So you’ve decided to move to West Virginia? Awesome decision!

Low cost of living, beautiful scenery, a bunch of outdoor activities, and friendly people – what’s not to love?

With all the modular home builders out there, it can be daunting to choose one. To help you narrow your opinions, I’ve compiled this list of 10 of the best modular home builders in West Virginia.

1. Paradise Homes

Paradise Homes blue exterior on green grass in West Virginia
Image courtesy of Paradise Homes

Paradise Homes is a family-owned and operated modular house business that has been building modular homes for over 15 years.

As a family-owned business, Paradise Homes values the importance of building comfortable and reliable houses.

The owners, Kelsey and Trey Satterfield add a personal touch to the home buying and building process as they ensure they’re directly involved in every product delivery phase.

Thanks to their experience, Kelsey and Trey minimize the risk of unintended consequences that customers often face with inexperienced modular home builders.

But Paradise Homes isn’t only about experienced owners. It’s also about allowing customers to personalize every detail, from floor plans to cabinets.

2. Double T Homes

Large, multi-storied brown home against green lawn and trees in West Virginia by Double T Homes
Image courtesy of Double T Homes

Double T Homes is an all-in-one stop for potential home buyers looking for a contractor who does it all.

They’ll take care of everything from offering a wide variety of homes to different construction options.

Whether you’re looking for modular homes, log homes, garages, storages, or custom homes by request, you’ll find it at Double T Homes. They currently serve Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, and the surrounding areas.

Apart from being a one-stop shop, Double T Homes collaborates with some of the most reputable manufacturers in the country, such as Muncy Homes, Colony Factory Crafted Homes, Champion, and Manorwood.

So, you can feel confident that your home will be built using the highest quality and up-to-date technology and construction techniques.

3. Silverpoint Homes

Image of a black and white modular home on a trimmed green yard in West Virginia by Silverpoint Homes
Image courtesy of Silverpoint Homes

Silverpoint Homes is another great option for modular homes in West Virginia. Their rich history dates back to 1997 when they built high-quality Amish single- and double-wide mobile homes.

Since 2006, SilverPoint Homes has been specializing in modular homes.

With over 20 years in business, recognition as the 2015 MHI National Retail Sales Center of the Year, and four regional sales centers, Silverpoint Homes is a compelling choice for building your modular home in West Virginia.

But don’t just take my word for it. Silveroint Homes emerges as a reliable option because they combine experience, affordability, and variety for potential home buyers.

They offer a vast display of modular homes, membership in the Volume Buyer Group, and a history of over 800 sold homes.

4. Impresa Modular

Large, multi-story white home on a slanted lawn in West Virginia by Impresa Modular
New kitchen with dark wooden cabinetry and matching countertop by Impresa Modular
Images courtesy of Impresa Modular

If you’re a potential modular home buyer who prioritizes value and energy efficiency, then you should definitely consider Impresa Modular.

They stand out as an excellent option as they build unique, stylish, and well-constructed homes with a deep focus on energy efficiency.

Impresa Modular is more like an extensive marketplace for modular homes rather than traditional homebuilders.

Their website lists thousands of modular home designs with different styles and sizes to fit every buyer.

I especially like Impresa Modular for their special approach to home building, as they utilize the latest modular modern technology to ensure customer consistency and efficiency.

5. Middletown Homes

Blue and white home exterior on a hill against blue sky in West Virginia by Middletown Homes
Large, open living room with dark hardwood flooring, lighter brown leather furniture, a large entertainment center, and a ceiling fan by Middletown Homes
Images courtesy of Middletown Homes

Since 1986, Middletown Homes has helped over 5,000 customers build their first homes in West Virginia and parts of Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Maryland.

Apart from their experience in modular home building, Middletown Homes offers a diverse selection of floor plans to accommodate different lifestyles and preferences. That includes single-wide, double-wide, and multi-wide homes.

Middletown Homes has four sales locations and more than 40 model homes for families to explore and visualize before proceeding with the building process.

6. American Homes

American Homes has been operating since 1976, assisting thousands of people in building their homes.

Their mission is to provide quality housing for their customers at an affordable price.

But that doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice customizability. American Homes offers numerous floor plans to suit every buyer’s preferences. They include two-story, ranch, split entry, chalet, cape cod, vacation homes, single wides, sectionals, and commercial spaces.

The best part? All these styles can be built as modular.

Or even better, if you don’t like any of the existing floor plans, you can bring your own floor plan to American Homes.

7. Rochester Homes

Bright brown home in West Virginia by Rochester Homes
Bright entryway painted robin's egg blue with white flooring and a hat rack by Rochester Homes
Images courtesy of Rochester Homes

For over 50 years, Rochester Homes has been serving customers in the Midwest and assisting them in buying their custom modular homes.

The construction occurs in a climate-controlled environment to ensure the weather doesn’t harm the materials.

Also, dedicated facilities carry out pre-construction, translating into faster construction times. Modular homes are often completed in around 60 to 120 days.

Finally, Rochester Homes takes customization to the next level as they offer a wide range of floor plans and the freedom to tailor designs to individual preferences.

8. Freedom Homes

Cozy modular home in West Virginia by Freedom Homes
Spacious, airy, bright kitchen with a center island by Freedom Homes
Images courtesy of Freedom Homes

Freedom Homes of Buckhannon is another strong option for modular home buyers in West Virginia.

They take a unique approach to building that doesn’t only allow customers to customize everything in their homes but to save money and energy in the long run, too.

For example, Freedom Homes utilizes HouseSmart® technology. It’s their way to create stylish, affordable, and resilient homes with many energy-efficient features.

They construct houses relying on many other energy and cost-saving features, including BuiltSmart, DesignSmart, EnergySmartZero, and BudgetSmart.

9. Clayton Homes

Lean modular home on trimmed lawn in West Virginia by Clayton Homes
Image courtesy of Clayton Homes

Founded in 1956, Clayton Homes is one of the most prominent names in the manufactured home industry.

With 775 of them across the United States, Clayton Homes’s team of professional consultants and builders help thousands of customers buy their dream home.

Clayton Homes stands out as a reliable choice because of their commitment to constructing homes of exceptional quality.

This is evident as every Clayton Built home undergoes a detailed process of checkpoints and internal inspections to cover everything, from electrical outlets to plumbing lines and interior quality.

10. Valley Custom Homes

Multi-story modular home in West Virginia by Valley Custom Homes
Image courtesy of Valley Custom Homes

Last on the list is Valley Custom Homes, your one-stop shop for modular homes.

This family-owned company has built homes for customers in the Virginia Shenandoah Valley area for over 25 years.

Valley Custom Homes offers various floor plans, including cape cods, ranch, and multi-family.

You can also customize all the standard floor plans according to your needs. That includes docks, garages, basements, and porches.

More importantly, Valley Custom Homes builds environmentally friendly homes with less carbon footprint.

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