A fishing boat on the water in front of several green homes along the Rhode Island coastline.

Rhode Island boasts a gorgeous shoreline that stretches as far as the eye can see and a mild summer climate, so every day is beachwear day. It’s one of the main reasons the state is considered a prime vacation destination

If you plan to build a home in Rhode Island, do your bit for the environment by opting for a sustainable, green home that will also benefit your pocketbook by diminishing your recurring utility bills.

Fortunately, Rhode Island is home to numerous sustainable home construction firms. To save you the trouble of having to search them out, we’ve scoured the internet and formulated a list of the best green home builders that stand out above the rest in Rhode Island.

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The Best Green Home Builders in Rhode Island 

Here is our list of the top eight sustainable design and construction firms in Rhode Island you should consider, including:

  1. Lawrence Builders
  2. Newport Renewables
  3. CT and RI Custom Homes
  4. Sweenor Builders
  5. Porcayo Construction 
  6. GC Design/Build Associates
  7. South County Post & Beam
  8. Green Development
  9. Rhode Island Modular Homes
  10. Davitt Inc.
  11. Casa Buena Builders
  12. DeMetrick Housewrights

So, without further ado, let’s further investigate specifically what each of these acclaimed companies has to offer prospective home buyers.

Lawrence Builders

Lawrence Builders is the brainchild of Rhode Island builder Steve Lawrence. With a Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology, environment sustainability practices are close to his heart.

exterior view of a Lawrence Builders green home
Courtesy of Lawrence Builders

Lawrence spent his early years learning to make furniture using dead-standing Aspen trees. It sparked his interest in green building practices, and in a few years, he was able to found High Country Furniture Design.

His passion for growth and development and innate curiosity ignited his interest in custom-built, green mountain homes, eventually leading to Lawrence Builders, a company that merged his two interests—love for the outdoors and the environment. 

Why We Like Lawrence Builders

  • Has built and renovated homes across Rhode Island, including both cities and seacoast towns
  • Steve is one of the few Rhode Islanders who is a certified Green Professional
  • Associated with the National Association of Home Builders and the Rhode Island Builders Association

Newport Renewables

If you want a custom-built home powered by solar energy, look no further than Newport Renewables (NPTRE).

This company offers development, maintenance, and operational services for renewable energy projects.

Interior view of a Newport Renewables green home
Courtesy of Newport Renewables

It stands out because of its eco-friendly custom homes and ability to install commercial and utility solar power.

 NPTRE has been building sustainable projects since 2010 and today is one of the leading providers of clean energy solutions for families and businesses in Rhode Island.

Why We Like Newport Renewables 

  • Installed 18+ megawatts of solar solutions in a year
  • Completed and installed the first-ever solar carport at the RI State agency as part of its Lead by Example initiative
  • Installed solar panels on three State Capitol buildings. 
  • Recipient of Solar Power World Magazine’s Top 500 U.S. Solar Contractors award

CT and RI Custom Homes 

Rhode Islanders trust CT and RI Custom Homes to build green modular houses of a higher standard. Each is constructed through a simplified process in a factory setting, protecting them from the elements and ensuring eco-friendliness and fast deliverables.

Exterior view of a CT and RI Custom Homes house
Courtesy of CT and RI Custom Homes

If you already own a piece of Rhode Island property and want the home built there, CT and RI Custom Homes can accommodate your request and customize it as per your needs.

Whether you want a large kitchen or separate bathrooms for each bedroom, they can make it happen.

Why We Like CT and RI Custom Homes

  • Custom-designed, unique floor plans
  • Can work with existing floor plans or modify the interior and exterior of any home plan
  • Energy-efficient homes are built offsite in a controlled environment that is entirely indoors
  • Each home comes with a 10-year warranty

Sweenor Builders

Since 1989, Sweenor Builders has been using up-to-date building science principles to construct sustainable coastal homes along Rhode Island’s gorgeous coastline.

It aims to reduce risks while producing eco-friendly, durable buildings that stand the test of time and the elements.

Interior view of a Sweenor Builders cabin home
Courtesy of Sweenor Builders

As most of the company’s homes are coastal, its team comprises specialists proficient in technologies and construction methods that can strengthen structures vulnerable to rising sea levels and coastal flooding.

Sweenor also boasts an in-house interior design team that aids its clients in celebrating their new space in unique ways. They first consult with clients to determine their vision and style preferences before it gets to work.

Why We Like Sweenor Builders

  • Full-service custom millwork and cabinetry shop for bespoke interiors
  • Engineer-led permitting process to aid coastal homeowners in optimizing the value of their property
  • Homes are built to withstand drenching rains, heavy snow, summer heatwaves, and hurricane-force winds

Porcayo Construction 

Porcayo Construction has been a prominent green home builder in Rhode Island since 2005.

The family-owned company has completed more than 200 custom and remodeling projects using energy-efficient methods while ensuring minimum impact on the surrounding lands and environment

Interior view of a Porcayo Construction home's kitchen
Courtesy of Porcayo Construction

Its employees adhere to strict quality standards and work practices to ensure their clients have nothing to complain about.

In addition, the company offers general contracting services and can also cover repairs, installations, cleaning, and painting.

Why We Like Porcayo Construction

  • Has successfully serviced commercial facilities, retail stores, homes, condos, restaurants, apartments, etc.
  • Can complete custom design projects irrespective of size and scope.
  • Capable of building and installing indoor and outdoor elements for homes and facilities

GC Design/Build Associates

GC Design/Build Associates has been producing sustainable and green homes for Rhode Islanders who want to reduce their carbon footprint and save energy for more than three decades. 

The owner, Gary Charpentier, has 35 years of experience in residential and light commercial building practices and started as a carpenter’s helper.

His dedication to his craft eventually led to the formation of a construction company still going strong today.

Interior view of a GC Design/Build Associates home's bathroom
Courtesy of GC Design/Build Associates

Since moving to Rhode Island over two decades ago, Gary has worked on several residential and mixed-use developments. 

Why We Like GC Design/Build Associates

  • Organizes and edits ideas for your dream home with a team of experienced specialists
  • It’s a full-service general contractor
  • Provides services to homeowners, developers, builders, and business owners
  • Provides project management and Owner’s Representation on several diverse projects ranging from historic restorations to the adaptive use of mill buildings 
  • The first consultation is free of charge

South County Post & Beam 

South County Post & Beam is known for timber framing—an age-old art of constructing post and beam structures that few of today’s builders are proficient in.

The Rhode Island company’s motto is that a home should be a shelter and a healthy place where families can live and thrive for generations. 

Courtesy of South County Post & Beam

South County Post also produces homes and buildings that are environmentally friendly.

It uses eco-friendly construction processes and constantly updates its inventory with sustainable products that can stand the test of time and Mother Nature.

The company also builds tailored, one-of-a-kind structures on demand. These include pool houses, pergolas, patios, platforms, and even bell towers. 

Why We Like South County Post and Beam

  • Its joinery techniques have been perfected for hundreds of years
  • Use of Computer Numerical Control technology for additional precision and efficiency
  • Uses wood to build sustainable structures without harming the environment

Green Development 

While this green builder does not build homes, it deserves a special mention in our list as an organization that powers Rhode Island houses with sustainable and renewable energy solutions.

Green Development has been in business since 2009, and the company has been vital in converting Rhode Island into a cleaner and greener location for families and businesses. GD is also devoted to preserving farmland, reducing pollution, and increasing energy security on the island.

Aerial view of a field lined with solar panels as part of a Green Development solar power project
Courtesy of Green Development

As evident, the company embraces green development practices in every way. 

Why We Like Green Development

  • Commitment to helping Rhode Island develop sources of power from renewable sources
  • Develops solar and wind-powered projects that produce no carbon dioxide and offset over 72,000 metric tons of CO2 every year

Rhode Island Modular Homes

Since its establishment in 1981, Rhode Island Modular Homes has been building its home in an industry setting to achieve high efficiency. 

Building its homes in a controlled factory environment allows it to achieve the precision of modular construction.

According to this company, building houses offsite offers much value to clients with long-term environmental sustainability and benefits.

Besides the environmental benefits, this company designs and builds energy-efficient homes with high resale value.

Rhode Island Modular Homes achieves high energy efficiency by creating modular homes with tighter building envelopes to reduce air infiltration and energy loss.

Moreover, each home is highly insulated for comfort throughout the year. The insulation prevents the infiltration of unconditioned exterior air that will make HVAC systems to work more.

Also, storing building materials indoors plays a crucial role in enhancing the quality of living. This prevents exposure to wet and humid conditions that result in mold growth, allergens, and dust.

Why We Like Rhode Island Modular Homes

  • All its homes are built in a controlled factory environment
  • It generates less waste by building modular homes indoors
  • Its modular homes have airtight building envelopes that helps conserve energy
  • A lower carbon footprint due to reduced construction vehicles and material deliveries
  • The company designs its home to enhance its clients’ quality of living

Davitt Inc.

For over 40 years, Davitt Inc. has been building quality customized homes for its clients in Rhode Island and across New England.

This green home builder in Rhode Island guarantees quality craftsmanship by balancing creativity and astute budgetary insights. 

Its experienced builders provide seamless project management to ensure everything goes as planned and within the budget.

We featured this company on this list because it’s among the few certified green home builders in Rhode Island

It incorporates sustainable green building techniques in its project without driving up the construction cost.

Davitt Inc. stands out for winning more than 60 national and regional awards due to its excellent work. The most recent is the National Contractor of the Year Honor.

Why We Like Davitt Inc.

  • It’s a member of the Rhode Island Builders Association
  • Has won numerous national and regional awards for its exemplary work in sustainable construction
  • Regional expertise in building houses along the coastline
  • A certified green builder specializing in smart homes
  • It helps in insurance restoration in case of a storm, flood, or fire

Casa Buena Builders

Founded in 2002, Casa Buena Builders is a family-owned and operated company specializing in historic renovation, remodeling, property maintenance, and management.

Noel Sanchez, the company’s president, has over 25 years of experience in the sustainable construction industry. Therefore, he knows what goes into making truly green homes.

As a member of the Rhode Island Builders Association, Casa Buena Builders has a proven track record of providing quality services and excellent craftsmanship.

The company uses sustainable building materials in all its projects to reduce their environmental impacts.

Why We Like Casa Buena Builders

  • It’s in good standing with the Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • It’s a member of the Rhode Island Builders Association
  • It completes its projects under the supervision of the Providence Revolving Fund

DeMetrick Housewrights 

Finally, DeMetrick Housewrights is another company you can rely on for your green home-building project in Rhode Island.

With a focus on building a sustainable future, this company designs and builds its homes to provide excellent indoor air quality, long-term durability, minimal waste generation, low energy consumption, and great value.

This builder stands out for its high craftsmanship and expertise in building science, a factor that aids in the creation of some of the best eco-friendly homes.

From the beginning to the end of every project, this company is committed to working with its clients to meet their goals and budget.

The best part?

It’s among the few companies in the region that provide regular budget updates with every invoice so clients can know the project’s progress.

DeMetrick Housewrights stands out for creating ultra-low energy houses with standard building materials.

Why We Like DeMetrick Housewrights

  • It creates ultra-low energy green homes
  • It incorporates solar energy in its projects
  • It incorporates extensive recycling to conserve building resources

Final Word

Home builders are a dime a dozen in Rhode Island. So, get selective and choose an eco-friendly green home builder to reduce your impact on the environment and your energy bills.

All of the builders mentioned are known for their customer service and ensuring clients remain in the loop from start to finish.

But don’t just take our word for it. Instead, ring them up and book consultations before you make a decision.

Also, be sure to check out our list of the top modular home builders in Rhode Island, as several of the companies featured construct houses that are also considered ‘green’ and sustainable.

A home is not a cheap investment, after all. So make sure you get value for your hard-earned money by checking them all out for yourself.

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