking to get a new house quickly.


In your search for a company to assist you in building a shipping container home, there’s plenty to choose from.

The best options for those living in New Jersey are JPW, Logical Homes, C+C Architecture, Kubed Living, Custom Container Living, and Elbar Tiny Living.

Pick the company that suits your needs best, and let’s get building!

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