A view of downtown Montgomery, Alabama with green space in foreground and buildings in back

Alabama, also known as the Cotton State, is a staple in the southeastern U.S. The beautiful gulf coast beaches and pleasant year-round weather make Alabama a de-stressing and enjoyable place.

It is not only rich in beauty but also in history as well. For example, it houses the famous Martin Luther King Jr’s church and Rosa Parks Museum in Montgomery’s state capital. 

With various highly rated colleges and abundant employment opportunities, Alabama is an ideal place to reside. The state is home to around five million people, and there has been a surge in its real estate market with the constantly increasing population.

Therefore, building a home within a budget is not an easy task. But, one way to make the entire process easy on the pocket is to opt for companies that build sustainable green homes in Alabama. 

Why Should You Choose a Green Home Over a Traditional?

Green homes are cost-effective, reduce wastage, and improve energy consumption and efficiency.

In addition, they provide a comfortable lifestyle, are suitable for the environment, and are built using eco-friendly and recycled materials.

In the long run, green homes help considerably reduce utility bills. So they are not only easy on the pocket during construction, but they continue to be cost-effective post-construction as well.  

We have put together a list of all the most outstanding green home building companies in Alabama in this post to assist in your search for the ideal builder to construct your sustainable dream home in the state. 

The Best Green Home Builders in Alabama

Here is a list of the top ten sustainable green home building companies in Alabama you should explore, including:

  1. Action Builders
  2. Tory Dutton
  3. Hyde Homes 
  4. Wheelhaus
  5. Connect Homes 
  6. Lindal Cedar Homes 
  7. Purcell Timber Frame homes 
  8. Stillwater dwellings 
  9. Dvele 
  10. Deltec Homes 

So, without further ado, let’s delve deeper into precisely what each of these acclaimed companies has to offer homebuyers in search of an eco-friendly home.

Action Builders 

Action Builders is a name of reliance and trust. Its emphasis on the importance of sustainable construction is evident by its ‘Certified Green Professional’ designation from the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). 

Exterior front view of an Action Builders green home
Courtesy of Action Builders

Besides providing construction services, it also offers clients consultations to make their dream houses green and eco-friendly.

Action Builders is mindful of clients’ budgets and brings innovative solutions that will not be heavy on their pockets.

Why Do We Think Action Builders Is An Excellent Choice?

  • Certified Green Professional
  • Provide budget friendly sustainable construction and renovations
  • Offers consultation in green building
  • Accounts for client requests and feedback in building solutions

Tory Dutton 

Tory Dutton is among the renowned builders in Alabama.

It provides sustainable home construction and consultation services in Huntsville, Madison, Decatur, Athens, and surrounding counties. 

Exterior view of a Tory Dutton green home
Courtesy of Tory Dutton

Its high-end work ethic and high quality and transparency in design and costs differentiate it in the industry.

All homes are custom-built and get modeled into a 3D structure for client confirmation before construction begins.

Moreover, the team provides a detailed and realistic estimate of every penny clients will pay, giving homebuyers control over their expenses and an accurate picture of the final cost.

What sets Tory Dutton apart is its impeccable guidance to ensure that your home is sustainable and energy-efficient.

It pays close attention to the conservation of resources and water quality in the area during the construction and site selection. 

Why Do We Think Tory Dutton Is An Excellent Choice?

  • Complies to the new Alabama Energy Code
  • Creates realistic estimates of the cost and provides them to the client
  • Uses 3D technology to deliver on its promise
  • Provides sustainable, environmentally friendly homes

Hyde Homes

Hyde Homes is based in Huntsville. ‘Live green, save green’ is the basic principle on which the company lays its foundation.

It is committed to the task of saving money and energy and building homes that are highly efficient inside and out. 

Interior view of a Hyde Homes green home
Courtesy of Hyde Homes

Some of its energy-saving features are: 

  • R-13 wall insulation and R-38 blown attic insulation
  • Low E insulated windows
  • LED bulbs in fixtures
  • Water-saving commodes, faucets, and showerheads
  • Exterior house wrap for a superior air infiltration barrier
  • Low-VOC paint and carpet 
  • Radiant barrier roof decking 

Why Do We Think Hyde Homes Is An Excellent Choice?

  • All homes are certified by TVA energy right platinum 
  • Hyde homes are at least fifteen percent more energy-efficient than a traditional home
  • The maintenance cost of its homes is lower than average—it helps save homeowners $200-$400 annually. 
  • Various floor plans are available 
  • Offers customization 
  • Provide a one-year warranty


Founded in 2006, Wheelhaus functions on the motto “living large with less.” It is the first company to build tiny affordable yet luxurious homes

Exterior view of the Look Out, a Wheelhaus home
Courtesy of Wheelhaus

Wheelhaus mainly focuses on providing customers with energy-efficient homes, innovative designs, progressive space management, and top-quality building materials.

Though Alabama-based, it provides services all across the U.S. 

Homes constructed by Wheelhaus consist of high ceilings, huge windows to allow sunlight, and multiple entry points.

Furthermore, adding an outdoor living space provides a large area for entertainment and barbeque, making the house flawless. 

Why Do We Think Wheelhaus Is An Excellent Choice?

  • Delivers ready-to-use homes
  • All-in cost: $280-$400 per square feet
  • Multiple designs are available, like rustic and modern
  • Models varying from 160 square feet to 1500 square feet (14.86 to 139.35 square meters) available 
  • Builds environmentally sustainable homes
  • It offers a one-year structural warranty and, for an extra fee, upgrades the warranty to ten years
  • It takes 90 to 120 days to construct homes 
  • Ships homes nationwide 

Connect Homes 

Connect Homes is another leading green home building company in Alabama.

It makes modern living more accessible and affordable by providing modular homes that are highly efficient. 

a picture of a small modern home sitting on top of a hill, with cedar wood colored exterior
Courtesy of Connect Homes

Connect makes the entire process very simple for its clients. All they have to do is select the design of their choice, make modifications if they want to, get the permits, and the company handles the rest.

Homes are constructed in its factory in San Bernardino, while at the same time, on-site work is also carried out to prepare the site for installation. As a result, it takes around eight to twenty months to build, deliver and install the house. 

You can choose the number of bedrooms, ranging from one to four.

You can also opt for a two-story house and choose from high-end standard finishes, fixtures, and appliances based on sustainability and affordability. 

Why Do We Think Connect Homes Is An Excellent Choice?

  • It offers fifteen models, all with an aesthetic design
  • Estimated cost: $260-$390 per square foot. 
  • Houses have low maintenance costs

Lindal Cedar Homes

Thoughtful designs, premium quality materials, and personalized customer support make Lindal Cedar Homes one of Alabama’s best sustainable green home builders.

Lindal aims to bring your vision of a dream home to life.

Interior view of a Lindal Cedar Homes modular green home
Courtesy of Lindal Cedar Homes

Many designs are available, including traditional, studio, classic, and modern. You can also start from scratch to ensure all your requirements are met.

From design to materials, site selection, and building, everything is taken care of by Lindal homes. 

Why Do We Think Lindal Cedar Homes Is An Excellent Choice?

  • All-in cost of $450-$550 per square foot
  • A diverse variety of homes
  • The area ranges from 470 to 6,000 square feet (43.66 to 557.42 square meters).
  • Over 75 years of experience.
  • Offers several floor plans
  • Commitment to utilizing renewable resources from younger timber stands
  • Significantly reduces on-site waste by optimizing the manufacturing process

Purcell Timber Frame Homes 

Purcell Homes is famous for building world-class homes that are luxurious and durable, efficient, and have low maintenance costs. It provides its service all across the nation. 

Exterior view of a Purcell Homes modular home
Courtesy of Purcell Homes

As the name suggests, Purcell uses the finest timber in building its homes.

Key features of its houses are:

  • Energy-efficient wall and roof systems
  • Solar passive window schedules
  • High insulation ratings
  • Pre-oiled tongue and groove wood plank ceiling board
  • Wood, fiberglass, thermally broken aluminum, and vinyl windows
  • Finest red cedar decking
  • Topless glass railing systems to enhance vision
  • Roof structurally completed with plywood sheathing on the top layer
Interior view of a Purcell Timber Frame Homes modular home
Courtesy of Purcell Homes

Why Do We Think Purcell Homes Is An Excellent Choice?

  • Allows client customization
  • Estimated cost: $300-$350 per square foot. 
  • Over 50 models of home to choose from
  • Multiple story 
  • and several floor plan options are available
  • Offers various designs such as contemporary, chic, rustic, and modern
  • Base package includes design, timber frame, wall panels, roof systems, and installation

Stillwater Dwellings

Stillwater Dwellings came into service in 2008, and since then, it has built several high-end modern yet sustainable homes. 

Exterior front view of a Stillwater Dwellings green home
Courtesy of Stillwater Dwellings

The company is known for using sustainable building materials that help preserve the environment. It designs and creates homes keeping in mind the specs of its clients.

Top features include:

  • High ceilings 
  • Generous use of glass for windows and doors 
  • Solid steel canopy entry 
  • Signature butterfly roofline
Interior kitchen view of a Stillwater Dwellings home
Courtesy of Stillwater Dwellings

Why Do We Think Stillwater Dwellings Is An Excellent Choice?

  • All-in cost of $350-$450 per square foot
  • Over twenty-six model designs to choose from 
  • Modern and luxurious homes 
  • Offers customization
  • Delivers nationwide


Dvele is one of the leading companies in the green home building firmament and guarantees to provide its clients with an unforgettable experience.

Exterior back patio view of a Dvele green home
Courtesy of Dvele

It offers a variety of customizable sustainable homes, and provides clients the complete package, covering designing, budgeting, installation, and on-site fixtures.

Key features include:

  1. Sliding doors 
  2. Custom built-in cabinetry and millwork 
  3. Triple pane windows 
  4. Wall hung toilets 
  5. Wired entertainment areas
  6. Micro-screened air vents 

Why Do We Think Dvele Is An Excellent Choice?

  • All-in cost of $410-$500 per square foot
  • Nine models of luxury homes to select from 
  • The area ranges from 624 to 3900 square feet (57.97 to 362.32 square meters)
  • Offers customizable interior and exterior options
  • Guarantees a seamless process

Deltec Homes 

Deltec Homes is well-known for constructing elegant homes that are highly efficient and sustainable.

It has been operating since 1968 and has a wide range of experience in building green homes. 

an interior of a circular-shaped home with an open living room, peach colored walls, and a loft on the second story
Courtesy of Deltec Homes

A classic feature of Deltec Homes is the cylindrical shape of its houses. It offers a range of designs and styles. 

Why Do We Think Deltec Homes Is An Excellent Choice?

  • All-in cost of $180-$400 per square foot
  • Homes feature a 360-degree view and multi-story decks
  • Has around 10 model homes to select from
  • Famous for building hurricane-resistant homes 
  • Gives sustainable and energy-efficient solutions
a circular-shaped two story home with solar panels on the roof
Courtesy of Deltec Homes

Elements That Makes a Home Builder Green

Now that you know the top sustainable green home builders in Alabama, what elements make them green?

Here are the key features that make these builders green:

Energy Efficiency

One of the fundamental aspects of green building is energy efficiency. 

Green home builders prioritize designs and materials that reduce energy consumption. This can include incorporating features such as high-performance insulation, energy-efficient windows, LED lighting, and advanced HVAC systems. 

By minimizing energy consumption, these homes not only reduce their environmental footprint but also result in lower utility bills for homeowners.

Sustainable Materials

Using sustainable materials is another hallmark of green home building. 

Builders opt for materials that are renewable, recycled, or locally sourced to minimize environmental impact. 

Examples of such materials include bamboo flooring, recycled glass countertops, reclaimed wood, and low-VOC paints. 

By choosing these materials, green home builders contribute to conservation efforts and promote a healthier indoor environment for occupants.

Water Efficiency

Water conservation is integral to green building practices, especially in regions like Alabama where water resources may be limited. 

Green home builders implement various strategies to reduce water consumption, such as installing low-flow fixtures, rainwater harvesting systems, and drought-resistant landscaping. 

Besides conserving water, these measures help homeowners save on utility costs while promoting sustainable water management practices.

Passive Design

Passive design principles focus on maximizing natural light, ventilation, and heating/cooling opportunities to reduce reliance on mechanical systems. 

Green home builders incorporate features such as large south-facing windows for solar gain, proper insulation to retain heat in winter and coolness in summer, and strategic landscaping for shade and wind protection. 

By harnessing natural elements, these homes achieve optimal comfort levels with minimal energy input.

Waste Reduction and Recycling

Minimizing construction waste and promoting recycling are essential components of green building practices. 

Builders strive to reduce waste during the construction process by carefully planning material usage and recycling or repurposing leftover materials.

Additionally, green builders may implement deconstruction techniques to salvage building components for reuse, further reducing the environmental impact of construction projects.

Final Thoughts – Choose a Green Home Builder in Alabama!

To sum it all up, with a rise in the world’s population, there is an increased need for conserving energy and using recycled and sustainable materials. So green homes certainly have their place.

However, building sustainable and efficient homes is not everyone’s forte.

Therefore, it would be best to do your due diligence to ensure the company you decide to pick is perfect in every way and will accommodate you well within your budget. 

Building your dream home is very stressful and involves many hurdles; however, if your building partner is reliable, they will ensure that it is nothing less than a smooth ride.

Hopefully, this article detailing all the world-class sustainable green home builders in Alabama has made the decision easier for you.

Also, be sure to check out our lists of the best green builders in neighboring states like MississippiLouisiana and Tennessee, and the top modular builders in Alabama, as many of the companies featured offer homes that can be classified as green and sustainable, and may service your area of Alabama.

Best of luck!

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