Buying your first modular home is an exciting project. There are many manufacturers, and each creates houses with unique features.

What’s more, you’ll need to contact several home builders to compare designs and prices. Because of this, it can get difficult to find the right house that fits your needs.

Lucky for you, I’ve put together this list through personal sourcing. Your perfect home builder is just ahead.

1. Clayton Albuquerque

Modular home in New Mexico on a dirt road by Clayton Albuquerque
Cozy home office with white walls and wood furniture by Clayton Albuquerque
Images courtesy of Clayton Albuquerque

Karsten Homes, now Clayton Albuquerque, started in 1998. The company has over 25 years of experience. Over this time, it has built 7,500 homes in Albuquerque alone!

Clayton Albuquerque has high-quality workmanship. All house designs by this manufacturer are sustainable and energy efficient.

You can buy one to four-bedroom homes from the Karsten Collection.

Why It Made The List

As a local business, shipping costs less. It also does partnerships with regional brands. If you want a home created by local businesses, you should check this company out!

2. BonnaVilla

Long-view shot of BonnaVilla property surrounded by trees in New Mexico
Kitchen adorned with white cabinetry by BonnaVilla
Images courtesy of BonnaVilla

BonnaVilla supplies upscale double-wide modular homes in New Mexico. It has many functional floor plans and caters to all price points.

There are high-end and affordable options.

Why It Made The List

BonnaVilla has a BellaVista Series, standard homes new owners can customize. With its flexibility, you may upgrade your house as you wish.

3. Solitaire Homes of Albuquerque

Modular home by Solitaire Homes of Albuquerque on a dirt path in New Mexico
Living room and dining room with overhead lighting, a ceiling fan, and a large window by Solitaire Homes of Albuquerque
Images courtesy of Solitaire Homes of Albuquerque

Solitaire Homes has 60 years of experience building high-quality houses for over 40,000 families (and counting). It has a wide selection of single and double-wide homes that last a lifetime.

House features include a custom steel foundation and an exclusive bridge design floor system. Every exterior has an LP Smart Panel for durability and protection.

Why It Made The List

I love Solitaire Homes because the company focuses on durability. It makes each house sturdy enough to last 90 to 100 years, sometimes longer!

4. Athens Park Homes

Athens Park Homes modular home on wheels in New Mexico
Cozy, small living room with furniture, art on the walls, plants, and tables by Athens Park Homes
Images courtesy of Athens Park Homes

Athens Park specializes in park model homes. These structures meet the ANSI-A119.5 code for quality.

The company constructs each unit in a state-of-the-art facility using the best materials. Because of the high standard, you can place it on any RV resort or campground.

Why It Made The List

The best part about Athens Park Homes is it can reflect any design style. You may have it customized for cold, hot, and wet conditions!

5. Palm Harbor Village

Modular home in blue on a field against a bright sky by Palm Harbor Village in New Mexico
Kitchen with rustic furniture and exposed wooden beams by Palm Harbor Village
Images courtesy of Palm Harbor Village

Palm Harbor Village is one of the most versatile modular home builders. It has over 30 types of modular homes designed to fit any taste and budget.

There are single-section and multisection options. With Palm Harbor, you can even find cabin-style modular homes in New Mexico.

Why It Made The List

Palm Harbor Village creates modular homes with open floor plans and big, bright spaces. The homes are all luxurious and well-designed while doing our planet big favors.

6. Oak Creek Homes

Blue modular home with flowers surrounding it overlooking the water in New Mexico by Oak Creek Homes
Wood-paneled wall with decorations on it by Oak Creek Homes
Images courtesy of Oak Creek Homes

Oak Creek Homes has 50 years of experience in home construction. It builds quality houses with seven-year protection plans.

On top of this, houses made by this manufacturer have excellent resale value based on the NADA Appraisal Guide!

Why It Made The List

Oak Creek Homes is a manufacturer that has its customers in mind. It offers finance and construction solutions for modular homeowners.

If you’re a first-time buyer, Oak Creek Homes will guide you through all the steps, reducing stress.

7. Meridian Homes

Small, angular modular home in New Mexico by Meridian Homes
Image courtesy of Meridian Homes

Meridian Homes builds modular houses that’ll surpass your quality expectations. It plans for your future utilities and repairs, so your home will keep its value better than others.

This manufacturer specializes in units that mix modern and classic styles. The house designs are perfect for city and country living.

Why It Made The List

The modular houses by Meridian are energy efficient. They have thermal pane windows and a high-SEER air conditioning system.

8. Legacy Housing

Legacy Housing is a well-known manufacturer of affordable units. It’s the fourth-largest producer of manufactured homes in the United States!

With Legacy Housing’s reach, it can control and monitor the design and manufacturing process. Not to mention, there are financing options for every budget.

Why It Made The List

Legacy Housing has homes with valuable features, such as fireplaces and central air-conditioning. For those who love cooking, you can have the manufacturer build you a state-of-the-art kitchen.

9. Fleetwood Homes

Long modular home against a backdrop of trees in New Mexico by Fleetwood Homes
Large sitting room with leather furniture, a television, and blinds by Fleetwood Homes
Images courtesy of Fleetwood Homes

Fleetwood Homes has built manufactured and park homes since 1950. It has over 1.5 million customers and factories around the US, including New Mexico.

To add to this, Fleetwood Homes only employs skilled and experienced artisans. Each unit gets carefully inspected before it gets delivered to you.

Why It Made The List

Fleetwood Homes paved the way for the modular housing industry. With over 70 years of experience, you’re sure to get a home that stands the test of time.

10. Oakwood Homes

Modular home in New Mexico by Oakwood Homes
Warm kitchen with center island by Oakwood Homes
Image courtesy of Oakwood Homes

Oakwood Homes focuses on flexible floor plans and intelligent storage solutions. This means you design your home with your family in mind.

If you’re in New Mexico, you can schedule a visit to its site to see all the housing options.

Why It Made The List

Oakwood Homes of Albuquerque is one of my favorites because it has Energy Smart Zero homes. With this design, you can save on electricity bills for years.

Moreover, Oakwood Homes plant two trees for every one they use in construction!

Wrapping Up

Listen, I know that finding the perfect modular home can be a challenge.

There are many manufacturers in and around New Mexico, and each company has unique features. Due to this, you may need to inquire with more than one.Fortunately, using this guide lets you simplify the process. Happy house hunting!

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