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New York is a state where dreams come true. If your dreams include getting a modular prefabricated home built, you have plenty of options throughout the state. Which are the top modular prefab companies in the Empire State?

Here are the best modular builders in New York:

  • Up Homes
  • Cocoon9
  • Westchester Modular Homes
  • Long Island Modular Homes
  • Saratoga Modular
  • Key Modular Homes
  • LHC Custom Modular
  • Future Homes
  • Hampton Modular
  • Harvest Homes
  • Gary Allen Modular Homes
  • Modern Modular
  • zeroHouse
  • Resolution: 4 Architecture

Ahead, we’ll share a brief history of each of these New York-based modular prefab builders, discuss their services, and talk about what we like about each one. By the time you’re done reading, you’ll have found your next homebuilder!

Up Homes

Hudson Valley’s own Up Homes was founded in 2016 by CEO Libby Zemaitis. The company specializes in customized homes built from the ground up with smart home technology and other energy-efficient features.

a picture of a modern white kitchen with a center island and looking out the window onto a field
You can check out their Youtube Intro video here, courtesy of Up Homes.

Zemaitis has more than 10 years of homebuilding experience and a family lineage in the field. Whether you want a more contemporary style or a classic Up Home, the design possibilities are endless!

Why We Like Them

Up Homes has the expertise and excellence that you’re looking for when you choose a modular home builder. Their homes utilize Energy Star appliances, cement fiberboard siding, smart thermostats, zoned cooling and heating, LED lights, and bamboo floors, making them tremendously green! 

a picture of a birds eye view modern floorplan with bullet points on sustainable building below it, with a teal background
Courtesy of Up Homes


In the heart of New York City is Cocoon9, a modular prefab building company that specializes in microhomes. If you’ve always longed to shed unnecessary baggage (both literally and figuratively) and moving into a home that’s 15 square meters or bigger, then work with Cocoon9.

The prefab plug-and-play houses are available in a variety of floorplan configurations. You can opt for a Cocoon Lite 20, which is open and airier, or a Cocoon Studio. The Cocoon Cabin has a bedroom for one or two people.

Why We Like Them

Cocoon9 is not wasteful, using only the materials required to build their prefab microhomes. Their bamboo finishes are good for our earth. If you find yourself craving more space in your microhome, you can fold away appliances and furniture right into the walls. Windows that expand from the floor to the ceiling also create the illusion of more room.  

Westchester Modular Homes

Wingdale, New York’s Westchester Modular Homes was founded in 1986. All their modular homes are constructed right in New York in a climate-controlled facility. Before you order your prefab home, you can have a consultation with the Westchester team to plan and design it.

a picture of a white house and a grey gravel driveway with trees around it
Courtesy of Westchester Modular Homes

The available home styles include colonial, ranch, craftsman, capes, and even vacation homes.

Why We Like Them

Westchester Modular Homes is passionate about their homes, and it shows. Each home has its own unique flair thanks to customer input. You can even do a live virtual tour of a prefab home or browse Westchester’s extensive gallery.

a white-colored modern interior of a house showing the kitchen and the living room
Courtesy of Westchester Modular Homes

Long Island Modular Homes

On the other side of New York, Long Island Modular Homes builds beautiful modular properties. Get involved in the house-designing process for a custom creation or choose from their prefab options.

an exterior of a modern two-story house with light tan and cedar wood siding
Courtesy of Long Island Modular Homes

No matter the lot size you have to work with, Long Island Modular Homes can make you a fantastic living space. They’ve designed teeny-tiny beach houses and properties over 6,000 square feet.

If you’d rather buy a home as-is, you can browse floorplans for ranches, capes, two-story homes, and more. You can even count on Long Island Modular Homes for additions to your preexisting home.

Why We Like Them

The range of modular homes available through Long Island Modular Homes is very impressive. If you’ve always dreamed of a house in the Hamptons, you can get a prefab one built. You can also opt for a custom narrow lot home.

Saratoga Modular

In upstate New York, Saratoga Modular and its team build the kind of homes that could be just what you’re looking for. Cecil Provost owns this company and brings his 30 years of experience to every prefab home he works on.

a red-colored two story traditional looking house with a deck on the second floor
Courtesy of Saratoga Modular

Here’s how the building process goes. First, you’ll have a consultation with an expert (or several) on the Saratoga Modular team. Then you’ll receive your financial pre-approval. The team will inspect the site, select a project manager, and then design the home.

When you approve of that and the pricing for the prefab home, then it’s time to enter bidding. After a bidding phase, the design plans go into final approval. Only then will site work get underway!

a new white kitchen with stainless steel grey appliances and wood floors
Courtesy of Saratoga Modular

Why We Like Them

If you’d rather your modular home be eco-friendly as well, that’s a service that Saratoga Modular Homes offers. They’re National Association of Home Builders or NAHB Certified Green Professionals who can build your new prefab home to Energy Star specifications.

Key Modular Homes

Established in 1979, Key Modular Homes in Clifton Springs serves the Finger Lakes Region. They call themselves a one-stop shop for turnkey prefab homes.

the exterior of a house with a light grey roof and a light wood colored deck and patio
Courtesy of Key Modular Homes

You can select from hundreds of floorplans and customize many of them. Key also proudly offers financing to make building your dream home more affordable.

You can work as your own general contractor or hire someone for the job. Key Modular Homes will also build home add-ons like porches, garages, driveways, septic systems, and basements so your home feels more complete.

a nice and bright modern white kitchen and living room, with all the lights on and showing the center kitchen island
Courtesy of Key Modular Homes

Why We Like Them

The great range of floorplans from Key Modular Homes runs the gamut, including beautiful ranch homes, two-story homes, and timeless capes. Virtual tours are available too!

LHC Custom Homes

Likening themselves as builders of “the unmodular modular home,” LHC Custom Homes in Jamestown is another great prefab homebuilder to consider. Their team boasts three decades of home-designing and building experience.

an exterior of a home with a steep pitched brown roof, lots of windows, and trees with leaves changing color on the outside
Courtesy of LHC Custom Homes

You can select from up to 50 unique home styles, yet if none suit your fancy, you can customize those styles. Financing is available as well.

Why We Like Them

One look at the showcase of homes that LHC has built proves their efficiency as homebuilders. The interiors of each home shine, creating a cozy, comfortable nook that is the perfect place to start the next chapter of your life!

Future Homes

When you close your eyes and envision your future home, could it be one that’s built by Cairo’s own Future Homes? It very well could be considering Future Home’s custom properties always meet (and often surpass) Energy Star standards.

an exterior of a house with all wood siding, lots of windows, and a steep peak at the top for the roof
Courtesy of Future Homes

Your prefab home will come equipped with insulated bottom skirting, insulated windows and exterior doors, R-38 roof insulation, R-33 floor insulation, R-21 exterior wall insulation, smart thermostats, and eco-friendly refrigeration.

Why We Like Them

Future Homes will build you a prefab, energy-efficient home of almost any size, from single-section to multi-section and modular homes. Explore their range of add-ons too, which include storm windows and doors, porches and patios, and superior walls.

an interior of a modern open home with a white kitchen and wood floors
Courtesy of Future Homes

Hampton Modulars

The luxury home you’ve always wanted could be in your grasp at Hampton Modulars, which serves both New York City and the Hamptons. Once you acquire your land, the team at Hampton Modular will create custom plans for the design of your home.

a part of a modular house being held up by a crane while it's being put into place
Courtesy of Hampton Modulars

You’ll lock in a guaranteed price at that time. After that, the homebuilders acquire the required permits and prepare the land for building. Before you know it, they’ll begin laying down the foundation and your new prefab home will be ready to live in!

Why We Like Them

Hampton Modular believes in the best of both worlds: modular, green homes. Their homes are built in a controlled facility for airtight seals and minimal waste. When your future home arrives to you, it’s already 80 percent built. Hampton Modular says this lessens their impact on the environment.

a screenshot of the Hamptons Modular website showing bullet points about all the green building features
Courtesy of Hampton Modulars

Harvest Homes

For more than 50 years, Harvest Homes has built its prefab, energy-efficient homes in Delanson, Albany, and beyond. As NAHB members, you can trust in their team to build your next home.

Whether you select from a prebuilt home or you sketch your custom dream home with the Harvest Homes team, their stick-built homes are made to last.

a traditional house exterior with a grey roof and many different dormers and peaks
Courtesy of Harvest Homes

Why We Like Them

Harvest Homes works closely with you to ensure your satisfaction throughout the designing and building process. You can make changes to the design drawings before the building begins, and Harvest will work within your budget as well.

Gary Allen Modular Homes

Serving New York and New Jersey, Gary Allen Modular Homes has a history in the two states dating back more than 20 years. The architecture firm is favored for their free consultations, custom designs, inexpensive services, and energy efficiency.

an exterior of a home with a dark grey roof, tan walls, and a green lawn out front
Courtesy of Gary Allen Modular Homes

You can occupy a modular single-family or multi-family home as built by the Gary Allen team. They even build commercial properties, which is something for business owners to keep in mind. All modular properties are covered under Gary Allen’s Structural Warranty, which is good for 10 years. 

Why We Like Them

Who doesn’t love the protection of a warranty? The Gary Allen warranty protects foundation systems and footing, columns, girders, beams, partitions, load-bearing walls, floor framing, and roof framing systems from structural defects between closing and the date you move in.

a rich wood colored bathroom showing a walk in shower and jacuzzi tub
Courtesy of Gary Allen Modular Homes

Modern Modular

The Brooklyn-based architects at Modern Modular will draft and build your modular home from the ground up. You can also request custom design services. Their blueprinting and drafting are top-notch, ensuring the homebuilding process runs smoothly.

Why We Like Them

Modern Modular is headed by Peter Labonte, who started the company in 2017. He promotes forward-thinking in all his designs so you can get a prefab home that’s out of the ordinary.

We actually couldn’t find their website (it may be down), but you can search and call them if you like.


Having taken home awards from the American Institute of Architects and being written about in Smart Magazine, How Stuff Works, Popular Mechanics, and The New York Times, zeroHouse has a reputation that precedes itself.

an exterior of a really modern boxy two-story house with a blue sky and clouds in the background
Courtesy of zeroHouse

zeroHouse works nationwide, designing attention-grabbing modular homes. If you’d rather something more experimental, the home model known as the zeroHouse has a bathroom, kitchen, and plenty more amenities.

Why We Like Them

zeroHouse lead architect Specht Harpman states that his team’s zeroHouses don’t need external connections, allowing them to work independently. How? The house can retain rainwater, process waste, and use natural means of creating power.

Resolution: 4 Architecture

The last New York modular prefab builder on the list is Resolution 4: Architecture, a firm that builds public, commercial, and residential buildings. Led by Robert Luntz and Joseph Tanney, who both founded the firm in 1990, the range of modern modular homes offered here include high-rises, beach houses, and cabins. 

a two-story modern boxy home with grey and wood colors on the exterior, showing a lake in the background
Courtesy of Resolution: 4 Architecture

Why We Like Them

RES4 certainly puts its own unique stamp on every property it builds. The angular lines, multiple windows, flat roofs, and off-the-ground designs are trademarks that will make your home the most interesting one on the block.


New York is a dream destination for many. Instead of paying astronomically for preexisting homes, you can buy land and then work with any of the 14 modular prefab homebuilders on this list to build the home you’ve always wanted!

There may also be modular builders in neighboring states that will have no problem delivering to you as well! Check out our similar articles on Pennsylvania and Massachusetts to see if you like similar modular builders.

We also have a New York green builders article with more options, here.

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