Skyline of a city in England with a mix of historical and contemporary buildings.

Modular homes have become more popular in England in recent times, with people preferring them over traditional houses because of how fast to build and affordable they are.

You don’t have to worry about compromising on quality either because there are luxury houses available in this style, which can easily be tailored to your requirements.

Keep reading for a complete rundown of the best modular builders in England.

Boutique Modern

Interior view of a Boutique Modern modular home
Courtesy of Boutique Modern

Boutique Modern was established more than ten years ago, born out of the housing crisis in the South of England. By building modular houses, it found solutions for many of the problems hampering housebuilding in the region.

It constructs incredibly modern houses with contemporary designs and keeps costs low. In addition, houses are built using sustainable products. The modest home prices have made Boutique Modern popular, and its social value has significantly increased. 

Exterior view of a Boutique Modern modular home
Courtesy of Boutique Modern

Why Choose Boutique Modern?

  • It has among the best prices in the South of England.
  • Employs many locals.
  • Use of eco-friendly products.

Ideal Park Homes

Ideal Park Homes is based in the rural county of Worcestershire, south-west of Birmingham, but offers its services all over England. They include the manufacture of residential houses, lodges, or cabins.

Courtesy of Ideal Park Homes

Home interiors can be designed simply if that’s what your taste is, or can have a luxurious and extravagant design – nothing is impossible for Ideal Park Homes. 

Ideal Park Homes has many years of experience building, crafting, and designing homes. It will keep you in the loop every step of the way to ensure your home meets your expectations and reflects your unique style.

Exterior view of an Ideal Park Homes modular home
Courtesy of Ideal Park Homes

The company offers a full 10-year structural warranty, allowing you to kick back and be stress-free for the next few years, knowing you are covered.

Why Choose Ideal Park Homes?

  • Provides other services apart from construction.
  • Offers a 10-year structural warranty.
  • Customization is available.


Since opening its doors to the public in Manchester, Wudl has been churning out award-winning modular homes for its customers.

Interior view of a Wudl modular home
Courtesy of Wudl

Wudl structures are built using sustainable standards. The mainframe of each prefab home is made of timber. The panels and insulation use other natural materials, making the home more eco-friendly.

However, the company goes a step beyond just sustainability. It also offers construction services that can make the process of building your house carbon-free!

Exterior view of a Wudl modular home
Courtesy of Wudl

Why Choose Wudl?

  • Takes extra measures to make its process zero-carbon and low-energy.
  • Assembly is highly-efficient.
  • Offers the option of customization.


ZED PODS is a team of highly trained architects, engineers, designers, and tradesmen in London. It is one of the best homebuilding companies that provides out-of-the-box ideas and innovative solutions to building under the complex English planning regulations and often cramped plots available in London and the South East.

Exterior view looking down on a row of ZED PODS
Courtesy of ZED PODS

It deals primarily in building modular houses, and also provides other low-energy solutions to housing problems that are sustainable and low-priced.

ZED PODS has the added benefit of developing in places where other companies are not allowed. The builder constructs modules in a safe, off-site location that meets your budget and design before delivering and installing on-site.

Interior view of a ZED PODS home
Courtesy of ZED PODS

Why Choose ZED PODS?

  • It provides tailor-made solutions to your problems.
  • Houses are low-energy and eco-friendly.
  • Homes can be customized and designed according to your requirements.
  • Highly affordable options.


HUF HAUS is an award-winning company based in London. It is a leader in the housing market and offers sustainable construction. The firm also provides other construction-related services, like landscaping, basement construction, interior designing, etc.

Exterior view of aHUF HAUS modular home
Courtesy of HUF HAUS

What sets HUF HAUS apart from the rest of the builders is the vision it possesses. It offers various construction services that are not bound to any single type of house.

Do you want a tiny modular home decorated like a multimillion mansion? HUF HAUS will never ask you to limit your imagination and will help you to fulfill your dream.

HUF HAUS has adopted green construction methods from the very start. Furthermore, the company is continuously researching and updating its workers with newer techniques, so only the most modern technology and contemporary designs are used. 

Interior view of a HUF HAUS modular home's kitchen
Courtesy of HUF HAUS

The company builds a limited number of houses each year, so you might need to join its waiting list.

But, once you become a client, you will never be disappointed as the team will give you its all. That is precisely why it only chooses a select few as its potential customers.

Why Choose HUF HAUS?

  • Sustainable building and construction solutions.
  • Offers personal consultation services.
  • It gives you free rein in choosing your design.

Vita Modular

Vita Modular is a comprehensive home building company that offers all solutions related to home construction from its base in the Midlands. 

Interior view of a Vita Modular home
Courtesy of Vita Modular

The firm is perhaps most experienced in building modular homes. Its process is highly efficient since construction takes place at its factory off-site. Installation takes very little time and has minimal noise disturbance compared to the building of a traditional house. 

Vita Modular has hired the best architects and designers so your modular home can look aesthetically appealing and make it a place you would love to relax.

Exterior view of a Vita Modular home
Courtesy of Vita Modular

Why Choose Vita Modular?

  • No hidden charges.
  • Offers 10-year extended insurance backed guarantee.
  • Homes are built according to all UK building regulations.

Go Modular Technologies

Have you received planning permission for your new house but have no idea how to start construction? This is where Go Modular Technologies can come in.

Exterior front view of a Go Modular Technologies modular structure
Courtesy of Go Modular Technologies

Go Modular consists of professionals who have mastered constructing modular homes worldwide. Once you have a rough idea in mind and communicate it to the company, it will bring it to life for you.

Go Modular Technologies has the skills to build the best residential modular homes in the UK. All you have to do is set a budget, and Go Modular will build a house that will look top notch.

Exterior front view of a Go Modular Technologies home
Courtesy of Go Modular Technologies

Why Choose Go Modular Technologies?

  • Offers the best value for money.
  • A green and sustainable home option.
  • The firm can deliver your house to you in no time.
  • Full customization available.


Rollalong has been in the construction business for over 50 years and has maintained its quality standards over the years and improved itself in the technology department.

Interior view of a Courtesy of Rollalong modular home
Courtesy of Rollalong

The builder has developed different construction methods, such as the modular volumetric method. This innovative approach has proved immensely popular among customers in the South of England. It has proven to be the most cost-effective housing solution for clients and safest for workers with very few accidents.

Rollalong builds its models in a factory in a controlled environment where designing and construction can be done to perfection before the installation at the site.

Exterior front view of a Rollalong modular home
Courtesy of Rollalong

Its quality standards can be measured by the fact it has also completed many projects for the Ministry of Defence.

Why Choose Rollalong?

  • Offers consultation with experts.
  • Continually updating its knowledge and applying cutting-edge technology to its construction methods.

Facit Homes

Facit Homes is a modern and award-winning construction company that established its position in the market in no time.

Interior view of a Facit Homes modular home
Courtesy of Facit Homes

The builder has a team of the best designers, workers, architects, planners, contractors, and other highly skilled specialists. When they all come together, they create a masterpiece of a house that is perfect in every way.

Facit Homes has done extensive research on the inefficiencies of traditional homes and has come up with a green and best solution for the future.

Exterior view of a Facit Homes modular home
Courtesy of Facit Homes

Embracing the digital age, the builder uses cutting-edge technology to deliver the very best to clients. With 3D technology, the firm can completely design your home on a computer so you can check it meets your requirements, and it can solve any problems before construction begins.

Why Choose Facit Homes?

  • Offers 3D design services where you can see the exact copy of your house before construction.
  • Use of low-energy housing methods.
  • House designs are tailor-made according to your wants and needs.

Containers and More Ltd

Containers and More provides exactly what the name suggests — modular homes built using containers. But that doesn’t mean your house will look like a container when completed.

Exterior front view of a Containers and More modular home
Courtesy of Containers and More

The company brings together containers and seals to form prefabricated houses or cabins. Once completely finished, they are installed at your site location.

Building modular homes using containers is one of the most efficient and low-impact methods available. They are built using sustainable practices and each house has a lifespan of almost 15 years. Once it has lived out its life, the house can be dismantled and reused or recycled.

Exterior front view of a Containers and More modular home
Courtesy of Containers and More

Why Choose Containers and More Ltd.?

  • Low-impact housing solution.
  • Extremely affordable.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Homes can be customized however you want.
  • Financing is available.

Norwegian Log Buildings Ltd.

Since entering the business 25 years ago, Norwegian Log Buildings has built an excellent clientele through its exceptional work.

Exterior view of a Norwegian Log Buildings home
Courtesy of Norwegian Log Buildings

The company uses digital technology to show you what your house will look like before it is constructed. It also shows how it has built other homes so you can garner a rough idea of how you want your house to be.

The firm offers multiple other services such as building garden rooms, cabins, or the highest quality holiday homes.

Interior view of a Norwegian Log Buildings home
Courtesy of Norwegian Log Buildings

Why Choose Norwegian Log Buildings?

  • It offers a five-year extendable warranty.
  • Efficient delivery of your home.

Sunrise Holiday Homes

Interior view of a Sunrise Holiday Homes Ltd modular home
Courtesy of Sunrise Holiday Homes Ltd

Sunrise Holiday Homes has innovative ideas for the home building industry. Its houses are in the form of static or mobile caravans that can be used as holiday homes or installed in a garden space.

The sky is the limit for this company, and it offers everything from a one-bedroom modular to a multiple-room caravan. It also provides new or used prefabs, which is an economical solution.

Exterior view of a Sunrise Holiday Homes Ltd modular home
Courtesy of Sunrise Holiday Homes Ltd

Why Choose Sunrise Holiday Homes Ltd?

  • All homes are disability-friendly and come with wheelchair access.
  • Extremely economical options.
  • Mobile caravans can be moved to any location whenever you want.

Timber Cabins UK

Timber Cabins UK has a collective experience of over 15 years in different European countries like the UK, Ireland, Poland, and Spain. It is an expert in building log houses in different climate conditions.

Exterior view of a Timber Cabins UK home
Courtesy of Timber Cabins UK

The log homes are built to stand the test of time and are sustainable and efficient.

Timber Cabins UK can give you whatever you require, whether a summer cabin or a house.

Interior view of a Timber Cabins UK home
Courtesy of Timber Cabins UK

Why Choose Timber Cabins UK?

  • Highly efficient delivery of homes.
  • Practices sustainability in its process.

Pathfinder Homes

Pathfinder Homes has been a renowned name in the UK’s home construction industry for the past sixty years. Its history dates back to 1958 and it has lived up to its name and reputation in building luxurious park homes and holiday lodges. 

Interior view of a Pathfinder Homes home
Courtesy of Pathfinder Homes

The firm has also won the prestigious ‘Ultimate Lodge of the Year’ award several times. 

Besides its famous Park Homes projects, Pathfinder Homes is also popular for building modular dwellings that can be customized according to client requirements. So whatever image you have in the mind for your dream home, Pathfinder Homes will make it come to life.

Exterior view of a Pathfinder Homes home
Courtesy of Pathfinder Homes

Why Choose Pathfinder Homes?

  • More than six decades of experience in the home construction industry.
  • Uses only the finest quality building materials.
  • Homes can be fully customized as per client requirements.
  • Three times award-winner in a row.

Prestige Home Seeker

Prestige Home Seeker is another famous player in the UK’s modular home building industry. The company was established in 1987 and has built over 10,000 dwellings across the country. 

Prestige Home Seeker is counted among the leading residential park, cabin home, and modular home manufacturers in the United Kingdom.

Exterior view of a Prestige Home Seeker modular home.
A floating home by Prestige Home Seekers. Courtesy of Prestige Home Seeker

Prestige Home Seeker provides a wide range of services that is not just limited to complete home construction. It also builds modular washrooms, bars, restaurants, offices, hotel suites, spa buildings etc.

Interior view of a Prestige Home Seeker modular home
Courtesy of Prestige Home Seeker

Why Choose Prestige Home Seeker?

  • More than 40 years of experience in luxury residential parks, modular projects, and cabin homes.
  • Offers various modular building project options.
  • Provides home construction services all across the UK.

Springfield Modular

Springfield Modular is an award-winning modular building company based in the North West of England that has been operating for over four decades. The company is known for producing quality modular homes across the UK without burning a hole in its customers’ pockets.

Exterior front view of a Springfield Modular modular home
Courtesy of Springfield Modular

Springfield Modular is a popular choice in the modular industry owing to its extensive experience, outstanding service, dedicated project lead service, and affordability.

Choosing a reliable modular home builder in the UK can be tricky as the market is quite competitive. Still, Springfield Modular has raised the bar in the industry, making it an easy choice.

The company also services various clients in the public and private sectors, which is a testament to its credibility.

Why Choose Springfield Modular?

  • More than 40 years of experience in modular homebuilding.
  • Services clients from the public and private sectors and government authorities.
  • Cost-effective and flexible modular home options.

Thurston Group

Thurston Group opened its doors to modular home building in 1970. With over 50 years of experience, the company is now successfully leading the industry as one of the longest-standing modular home contractors in the UK.

Its use of modern construction methods and innovative technology makes it stand out from its competitors.

Exterior front view of a Thurston Group modular building
Courtesy of Thurston Group

Thurston Group prides itself on a state-of-the-art modular construction project portfolio. The company has expertise in the a multitude of modular construction projects, including the following.

  • Residential Modular Buildings
  • Anti-Vandal Modular Buildings
  • Anti-Vandal Welfare Buildings
  • Anti-Vandal Toilet and Shower Buildings
  • Anti-Vandal Modular Blast Buildings
  • Fire-Rated Portable Buildings
  • Anti-Vandal Cabin Refurbishment

Whether you are looking for a single-floor modular home or a multi-story building, Thurston Group can provide flexible, affordable, and energy-efficient options.

Why Choose Thurston Group?

  • More than 50 years of industry experience.
  • Provides a wide range of modular construction options.
  • Use of the latest technology for the construction process.
  • Excellent customer care service.

Pod Space

Exterior view of a Pod Space modular home
Courtesy of Pod Space

Pod Space was established in 2007 to revolutionize the modular construction sector in the UK. The company uses eco-friendly materials to create homely modern, durable, and desirable spaces.

It takes pride in constructing British engineering-inspired modular pods that are long-lasting and built to perfection using the finest natural construction materials. After extensive research and testing, all homes are created to guarantee that each house component is above par in quality and durability.

Over the past several years, Pod Space has built various modular homes or, as the firm calls them, ‘pod spaces,’ across the country.

Interior view of a Pod Space modular home
Courtesy of Pod Space

Why Choose Pod Space?

  • It builds modular pod homes using the latest technology and sustainable materials.
  • Offers customization of your pod.
  • Builds durable, energy-efficient, and modern-looking modular homes.

The Bottom Line

Traditional homes have dominated the real estate market in England for as long as we can remember. However, modular homes are quickly gaining traction, and with good reason. 

They are budget-friendly and can be easily customized to suit your needs. From innovative designs to sustainability, there’s a lot that a prefab or modular home offers. So if you’re a person who likes to think out of the box, a modular offering would be an excellent choice.

Whether you want a luxury modular home or a simple, sustainable prefab home, our list will help you find a modular home builder in England who can deliver it.

Also, be sure to check out our list of the top modular builders in Wales, as several of the firms listed may deliver to your part of England.

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