Massachusetts is a great place to settle down in. The northeastern state thrives with job opportunities for working professionals. It’s also home to many top-rated educational institutions.

On top of that, Massachusetts has a rich culture and history, along with beautiful landscapes. The place is teeming with attractions to visit.

However, the state has a higher cost of living than others. In particular, average home prices have been on a consistent upswing. That’s why alternative spaces like shipping container homes are becoming more popular.

Here’s a list of the best container home builders you can consider while in the state.

1. Mini Warehousing Inc.

Multicolored shipping container homes in Massachusetts with angular roofs against a blue sky
Mini Warehousing Inc. builds shipping container homes for rent and lease.

Mini Warehousing Inc. is a family-owned and operated company based in Mansfield. The firm has been in business since 1976.

It mainly offers the sale, rental, and leasing of residential or office storage containers in various sizes.

Mini Warehousing Inc. caters to all parts of New England. The company is a good container home provider because it deals with extensive custom modifications.

You can request windows, doors, roll-ups, vents, and dividers. On top of that, the firm offers custom colors and numerous design patterns. You can ask for solar panels, fans, and lighting as well.

Many positive reviews talk about the company’s top-notch, seamless service from start to finish.

2. Karmod US

Karmod US shipping container home wooden exterior
Karmod US was originally based in Turkey but later moved to Massachusetts, where it remains to this day. (Photo courtesy of Karmod US)

Karmod US has headquarters in Belmont and offers prefabricated container homes in modular design.

The parent company was founded in Turkey in 1986 and has had projects in more than 100 countries worldwide.

Energy efficiency and stability are top of mind when building Karmod container homes. They’re made with a passive cooling system to reduce the need for artificial cooling and heating throughout the year.

Additionally, the pre-made pieces allow faster building compared to having it done on-site. You can choose from their selection of fairly inexpensive but durable units.

Homes are designed sleekly for multiple purposes. You can contact the company to discuss design suggestions with their team.

3. Outback Storage

Outback Storage up-close image of beige shipping containers to be used to make shipping container homes
Outback Storage will add side vents, man doors, and window security bars to your shipping container home! (Photo courtesy of Outback Storage)

Outback Storage is a Rhode Island company that caters to five states, including Massachusetts.

In 2010, the enormous growth potential of modified shipping containers propelled the business into building container homes.

You can rely on Outback Storage for basic additions, such as windows with security bars, man doors, and side vents.

Shipping containers also come in various sizes to fit customer needs.

4. Kubed Living

Kubed Living shipping container home kitchen with metallic fridge, blue cabinetry, and quaint atmosphere
Photo courtesy of Kubed Living
Kubed Living shipping container home exterior against trees
Kubed Living does more than build shipping container homes but also offers project management assistance. (Photo courtesy of Kubed Living)

Kubed Living specializes in prefab modular and shipping container structures for commercial and residential use.

The company accommodates clients all over the country and provides project management services.

You can decide on one of their seven pre-designed yet partially customizable units for your home. Then, you can personalize your living space with interior and exterior styles.

If you’re looking for custom structures, that’s right up their alley too. With Kubed Living’s team of designers, engineers, and draftsmen, they promise limitless design and finish options.

5. Truth Box Architects

Truth Box Architects shipping container home wooden exterior
Truth Box Architects redesigned this home, giving it a modern flair. (Photo courtesy of Truth Box Architects)

Truth Box Architects is based in Rhode Island but serves the New England area.

The company does green construction and urban design, offering various services from building residential homes to commercial spaces and renovations.

With a team of architects, designers, developers, builders, and construction managers, the firm delivers sustainable projects. They enjoy tackling old buildings and urban infills in particular.

Truth Box also strives to lower the cost of construction with careful planning and working closely with clients and builders throughout the process.

6. Bob’s Containers

Bob's Containers rustic interior with a brown leather couch leading into the kitchen
Photo courtesy of Bob’s Containers
Bob's Container's shipping container home exterior with pagoda-style roof
Bob’s Containers offers 18 pre-designed shipping container homes to choose from. (Photo courtesy of Bob’s Containers)

Austin-based Bob’s Containers ships prefab container homes nationwide.

It has an extensive portfolio containing 18 pre-designed models with various floor areas from 160 to 960 square feet.

The designs commonly include fixtures, flooring, and cabinetry, but the company is flexible.

You can coordinate with the team for modifications, design combinations, and building upgrades.

If you’re on a tight timeline, you can opt for one of their ready-to-ship units to speed up the process.

The most basic option includes sinks, bathrooms, shelving, a kitchen, and an HVAC system.

Final Thoughts

Shipping container homes are becoming increasingly popular due to their cost-efficiency, especially in places like Massachusetts. While there may be fewer local options, you can use the list above for your selection.

Do note that depending on your choice, you’ll need local contractors for installation and interior and exterior finishes.

Additionally, prefab home builders offer project management services so you can ensure smoother construction.

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