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With an increasing number of people becoming aware of the importance of conserving Earth’s resources, green and sustainable building is gaining popularity among homebuyers seeking to minimize their carbon footprint.

New York’s state government has also gotten behind this trend recently, enacting eco-friendly initiatives to bolster green construction.

If you’re looking to buy or build your first home in New York state, but haven’t considered sustainable and eco-friendly housing, you may want to investigate why green homes are so popular.

One reason is long-term cost savings, and for homebuyers in New York state, in particular, where home prices are more than the national average, a green home could be a logical choice.

Make sure to check out the following additional benefits of green homes, and our list of green home builders in New York. 

Advantages of Green Homes

Green homes aren’t just better for the environment than conventional homes. They also offer homeowners several other benefits.

High Energy and Water Efficiency 

Energy efficiency is at the heart of green homebuilding.

Some features include closed foam insulation, solar panels, low-emissivity windows, sealed attic spaces, energy-efficient heat pumps, and complex framing techniques.

As a homeowner, you minimize costs and decrease cooling and heating requirements. 

When it comes to water consumption, green homes help to conserve supplies for future generations.

Using efficient plumbing to limit waste, complex irrigation systems, and high-efficiency appliances, you can be sure that you are using natural resources responsibly.

Low Carbon Footprint 

Green homes provide sustainable solutions right from the first stage of development. The building practices recycle materials and minimize water, allowing for efficient use.

Since green homes are built to minimize energy use, sustainable homes reduce emissions that impact climate change.  

High Energy Savings

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, if existing buildings were green-improved, the country would use $20 billion less in energy every year. That’s not a minor change!

You can get your share of discounts with energy-efficient updates. You will be surprised at the amount of money you save through minor updates, such as installing tightly sealed insulation

Solid Long-Term Investment 

Green homes are also excellent long-term investments.

Not only will you find yourself spending less money on utilities and maintaining your house with a green home, but green homes also have a higher resale value than conventional homes. 

Top 9 Green Home Builders in New York  

Here are our top picks for the best green home builders in New York you can check out:

Capital Construction 

Capital Construction builds healthy, environmentally-responsible custom homes in New York District, Lake George, and the Saratoga region.

In addition, the company constructs unique green homes designed for a particular client and location. 

Exterior front view of a Capital Construction green home
Courtesy of Capital Construction

Every home is oriented correctly on its lot, where care is taken to preserve the natural environment.

Indoor air quality, green building concepts, and energy conservation are key concerns throughout the product selection and design phases.

Capital Construction’s team of skilled, talented craftsmen executes every unique plan to green building standards, with attention to detail and on budget and on time.

As a result, the company can either build on your own land or a lot in its award-winning London Ridge development

Interior view of a Capital Construction green home
Courtesy of Capital Construction

Capital Construction builds green homes with an added commitment to meeting the ever-increasing desire of clients to comply with the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards.

Apart from building green, Capital Construction also builds health.

Being an American Lung Association Health House Registered Builder, the company uses strictly defined building materials and techniques.

Thus, its houses are adequately ventilated, moisture-controlled, and use finishes, furnishings, and paints that do not contain harmful materials like volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

The company takes the following measures to make sure your home is safe and healthy:

  • Safe insulation methods
  • Air sealing 
  • Sealed combustion appliances
  • High-performance windows
  • Humidity control 
  • High-efficiency air filtration 
  • Reduced use of carpets 
  • Low VOC interior finished 
  • Foundation waterproofing 
  • Central vacuum system.

Foley Builders

Exterior front view of a Foley Builders home
Courtesy of Build Zoom

Foley Builders constructs all its homes to meet or surpass Energy Star standards.

Green building and energy efficiency result in more than reducing a home’s environmental impact.

By owning a sustainable and green home, you will benefit significantly from increased comfort, lower utility bills, enhanced durability, personal satisfaction, and improved environmental quality. 

Interior view of a Foley Builders home
Courtesy of Build Zoom

The company offers several features you will need for a healthy, smart, and energy-efficient house. Some of these features include:

Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) – They can safeguard the concrete from extreme temperatures, rapid drying, and freezing, making your home much more comfortable. 

High-Efficiency Air Infiltration System – According to the EPA, indoor air pollution levels can be almost five times greater than outdoor levels. High-efficiency air filters can significantly reduce airborne bacteria, allergens, and indoor pollutants.

Radiant – Radiant heat that’s installed underneath a finished floor heats the flooring material and surrounding air. 

Central Air Purification/Dehumidification/Ventilation – Dehumidifying ventilators lead to fresh air induction that’s purified and dehumidified for your home. Such systems can vastly minimize air pollution, making your house much more liveable.

Compact Fluorescent Lamps – These bulbs are four times more efficient and last nearly ten times longer than incandescent bulbs. 

Geothermal Heat Pumps – Ground-source or geothermal heat pumps naturally heat groundwater to offer energy-efficient cooling and heating. 

Tankless Water Heaters – Tankless water heaters supply hot water at a specified temperature when required without storage. Thus, they eliminate or reduce standby losses.

 Combined Heat and Power Generation – Such systems are incredibly efficient and utilize natural gas to produce both electricity and heat.

Programmable Thermostats – These thermostats help save energy by allowing residents to set temperatures according to whether your home is occupied. 

Insulated Vinyl Siding – Insulated vinyl siding with foam backing is much more energy-efficient and resistant to impacts than conventional siding. 

Induction Cooktops – An induction cooktop uses a magnetic field that heats pots directly. As a result, induction cooktops cook your meals quicker and use less energy than regular cooktops.

Sprayed Foam Insulation – Spray foam insulation works as an air and insulation sealing product for ceiling and residential wall cavities. Spray foams are eco-friendly and can do away with the requirement for separate air-tightness detailing. 

Exterior Insulation and Finish (EIF) Systems – EIF systems considerably reduce the likelihood of water damage, significantly enhancing energy efficiency. 

Cedar Knolls

Cedar Knolls is a general contracting company based in Long Island.

It specializes in modular home construction, custom homes, green homes, and larger renovation projects. 

Howard Kipnes, President and Founder of Cedar Knolls, has gained a reputation for customer service, integrity, and exceptional quality for over 25 years

Exterior backyard view of a Cedar Knolls home
Courtesy of Cedar Knolls

The homes built by Cedar Knolls use several green building features and techniques. Their new homes are LEED and Energy Star compliant.

The company can help you from the design phase right up to completing your new green, energy-efficient Long Island home. 

Interior view of a Cedar Knolls home's kitchen
Courtesy of Cedar Knolls

Modular houses use 20 percent more lumber than field-built homes for better quality and more robust construction. However, they generate less waste than conventional field-building techniques. 

Factory construction leads to more stringent quality control and multiple inspections by an independent engineering company. As a result, Cedar Knolls’ homes are usually 15 percent more energy-efficient than conventional homes. 

The attention to detail and commitment to quality Cedar Knolls gives to every new green home they build is second to none!

Catskill Energy Homes

Catskill Energy Homes uses custom prefab building technologies combined with the most recent energy-saving methods to build contemporary and sustainable homes.

Exterior front view of a Courtesy of Catskill Energy Homes home
Courtesy of Catskill Energy Homes

This approach allows it to build quicker, improve quality, and effectively reduce costs. As a result, the company will construct your dream house in a fraction of the time it takes for a conventional stick build. 

Catskill Energy homes generate the power you use. Excess energy during the summer months is net-metered for credit with the utility provider.

Interior view of a Courtesy of Catskill Energy Homes living room
Courtesy of Catskill Energy Homes

You can then use that credit when the sun is at its lowest during the winter months. Then, towards year-end, your credits will even out, and you will be “net-zero.”

Some of the features of Catskill Energy Homes include:

  • Passive house technologies 
  • Hyper-insulated 
  • Sustainable 
  • 80 percent higher efficiency 
  • Complex building envelope

Catskill Energy Homes will work with you to develop the space you require. Some of the home types that Catskill Energy Homes has built include:

  • Cottage 
  • Country cabin 
  • Renovated barn 
  • Farmhouse
  • Vacation getaway 
  • Mid-century modern 
  • Eco-friendly bungalow 
  • Upstate retreat 
  • Forever home 
  • Artist studio 
  • Airbnb property

G.H. Builders Hudson Valley

G.H. Builders is passionate about building green homes and builds custom, new, sustainable, healthy, custom, smart homes for all its clients. 

A great thing about this builder is that it has more than 90 different energy-efficient home designs that you can choose from. 

Exterior view of a Green Home Builders home
Courtesy of G.H. Builders

The planning and designing process is the first stage in developing the custom-designed green home that you dream of.

The company will work with you directly to come up with the ultimate energy-efficient home to meet your everyday needs. 

G.H. Builders works with homebuyers to deliver a quality home with custom features.

It is one of only ISO 50001-compliant builders of eco-friendly homes, ensuring confidence, comfort, safety, and health. 

BPC Green Builders

BPC Green Builders constructs new green homes that are truly healthy, green, sustainable, and energy-efficient.

Since 1998, BPC Green Builders have been the pioneer of green home manufacturing in western Connecticut and adjacent counties in New York. 

Currently, BPC Green Builders continues to bring the best and most current strategies, practices, technologies, and materials to the homes they construct.

It also offers excellent attention to detail and skilled craftsmanship when building houses. 

Interior view of a BPC Green Builders home
Courtesy of BPC Green Builders

All of its homes offer high-matched performance characteristics unparalleled by traditionally constructed new houses. 

Houses constructed by BPC have been certified to the green building industry’s most rigorous and highest certification standards, like USGBC’s LEED for Homes Platinum, National Green Building Standard’s Emerald tier, and PHIUS Passive House.

Today, each new custom home BPC builds meets or surpasses the certification criteria for at least two green building standards—the U.S. Department of Energy’s Zero Energy Ready Home program and ENERGY STAR®. 

Exterior view of a BPC Green Builders home
Courtesy of BPC Green Builders

Moreover, BPC homes have been recognized with national, local, and regional green building industry awards, including some of the industry’s most prestigious. 

Since 2009, several BPC custom new houses have attained almost positive energy homes, net-zero energy, or net-zero status. 

BPC combines green architecture, home energy audits, eco-friendly products, local suppliers, and sustainable building techniques and materials, including LEED for Home and Passive House strategies to develop the most efficient and effective solutions. 

The final result is a house filled with natural light, adequate ventilation, constructed tightly with healthy materials, and designed to maximize comfort and livability while reducing maintenance and water and energy consumption.

Hudson River Homes

Located in Upstate New York, Hudson River Homes is another company you can rely on for your green building needs. It works with clients in Catskills to design and develop homes that are eco-friendly and healthy.

Despite its numerous floor plans, Hudson River Homes has experienced personnel who will collaborate with you to personalize the models to your preference and financial requirements.

The best part is that even if you’re on a tight budget, the company allows you to work with a lender to make the process seamless. 

If you don’t have a lender, Hudson River Homes will connect you with their preferred lender to help you get a home of your dreams.

Hudson River Homes prides itself on providing each of their clients a custom, sustainable home.

Trillium Architects

Based in Ridgefield, Trillium Architects designs and builds green homes in Hudson Valley and across the country.

The 12 person, full service, boutique architectural firm specializes in Passive House, Net-Zero and off-the-grid new homes, additions, and renovations.

We featured this company on this list due to its exceptional quality in green building. In 2015 and 2016, this company won awards for Best Energy Efficient Home in the USA from both the USGBC and the DOE.

Also, it won a 3rd Place International Innovation award which we accepted at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in Morocco 2016. It also won Best Emerging Firm in CT from the AIA in the same year.

With the above numerous award, you can rest assured that Trillium Architects is one of the top green home builders in New York State.

Some of the company’s green building initiatives include:

  • Dense-packed cellulose and closed-cell spray foam
  • Double-stud walls for energy conservation
  • Ducted air-source heat pumps
  • Ducted energy-recovery ventilators
  • Heat pump hybrid water heaters
  • Solar panel installations
  • Energy-efficient LED lighting throughout the house
  • Optimizing house orientation for solar heat gain

Greentree Construction

Greentree Construction was established by a group of contractors with a vast knowledge in green remodeling projects.

This company stands out for its quality construction centered around delivering superior, energy-efficient  homes professionally. Its major focus is on energy efficiency, explaining why it designs and builds its homes to meet Energy STAR requirements.

Its approach ensures that customers get the most cost-effective solutions without compromising quality and craftsmanship.

Whether it’s a new home, additional construction, or remodeling, this company has the capacity to deliver to your expectations.

Its professional team of trained construction specialists provides excellent consultations to ensure the final project meets your needs.

What to Look for in Green Home Builders in New York 

No two New York-based green home builders are the same. Pick one that offers the following benefits and features:

  • Tours or visits to finished green homes, allowing prospective buyers to make an informed decision 
  • References
  • Designers and architects with a strong background in environmentally-friendly home building
  • Appropriate licenses and familiarity with building codes
  • Ability to construct a green home that’s energy-efficient and airtight

Last Few Words

A green home might be slightly more costly than a conventional home initially. However, the money you save down the line will more than make up for the investment.

New York’s green home builders listed above are some of the best in the state. They will understand your requirements and vision for your new home better than conventional home builders can. 

You don’t need to stick to this list. However, it will let you know what you can expect during the construction process.