Tennessee is one of the best places to live in the US if you want more relaxed vibes. Part of the attraction is beautiful landscapes and delightful old-time traditions.

Owning a container home is one way to get closer to breathtaking natural views. You don’t need to spend as much money on this alternative living space as you would on a traditional home.

The container’s box structure allows stacking, easier handling, and customization. So, the possibilities are endless, whether you want a luxurious residence or a simplistic design.

Check out our list of the best container home builders in Tennessee.

1. Providence Builders Group

Providence Builders  Group shipping container home against trees with a curved path
Providence Builder Group can create your dream shipping container home, as the company has more than 50 years of construction experience. (Photo courtesy of Providence Builders Group)

Providence Builder Group has over 50 years of combined experience in the business. It can tackle residential, commercial, and alternative spaces, anything from modern to historical designs.

The company prioritizes honesty, integrity, and tireless devotion. With these at the core, it promises the highest quality, client-oriented home construction.

You’ll work closely with a team of experts to decide on a floor plan. Then, you’ll discuss further customization to produce the perfect home you envision.

You can choose from a variety of colors, finishes, and materials.

Once the project begins, you can check the progress on their exclusive client application, so you’re always in the loop.

Even after the team completes the construction, you can contact them for related concerns. They also offer extended warranties, depending on your contract.

2. Incredibly Tiny Homes

Incredible Tiny homes shipping container home interior
Photo courtesy of Incredible Tiny Homes
Incredible Tiny Homes shipping container home exterior
The wheeled small shipping container homes built by Incredible Tiny Homes truly do create a new standard of living. (Photo courtesy of Incredible Tiny Homes)

Incredibly Tiny Homes was founded in 2014. The company delivers affordable and comfortable small houses, including those made of shipping containers.

You can opt for a basic design with standard provisions, including kitchens, open cabinets, and bathrooms.

Afterward, you can customize your home to your liking. On that note, ITH offers extensive options for roofing, sidings, interiors, and exterior finishes.

Additionally, your home is well insulated. This reduces temperature changes due to the weather. If you want to move around, you can also opt for solar panel installations.

ITH allows you to take part in the building process. You can enroll in their workshop for a fun seven-day course to help you work on your home.

3. V & D Enterprise LLC

V & D Enterprise LLC blue shipping container home exterior
V & D Enterprise LLC can construct all sorts of home projects from shipping containers. (Photo courtesy of V & D Enterprise LLC )

V & D Enterprise LLC has experience building apartment complexes, mobile offices, commercial projects, and homes.

Ultimately, the goal is to impact the housing industry by creating energy-efficient and cost-effective spaces.

The Nashville-based company uses repurposed shipping containers to provide design flexibility and durability.

The services are limited to standard inclusions like doors, windows, cabinets, roofing, flooring, and painting.

However, the team offers an in-house assistant for interior design concerns. The enterprise also works with furniture vendors who can provide tips for a customized home.

Additionally, each project undergoes structured planning. The company partners with numerous engineers, architects, and surveyors to execute large-scale plans.

4. Doron Builders

Doron Builders shipping container home bedroom interior with wood walls and old accennts
Photo courtesy of Doron Builders
Doron Builders shipping container home back porch
Doron Builders has created appealing custom homes for over two decades, including shipping container homes. (Photo courtesy of Doron Builders)

Nashville-based Doron Builders boasts more than 20 years of experience in the construction and residential industry. It aims to provide superior but affordable custom homes.

In this regard, you can look into the company’s predesigned layouts for container homes and decide on one.

If you want to inject some personality and style, lay it out with the team. This way, you can create a home that’s uniquely you.

Doron also has a financing partner to help make your dream home come to life.

5. Custom Container Living

Custom Container Living shipping container home clean, white kitchen with bar seating and large, open window
Photo courtesy of Custom Container Living
Custom Container Living shipping container home exterior in a showroom
Custom Container Living can build you a bunkhouse made of shipping containers! (Photo courtesy of Custom Container Living)

Since its inception in 2015, Custom Container Living has presented a whole new level of design for shipping container homes.

The company offers studio types, one to three-bedroom designs, commercial buildings, and bunkhouses.

On top of that, CCL features a robust selection of customization choices. Plus, you can maximize even the tiniest homes without compromising the style of the place.

For instance, you can include a ladder for the loft with built-in storage cabinets underneath.

You can also furnish your new place with appliances such as a washer, dryer, refrigerator, and kitchen stove.

Besides those mentioned, there are many more upgrade options worth checking out.

To help clients further, CCL has financing partners to assist you with the transaction.

6. Meka Modular

Meka Modular shipping container home bedroom with poster
Photo courtesy of Meka Modular
Meka Modular shipping container home exterior against a tree-lined background on a clear day
Meka Modular’s prefabricated homes have a contemporary, stylish design. (Photo courtesy of Meka Modular)

Meka Modular manufactures prefabricated homes. They specialize in contemporary, modular designs. The main headquarters is in Ontario, but the company serves the entire United States.

Standard models feature modern, elegant looks with clean lines and large windows. However, clients can modify some finishes or decide on a personalized design.

The company also takes charge of the project’s completion in California and New York. So, new homeowners feel secure in the highest-quality construction possible.

You need a local contractor in Tennessee for the undertaking. Regardless, Meka Modular aims to provide modules that can be easily set up and installed.

7. Logical Homes

Logical Homes shipping container homes living room with couch and white cabinetry
Photo courtesy of Logical Homes
Logical Homes shipping container home exterior with palm trees on a clear day
Logical Homes makes green, appealing shipping container homes, with basic and custom models available. (Photo courtesy of Logical Homes)

Logical Homes is a subsidiary of DeMaria Design Associates. The brand envisions a home for every individual and family anywhere on the planet.

The company fulfills this promise through eco-friendly materials and efficient and effective processes.

As a result, homes are offered at reasonable prices. To further its cause, it has also expanded to serve a worldwide customer base.

You can choose between a basic model or a custom logical home for your residential needs.

Besides indulging in your preferences, the team will assess the site and match the design to the budget.

Nevertheless, you can count on the company’s extensive experience for a personalized home plan.

Final Thoughts

Container homes are cost-effective and sustainable living alternatives that have gained momentum in the building and home industry in the past few years.

More and more complex structures are made out of new or repurposed containers. All the same, tiny container homes exude just as much charm. Their simplicity is perfect for laid-back places such as Tennessee.

Whether you like a high-end home or a modest space, there’s always one on our list of home builders that can bring it to fruition.

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