Indiana is a state in the Midwest with a laid-back appeal. It has state parks, rivers, lakes, and wide open fields.

Most towns are affordable and support sustainable living. In addition, lands cost much less on average, so owning a home is easier.

On that note, shipping container homes are another cheap option for residents. The state government has warmed up to this alternative living space.

That’s why we put together this list of the top container builders in the state.

Let’s dive in!

1. Rock Creek Container Homes

Rock Creek Container Homes multilevled white shipping container home on a hill against a tree and blue skies
Rock Creek Container Homes can build you an appealing shipping container with customization options available. (Photo courtesy of Rock Creek Container Homes)

Rock Creek Container Homes is a small company based in Markle, Indiana. It offers shipping containers and customized homes, sheds, and office units.

The company built a structure along County Line Road for its first project. Being in full view of everyone piqued the curiosity of many.

As the months passed, people saw the empty containers transform into a modern, edgy space.

To this day, RCCH continues to build onsite and handles all sorts of projects, from tiny homes to luxury structures.

A representative is present from start to finish to ensure design to construction runs smoothly.

2. Blox

Blox shipping container home living room with a couch, an end table with a plant on it, and a large window
Photo courtesy of Blox
Blox shipping container home exterior against a thin canopy of trees
Blox can build almost any commercial or residential project from shipping containers. (Photo courtesy of Blox)

Blox is a leading shipping container development company in Michigan and nearby areas. It showcases sleek and modern designs for a minimalist appeal.

The firm also provides innovative home furnishings that are stylish and functional.

Through the years, the company continues to grow and serves a varied clientele. Just last year, it expanded its manufacturing facility by 12,000 square feet.

Some Blox projects include pop-up offices, medical spaces, mobile concessions, and long-term structures. It even pioneered floating tiny homes and houseboats in the area.

When building your home, the company handles everything from design to delivery. It offers design flexibility to suit your needs yet keeps cost-effectiveness in mind.

3. Container Homes USA

Container Homes USA shipping container home concept render
Container Homes is an Ohio-based home builder that offers prefab options. (Photo courtesy of Container Homes USA)

Container Homes USA was founded in 2016 and is based in Ohio. It specializes in prefabricated shipping container homes for residential and commercial use.

Your options come in six pre-designed models, one or two stories high, and vary in floor area. All the same, the team offers a fully custom design to cater to your preferences.

Whatever you choose, CHUSA will build your home in its facility up to about 75 percent completion.

That includes affixing windows and doors, insulation, and interior frames. Other parts, like dry walls and interiors, are assembled once onsite.

The company offers turn-key construction in Ohio. This way, you won’t be responsible for finding a local contractor.

Outside of the state, like in Indiana, you can avail of CHUSA’s project management services. CHUSA also assists in finding local builders, so that’s another benefit.

4. Advantage Structures

A large stack of red shipping container homes under construction against a clear blue sky
Advantage Structures offers 10-foot to 53-foot shipping containers for building your new home!

Located in Chicago, Advantage Structures extends its reach into the greater Midwest, including Indiana. That’s made possible through its sister company Vaccaro Trucking.

Advantage Structures prides itself on mastering container modifications to fulfill client needs.

This expertise aligns with its goal of providing solutions from simple storage needs to custom container designs.

Apart from basic door and window installations, the firm can perform ducting, electrical work, plumbing, and interior finishings.

Unlike with other builders, there are no standard models to choose from. Nonetheless, you can use the company’s design-build services to bring your concept to life.

5. Custom Container Living

Custom Container Living shipping container home clean, white kitchen with bar seating and large, open window
Photo courtesy of Custom Container Living
Custom Container Living shipping container home exterior in a showroom
Custom Container Living offers a variety of floor plans and upgrades to choose from. (Photo courtesy of Custom Container Living)

Robert Wagoner founded Missouri-based Custom Container Living in 2015. His goal was to resolve the issues of traditional construction through container homes.

The company has one of the most extensive floor plans on our list. On top of that, it has unique upgrade options that match well with the modern and stylish designs offered.

These popular additions include a fireplace, a rooftop deck, a dining bar, and security shutter doors.

Take note: you must contact a local general contractor for the necessary permits. This third party will create your home’s foundation and prepare for utility placements.

So, CCL and the contractor will need to discuss the preparations at some point.

6. Three Squared Inc.

Three Squared Inc. shipping container home living room featuring a sectional, basic dining table and chairs, and full windows
Photo courtesy of Three Squared Inc.
The Hygge shipping container home exterior by Three Squared Inc.
Three Squared Inc. follows the unique “houm” construction process, which focuses on sustainability and affordability. (Photo courtesy of Three Squared Inc. )

Three Squared Inc. is a Michigan-based design and architecture firm. It’s a market leader in creating shipping container structures.

Recently, the company announced that it’s employing a new method of construction called “houm.”

This concept’s primary goal is to create attainable, custom, and sustainable houses by keeping in mind beauty and efficiency.

To do this, the team combines industrial manufacturing and digital fabrication. In turn, customers can expect a more cost-conscious structure.

Three Squared can take on the challenge whether you’re going for tiny homes, commercial spaces, or multi-family structures.

The team also oversees the building process from the get-go until completion.

7. Custom Container Builders

Custom Container Builders white shipping container home exterior against trees and a clear blue sky
Custom Container Builders offer seven great floor plans. (Photo courtesy of Custom Container Builders)

Custom Container Builders ranks among the top licensed contractors in Indiana. You can rely on it for container homes, commercial, multi-family, and hotel constructions.

The company promises to deliver only the best products by partnering with industry experts. In line with that, it takes on projects worldwide to grow and develop its expertise.

Through these efforts, a proprietary controlled assembly design was born. This enables quality buildings with a quick turnaround time.

You can browse through seven modern designs.

However, the firm will check in on you for other preferences as it strives to meet customer needs.

Final Thoughts

Indiana is a wonderful place to build a shipping container home.

That’s why the presence of container home builders operating in-state comes as no surprise.

Services vary from basic additions and furnishings to more extensive and customized designs.

No matter what look you’re going for, you can use this list to find the right builders for the job!

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