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Rhode Island is known for its breathtaking shores and quaint colonial towns on the sea. It also has excellent health care, year-round outdoor recreational activities, and other cultural offerings that are causing out-of-staters to relocate there and driving up real estate prices.

In fact, the average price of a home in Rhode Island was up 15.4% in December 2021 from a year earlier.

Fortunately, if you are looking to move from out of state or just find more economical housing, Rhode Island also has a wide range of modular home builders that can meet your needs for an affordable, sustainable home.

The Best Modular Home Builders in Rhode Island

Here are a few top options for modular builders in Rhode Island you should look into when you are ready to go green as a homeowner:

  • Rhode Island Modular Homes
  • Champion Home Builders
  • Acorn Deck House Company
  • Go Modular Homes
  • Turkel Designs
  • GO Logic 
  • BrightBuilt Home

So, without further ado, let’s delve into the details of each of these modular builders.

Rhode Island Modular Homes

Rhode Island Modular Homes is known for constructing homes using state-of-the-art off-site construction methods that offer a sustainable solution to clients. All structures are built to code, eco-friendly, and built using environmentally sustainable practices. 

Exterior view of a Rhode Island Modular Homes modular home
Courtesy of Rhode Island Modular Homes

Whether you need modular homes built in coastal areas, high-wind zones, or complex building sites, Rhode Island Modular will not disappoint.

The company is an expert in building homes from scratch, has a stellar portfolio of bespoke designs, and incorporates energy-efficient options that significantly reduce your utility bills.

Interior view of a Rhode Island Modular Homes' kitchen
Courtesy of Rhode Island Modular Homes

Choose from a wide range of modular home options such as coastal, modern, narrow building lots, farmhouses, and one or two-story houses.

Champion Home Builders

Exterior front view of a Champion Home Builders modular home
Courtesy of Champion Home Builders

Today, Champion Home Builders‘ success is the result of decades of innovation in modular homes. The company grew from a small facility in 1953 to one of the top modular builders in Rhode Island, which boasts over 40 facilities across North America. 

To date, the company has built and sold more than three million factory-built modular, manufactured, and mobile homes, so no project is too big or too small. Champion offers single and multifamily houses and builds commercial and government buildings.

Interior kitchen view of a Champion Home Builders modular home
Courtesy of Champion Home Builders

With connections to an ever-growing network of retailers, developers and builders, Champion Home Builders can handle rural and urban modular constructions with ease. 

Acorn Deck House Company

Acorn Deck House Company has been going strong since 1947 and has built over 20,000 modular homes across the globe. The company uses a panelized prefabrication system that offers several benefits to clients.

Exterior view of an Acorn Deck House Company modular home
Courtesy of Acorn Deck House Company

These advantages include complete customization, precision joinery that improves energy efficiency, and the capability of delivering modular homes to remote locations. 

Acorn Deck uses sustainable materials to build each home, and every house built is made to take full advantage of the sun’s pathway to maximize natural heating and lighting. 

Interior view of an Acorn Deck House Company modular home
Courtesy of Acorn Deck House Company

The company always aims to build a tight and energy-efficient shell that minimizes waste without compromising efficiency.  

Go Modular Homes

Exterior view of a modern modular home by Go Modular Homes
Modern villa with pool, view from the garden

Go Modular Homes was launched by Chris and Saki Pitliangas, who combined their respective strengths to make the company the success it is today. For more than 30 years, it has been perfecting the design of modular homes that its clients have come to appreciate. To date, the couple has made over 1,000 houses.

Years ago, the company developed a unique proprietary system called the Go Modular Manual, which gives homeowners an inside look at the modular building process. It allows the company to retain a loyal clientele and build homes that result in massive savings.

Interior living room view of a Go Modular Homes modular home
Courtesy of Go Modular Homes

Go Modular belongs to the Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) industry so it has connections to reliable retailers and contractors who can make eco-friendly modular homes. 

Turkel Design

Turkel Design is a modular home manufacturing company known for its progressive system-built homes that are made using only the best materials and precision fabrication processes. It allows it to construct a range of dwellings almost anywhere.

Exterior view of a Turkel Design modular home
Courtesy of Turkel Design

Turkel starts with a topographical analysis of the site using 3D computing software. Then, after getting an idea about its client’s spatial needs and the building site, the company presents a library of standard designs which the customer can choose from.

In other words, it designs with you and make modifications where necessary to ensure you get your dream modular home. 

Interior view of a Turkel Design modular home
Courtesy of Turkel Design

Whether their clients need an extra bedroom, studio space, or an additional floor, Turkel will help you realize your vision before commencing the construction phase. 

GO Logic 

GO Logic is a modular home construction company that takes climate change seriously. Its homes are super-insulated, complete with ultra-high performance windows and doors that collect free heat and light from the sun using the Passive House approach.

Exterior front view of a GO Logic modular home
Courtesy of GO Logic

The company can also install heat recovery ventilation systems to provide a steady flow of fresh air. As a result, the homes built by GO Logic use just 10% of the energy that is consumed by a traditional code-based house.

GO Logic modular homes are also more comfortable to live in compared to traditional housing.

Interior kitchen view of a GO Logic modular home
Courtesy of GO Logic

Using Passive House designs allocates resources in the building shell to use less mechanical equipment, which doesn’t cost much and ends up paying for itself in the long run. 

A single-family unit built on this principle can remain warm during the coldest months, resulting in less energy consumption and lower operating costs. 

BrightBuilt Home

The team at BrightBuilt Home can help you find not only the perfect design for your modular dream home but also the right builders and price.

Exterior view of a BrightBuilt Home modular home
Courtesy of BrightBuilt Home

In addition, the design team will work with you to develop a design that can suit your particular needs and lifestyle while maximizing sustainability. 

All of the materials the company uses maximize efficiency, but clients always know what they cost to make decisions accordingly.

Interior view of a BrightBuilt Home modular home
Courtesy of BrightBuilt Home

The bulk of a house is built on-site, reducing construction time and minimizing the need for long-term staging. The homes arrive in sections that are assembled in a single day. 

Wrapping Up

If you wish to move into a modular home as sustainable as it is gorgeous, get in touch with any modular builder listed above. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed with any of the aforementioned construction companies.

There may also be modular builders in neighboring states that will have no problem delivering to you as well! Check out our similar articles on New York and Massachusetts to see if you like similar modular builders.

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