A row of homes in England with green grass in front and blue skies behind

Shifting to sustainable and green homes is one of the best ways to achieve the U.K. government’s goal of net zero carbon emissions by 2050. However, finding the best sustainable green home builders in England can be a stumbling block to living sustainably.

When looking for a sustainable builder in England, you want a company that guarantees quality and a code-compliant home. Moreover, the builder must not compromise the home’s quality for sustainability—there must be a balance.

To help you out, we have researched and compiled a list of the top sustainable green home builders in England. These builders have what it takes to create a sustainable, green home that meets your needs.

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The Best Green Home Builders in England 

Our list of the top 28 sustainable home builders in England that stand apart from the rest includes:

  1. Greencore Construction 
  2. Green Unit
  3. Wyro Green Homes
  4. Bennett Homes
  5. EcoVert Solutions 
  6. Eco-Renovation UK 
  7. wudl
  8. Earthwise Construction
  9. Bristol Sustainable Builders
  10. Trivselhus
  11. Terry Huggett Developments
  12. Greenheart Sustainable Construction 
  13. Jack Farley Sustainable Building 
  14. Bright Green Homes
  15. Abel Homes
  16. Verto Homes
  17. EPC Buildings
  18. ABM Build 
  19. Scandia-Hus
  20. DJ Reynolds Ltd.
  21. Honka 
  22. Mapledurham Developments
  23. Passiframe 
  24. Syon Development Group 
  25. Pure Haus
  26. Armstrong Build 
  27. BowBrook Homes
  28. Oakworth Homes
  29. Barratt Developments PLC
  30. Telford Homes
  31. Lendlease

Now that you’ve seen the rundown, let’s delve into the specifics on what each of these acclaimed firms has to offer prospective homebuyers.

Greencore Construction 

A multi-award-winning company, Greencore Construction designs and constructs high-performance homes for developers and landowners in Oxfordshire and the surrounding counties. 

The company’s goal is to construct comfortable, healthy, and modern homes, and it specializes in building Passivhaus energy efficiency standards

Exterior front side view of a Greencore Construction green home
Courtesy of Greencore Construction

Greencore Construction uses high-performance, natural building materials to reduce environmental impact.

For instance, it minimizes and, in some cases, eliminates the use of dangerous chemicals such as volatile organic compounds in its homes. 

Moreover, the houses also use low carbon, natural materials, such as low-cement-based concrete. This consideration means all its homes meet the double carbon target of low energy consumption and carbon footprint. 

Another essential thing to note about Greencore is that it is accredited by the Local Authority Building Control, which ensures that new buildings, extensions, renovations, and conversions (commercial or domestic) are healthy, high-performing, and safe. 

Green Unit

Green Unit designs and constructs ultra-low carbon modular buildings for accommodation, community, and commercial purposes.

Its focus is to create ultra-low carbon and beautiful buildings that maximize human comfort. 

Interior living room view of a Green Unit green home
Courtesy of Green Unit

Sustainability is a core value at Green Unit. The company aims to regularly review the design and build of its buildings to count embodied carbon, measure energy performance, and review the sustainability of the spaces it creates. 

For instance, it regularly reviews its waste policies to minimize waste, particularly from its production processes. 

Green Unit is also a significant advocate of the circular economy and always aims to repurpose raw material waste and offcuts instead of disposing of them. 

In addition, it works with suppliers to discover innovative solutions, such as limiting single-use plastic and packaging on deliveries to its factories and cutting down unnecessary carbon miles for the materials it purchases. 

Wyro Green Homes

Wyro Green Homes is committed to constructing affordable, low emissions, low energy, and high-quality houses that meet the highest standards in construction and long-term sustainability. 

It has pledged to take instant action and only construct carbon-neutral or ‘A’ EPC-rated homes in respect of its environment. 

Exterior front view of a row of Wyro Green homes
Courtesy of Wyro Green Homes

The company’s PHASE 2 homes produce approximately one ton of carbon dioxide annually. This figure is four to six times less than the regular home in the U.K. 

However, it has gone even further with its latest Phase 3 houses, producing a net amount of zero-carbon dioxide for the lifetime of the building. 

All in all, Wyro is constantly searching for ways to minimize further carbon emissions of its latest homes using even better insulation, triple glazing, solar panels, solar-to-hot water converters, and solar option electric vehicle (EV) chargers.

Bennett Homes

Bennett Homes is an award-winning family-run green home builder with a head office near Bury St Edmunds and a 75-year history of constructing high-quality houses throughout East Anglia. 

Exterior back patio view of a Bennett Homes green home
Courtesy of Bennett Homes

As an established builder, the company takes its responsibilities quite seriously. 

This responsibility entails caring for the environment, developing new communities that improve their surroundings, and making significant contributions toward facilities, infrastructure, and educational provision to enhance the quality of life. 

All Bennett homes are designed for contemporary living, conventionally built using high-quality materials applied by competent craftsmen, and incorporate local building styles. 

Moreover, its properties are covered by the NHBC’s Buildmark warranty that starts from the exchange of contracts and lasts ten years after the legal completion date. 

EcoVert Solutions 

EcoVert Solutions is one of the few builders in the U.K. certified to design and construct environmentally friendly, sustainable, and ultra-low energy Passivhaus homes. 

Building to Passive House standards will increase the long-term value of your home by using energy-efficient and sustainable technologies and materials. 

Exterior front view of a EcoVert Solutions green home
Courtesy of EcoVert Solutions

This improvement is because a Passive House effectively maintains a constant temperature and thus doesn’t rely on unnecessary amounts of fossil fuels to continuously cool and heat the space. 

EcoVert can also help you boost your house’s Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) categorization from ‘G’ to an ‘A,’ minimizing your energy use by 80%.

The company is experienced in a range of disciplines, including: 

  • Wall Insulation – improved external and internal wall insulation to minimize heating requirements during winter months
  • Airtightness – higher levels of airtightness with Pro Clima membranes and tapes, designed to keep homes warm in the winter and cooler in the summer
  • Windows – double, triple, and secondary glazing, along with sash window refurbishment
  • Renewable energy – solar thermal and batteries that minimize dependence on the grid
  • Water recycling – greywater and rainwater recycling. Oversizing rainwater goods to cope with high amounts of rainfall

The best thing about EcoVert Solutions is that the company will take responsibility for the entire construction process or work with your existing architects to help you create an extremely energy-efficient home, irrespective of style, scale, or size. 

Eco-Renovation UK 

Eco-Renovation has specialized in the extension, refurbishment, and renovation of listed properties for over a decade.

It is a family-owned and operated business with a distinct philosophy of combining experience, integrity, and knowledge to build sustainable houses. 

Exterior back patio view of a Eco-Renovation green home
Courtesy of Eco-Renovation

Whether you want a complete or partial renovation or an extension to your existing house, the company can make it more sustainable and healthier. Thus, regardless of the project, it will combine conventional materials with modern, eco-friendly technology to fulfill your dreams. 

Eco-Renovations U.K. believes that its holistic approach can positively impact the construction industry—using sustainable systems and natural building materials is an excellent way forward for constructing residential properties and renovating homes of the future. 

Some of the healthy and eco-friendly building methods the company uses include:

  • Hempcrete (Hemp-Lime) and timber frame – hempcrete is surely one of the most sustainable building methods. Mixing hemp shiv with a lime binder and water can create a visually appealing roof and wall that can be lime-plastered internally, cladded, rendered, or have facing brick externally. These structures are entirely breathable, regulating moisture and retaining heat. 
  • Timber frame with Warmcel cellulose insulation – constructing with timber is much more sustainable than regular brick-and-block construction. When filled with Warmcel insulation, it won’t just help you minimize the carbon footprint of the building process and eliminate the scope for unhealthy PIR insulation—it will also safeguard you against summer overheating.
    Warmcel is made with recycled newspapers, which are milled and treated with natural mineral salts to make it resistant to insects, fire, and mold. 
  • Screw pile foundations – installing a screw pile for the foundation instead of concrete strips is an excellent method to minimize the environmental impact. 


wudl creates a range of adaptable, modular, and flexible buildings that can be customized to create an incredibly personal house.

Low-energy consumption and high degrees of sustainability are standard in every wudl home. 

Exterior view of a Wudl modular home
Courtesy of wudl

However, these homes can also be zero-carbon and self-sufficient with optional additions.

They provide incredibly healthy internal spaces, maximizing natural light with air quality free from harmful emissions and solvents, with controlled humidity and intelligent heating systems. 

The compact nature of wudl homes means they have a minimal environmental impact. Each one attains brilliant levels of sustainability in various areas, both in construction and operations. They can attain all mandatory requirements for Level 6 of the Code for Sustainable Homes for waste, energy, materials, and water.

Even though the primary building specification and fabric are fixed to ensure the structure can be as eco-friendly as possible, the purchase options encompass a vast range of renewable energy systems to make zero-carbon possible. 

Interior view of a Wudl modular home
Courtesy of wudl

Moreover, wudl also strives to make sure the living space is a healthy environment. Its ventilation and heating systems and the finishes and materials used throughout its homes promote healthy living. 

The company conducts comprehensive research on treatments and finishes and determines whether there are any VOCs or other harmful substances that can off-gas into the living spaces.

Its healthy space requisite also encompasses issues of security, lighting quality, privacy, and general safety and health. 

Earthwise Construction

With almost two decades of green building experience, Earthwise Construction works with homeowners, developers, businesses, and architects across the South West and Bristol, providing comprehensive eco-design and construction services and specializing in Passivhaus timber frame new builds. 

Interior kitchen view of an Earthwise Construction green home
Courtesy of Earthwise Construction

It also has a Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) business arm and has installed MVHR systems for more than 12 years across Wales and England.

Maximizing energy efficiency and minimizing environmental impact are at the core of everything the company does. 

Working with commercial and residential buildings, Earthwise Construction offers complete end-to-end sustainable building service, including:

  • Off-site and on sire timber frame construction 
  • Passivhaus/Passive House
  • Carpentry 
  • General building 
  • MVHR
  • Plumbing 
  • Plastering 
  • Decorating and painting 
  • Electrics 

A great thing about this green builder is that it directly employs highly skilled general contractors and carpenters and has strong relationships with all associated professionals and trades, including bricklayers, engineers, architects, electricians, and plumbers. 

This feature allows the company to manage the entire project from beginning to end.

It has also built up a strong network of environmentally-conscious and like-minded contractors to ensure its sustainable ethos is carried through by all the parties working on its projects. 

Bristol Sustainable Builders

Led by Dan Duckworth, who started his career in architecture but later went into sustainable construction out of a desire to make a difference and be more hands-on, Bristol Sustainable Builders comprises a small yet mighty team of individuals. 

It has vast experience in carpentry, architecture, lime plastering, and landscaping. 

Exterior backyard view of a Bristol Sustainable Builders green home
Courtesy of Bristol Sustainable Builders

The company believes that buildings need to be both sustainable and beautiful. Therefore, its approach, from sourcing the materials to the finishing details, equally prioritizes the environment and aesthetics. 

Its process reflects its goal to get the most out of spaces, and its designs consider your budget and lifestyle.

The team at Bristol Sustainable Builders aims to make houses more attractive, better-performing, and practical in terms of natural light, layout, and thermal comfort. 

Lastly, this green home builder specializes in incredible, sustainable extensions and whole-house renovations using breathable and natural materials wherever possible and offers bespoke joinery and carpentry


Trivselhus delivers Swedish-style houses around the U.K. that minimize energy consumption and reduce waste.

It constructs beautiful contemporary homes with positive energy balances that provide lifetime savings. 

Exterior view of two Trivselhus homes overlooking a river
Courtesy of Trivselhus

One thing that differentiates this sustainable builder from others is that it uses the Trivselhus Climate Shield®, which works to fight climate change by minimizing carbon emissions.

Made with recyclable raw materials and sustainably sourced wood, the company’s cutting-edge construction allows developers to deliver A-rated houses cost-effectively. 

Future construction regulations look set to demand increasingly low-energy homes in the UK.

The Trivselhus Climate Shield® creates an airtight shell so designers can easily comply with current and new building regulations and meet proposed building Fabric Energy Efficiency Standards (FEES). 

It also produces brilliant scores against the Code for Sustainable Homes criteria. 

All in all, the Trivselhus Climate Shield® is your first step to creating a zero-carbon new build home in the U.K. 

Interior view of a Trivselhus home's kitchen and dining area
Courtesy of Trivselhus

The company’s prefab houses have meager heating requirements. They are perfect for fitting additional eco-friendly technologies, such as under-floor heating from air-source heat pumps and mechanical HRV systems. 

Trivselhus uses passive technologies such as triple glazing in all its dwellings to minimize thermal leakage and provide excellent U values.

Additional energy-saving technology can increase efficiency and help you leverage U.K. government incentives. 

Terry Huggett Developments

Exterior backyard view of a Terry Huggett Developments home and pool area
Courtesy of Terry Huggett Developments

Established over half a century ago, Terry Huggett Developments is a family-run business that prides itself on taking a dream from concept through to completion. 

Its company ethos centers around hassle-free sustainable construction and attention to detail for a clean, sharp, and modern finish.

For instance, one of its new buildings, Treecrest, features large bespoke windows that allow it to benefit from plenty of natural light. 

Interior view of a Terry Huggett Developments home
Courtesy of Terry Huggett Developments

It prides itself on having the understanding and skills required to guide every project from start to finish.

Terry Huggett has built a solid reputation of being a trusted and experienced company and places great emphasis on the quality of its work and its staff’s professionalism. 

Greenheart Sustainable Construction 

The Greenheart Sustainable Construction team has a wealth of experience and skills to ensure a successful sustainable project. It offers a ‘one-stop shop’ tailored to your requirements, offering specialist guidance at every project step. 

With a fine reputation in the Bristol area for excellence in sustainable construction, the company prioritizes training its workers and clear communication with clients.

As a result, its construction methods deliver airtight, high-performing, healthy buildings that don’t negatively impact the planet. 

Exterior backyard view of a Greenheart Sustainable Construction green home
Courtesy of Greenheart Sustainable Construction

Greenheart Sustainable Construction offers a level of Passivhaus standard with all its new builds, with many of its eco-buildings in Bristol and surrounding areas having attained official Passivhaus certification.

It has also gone a step further by constructing one of the few homes in the U.K. to achieve Passive House Plus certification

An experienced sustainable contractor in Bristol with more than two decades of experience, Greenheart Sustainable Construction provides various options of Passivhaus to meet your project’s budget, making sure you don’t need to compromise on the integrity of your abode. 

By working with this particular sustainable green home builder, you will get:

  • Accurate and precise network of energy-efficient insulation 
  • Vapor control and wind tightness throughout the structure
  • The highest quality sustainable materials from its transparent supply chain
  • Installation of MVHR systems

Jack Farley Sustainable Building 

Led by Jack Farley, who has been in the construction industry for over 15 years, Jack Farley Sustainable Building aims to deliver reliable, friendly, high-quality, and sustainable building services to its clients. 

The company’s goal is to optimize the construction process to maximize the completed structure’s positive aspects while minimizing the negative impacts on the planet. 

Exterior back patio view of a Jack Farley Sustainable Building green home
Courtesy of Jack Farley Sustainable Building

Jack Farley offers services that include new builds, refurbishments, maintenance, extensions, doors and windows, plaster, roofing, stud work, steelwork, and much more. 

Sustainability lies at the core of the company. For instance, all the timber it uses is FSC-certified, responsible-sourced, and, as much as possible, locally sourced. This applies to all materials used. 

In fact, Jack Farley likes to shop locally as much as he can to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and material travel times. 

Moreover, the company uses safe and high-quality materials, such as mineral paints, which are much better for the environment and inhabitants than VOC-emitting paints. 

Bright Green Homes

Bright Green Homes is an award-winning green home builder that specializes in eco-renovations. Its skilled tradespeople and energy experts have converted several homes into energy-efficient houses while maintaining their charm. 

It offers renovations, extensions, loft conversions, and minor works through to entire new builds, integrating its work with low-energy improvements that maximize your comfort and reduce energy bills. 

Bright Green’s teams can bring ideas to life and design and build beautiful, energy-efficient houses.

The company provides all the services of a conventional building contractor, along with the experience and knowledge of committed environmentalists. 

Kitchen view of a Bright Green Homes home
Courtesy of Bright Green Homes

For architects, self-build enthusiasts, and developers, Bright Green can offer Water Efficiency and Heat Loss calculations, Code for Sustainable Homes Information, Zero/Low Carbon Technology Feasibility Studies, U value, and day-lighting calculations, and even arrange SAP calculations. 

It is qualified under PAS2035 to install carbon-saving improvements to comply with the new government scheme to access the Green Homes Grant for eligible landlords, tenants, and homeowners. 

Abel Homes

Abel Homes builds energy-efficient new homes in Norfolk.

Over the years, this green home builder has worked hard to maintain its reputation for award-winning modern homes with outstanding quality and high specifications. 

Every individual Abel home is meticulously thought through by its architects for practical living with low maintenance and energy consumption. 

Interior view of an Abel Homes kitchen
Courtesy of Abel Homes

Some energy-efficient and sustainable features of Abel Homes include:

  • A high degree of insulation – high-performance cavity wall construction with highly-insulated ground floors offers excellent energy efficiency and comfort. 
  • Triple-glazed windows – premium-quality, high-performance window glazing for every home, helping improve energy efficiency while minimizing noise. 
  • Solar PV – homebuyers will own their photovoltaic system, benefitting from the clean and free energy it generates. 
  • EPC A-rating – considerably minimizes energy usage and bills. 
  • Efficient heating systems – reliable and efficient central and hot water heating systems. 
  • Sustainably-sources materials, including cedar cladding. 

Verto Homes

Verto Homes is one of the U.K.’s top green home builders specializing in designing, building, and selling smart homes that produce zero carbon emissions

Homes built by Verto Homes have a ground or air-source heat pump that efficiently and quietly absorbs ambient heat from the ground or outside air.  

These pumps supply the underfloor heating systems and hot water to the home. Note that ground or air-source heat pumps are 300% more efficient than a gas boiler. 

Verto homes also have a mechanical ventilation system with in-built heat recovery that ensures the heat generated in your house is used instead of escaping through an open window or extractor fan. 

This technology recycles heat from hot rooms such as the bathroom and kitchen and combines it with fresh outside air before sending a constant supply of clean, filtered, and heated air to your rooms. 

The company also seamlessly integrates PV panels in your home’s roof to harness solar energy and convert it into electricity. 

Exterior view of a Verto Homes green home
Courtesy of Verto Homes

Last but not least, Verto Homes uses the most recent sustainable materials and technology to attain A-grade EPC ratings for thermal efficiency and energy. 

For instance, it uses argon-filled, triple-glazed windows to eliminate heat loss, highly-insulated roofing and walls to maximize energy efficiency, and dual-flush cisterns and aerated taps to minimize water consumption by up to 50%. 

EPC Buildings

EPC Buildings specializes in designing, supplying, and installing high-performance carbon-neutral houses. It uses the most energy-efficient building materials to create contemporary living spaces that lower energy consumption and utility bills as much as possible. 

Interior view of an EPC Buildings kitchen
Courtesy of EPC Buildings

Through SIPs construction, modular building design, and strategic installation of renewable energy equipment, clients across East Anglia can live in low carbon, low-cost homes that will suit their lifestyle for years down the line. 

The company’s skilled architects use their vast experience to design carbon-neutral houses that align with owners’ needs.

These homes feature a variety of renewable solutions, including ground and air-source heating, PV with battery storage, mechanical HRVs, and solar thermal systems. 

If you reside in Essex, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire, Suffolk, and surrounding areas, EPC Buildings will have your perfect solution. 

ABM Build

ABM Build offers comprehensive design and home-building solutions. It can even construct according to your plans if you’ve had them prepared by another firm. 

ABM can handle your project from beginning to end by offering various services, including designing, planning, planning permission and building regulations, structural engineering, construction, and project management.

Interior view of an ABM Build home's kitchen
Courtesy of ABM Build

To ensure its building work is sustainable, the company designs for better performance in every aspect.

This way, its projects are made to be efficient and affordable. 

Some things the company does to build sustainable and eco-friendly homes include:

  • Use of alternative natural wool insulation such as Thermafleece or Warmcell rather than manufactured products
  • Purchasing timber from sustainable sources 
  • Using solvent-free varnishes and paints 
  • Designing and installing a water harvesting system to recycle and reuse greywater waste or rainwater


Exterior back view of a Scandia-Hus green home and pool
Courtesy of Scandia-Hus

Scandia-Hus is passionate about building sustainable, eco-friendly homes for the future.

It believes that energy-efficient design is vital in any new property with benefits for both the environment and the homeowner. 

Building with timber sourced from sustainable forests is an eco-friendly choice; it’s renewable and helps create an airtight structure. 

Interior view of a Scandia-Hus green home's kitchen and dining area
Courtesy of Scandia-Hus

The company also has considerable experience in renewable energy technologies. 

Some other factors that make Scandia-Hus one of the top green home builders in England include:

  • Air tightness and insulation – by adopting airtight principles and incorporating high insulation levels, Scandia-Hus homes attain incredible thermal values, which is why they’re renowned for their energy-saving properties.
  • Orientation – the company designs new homes to capture solar energy and minimize heat loss. It maximizes south-facing windows and positions your house to ensure sufficient sunlight into living spaces. 
  • Efficient floorplans – Scandia-Hus builds homes that reflect how you live and your actual use demands. Remember that designing rooms with excess square footage won’t just impact the total construction cost but also the carbon output. Thus, the company designs wet rooms close to one another to reduce pipe run lengths. This design reduces materials costs and increases operational efficiency. 

DJ Reynolds Ltd. 

With over four decades of experience, DJ Reynolds Ltd. specializes in small and large contracts.

Thanks to its iconic developments, the company is one of the most well-known in the Cambridgeshire area

Exterior back view of a DJ Reynolds Ltd home
Courtesy of DJ Reynolds Ltd

DJ Reynolds has designed some fantastic architectural marvels within industries like commercial buildings, offices, and residential buildings, making them hallmarks of architectural work in East Anglia, London, and Cambridgeshire. 

This green home builder is passionate about becoming the main contractor, delivering a range of high-quality, zero-carbon, low-energy, sustainable, and eco-friendly buildings and homes constructed according to the proper standard. 


This sustainable builder creates modern architectural homes that make a bold visual statement without harming the environment.

Its pioneering Honka Fusion technology enables genuine massive wood to be easily combined with other building materials such as stone, steel, and glass. 

Interior view of a Honka green home's living room
Courtesy of Honka

Honka’s PEFC certification guarantees that the company’s raw materials come from certified Finnish forests. It never purchases wood from protected regions.

Moreover, the company uses 97% of its raw materials and any leftover building materials for bioenergy. 

When coupled with a modern and ecological heating system, a Honka log home is an inherently low-energy and high-quality product that lets you attain any particular energy class. 

Exterior view of a Honka green home
Courtesy of Honka

In addition, a log wall is a natural insulator with a substantial thermal mass. Therefore, as opposed to timber frame walls, a log wall can store heat. This capability means reduced home energy consumption. 

Mapledurham Developments

Mapledurham Developments is an established family-run residential building company based in Caversham Heights, Reading, Berkshire, specializing in residential property development and renovation. 

Exterior front view of a Mapledurham Developments home
Courtesy of Mapledurham Developments

The company’s mature workforce has vast experience in green home building techniques built up over several decades within the industry. 

Mapledurham can offer a complete project-managed solution and, along with its associates, take your ideas from conception through design and the often-challenging planning process right up to commissioning and construction. 

It is also now increasingly able to provide recommendations and install more sustainable and eco-friendly building technologies and techniques


With over four decades of experience in green home construction, Passiframe is a Passivhaus timber frame design and construction specialist. 

By amalgamating the qualifications and experience of Passivhaus Consultant and Director Scott Adams and a meticulously chosen team of professionals, Passiframe can provide low-energy timber frame construction solutions for both commercial and residential projects. 

Exterior front view of a Passiframe home
Courtesy of Passiframe

Some ways in which a Passivhaus by Passiframe can benefit you include:

  • Cost-efficiency – Passivhaus buildings can save up to 75% on heating needs compared to conventional UK building techniques
  • Ventilation – an incredibly efficient ventilation system that ensures high air quality, providing fresh air while reducing dust and filtering out pollen

Since Passiframe is a member of the AECB, Passivhaus Trust, and approved installer and supplier of Green Building Store Warmcel insulation and triple-glazed windows, you can rest assured that you will get a service using only the highest-quality products in your home. 

Syon Development Group 

Syon Development nurtures and grows relationships, creating the opportunity for it to build sustainable structures that make a lasting difference and positively impact its local communities. 

Exterior front view of a Syon Development home
Courtesy of Syon Development

Minimizing buildings’ carbon footprint without impacting quality is core to the company’s philosophy.

By utilizing the latest trends and developments in efficiency-led construction concepts such as SIPs and modular home design, Syon can deliver fantastic, sustainable homes. 

Syon Development’s innovative off-site building methods use environmentally friendly materials that give houses a lower lifetime carbon footprint of up to 90%, making them extremely energy efficient. 

In addition, the shorter on-site build times allow the company to develop considerately and significantly minimize the impact that development can have on the local communities and environment. 

Pure Haus

Pure Haus aims to construct homes that offset the carbon footprint of producing and residing in a house.

Its homes focus on well-being, health, and the environment while being commercially viable and sustainable for other developers. 

Exterior backyard view of a Pure Haus
Courtesy of Pure Haus

The company aims to create a genuinely carbon-zero home that generates more energy than it uses during its life cycle. This entails manufacturing materials, demolition, and recycling its components at the end of the house’s life. 

Some of the features of Pure Haus green homes include:

  • Innovative design – Pure Haus is constructing houses with pioneering technological, environmentally-friendly innovations that transform the way you live
  • Healthy spaces – prioritizing well-being and health to ensure you and your loved ones live in a house that nourishes your health
  • Environmental kindliness – designs that focus on the environment and reversing climate change
  • Guaranteed quality and performance – certified by the Passivhaus Institute and patented in almost 70 countries, Pure Haus delivers energy-efficient, healthy, and high-quality homes for everyone

Armstrong Build

Armstrong Build has served businesses and homeowners in Birmingham and the West Midlands for more than 29 years.

The company specializes in new house builds, home extensions, renovations, and commercial properties. 

Exterior back view of a green home by Armstrong Build's enclosed patio space
Courtesy of Armstrong Build

The company’s engineers, installers, and project managers are all equipped with professional qualifications and industry experience to provide your home with various sustainable products. 

Some features of an Armstrong Build green home include:

  • Solar panel energy – solar panel electrical systems convert light into electricity. 
  • Rainwater harvesting – this system recycles rainwater. It collects, stores, and distributes recycled water. 
  • Sustainable plant rooms – provide the main water pressure supply to your hot water storage cylinder. These highly-efficient unvented cylinders offer exceptional levels of hot water performance, energy-saving, and comfort. 

BowBrook Homes

BowBrook Homes is a progressive green home builder offering high-quality, sustainable, and low-energy houses. 

With more than 25 years in the property sector, the company understands that its customers and clients are at the heart of what it does. 

Exterior view of a several rows of BowBrook Homes' houses
Courtesy of BowBrook Homes

It is a small, independent green home builder that focuses on every detail of the specification, design, and construction of each new house it creates. 

Oakworth Homes

Oakworth Homes is based in Sheffield. It is one of the leading timber frame firms in the U.K. for the manufacture, delivery, supply, and construction of timber frames.

Interior view of an Oakworth Homes kitchen
Courtesy of Oakworth Homes

The company’s reputation for beautiful design and quality engineering is built on years of knowledge, innovation, and experience. 

Oakworth has a solid record of performance and responsible environmental commitment, including: 

  • Protecting water and air quality near its manufacturing site
  • Sourcing timber from managed forests
  • Reusing, recycling, and reducing manufacturing and finished product waste materials
  • Collaborating with other parties by listening to and acting on constructive ideas to indicate its commitment to environmentally-friendly and sustainable construction

Barratt Developments PLC

With the goal of putting customers at the heart of everything, Barratt Developments PLC has been at the forefront of delivering quality green homes in England.

The company is based in London and services the entire England and neighboring areas.

Barratt Developments PLC specializes in designing and constructing sustainable homes that meet a client’s specifications. It designs its projects to meet Buildings for Life 12 Standards, which is the reason why it regularly wins industry-leading awards.

The company won the largest housebuilder of the year in 2022 for the third time in the last four years. It was also named the best housebuilder of the year in 2019.

These awards are a testament to the company’s exemplary services and quality projects.

What sets this firm apart is that it ensures that all houses are built efficiently using standard housing designs, centralized procurement, and the best practices for safety and energy conservation.

Telford Homes

Located in London, Telford Homes was established in 2000 to build sustainable communities while creating rewarding opportunities.

Its over 300 employees have been trained to create quality homes in line with customer expectations and needs.

What sets Telford Homes apart is its unique quality control approach. The company has a dedicated customer service team that spends 80% of their time on the site.

They undertake quality control checks on each project to ensure that everything goes as planned.

Currently, Telford Homes builds its houses with net zero carbon emissions in mind. According to the company, it has achieved 93% of its objectives and is on track towards its 2030 goals.

The company promotes a greener living by using resources efficiently. It incorporates low-carbon technologies and renewable energy sources like solar and wind.

Additionally, Telford Homes recycles the waste generated during the construction process and installs water-efficient faucets.

Finally, the company will help you reduce your energy bills through effective insulation and installing on-site energy plants.


Lendlease operates on the principles of customer focus, diversity and inclusion, health and safety, and sustainability.

Dick Dusseldorp, the company’s founder, had a vision of creating healthy communities through sustainable construction. The company still carries on this legacy to ensure that all its projects are environmentally friendly and healthier for occupants.

As a 1.5℃ aligned company, Lendlease has a goal to attain net zero carbon for its projects by 2025. It aims to achieve that goal by partnering with industry associations, clients, leading organizations, and its supply chain.

Throughout its projects, Lendlease focuses on the following environmental areas:

  • Resources and materials: Conserving natural resources and using sustainable materials for construction.
  • Climate action: Adopting practices that mitigate climate change.
  • Nature and pollution: Restoring and protecting the natural environment.

Last Few Words

We hope you found our list of the top sustainable green home builders in England useful. Keep in mind that living in a green home means living in an energy-efficient home and benefitting from reduced energy bills.

Moreover, sustainable houses also improve indoor air quality by installing operable windows that allow in as much sunlight as possible and limiting the use of materials that might emit chemicals dangerous to your health. 

Also, be sure to check out our list of the top modular home builders in England, as several of the companies featured also construct homes that are considered green and sustainable, and may be able to deliver to your area of the country.

Best of luck!

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