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Building your home using SIPs (structural insulated panels) is undoubtedly the environmentally-friendly way to go. It will help you reduce your carbon footprint, and your energy costs will significantly decrease. 

So, where can you buy structural insulated panels to build your green home?

This post will consider the best structural insulated panel retailers available to homeowners and discuss their characteristics. So, let’s delve in!

Which Are the Best SIP Retailers?

The best retailers to buy SIPs for home construction from are Thermocore and Structall. These two companies are among the top SIPs manufacturers in the US. You can also find SIPs at ACME Panel, FischerSIPS, and EcoPanels of Tennessee.

Below is our detailed list of the top nine SIPs sellers in the US. Choose the one closest to your location, that best fits your parameters, or whichever is within your budget.


Thermocore is a major manufacturer and seller of polyurethane structural insulated panels that has been operating since 1993. 

Its panels are filled with a polyurethane foam core as opposed to EPS (expanded polystyrene foam), which results in several advantages. While the panels are priced slightly higher, they provide several benefits that make them worth the money. 

Several Thermocore roof SIPs on a home under construction
Courtesy of Thermocore

Here are a few benefits of Thermocore’s panels:

  • Higher R-value, which means you’ll save more on running your HVAC
  • Self-extinguishing foam makes these panels safer in the event of a fire
  • The panels are compatible with standard construction, reducing installation costs
  • Customization is added at no extra cost
  • More robust, denser material

Why it made this list: Thermocore is an industry leader with high customer satisfaction and a superior product.

Structall Building Systems

The Snap-N-Lock SIPs sold by Structall promise to save more than energy and money—you’ll also save time during installation. Thanks to the patented design, these structurally insulated panels are a better option for DIY home construction projects.

Using EPS, Structall manufactures high-quality SIPs used in home construction. With its Snap-N-Lock system, you can effortlessly build walls, roofs, and even windows. 

Here are a few advantages worth noting:

  • Structurally superior quality to traditional framing
  • Energy-efficient foam core cuts up to 58% in heating and cooling costs.
  • Easy to use—suitable for DIYers
  • Well-engineered products which pass rigorous testing before reaching consumers

Why it made this list: This is the cheapest, high-quality option for DIY home construction. 

ACME Panel

ACME Panel is a family-owned company that proudly claims to be the only solar-powered SIPs manufacturer in the US. It is committed to green building practices, so you can rest assured that your structural insulated panels are sustainable. 

An ACME Panel home with solar panel SIPs on clear display
Courtesy of ACME Panel

Here are a few reasons why you might consider buying your panels from ACME:

  • Sustainability—solar power covers over 70% of the manufacturer’s usage
  • Fast delivery to the Northeast and Southern US (down to two weeks in some cases)
  • Additional support includes installation, architectural support, etc. 
  • Fair pricing

Why it made this list: ACME is the greenest SIP manufacturer in the United States. 


This company is one of the oldest SIP manufacturers, and FischerSIPS currently delivers its products worldwide. Customers can expect high-grade panels that have won several awards. In addition, it claims to focus on small-to-medium-sized projects, which allows customization and attention to detail for each order you place.

Here’s why you should consider this manufacturer when buying structural insulated panels for your home construction project:

  • Award-winning, energy-efficient panels
  • Eleven locations nationwide, allowing for better service and faster delivery
  • Decades of experience and a proven track record of customer satisfaction

Why it made this list: This company is the most experienced high-grade panel manufacturer. 

Eco-Panels of Tennessee

Located in Clay County, Tennessee, Eco-Panels of Tennessee is a family-owned franchise of the North Carolina manufacturer. The company runs a 35,000 sq. ft. manufacturing plant where high-performance SIPs are made. The products are used in both commercial and residential projects.

If you’re in the Southern US, this is the company you’ll want to purchase your structural insulated panels from, regardless of the size of your project. We guarantee you will get a superior product with a low carbon footprint.

Several Eco-Panels of Tennessee workers erecting a home using its SIPs
Courtesy of Eco-Panels of Tennessee

There are several advantages to using Eco-Panels’ products:

  • No volatile organic compounds (not even formaldehyde)
  • High R-value polyurethane foam core
  • Class 1 fire rating guaranteed
  • Green manufacturing process

Why it made this list: This is the best SIP manufacturer in the Southern US.

Standard Panel

Standard Panel is the only manufacturer on this list to make SIPs from fiberglass composite. This system is ideal for extreme climates.

The following are several reasons why you might consider buying panels from this company:

  • Fiberglass composite panels are compatible with net-zero energy construction
  • Simple construction allows for lower labor costs
  • Highly insulated, energy-efficient panels are pre-cut to large factory sizes
  • Mold and insect-resistant panels
  • Worldwide delivery

Why it made this list: Standard Panel sells fiberglass composite SIPS panels.

sPanels Structural Panel Systems

With decades of combined experience, sPanels is a company that prides itself on providing its customers with the best structural insulated panels. In addition, the solid and energy-efficient panels are made using partially recycled materials, making them greener than some other SIP manufacturers.

Exterior front view of a sPanels home
Courtesy of sPanels

You can expect competitive pricing and exceptional quality. The panels undergo rigorous testing, and the company assures consumers that its products can withstand extreme weather, such as heavy snowfall and extremely low temperatures. 

Why it made this list: Buildings that use sPanels’ products consistently test well for heavy snow.


EZ SIPS is a manufacturer located in Delaware, with another office in Toronto, Canada. Its revolutionary structural insulated panels combine framing and insulation in the same step, allowing faster and cheaper construction. 

The panels slide into the building framework and have an R-value of over 28. In addition, tests have shown EZ SIPS panels are significantly more robust than standard wood construction. 

Why it made this list: This company offers a revolutionary approach to SIPS construction.

EPS Buildings

EPS Buildings is one of the largest manufacturers of structural insulated panels. With over 40 years of experience, this company knows exactly how to meet its customers’ needs. The manufacturer offers pre-engineered buildings and custom floor plans for customers throughout the US.

Exterior front view of an EPS SIP home
Courtesy of EPS Buildings

Why it made this list: EPS Buildings has experienced manufacturers and builders that provide custom-made packages to suit every customer’s preferences.

Final Thoughts

With the sheer volume of quality structural insulated panel manufactures available, there’s no shortage of options. We hope this list provided some insight into which manufacturer is best catered to your individual needs.

Best of luck making a selection!


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