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Founded in 1732, Georgia is one of the 13 colonies Great Britain established in America. Known as the Peach State because of its reputation for producing quality peaches, Georgia is the birthplace of civil rights activist Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Apart from low crime rates, people move to Georgia because of its effective public school system. Likewise, Georgia offers quality yet affordable childcare.

While, for the most part, Georgia has a reasonable standard of living, the cost of buying a house is becoming a challenge to some.

Luckily, some companies offer solutions for the state’s rising housing costs. This post will show you some of Georgia’s most trusted companies that build shipping container homes.

Top Shipping Container Home Builders in Georgia

The following is a list of companies in Georgia that build shipping container homes:

  1. Bolder Container Homes
  2. Concrete Roots
  3. Evo Haven
  4. Downeyland Structures & Containers
  5. Mobu Enterprises
  6. Doron Builders

Now that you’ve had a quick look at their names, we’ll inspect what these builders can do for home hunters more closely.

1. Bolder Container Homes

Bolder Container Homes shipping container home interior kitchen with sunflowers, a dining table, a kitchen counter, and appliances
Photo courtesy of Bolder Container Homes
Bolder Container Homes teal shipping container home exterior with a wooden porch and pumpkins
Bolder Container Homes builds its shipping container homes using up-cycled materials. (Photo courtesy of Bolder Container Homes)

Founded by brothers Jude and Gabe Beckman, Bolder Container Homes is a company that builds secure shipping container homes in Georgia and the rest of the Southeast United States.

The company encourages the consuming public to be part of its mission to preserve the planet by using up-cycled materials.

Despite its houses’ affordability, Bolder Container Homes builds them with the highest standards.

Other than their sound structures, the company designs its houses with style and detail in mind.

One of its notable projects was the Gimlet house. It was a 480-square-foot (44.59-square-meter) shipping container customized and built into a two-bedroom dwelling.

Bolder Container Homes created Gimlet with the help of Architect Nicole Seekly of Line + Angle Architecture, while Tea of Kinsoul Collective designed its interiors.

This project shows the company’s vision that functionality and aesthetics should always go hand in hand.

2. Concrete Roots

Concrete Roots shipping container home interior living room with large window, emerald green velour couch, and glass accent table
Photo courtesy of Concrete Roots
Concrete Roots shipping container home exterior still under consrtuction
Concrete Roots’ ultra-successful Wilson Ave project. (Photo courtesy of Concrete Roots)

Concrete Roots is the brainchild of Courtney and Josh Booths.

When the two got engaged years ago, they began looking for a house. Yet, their budget needed to be more.

They purchased a couple of small lots, hoping to build a house made of shipping containers. With that, the idea of putting up Concrete Roots emerged.

Apart from providing affordable housing, the company’s mission is also to give job opportunities to the community.

One of Concrete Roots’ first successful projects was a house on Wilson Ave, Atlanta.

This 2,200-square-foot (204.39-square-meter) house uses contemporary building methods. It features three bedrooms and two-and-a-half baths.

Besides building shipping container homes, Concrete Roots also renovates and remodels old houses.

Regardless of the project, the company always ensures that its houses’ interiors and exteriors are elegantly designed.

3. Evo Haven

Evo Haven shipping container home interior bedrom with white walls, a bed, windows, shelving, and a TV
Photo courtesy of Evo Haven
Evo Haven shipping container home exterior on wheels
Evo Haven started as a project to provide affordable homeownership to the people of Georgia and expanded from there. (Photo courtesy of Evo Haven)

Founders Elize and Majesty Gayle have extensive experience in the property development business as co-owners of INTL Realty Partners.

Like other builders, the Gayles established Evo Haven to solve Atlanta’s housing problems.

Their initial plan was to build 12 tiny houses using freight containers for people that earn low to median salaries.

Evo Haven launched the project first by turning a shipping container into a two-bedroom house. It took the company one month to complete the model.

In 2021, Evo Haven announced its 84-container home project in South Fulton. Likewise, the company plans to build more houses in cities like Palmetto and Atlanta.

In addition, the company released a 20-foot house on wheels called the Evo Chow. This avant-garde container home is for folks wishing to live a minimalist lifestyle.

Here’s what you’ll get when you purchase an Evo Chow:

● 148 square feet (13.75 square meters) of heated living space

● A bathroom with a composting toilet, shower enclosure, sink, vanity, and ceiling lights

● Electric water heater

● Full-size front door and aluminum windows

● Waterproof vinyl flooring

● Fridge, kitchen cabinets, countertop, stove burners, storage, and sink

● 30-gallon (113.56 liters) clean and gray water tank

● Double axle trailer with electric brakes

4. Downeyland Structures & Containers

Downeyland Structures & Containers camo shipping container to be built into a home
Downeyland Structures & Containers in Milledgeville specializes in small shipping container homes and cabins. (Photo courtesy of Downeyland Structures & Containers)

Located in Milledgeville, Georgia, Downeyland Structures & Containers offers a wide range of products that homeowners want.

Besides building cabins and tiny homes made of shipping containers, this company also makes metal sheds and garages. It also customizes garden sheds as well as playhouses for the kids.

Downeyland Structures & Containers enjoys numerous positive reviews on Google and its Facebook page. That’s thanks to its well-crafted products and on-time delivery.

On top of that, the company also received commendations for its outstanding business ethics and excellent after-sales service.

5. Mobu Enterprises

Mobu Enterprises shipping container home interior kitchen with white walls and dark wooden cabinetry
Photo courtesy of Mobu Enterprises
Mobu Enterprises shipping container home exterior under construction
Mobu Enterprises embraces sustainable building materials and a lower carbon footprint. (Photo courtesy of Mobu Enterprises)

Headed by Jessica Lewis, who came from a family of developers, Mobu Enterprises aims to build communities using sustainable materials like shipping containers.

The company advocates carbon footprint reduction to preserve the environment by repurposing discarded products.

To do that, Mobu Enterprises hired a team of accomplished designers and architects to help produce functional yet aesthetically pleasing residential structures.

Along with that is the company’s COO, Ibrahim Smith. His expertise plays a huge role in completing projects with flying colors.

He has a superb command of 3D rendering technology, fabrications, and creative caste outs.

Mobu Enterprises has an office in Macon, Georgia, but its main headquarters is in Wyoming.

It plans to open a manufacturing plant in Alto, Georgia, to produce shipping container vending machines and grow pods in the future.

6. Doron Builders

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Doron Builders is among the best shipping container home builders in Georgia. It specializes in custom affordable homes and additional dwelling spaces.

The company guarantees exceptional services and high-quality homes to provide solid security for customers.

Besides having a wide range of unique floor plans, Doron Builders can customize your shipping container home to meet your taste.

As an American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA)-certified company, you can rest assured of getting a home with high-performance windows and other products.Doron Builders is licensed in Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and a majority of Southeast States. Therefore, it has a wide range of satisfied customers in the country.

Wrapping Up

With the rising cost of living in almost every part of the world, many will soon prefer shipping container homes to traditional houses.

What’s so appealing about this alternative housing is that it helps not only our pockets, it preserves the environment too.

What’s even more fascinating about them is that they can accommodate a family of four or even five.

On top of that, they’re not just a place that puts a roof over our heads. Their well-thought design makes us want to stay there for a long time.

That’s thanks to the builders’ expertise in turning shipping containers into beautiful homes.

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