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Hawaii, or the Aloha state, became the 50th US state in 1959. It has a population of about 1.4 million and is located 2000 miles from the US mainland in the Pacific Ocean. It has eight major islands, with Ohai being the largest. 

Hawaii is well known for its beautiful beaches with shores covered by bright colored sand, including green, pink, and red. Mesmerizing views of the beaches, fantastic year-round weather, and rich cultural diversity make Hawaii an exceptional place to build your own home. 

One way to make the hectic process of constructing a home easy is to opt for a company that builds green homes. Green homes are highly sustainable and durable, reduce the construction cost significantly, and are easy to maintain post-construction.

They are built using eco-friendly and recycled materials and modern technology. By opting for a green sustainable green home, you can not only bring your dream house to life but also play a key role in improving the environment. 

Nowadays, numerous Hawaiian companies are building green homes, and choosing the best one for your forever home is quite a task. Therefore, we have gathered a list of companies that will do complete justice to your home project to make it convenient for you. 

The Best Green Home Builders in Hawaii 

Here is the list of all the top nine leading green home building companies in Hawaii, including:

  1. Hamill Creek Timber Homes
  2. Ecokit
  3. Unity Homes 
  4. Kai Ridge Construction LLC 
  5. Green Homes Hawaii 
  6. Graham Builders 
  7. Greg Putman Construction 
  8. Bamboo Living 
  9. Fabmac Homes

So, without further ado, let’s get into the details of what each of these esteemed builders can offer homebuyers.

Hamill Creek Timber Homes

Hamill Creek Timber Homes is based in Meadow Creek, Canada. It intends to help our planet by providing a more sustainable lifestyle. The company constructs pre-built green homes and delivers them to various states, including Hawaii.

Interior/exterior view of a Hamill Creek Timber Homes green home in Hawaii
Courtesy of Hamill Creek Timber Homes

Hamill Creek has been operating for the past thirty years, built on the foundation of quality, precision, and passion. It is an excellent choice to opt for making your sustainable dream house. 

Hamill Creek sources its wood from sustainable and ethically managed forests. It uses the finest quality wood like douglas fir, western red cedar, spruce, pine, and larch.

The company allows clients to modify plans and offers to customize their designs from scratch. It can design structures in many different styles, be it airy, light-filled open, or cozier atmosphere—whatever the client wishes for is granted.

Some of the key features of Hamill Creek homes include efficiently insulated wall and roof systems and open spaces to allow more natural light in.

Why Do We Like Hamill Creek Timber Homes?

  • It qualifies for energy-efficient rating programs
  • Ensures low heating and cooling bills
  • Offers a lock-up package starting only at $150 per square foot and a turnkey package starting at $250 per square foot
  • Uses the latest technologies to build homes


Ecokit works using modern technology to make sustainable homes. It was established in 2015 to build simple, comfortable, and well-insulated dwellings built out of non-toxic materials.

Exterior view of a Ecokit green home
Courtesy of Ecokit

Ecokit has its unique construction system and guarantees to provide an energy-efficient home that is comfortable and reduces energy bills by seventy percent. It uses only natural or low volatile organic compounds in building homes.

Houses built by Ecokit have resilient designs that are resistant to climate change and minimize the effect of unpredictable weather patterns. For example, they have energy-efficient solar panels and the latest mechanical ventilation systems with heat recovery.

The company has versatile designs with four shapes, including iconic, dynamite, sleek and edgy. In addition, it builds air-tight homes with three times the standard insulation to maximize energy efficiency. 

Why Do We Like Ecokit?

  • High-quality and easy-to-maintain homes
  • Barebone kits starting at only $59,990
  • It offers various designs to choose from. 
  • Uses recycled and locally produced materials
  • Offers customization
  • It has 12 designs to choose from

Unity Homes 

Unity Homes builds homes without using fossil fuels. Instead, it uses modern technology and innovative fabrication to streamline the process and minimize waste.

Health, comfort, energy efficiency, durability, and adaptability are the pillars of Unity Homes’s foundation. Its building process is based on a proprietary design system with fabrication off-site and rapid assembly on site. 

Interior kitchen view of a Unity Homes green home.
Courtesy of Unity Homes

Unity Homes offers various floor plans depending on its client’s specs and budget. These floor plans include multiple bedrooms and baths, single and double story, entry porch, connector, bump out, suite bedroom, screen porch, car garage, and sunshades. 

Unity makes the stressful process of building a perfect home easy for clients. It starts the process by using a 3D computer model of a home to satisfy its clients. Next, large components of homes are constructed in its production facility and then delivered to the site for assembly by highly-skilled workers.

If you are looking for a building partner you can rely on, Unity Homes is one of the best choices. 

Why Do We Like Unity Homes?

  • Builds ultra-high-performance homes with net-zero capability
  • Five different designs to select from
  • Home prices start at just $85,000
  • Builds classic-looking and appealing structures

Kai Ridge Construction LLC 

Kai Ridge Construction LLC is one of the first green home builders in Hawaii. It strives to achieve optimal green building energy-efficient methods in all aspects of construction. Homes built by Kai Ridge are carefully customized, keeping in view the tropical climate of Hawaii.

Interior view of a Kai Ridge Construction LLC green home
Courtesy of Kai Ridge Construction LLC

It operates using the traditional master-builder method, providing comprehensive design and construction service through one point of contact for the client, making the process very smooth. 

The company uses sustainable materials and sticks to the local community sustainability policies and norms to protect the environment. In addition, it uses innovative technologies to reduce production costs and carbon emissions, leaving behind a greener footprint.

Why Do We Like Kai Ridge Construction LLC?

  • Builds energy-efficient, sustainable homes
  • Affordability
  • It offers a broad spectrum of contract types to meet every client’s special needs

Green Homes Hawaii 

Green Homes Hawaii builds sustainable, efficient, and environmentally friendly homes at affordable prices. It was founded in 2003 by R.J. Martin alongside Daniel Loli.

Exterior view of a Green Homes Hawaii home
Courtesy of Green Homes Hawaii

The company has over 25 years of experince in real estate and green home technology on the Hawaiian islands. Over the past years, Martin has constructed numerous affordable and sustainable green homes.

Green Homes Hawaii-built houses feature solar power and battery storage and countless other energy-saving features. 

Why Do We Like Green Homes Hawaii?

  • Price range starting at $250,000 to $328,000
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Gives extra attention to detail to keep up with clients’ demands 
  • Very accommodating and guarantees a peaceful experience for clients

Graham Builders

Graham Builders was founded in 1990 and has vast experience in designing and construction. Therefore, it is qualified to help you achieve your dream, whether it’s a single-family traditional home, multi-generation family house, or renovation. 

One of the best parts about choosing Graham will be not going through the hassle of processing permits and dispersing utility fees. All of these time-consuming tasks are taken care of by the company.

Interior view of a Graham Builders green home's kitchen
Courtesy of Graham Builders

Classic features of its homes include sound-abating insulation, three-foot-wide doors, radiant roof sheathing to reduce heat transfer to living areas, fiberglass windows for longevity, and smart home technologies.

Graham Builders for sure know how to bring your vision of a dream house to life. 

Why Do We Like Graham Builders?

  • Provides a written warranty and maintenance handbook
  • Converts floor plans into three-dimensional images to help visualize the house before they’re built
  • Builds sustainable and affordable homes
  • Multiple floor plans are available

Greg Putman Construction 

Nancy and Greg Putman founded Greg Putman Construction in 2004. 

It has a team of professionals working tirelessly to provide above and beyond service and exceed expectations. Attention to detail and building a healthy, satisfactory relationship with clients is the priority of Greg Putman Construction. 

Exterior back patio and pool view of a Greg Putman Construction green home
Courtesy of Greg Putman Construction

It offers various designs ranging from chic, luxury, modern, coastal classic, and penthouse, with a wide range of floor plans covering all the essential requirements. 

Why Do We Like Greg Putman Construction?

  • 30 years of experience in building new homes
  • Handles county permits and approval by itself
  • Helps you attain the home of your dream 
  • Builds energy-efficient houses

Bamboo Living 

Bamboo Living constructs modular homes all around the world. It has designed and manufactured nearly four hundred durable and energy-efficient homes. 

Depending on the client’s budget, it offers modification and customization. The company offers many styles with available upgrades, including tiny homes, studios, large light-filled villas, and condos.

Interior view of a Bamboo Living modular home
Courtesy of Bamboo Living

The benefits of Bamboo Living homes are reduced impact on the project site and less construction waste resulting in light environmental impact and increased sustainability. 

Why Do We Like Bamboo Living?

  • Its houses can stand up to hurricane-force winds
  • Use of grade-A timber bamboo
  • Provides a 20-year structural warranty
  • Low maintenance cost 
  • The price range starts at only $9,150
  • Bamboo usage helps in creating a sustainable future, and 
  • bamboo homes retain higher resale value

Fabmac Homes 

Fabmac Homes builds affordable, beautiful, and top-quality green homes. It has been successfully building sustainable homes in a different, smarter way.

Exterior front view of Fabmac Homes green home
Courtesy of Fabmac Homes

Some of the outstanding features of its homes consist of vinyl railings, low E-dual pane vinyl windows, 2×6 exterior walls, composite decking, Hardie board exterior walls, a central air system with forced air ducting, pullout faucets in the kitchen, and solar hot water system fiberglass showers and tubs.

Fabmac Homes provides excellent service, covering all essential requirements using innovative, sustainable, and modern technology.  

Several categories of houses are available, with one to four bedrooms and bathrooms. 

Why Do We Like Fabmac Homes?

  • Provides a green solution to clogged landfills 
  • Hurricane and earthquake-rated, per federal code 
  • Low maintenance cost of homes 
  • Short construction timeframe of 6-8 months 
  • Offers a ten-year warranty
  • Builds energy-efficient homes which reduce utility bills

Final Verdict: Choosing a Green Builder For Your Hawaiin Home

Construction requires a great amount of time and patience. Having a qualified building partner you can count on makes it an enjoyable and stress-free process. 

We hope this detailed guide on the top nine green building companies in Hawaii helps you select the company most suitable for you. Check out each company’s website for more details before making the final call. 

Also, be sure to check out our list of the best modular home builders in Hawaii, as many of the companies featured construct homes that are considered sustainable as well, and several may deliver to your location.

Best of luck!

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