When building a modular home, you have so many options that selecting the best doesn’t always come easy.

My experience in eco-friendly architecture has allowed me to cultivate many business relationships. Here are the top modular home builders in Nebraska for whom I personally vouch.

1. Heritage Homes of Nebraska

Woodsy, rustic cabin by Heritage Homes of Nebraska in Nebraska
Large, white living room with white walls, furniture, and decor by Heritage Homes of Nebraska
Images courtesy of Heritage Homes of Nebraska

The 2019 National Green Home Builder award winner, Heritage Homes, tops this list.

Heritage Homes has been constructing and delivering top-class modular homes to Nebraska residents since 1978.

The company’s headquarters is located in Wayne, Nebraska. However, they also deliver services to nearby states, including Missouri and Minnesota.

Heritage Homes lets you thoroughly personalize your home based on your needs and preferences.

You can choose from various formats, including prow style, low homes, lofts, ranch homes, and more.

What I Like

The company has excellent craftsmanship and offers the best value for your money. You can tailor every detail of your house design and ensure you’ll receive these desired outcomes.

2. Big Prairie Homes

Large, open floor plan kitchen with white features by Big Prairie Homes in Nebraska
Image courtesy of Big Prairie Homes

Located in Kearney, Nebraska, Big Prairie Homes offers potential homeowners the opportunity to design every aspect of their home through a multi-step process.

The company aims to deliver modular homes in a new and innovative way away from typical generic designs.

What I Like

What’s noteworthy about Big Prairie Homes is their simple and responsive process for contacting clients and receiving requests.

The company’s representatives will take care of all administrative work for you. This will allow you to focus more on the details of your dream home.

3. Wardcraft Homes

Large home with windows and rusti feel in Nebraska by Wardcraft Homes
Image courtesy of Wardcraft Homes

If you’re looking for a budget modular home, look at Wardcraft Homes. The company offers some of the most affordable modular homes in Nebraska.

They use a standard layout plan to lower their costs. However, they customize the framework and make endless innovative modifications to deliver outstanding outcomes.

Watercraft Homes has delivered over 5,000 homes in more than 50 years in multiple locations, including Nebraska and Minden.

So, you can rest assured you’re dealing with a company with massive experience.

What I Like

The company uses reliable construction and building materials from reputable brands, such as Kohler and Pella. Their home designs focus on making the house low maintenance.

4. Hinn’s Homes

Founded and run by Leslie and Lioyd Hinn, Hinn’s Homes will help you turn your dream home into reality.

They also provide consultation for the best financing options if you plan to finance the building process.

The company has provided well-structured, convenient modular homes to Nebraska locals since 1971.

They’ll design, construct, deliver, and finish your home with all your preferences in mind.

What I Like

The company’s team is highly passionate about their work. This passion is evident throughout their interaction with clients in the design process.

They’ll consider all your needs and recommend the options that make the most sense to you.

5. Swanson Homes

Swanson Homes has been developing modular homes in Nebraska since 1970.

Now, they provide one of the best modern and sleek modular homes in the state.

The company’s team will go the extra mile to use the ideal angles and colors to make outstanding constructions and interior designs.

What I Like

Even if you don’t have the experience to choose the design elements of your house, you can confidently pick one of their model homes.

You can also count on Swanson Homes to help you with maintenance. They’re highly responsive and quickly handle any problem that might arise, even years after your home purchase.

6. BonnaVilla

 Model modular home by BonnaVila in Nebraska
Newly built white kitchen with hardwood flooring from BonnaVilla
Images courtesy of BonnaVilla

Located in Aurora, Nebraska, BonnaVilla has been delivering well-constructed homes to locals since 1970.

They also diversify their designs to satisfy a wide variety of preferences. They take into account potential homeowners with limited budgets.

Regardless of your floor plan design and size, BonnaVilla will turn it into your dream home.

What I Like

They provide various budget-friendly design options to make modular homes as affordable as possible.

You’ll definitely find a great fit if you’re looking for innovative and modern styles.

7. Henry Stahla Homes

Fullly completed living room with gray walls, three windows, and furniture by Henry Stahla Homes in Nebraska
Image courtesy of Henry Stahla Homes

Founded in 1949, Henry Stahla Homes is run by first-class experts. They’ll help you design your modular home at a decent price.

The team is responsive and will consider all your requests and modifications.

First, they offer all their pre-made plans catering to different square footage and bedroom numbers. Then, you can provide them with all your modifications to work on.

The company partners with other well-known businesses in the field, such as BonnaVilla and Champions, to deliver the highest quality homes possible.

What I Like

The company’s team provides exceptional experience for the clients. They’re incredibly transparent and responsive.

They mention all the positives and negatives of each choice you may consider to help you make the best decision.

8. Family Built Homes

New home on mountainside in Nebraska by Family Built Homes
Upscale kictchen with dark wooden features by Family Built Homes in Nebraska
Images courtesy of Family Built Homes

Family Built Homes is a well-recognized modular home contractor in Gering, Nebraska.

They use a highly engaging process that allows you to participate in each home design step. This includes personalizing your home structure’s interiors and exteriors.

In addition, Family Built Homes uses advanced construction techniques, making its building process faster than that of other contractors.

What I Like

Family Built Homes provides ample options to tailor your house. That way, you’ll find what you’re looking for in your home design.

You’ll also draw significant inspiration from the options they suggest.

9. Harvest Homes

Modular home exterior with a winding path and fresh grass on a clear day in Nebraska by Harvest Homes
Large living room with a fireplace by Harvest Homes
Images courtesy of Harvest Homes

Determine your needs, set your budget, and let Harvest Homes deliver your fabulous new home. This family business has been providing Nebraska locals with modular homes since 1977.

They offer endless styles and customization for homes.

Plus, they partner with the reputable construction company Highland to deliver the highest quality Innovative construction components.

What I Like

The company’s team has outstanding expertise and knowledge. So, you can trust their advice if your experience in house construction is limited.

They build houses with minimal maintenance requirements over time.

10. Northstar Homes

Moduar home with stone details on a bright, green lawn in Nebraska by Norhtstar
Kitchen with warm wooden furniture throughout by Northstar Homes
Images courtesy of Northstar Homes

Northstar should be your chosen builder if you want to build a luxurious, spacious modular home.

The company lets you set your design, construction, delivery, and finish preferences.

One of their famous homes is the Blue River Home, which offers an outstanding level of luxury.

What I Like

The team will follow up with you in each design and construction stage to ensure you’re informed and satisfied with the progress.

The company is also transparent about the costs of your house. You won’t be surprised by any hidden fees or changes in prices.

11. Nu-Trend Homes

Nu-Trend modular home with an attached garage on a trimmed lawn in Nebraska
New kitchen with wooden furniture by Nu-Trend
Images courtesy of Nu-Trend Homes

Nu-Trend Homes started offering modular home construction services in the 1960s. The company’s goal is to provide affordable homes to people with low budgets.

Nonetheless, they don’t compromise on the quality of the construction or interiors to lower the cost. They try to give the clients the best bang for the buck.

They partnered with reputable names in the modular homes industry, such as Champions Homes, to provide excellent services.

What I Like

Besides being more affordable than a lot of other home builders, their houses also require low maintenance. This results in savings in both the short-term and the long-term.

Additionally, the team is collaborative and informative; they’ll help you make informed decisions.

Wrapping Up

Your house is one of the largest investments in your life. That’s why I’ve meticulously selected only the companies that will make your investment pay off.

The companies listed above offer the greatest value and client satisfaction.

Whether you want to build an affordable, sustainable, or even luxurious modular home, you can’t go wrong hiring these trusted companies.

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