A look at a cobblestone street in San Juan, Puerto Rico with brightly-painted buildings on both sides

Since it is a commonwealth of the United States, any American citizen can easily purchase property there. And nowadays, more and more people are choosing to do so.

Modular buildings can be built faster and cheaper than traditional, site-built houses. They are also more eco-friendly, energy-efficient, and resilient against adverse climatic conditions.

So, whether you want to buy a vacation home in Puerto Rico or move there permanently and build your forever home, you should look into some of the well-renowned modular builders on our list.

Dueñas Trailers

One of the largest locally-owned modular homes and offices manufacturers, Dueñas Trailers, was founded in 1991. Though more catered to commercial structures than homes, it offers a diverse range of prefab solutions to corporate clients, families, and non-profits across Puerto Rico. 

Exterior front view of a Dueñas Trailers' modular office/living space
Courtesy of Dueñas Trailers

Dueñas Trailers has offices in both San Juan, the capital city of Puerto Rico, and Carolina, one of its most important tourist centers. Therefore, working with Dueñas might be a good idea, whether you’re planning to build a vacation home or a permanent residence in the region.

The company has extensive experience with temporary and permanent housing solutions, including modular complexes, office trailers, container homes, and road trailers.

Interior view of a Dueñas Trailers' modular office/living space
Courtesy of Dueñas Trailers

All of the units sold are constructed off-site before being delivered to the final building site for assembly and installation. Each unit has UV-resistant rubber roofs, central air conditioning, water filtration systems, humidity-resistant subflooring, and other essential amenities.

Furthermore, the complexes are constructed with world-class materials to ensure outstanding durability and maximum ROI for the buyers.

Darwin Santana Construction

With over 14 years of experience in the modular construction industry, this company aims to help its clients build sustainable, functional, and architecturally innovative residences. It is based in the town of Naguabo on the east coast of Puerto Rico. 

Darwin Santana Construction makes use of the latest technologies to create eco-friendly, energy-efficient, and well-insulated homes that will help save the planet without compromising comfort or wellbeing. 

Exterior view of Darwin Santana Construction modular homes
Courtesy of Darwin Santana Construction

Its durable modular structures are made using a unique construction technology consisting of two layers of welded wire mesh made from galvanized steel with an expanded polystyrene (EPS) core. This grants the modular structure strength, stability, and excellent thermal insulating properties.

Finally, a steel wire connector – welded to the two galvanized steel outer layers – passes entirely through the EPS core, holding the whole thing together.

Exterior view of a Darwin Santana Construction modular home
Courtesy of Darwin Santana Construction

This innovative building technology ensures that the homes from Darwin Santana Construction are hurricane-resistant, energy-efficient, lightweight, and extremely easy to install.

Eco-Precast, Inc. 

This is a Puerto Rican company – based in the southern town of Juana Díaz – dedicated to developing high-quality, sustainable, and budget-friendly prefabricated concrete homes in every corner of Puerto Rico.

Exterior view of an EcoPrecast, Inc. modular home
Courtesy of EcoPrecast, Inc.

EcoPrecast, Inc. has a unique construction style that offers home buyers several advantages, including:

  • A speedy, 90-day turnaround time for the entire home building process.
  • Efficient usage of materials and minimal wastage.
  • Affordable models that offer all the features of traditional, site-built houses at half the price.
  • Innovative, eco-friendly, and energy-efficient design that lowers your carbon footprint with the help of high-quality insulation.
  • A striking and memorable aesthetic that is well-integrated with the local history, environment, and community.

High-quality concrete is used as the base material for all models, ensuring durability and structural integrity for all EcoPrecast homes.

Interior view of an EcoPrecast, Inc. modular home's kitchen
Courtesy of EcoPrecast, Inc.

As a result of these innovative construction systems, EcoPrecast can provide clients with better quality materials, skilled labor, and faster construction timelines, all without exceeding their budget.

The Domes

This San Juan-based company sells prefabricated geodesic domes for residential and commercial use. These cozy, state-of-the-art modular domes come in five sizes, so you can choose the one that best fits your needs and budget.

Exterior view of a modular dome house by The Domes
Courtesy of The Domes

Made from PVC membranes and galvanized steel, the domes offer excellent longevity and great resistance to wear and tear. They are especially suitable for those looking for temporary vacation homes in Puerto Rico, although they can also be used as a permanent residence.

The smallest of the five prefab dome models is perfectly tailored for couples on a romantic vacation or getaway. These structures’ captivating architecture and cozy design help create an alluring, intimate atmosphere inside the dome. 

Interior view of a modular dome house by The Domes
Courtesy of The Domes

A structure manufactured by this company can bring comfort and luxury to the most remote parts of Puerto Rico. Each dome is manufactured from the highest quality materials, ensuring that it will be as strong and durable as beautiful and eye-catching.

KONTi Design 

KONTi designs sustainable and resilient modular structures for commercial and residential use. The company employs highly-skilled teams of experienced architects and engineers, ensuring that all projects are safe, durable, aesthetically appealing, and perfectly in line with local and federal building codes.

Interior view of a KONTi Design modular home
Courtesy of KONTi Design

Once you sign on with KONTi, it will cover all your home building needs, including design, permitting, and installation of the home you have selected. The company’s goal is to provide sustainable, customized design solutions to homebuyers in all the cities and towns of Puerto Rico.

Apart from the usual single-family homes, KONTi also designs and manufactures modular hotels, restaurants, office buildings, and multifamily investment properties. 

Exterior view of a KONTi Design modular home
Courtesy of KONTi Design

All structures are equipped with solar energy harvesting and storage systems. In addition, most residential models also have rainwater harvesting and treatment systems.

Hence, buying a modular home from KONTi will allow you to minimize your energy bills and lower your carbon footprint, all while moving into your dream home in Puerto Rico.

Concluding Note

These companies can help you build a world-class modular home in Puerto Rico.

Be sure to shop around and speak to their sales teams to ensure that you are getting the best features and amenities at an affordable price.

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