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Georgia is a state situated in the southeastern US. In terms of landmass, it is the 24th largest state, and ranks 18th in the US regarding population density. 

The state is home to over 10 million residents and is known for its rapidly growing population—it holds the position of the tenth fastest-growing population rate within the US. The largest city within Georgia is Atlanta, and the largest county is Fulton, which is home to a million residents. 

The rapidly growing population creates the need to house these residents in a sustainable and environmentally-friendly way.

Moreover, due to the increasing threat of climate change, we must look towards home developers who are sustainable and reliable so that we make an environmentally-conscious choice when building or investing in homes.

Therefore, building an environmentally sustainable house is the way to go. 

Why Is There a Need to Build Green Homes?

Climate change has become a significant threat. As a result, it is increasingly important to consider sustainable and environmentally friendly materials and resources when building homes.

The long-term environmental impact of building green and sustainable houses will reduce adverse long-term effects and minimize the damage incurred by the environment. 

Moreover, it is proven that living in eco-friendly houses and building recyclable and renewable materials and resources have an added benefit for your health.

As green homes do not contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or plastic by-products, the risk of carcinogens and toxic chemical fumes being inhaled or absorbed can be prevented.

Many added benefits come alongside building a green home, such as cost-effectiveness. Green and sustainable homes are often engineered to reduce electricity and water consumption, drastically minimizing your energy and maintenance costs.  

If you are looking for the best environmentally friendly home builders in Georgia, you don’t have to look further. We have compiled a list of the best green builders in the state.

The Best Green Home Builders in Georgia

Here’s our shortlist of the best green and sustainable builders in Georgia with extensive knowledge and expertise that stand out from the rest, including:

  1. Green Source Homes 
  2. Eco Custom Homes  
  3. Whitmire Homes 
  4. Mountain View Home Builders
  5. Brock Built
  6. Patrick Construction Inc. 
  7. Earthcraft

So, without further ado, let’s take a deep look at what each of these acclaimed green builders has to offer homebuyers.

Green Source Homes  

Green Source Homes provides one of the best construction services in Georgia. It is run by a couple whose experience in home building started almost twenty years ago.

Exterior view of a Green Source Homes green home
Courtesy of Green Source Homes

Green Source prides itself on using innovative estimating technology to help you agree on a total flat price from the start of the construction process. This flat fee is advantageous if you want to build your home on a budget. 

Green Source Homes specializes in customizable homes to ensure that the customer has a say in every decision throughout the process. It also offers free price consultancy using its estimation technology to ensure it can adjust and work within the customer’s budget. 

The staff at Green Source is always available to meet with you, discuss any issues, and quickly and efficiently solve them. 

Why Choose Green Source Homes?

  • Price range – expert in making sure your home is build within the budget.
  • Extremely efficient at keeping up with customer demands and customer service. 
  • Offers free consultancy advice using its innovative estimation technology systems and is ready to meet and discuss price details before starting the project. 

Eco Custom Homes 

Eco Custom Homes is one of Atlanta, Georgia’s leading green home builders with over thirty years of experience. No wonder they are considered among the top builders in the Georgian district. 

Eco Custom specializes in environmentally friendly and sustainable buildings and fine and modern homes alike. It is also highly proficient in renovation and construction work.

Interior view of a Eco Custom Homes green home
Courtesy of Eco Custom Homes

High-performance construction is one of the best advantages of hiring Eco Custom Homes to build or renovate your house. 

The company’s sustainable and eco-friendly technology enables it to construct eco-conscious homes, and its Passive Houses projects offer a ‘zero-energy ready’ performance.

Eco Custom Homes also prides itself on customer satisfaction and aims to ensure the customer is 100% content with the services provided and guarantee homes are comfortable and individually customized to meet the customer’s requirements. 

Why Choose Eco Custom Homes?

  • Thirty years of experience, and various certifications, including ‘Certified Passive House Consultant’ and ‘GSWCC Level 1A Certified’
  • Expert in customizations and ensuring the house meets the customer’s requirements
  • Excellent customer service
  • Expert in eco-friendly technology

Whitmire Homes 

Whitmire Homes is one of Gainsville’s oldest and most reliable construction and home building companies. Since its creation in 1987, Whitmire Homes has worked endlessly to ensure its clients achieve their dreams of getting their homes built through a customized and effortless process. 

Whitmire Homes specializes in aesthetics and interior designing and has won several awards for its excellent architectural designs. 

Exterior view of a Whitmire Homes green home
Courtesy of Whitmire Homes

One of the significant advantages Whitmire Homes offers is its contract fixing policies, which ensure that clients are not left with any surprise costs or have any reason to go above their estimated budget. 

It offers choices of different styles of homes so that everyone may find their ideal place. Whitmire Homes provides a range from lake houses to green homes. Its technology includes energy-efficient systems such as tankless water heaters and solar panels.

The company also uses sustainable and environmentally friendly materials such as reclaimed lumber and spray foam insulation systems. 

Why Choose Whitmire Homes?

  • Various range of eco-friendly options to choose from 
  • Offers options on landscaping
  • Customized floorplans, plumbing systems, energy-saving options, and other options designed to suit the customer’s needs
  • Excellent customer service

Mountain View Home Builders 

Mountain View Home Builders is one of the most renowned custom green builders in Northeast Georgia. The company is amongst the pioneers of green homes in the region, with Energy Star certification to its name.

Mountain View has been operating in the industry for almost three decades, building quality, energy-efficient homes that fit your sustainable living standard and budget.

Exterior view of a Mountain View Home Builders green home
Courtesy of Mountain View Home Builders

The company provides green home construction services on your property, land, or lot. You can customize the home design as per your specifications or choose one of its energy-efficient floor plans. 

It is accredited for its excellent customer service, as it offers thorough assistance throughout the construction process. You will be guided on customization and design, with expert advice on what works best for your home. 

Why Choose Mountain View Home Builders?

  • Energy Star-certified
  • Offers more than 28 years of experience in green home construction
  • Offers complete assistance throughout every construction phase

Brock Built

Brock Built is named among Georgia’s one leading green building companies, serving the industry since 1984. Headquartered in Atlanta, this builder is known for quality green homes and excellent craftsmanship. 

Interior view of a Brock Built green home's living room
Courtesy of Brock Built

Brock Built offers fully customized and semi-custom houses for its customers. From traditional to modern to custom-built luxury green homes, there is no style or design that Brock Built cannot do justice to. 

When it comes to floor plan designs, Brock Built offers an extensive portfolio of semi-custom designs. The company also takes pride in its award-winning floor plans offering flexible designs and energy-efficient features, making it a top choice for green home enthusiasts.

Exterior rooftop view of a Brock Built green home
Courtesy of Brock Built

Why Choose Brock Built?

  • Award-winning floor plans and energy-efficient features
  • More than three decades of experience in green home construction in Georgia
  • Modern, traditional, and luxury custom and semi-custom green home designs

Patrick Construction Inc.  

Last but not least, Patrick Construction, Inc. is a highly-rated green building company. It offers various choices for eco-friendly and sustainable homes on a budget that fits your needs. 

Patrick Construction Inc. is devoted to meeting your environmentally-conscious homemaker needs. It believes that building green houses will be advantageous for the environment and be very economically friendly long-term.

Interior kitchen view of a Patrick Construction, Inc. green home
Courtesy of Patrick Construction, Inc.

The use of energy and water-saving technology decreases the overall cost—the company’s eager to help you save costs in a comfortable, effortless, and budget-friendly way!

Patrick Construction offers choices such as geothermal heating and cooling with hot water recovery, solar electricity, solar water heating, spray foam insulation, energy-efficient windows and doors, passive solar designs, and various other eco-friendly technology.

All of which help you achieve the most sustainable home and reduce your carbon footprint. 

Why Choose Patrick Construction Inc.?

  • Variety of eco-friendly home design options 
  • Excellent customer service
  • Provides warranty services to customers


The Earthcraft House Program was established in 1999 due to a partnership between the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association and Southface Institute. Over the past twenty-two years, it has become one of the best choices for home builders and homeowners.

Interior view of a Castle Haven Construction home, an Earthcraft affiliate
Courtesy of Castle Haven Construction

As one of the top building collectives in Georgia, Earthcraft ensures the sustainability of resources and constructs houses using eco-friendly-sourced construction materials to reduce the risk of any negative impact on the environment. 

Moreover, you will also benefit when choosing Earthcraft for your home building needs by reducing construction costs and recurring utility bills. As it uses sustainable resources in construction, it guarantees a 30 percent decrease in costs compared to other homes that use traditional construction techniques. 

Why Choose Earthcraft?

  • The fixed and flat price rate of $150 per square ft., so you do not have to stress any hidden costs while choosing a home builder. 
  • Different packages for its customers: Gold, silver, and platinum, depending on requirements.
  • Saves 30 percent in costs by using sustainable resources during construction. 

The Final Verdict – Building Your Sustainable Green Home in Georgia

Constructing an eco-friendly and sustainable house can be stressful, making it seem highly daunting. But, rest assured, it is the right choice long term.

It ensures that you protect the environment from any negative impact, but you are also making a long-term cost-effective and intelligent decision.

This list of the best green builders in Georgia should ensure you get the best services possible while going through this exciting process of building your own eco-friendly home. 

Also, be sure to check out our lists of the best green builders in neighboring states like Florida, AlabamaSouth Carolina and Tennessee, as many of the companies featured offer homes that can be classified as green and sustainable, and may service your area of Georgia.

Best of luck!

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