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West Virginia is a scenic state with rolling hills and valleys. The Mountain State’s residents love engaging in a wide range of outdoor activities like mountain biking, hiking, and whitewater rafting.

Many people from other states are drawn to West Virginia’s tranquil way of life and its love of nature. 

Therefore, prospective homeowners wishing to reduce their carbon footprint will fit right in. If you are the conservation-minded type, you should consider investing in a green home.

These houses are typically built using sustainable materials and include build features and components that boost the residence’s overall energy efficiency. This leads to a low carbon footprint and savings on utilities.

Homebuyers who intend to invest in a sustainable residence will be delighted to learn that West Virginia is home to many green builders who offer to construct such houses. 

In this guide, we have compiled seven of the best sustainable green home builders in West Virginia and an overview of their services.

Let’s take a look.

The Top 7 Sustainable Green Home Builders in West Virginia

After researching, we whittled down a list of the best sustainable builders in West Virginia that stand out above the rest, including: 

  • Cedar Creek Builders
  • Silver Point Homes
  • Hepler Homes
  • Vision Homes
  • Rising Sun
  • Miller’s Residential Creations, LLC
  • Highland Meadows

So without further ado, let’s break down the specifics of what each of these renowned companies has to offer prospective clients.

Cedar Creek Builders

Cedar Creek Builders is based in Hedgesville. The company began offering residential home construction services in 1993. 

Cedar Creek Builders doesn’t specifically call itself a ‘green’ builder. However, it offers innovative and creative homes with an emphasis on environmental efficiency. The company has built homes across West Virginia in Windle, Tabasco, Kaye, Snyder, Raymond, Dry Run, and Gent.

Interior view of a Cedar Creek Builders green home
Courtesy of Cedar Creek Builders

Cedar Creek incorporates energy-efficient components like structurally insulated exterior panels and high-efficiency windows into each house. In addition, clients can install direct geothermal pumps in their new homes to save on the cost of natural gas heating. 

Each element gives the home a more comfortable feel while helping save on the energy bill.

Cedar Creek Builders is known for its high-quality craftsmanship. Many of its homes are characterized by exquisite woodwork that will impress other prospective homeowners. Consider hiring Cedar Creek Builders to construct your green home in West Virginia if you seek a combination of energy efficiency and high-quality craftsmanship.

Silver Point Homes

Silver Point Homes is a builder with design centers in West Virginia, Virginia, and North Carolina. The company is operated by a licensed contractor that serves clients in Beckley and surrounding areas.

Interior view of aSilver Point Homes green home's kitchen
Courtesy of Silver Point Homes

Prospective clients will get to choose from several fabulous floor plans. Silver Point’s homes are built with energy efficiency in mind and are carefully sealed to boost efficiency.

The company fabricates its houses in a unique climate-controlled facility using a streamlined process, ensuring minimal delays during construction so clients can get their new houses built in record time.

 In addition, the process creates minimal waste without sacrificing luxuries.

Reach out to this West Virginia home builder if you want a high-quality and reliable home built in a short amount of time. Their streamlined build process makes them relatively affordable while helping you save on your energy bill in the long run.

Hepler Homes

Hepler Homes is a builder located in Winchester. The company has over twenty years of experience building custom homes in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley.

Exterior front view of a Hepler Homes green home
Courtesy of Hepler Homes

Hepler Homes does not advertise itself as a ‘green’ builder, but  it does incorporate all sorts of environmentally friendly and energy-efficient components in its builds. In addition, it offers many house plans starting at 1500 sq ft and going above 3500 sq ft.

This breadth gives residents the option of selecting a home that fits their family size and other specifications.

Clients remain connected with the builder from the start of the design process through the entire construction phase. This communication ensures they are in the know and aware of everything being done to ensure their new home is perfect.

Hepler Homes takes on bold customization tasks for the homes it constructs, including large multi-media rooms and refrigerated wine cellars.

Clients should consider hiring Hepler Homes if they have a particular vision for their future green home in West Virginia. 

Vision Homes

Vision Homes is a builder based in Morgantown. It has been building homes in northwest Virginia for over twenty years and has built an outstanding reputation in the region. 

Exterior view of a Vision Homes green home
Courtesy of Vision Homes

Vision Homes builds each house with energy-saving features such as R-42 ceiling insulation, R-19 floor insulation, high-efficiency electric water heaters, and dow board insulated sheathing.

Clients can also add other green building components such as bamboo wood flooring, geothermal heating, Energy Star lights, doors, and energy-efficient windows to their future homes.

Vision Homes takes the time to understand client’s exact needs. Prospective homeowners will spend an hour discussing their future home’s floor plans, features, and budget with the company’s homebuilding experts. Clients can then watch their vision come to life through the craftsmanship of experienced professionals.

Consider selecting Vision Homes if you want your grand vision for a luxurious energy-efficient home realized with minimal setbacks or delays.

Rising Sun

Rising Sun is another home builder based in Morgantown. It is a full-service design-build company that employs a crew of full-time employees.

Interior view of a Rising Sun green home
Courtesy of Rising Sun

The company has been serving West Virginia residents for many years and specializes in sustainable home designs with structurally insulated panels (SIPs), interior woodwork, and timber frame construction.

Rising Sun encourages clients to choose sustainable components such as solid wood flooring, known for its durability and reparability. It also adds energy-efficient features like unique windows, solar panels, insulation, and furnaces to help homeowners save on their energy bills.

Rising Sun goes above and beyond by also offering custom cabinet woodwork. It designs these to enhance its kitchens’ appearance and add a more personal and tasteful touch to its homes.

The company also prides itself on its timber frame construction services and believes these frames should play both a structural and aesthetic design role in the homes they build.

Rising Sun Builders is the perfect choice for prospective West Virginia homeowners seeking a combination of sustainability, comfort, and looks in their future homes.

Miller’s Residential Creations, LLC

Miller’s Residential Creations is a home builder located in Martinsburg, specializing in custom homes in Berkley, Jefferson, and Morgan.

Interior view from the balcony of a Miller’s Residential Creations green home
Courtesy of Miller’s Residential Creations, LLC

Miller’s Residential stands out from other home builders because it seeks to address the issues that occur between the home’s initial concept and the finished product. It employs numerous talented professionals who take the time to thoroughly understand clients’ needs before setting out to turn ideas into finished structures.

The company follows energy-efficient designs for each of its homes, ensuring they are insulated and sealed to minimize heat loss. Homes also utilize energy-efficient HVAC systems, lighting, and water heating solutions to add more energy bill savings for homeowners.

The company offers to install additional energy-efficient appliances such as Energy Star washing machines, refrigerators, and dishwashers to maximize savings in the long run.

Consider hiring Miller’s Residential Creations if you seek a home that is energy efficient from the inside out. The professionals will keep you informed each step of the way and ensure your future home is as sustainable as it could be.

Highland Meadows

Highland Meadows is a homebuilder in Elkins. The company builds homes in the Highlands Meadows community and offers prospective clients over a dozen floor plans.

Exterior front view of a Highland Meadows green home
Courtesy of Highland Meadows

The company prioritizes energy efficiency in each of its builds to help homeowners save on their energy bills and help sustain the community’s natural environment.

Some features found in Highland Meadows homes include:

  • Glass-filled front doors
  • Recessed garages
  • Backyard decks
  • Architectural patterns integrated with exterior design elements

Prospective clients will be glad to learn their Highland Meadows-built home will feature many energy-efficient components. Features include Energy Star-certified appliances and windows, airtight building seals, and conditioned crawl spaces designed for energy efficiency.

Reach out to Highland Meadows if you want a comfortable and durable green home built in a peaceful community with many amenities.

Choosing the Most Suitable West Virginia Green Builder

As you can see, West Virginia is filled with excellent green home builders that prioritize energy efficiency and sustainability in their builds.

The numerous builders discussed above may differ in terms of home features and components. Therefore, prospective homeowners are advised to research each builder’s services and features before hiring them to build their future homes.

A green home built by reliable professionals can last for many decades. Thus, prospective homeowners should view their new property as a safe investment that will help them save plenty of money in the long run.

Contact one of the builders above and start designing your dream home today!

Also, be sure to check out our lists of green builders in nearby states, including Virginia, Kentucky, and Pennsylvania, as several of the builders featured may service your area of West Virginia.

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