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If you’re a current resident looking to relocate or are planning to move to the Emerald Isle, you should check out our list of the top modular home builders in Ireland.

Modular homes are a great alternative to conventionally-built homes.

According to McKinsey, modular construction can reduce the time to construct a new home by up to 50%. In addition, since the construction process occurs indoors, there are no delays due to snow or rain. Depending on the manufacturer, you could move into your new home in as little as two months.

Fortunately, there are many superb modular construction firms in Ireland willing and able to assist you. We’ve shortlisted the top modular home builders in Ireland below, and explain what each company has to offer.


ModCon is a family-owned and operated modular construction company established on a solid foundation of many years of experience, long-standing core values, and highly-trained staff that are passionate about bringing modern methods of construction to their work. 

Interior view of a ModCon modular home
Courtesy of ModCon

Its buildings are designed, constructed, and delivered from its factory in the heart of rural County Tyrone, an area that’s home to many firms specializing in engineering excellence.

Moreover, its unique buildings are precision-engineered for maximum energy efficiency, optimum longevity, and outstanding quality.

Exterior view of a ModCon modular office
Courtesy of ModCon

The company uses the best building materials that are designed to make your home strong and durable.

Some of these materials include:

  • Western Red Cedar – timber with high stability, durability, and resistance to decay for the ultimate natural cladding product.
  • Light-gauge steel – steel framing systems comprising structural frames fabricated using cold-formed steel sections.
  • Composite cladding – a weatherproof, anti-rot, low-maintenance façade engineered from a blend of plastic and wood.

KES Group 

Exterior view of a KES Group modular home
Courtesy of KES Group

KES Group offers a modular building solution with SmartBuild. A convenient, affordable, low-impact way to gain valuable space, a SmartBuild modular home gels so seamlessly into your life that you won’t imagine how you ever managed without it.

SmartBuild is a revolutionary modular construction method providing ultimate versatility for work, leisure, or home. These high-performance, premium buildings are designed and built in a climate-controlled environment for adaptability and superior efficiency.

The SmartBuild system has been created after years of comprehensive research into the most sustainable and efficient construction methods. SmartBuild homes are built offsite and consist of a cold-rolled steel frame coupled with structurally insulated panels (SIPS).

Interior view of a sleek fireplace in a KES Group modular home
Courtesy of KES Group

Assembled onsite within a few hours, SmartBuild minimizes delays due to suppliers or weather and makes sure there are no unexpected costs while producing an incredibly well-insulated building that’s light, warm, and budget-friendly to live in.

Clancy’s Mobile Homes

Exterior front view of a Clancys Mobile Homes modular home
Courtesy of Clancy’s Mobile Homes

Clancy’s Mobile Homes is a family-run business operating in the mobile home industry for over three decades. The company has recently started supplying modular homes to the Irish market.

The best thing about this home builder is that it can customize the units to your exact requirements. These specs encompass design and layout features, soft and hard furnishings, and even the kinds of heating systems and insulation used.

Interior view of a Clancys Mobile Homes modular home
Courtesy of Clancy’s Mobile Homes

You can also equip these units with PV panels and other renewable energy systems to go entirely off the grid.

Big Red Barn

Established in 2014, Big Red Barn initially aimed to provide modular structures to the event industry in Ireland. That proved a massive success, and the “Big Red Barn” brand is now well known in that industry.

Exterior view of a Big Red Barn modular home
Courtesy of Big Red Barn

Using the same structural concept, it started designing and manufacturing factory-built homes. Its houses meet all planning and building requirements and ‘Part L’ standards. Thus, energy costs are significantly reduced, generally attaining an A2 rating.

All Big Red Barn structures are highly customizable. The firm offers all styles, including two-story dormer, or bungalow.

Big Red Barn Ltd’s factory-built homes are customizable, quicker to build, and reduce building waste by 52%. These homes have a 70% lower carbon footprint than traditional buildings, and result in less waste, too.

Interior view of a Big Red Barn modular home
Courtesy of Big Red Barn

Here’s what you get when you buy a Big Red Barn modular home:

  • A fitted kitchen, including extractor fan and sink — you can choose the colors and worktops.
  • Fitted bathrooms including handwash basin, toilet, shower, vanity unit, and mirror.
  • All sockets, wiring, LED lights, and switches.
  • Complete plumbing connections.
  • Completely insulated floors, walls, roof.
  • Double-glazed doors and windows with AA-rated glass.
  • Air-to-water heat system and HRV system.
  • A rendered finish on the exterior and plastered-on timber walls internally, depending on your preferences.

Homes by Western 

Homes By Western offers multiple design possibilities and options for modular housing. Their team will work with you to assess the design and type of home that best matches your needs.

Exterior view of a Homes By Western modular home
Courtesy of Homes By Western

Generally, the company provides a wide variety of home plans to pick from in a range of styles. In addition, it will offer a range of customization options to tailor your home according to your unique specs.

Homes by Western’s highly skilled workforce has years of experience in modular construction and works year-round within its factory, eliminating the chance of a delay from no-show contractors, a common problem with a site-built home.

The energy efficiency of the company’s dwellings is significantly increased thanks to quality engineering and the most contemporary construction methods. This ensures all its homes will be economical and comfortable to live in regardless of the weather.

Interior view of a Homes By Western modular home
Courtesy of Homes By Western

In addition, Homes by Western structures allow higher insulation levels to be added to the wall, allowing for higher energy efficiency.

Last but not least, Western homes have significantly lower air infiltration. Air infiltration is one of the biggest reasons for heat loss in a home. The fact that its homes are built in a factory allows the construction team to add more sealants in problem places that onsite builders don’t have access to.

ASA Properties

Exterior front view of a ASA Properties modular home
Courtesy of ASA Properties

Alternative Solutions to Affordable Properties, abbreviated as ASA Properties, offers a stunning range of modular timber frame homes.

This means it prefabricates most of your home offsite in its workshop before delivering it to a pre-prepared site. This building process significantly reduces labor costs and production time which means lower prices for you.

The company focuses on modern and clean design with an emphasis on insulation for comfort, floor space, and clever storage. Moreover, its timber frame homes are built to A2 regulatory standards offering comfort, sustainability, and efficiency.

When you select ASA Properties, you can choose from several finishes, including colored acrylic plaster, traditional plaster, shiplap wood, or wood cladding finishing.

Interior view of a ASA Properties modular home
Courtesy of ASA Properties

Another great thing about ASA Properties is that it offers its services nationwide. So, regardless of where you’re located in Ireland, you can contact them today and start planning your forever home.

Arch-I Modular Solutions 

Arch-I Modular Solutions provide a superior range of modular buildings with versatility across numerous sectors, including commercial, educational, residential, leisure, etc.

Exterior view of a Arch-I Modular Solutions home on a hill
Courtesy of Arch-I Modular Solutions

Its team offers a bespoke consultancy service and works closely with you to create a space suited to your requirements. In addition, its specialized team can transport the unique steel-framed buildings.

One incredibly original feature of this company is Arch-I Modular Solution’s MultiSensory Rooms. These rooms are engaging, delightful, and spacey.

Interior view of a Arch-I Modular Solutions home's bedroom
Courtesy of Arch-I Modular Solutions

The firm collaborates with Multi-Sensory Services to ensure you can enjoy a range of sensory experiences that are appropriate and meaningful to you. These rooms can serve various purposes, from improving therapeutic and educational outcomes to reducing anxiety or agitation or simply engaging homeowners.

Big Man Modular

Big Man Modular designs and constructs homes that reflect your personal preferences. It takes a collaborative approach to eliminate the pain of homebuilding for its clients.

Interior view of a Big Man Modular home
Courtesy of Big Man Modular

Moreover, the team at Big Man Modular can work with you from the initial planning and design through to installing your new fully-furnished home. The firm provides flexible designs while being transparent on associated costs and customizing everything per your specs. 

What differentiates Big Man Modular from other modular home builders is that it allows you to purchase your house at any stage of construction. That means you can finish the property as a self-build if you like. 

Exterior facade view of a Big Man Modular home
Courtesy of Big Man Modular

Some of the top features of Big Man Modular homes include:

  • Meticulously chosen materials and specific manufacturing processes make sure that its homes are all A-Rated.
  • Higher standard quality inspections than site-built houses.
  • Incredibly low running costs.
  • Ability to extend homes as per your needs — for instance, you can add an extra room when you have children.

Modspace Ireland

Modspace Ireland is one of the top modular home builders in the country, providing professional products and services that will meet every requirement regardless of how big or small they are.

Exterior view of a Modspace Ireland modular home and its landscaping
Courtesy of Modspace Ireland

The company has provided solutions to the Irish market for several years. Its products include modular construction/buildings, drying units, anti-vandal units, toilet blocks, shipping containers, and jack-leg cabins.

Modspace Ireland is at the forefront of innovation in the industry and is always searching for new product technologies and ideas to keep its customers ahead of others.

The company’s expertise in modular technologies, strategies, and processes has allowed it to develop a unique range of bespoke modular homes that are designed to the highest standards and are sure to meet your budget.

Interior view of a Modspace Ireland modular home
Courtesy of Modspace Ireland

The expertly-designed dwellings are ideal for all seasons and uses. In addition, the team can manufacture modular garden rooms to suit any requirement, from small one-room units to large double-story homes.

Castle Modular 

Castle Modular Homes provides fully modular turnkey multi-story buildings for the residential, healthcare, and hospitality sectors.

Interior view of the lobby of an office space by Castle Modular Homes
Courtesy of Castle Modular Homes

The company’s units are designed to specific client requirements and manufactured in adherence to relevant building codes at the Castle Modular Facility. Production excellence, cost efficiency, and safety are the top priorities for all of Castle Modular’s projects.

The firm uses a volumetric construction technique to suit the UK, European, and Irish markets. This technique is a branch of modular construction representing a higher level of sophistication via factory-built, six-sided units.

Exterior view of a Castle Modular Homes volumetric modular home
Courtesy of Castle Modular Homes

The volumetric process contrasts with panelization, which produces two-dimensional components requiring more onsite assembly.

Modern Homes Ireland 

Modern Homes Ireland also uses a quality-assured, factory-controlled, offsite volumetric build system to serve the residential construction industry in Ireland.

Interior view of a Modern Homes Ireland home
Courtesy of Modern Homes Ireland

The company’s build system has attained NSAI Agrément certification, and the factory production system has acquired an EN 1090-1:2009 certification. These industry-leading quality standards form the robust foundation from which MHI units are designed and built.

To date, Modern Homes has completed 500 residential units from socially affordable to high-end developments. This resume indicates that the firm offers great flexibility from design concept right through to site completion.

Exterior view of a Modern Homes Ireland home
Courtesy of Modern Homes Ireland

Another factor that adds credibility to Modern Homes Ireland is that it was a finalist for the Irish Construction Excellence Awards under Innovation for Construction.

Go Modular 

Go Modular is a family-operated construction firm based in Portlaoise, County Laois. 

Exterior view of a Go Modular home
Courtesy of Go Modular

With over two decades of experience in the industry, it specializes in designing, building, and installing an exciting range of bespoke modular homes, eco spaces, and garden rooms.

For a unique addition to your garden, workplace, or home, you can provide Go Modular with your ideas, and it can bring your dream to life.

The company has a dedicated team within its manufacturing facility located right outside Portlaoise, who design, manufacture, build, deliver, and install its superior range of offerings so that you can make the most out of your space.

Interior view of a Go Modular home's dining room
Courtesy of Go Modular

For instance, you can turn it into a garden office, living space, therapy room, home gym, pilates and yoga fitness studio, playhouse, workshop, etc.

The company’s modular garden rooms and buildings are constructed from the highest quality materials at each stage of the process to ensure you enjoy your new modular space in the knowledge that it will last a lifetime.

Eco Modular

Eco Modular is a manufacturer of eco-modular systems. The builder’s team of professionals constructs sustainable A-rated homes using alternative energies and passive means.

Interior view of a Eco Modular home's bathroom
Courtesy of Eco Modular

Moreover, it partners with the most progressive suppliers and architects in the UK and Ireland to deliver a compliant and high-quality finished product. The builder provides modular apartment products at competitive prices to be produced at your envisaged land plot.

Its Generic Modular Apartments (GMA) offering is a unique solution, guaranteeing safe investments and quick construction.

Eco Modular GMA projects meet the highest requirements for construction, finishing quality, and adherence to local regulations and standards of rental apartments and comfort living.

Its concept provides an optimal solution, considerably reducing construction time that enables investors and developers to realize construction projects swiftly.

Exterior view of a Eco Modular GMA structure
Courtesy of Eco Modular

In addition, the project allows for meeting the demanded and critical environmental requirements. GMA standardization enhances sustainability through quicker onsite assembly and better material use.

All in all, Eco Modular GMAs offer:

  • Fixed costs and lower risks throughout the project.
  • Reduced, efficient site and labor expenses.
  • Construction without disturbing other residents.
  • Sustainable construction, with lower waste and reduced carbon emissions.

LGS Modular

LGS Modular is a new innovative modular home builder based in Dromore, Co. Tyrone, specializing in the design and construction of modular spaces using light gauge steel as their primary structure.

Exterior front view of a LGS Modular home
Courtesy of LGS Modular

The company designs, engineers, builds, and delivers light gauge steel structures that last a lifetime across Ireland and beyond. Light gauge steel offers plenty of benefits. For instance, it’s cost-effective and allows for a quick and easy build.

It can also attain high levels of air tightness and insulation, is non-combustible, easier to transport to the site, and is the perfect choice for modular homes. In addition, light gauge steel builds are an eco-friendly option.

Steel is the world’s most recycled product, and both energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions have been lowered in the steel industry over the past couple of decades.

Interior view of a LGS Modular home's kitchen
Courtesy of LGS Modular

LGS structures are currently used as holiday homes, granny annex homes, office spaces, home extensions, and garden rooms. The company’s goal is to provide healthy, high-quality, energy-efficient, high-end spaces at an affordable price.

It achieves this by using high levels of air tightness, insulation, air quality systems, and premium materials within its builds. These factors ensure that LGS buildings are one of the most affordable and comfortable spaces to work, live, and play in.

Holmes Living Solutions Ltd

Holmes Living Solutions Ltd. was founded by Kieran Holmes, who has three decades of experience in insulation, roofing, construction, commercial, new builds, and extensions.

Interior view of a Holmes Living Solutions Ltd. modular home
Courtesy of Holmes Living Solutions Ltd.

The company builds all of its living solutions to the existing building regulations and has all the essential electrical and steel structure certificates, including the NSAI Certified / SEAI Reg 10523.

With nine feet-high ceilings along with a 25-year guarantee on the structural steel frames, Holmes pods give the feel of extensive homes. They’re built to last for many years, making them an excellent investment.

The company uses 150mm Kingspan roof and floor insulation, 100mm spray foam insulation in the walls, and 100mm EPS external insulation on the exterior. In addition, double-glazed windows and AA-rated doors with a Farho Eco heating system make the pods incredibly easy to heat and they retain heat for several days. 

Exterior view of a Holmes Living Solutions Ltd. modular home
Courtesy of Holmes Living Solutions Ltd.

Holmes pods are built to be highly efficient and functional and have a fantastic finish. You can pick from a finished turnkey option or ask the team to make design changes to cater to your preferences.

Hawthorne Forest Products Ltd

Exterior view of a Hawthorne Forest Products Ltd. modular home
Courtesy of Hawthorne Forest Products Ltd.

Hawthorne Forest Products Ltd. was established in 1984 in a small shed initially as a roof truss manufacturer. Because of rapid growth during the mid-1990s, Hawthorne invested heavily in design and technology and even expanded its factory further to start manufacturing timber frames. 

Further expansion led to innovative products such as residential and holiday lodges, modular homes, and treehouse glamping pods. 

Interior view of a Hawthorne Forest Products Ltd. modular treehouse glamping pod
Courtesy of Hawthorne Forest Products Ltd.

The company uses state-of-the-art computer-controlled machinery to manufacture its homes and skilled artisans to produce its vast and varied range of products. Its bespoke ability is also second to none, and it can expertly create the perfect product for you.

Hawthorne’s professionals are experts in design and production and can offer a guiding hand during the process. In addition, the company leads the way in cost engineering; this means it can create a well-priced product with the bespoke elements you require.

NextGen Homes

NextGen Homes aims to provide affordable and luxury solutions that can fit every budget. 

Exterior front view of two NextGen Homes modular homes
Courtesy of NextGen Homes

As a manufacturer of modular homes, the company shows it cares about your satisfaction by providing high-quality, modern, ready-to-live-in modular homes. Homebuyers can customize all houses according to their distinct requirements.

NextGen homes are characterized by excellent thermal insulation, providing year-round homes with low energy requirements. This might be the most critical selection criterion for individuals looking for energy-efficient homes with low operating costs.

Interior view of a NextGen Homes modular home
Courtesy of NextGen Homes

The firm has secured multiple awards, including the Polish Innovativeness Award 2019, Symbol of Modern Technologies Award 2019, and Global Company Award, proof of its excellent services.

The Pod Factory

Exterior view of a The Pod Factory modular home
Courtesy of The Pod Factory

The Pod Factory constructs residential pods with a metal frame construction light gauge steel frame instead of timber.

Some reasons to purchase your modular home from The Pod Factory include:

  • Design versatility and long lifespans – steel can span longer gaps without the need for pillars, allowing for greater design flexibility. 
  • Durability – steel doesn’t crack, twist, or rot as it’s galvanized and has a long lifespan.
  • Eco-friendliness – a quarter of the steel used in light gauge steel houses is recycled.
  • Air tightness modular homes can attain high levels of air tightness thanks to the controlled conditions under which they are manufactured.
  • High U values – insulation is precisely installed in the factory using modern materials and processes.
Interior view of a The Pod Factory modular home's dining area
Courtesy of The Pod Factory

Smart Living 

Smart Living constructs steel structure modular buildings. Its designs are made of galvanized steel from one of the best steel manufacturers.

Exterior view of a Smart Living modular home
Courtesy of Smart Living

You can use these structures for various purposes, including garden studios, home garden offices, large or medium garden houses, or extra garden rooms with bathrooms.

The company supplies double-layer tempered glass doors and windows for its buildings. Moreover, its plans include a toilet and shower for the price, meaning you don’t need to pay anything extra for the bathroom.

Interior overhead rendering of a Smart Living modular home
Courtesy of Smart Living

When you choose Smart Living, you can order a predesigned building or have your design and size customized. For instance, you can add a terrace, tinted windows, genuine or PVC timber exterior wall claddings, and doors to maximize privacy and add a luxurious touch.


Cabinspace is a leading provider of modular buildings throughout Ireland and the UK. With over two decades of manufacturing experience, highly competent artisans, and contemporary facilities, Cabinspace is well renowned for its outstanding quality.

Exterior view of a Cabinspace modular home
Courtesy of Cabinspace

The homes offer high levels of flexibility, and you can opt for one, two, or three-story structures. You can also pick from a wide variety of external finishes, including architectural wall claddings, Trespa brick, stone, cedar or rendered wood, or Kingspan.

You can choose between dry-lined ceilings and walls, modular light fittings, suspended ceilings, air conditioning, solid core internal doors in beech, ash, white oak, and data trunking high-speed communication cabling.

Some key features of its houses include:

  • High insulation with a U-value of 0.23.
  • Groundwork and site preparation.
  • Mechanical and electrical systems.
  • Double glazed UPVC and powder-coated aluminum windows and doors.
  • Certified steel frame construction.
  • 30min/60min fire rating.
  • Long life expectancy.

Quinn Offsite 

Quinn Offsite manufactures bespoke home offices, garden pods, garden sheds, mobile homes, and modular and timber frame buildings.

Interior view of a Quinn Offsite modular tiny home
Courtesy of Quinn Offsite

Structures are finished to a high standard, well-insulated, and designed according to passive house standards for thermal insulation and minimal energy utilization to cool or heat.

The company’s unique technologies and relationships in the industry allow it to provide buildings at an affordable and fair price for delivery throughout Ireland and the UK.

Exterior front view of a Quinn Offsite modular tiny home
Courtesy of Quinn Offsite

You can use your modular building as a primary or secondary home, home office, holiday home, garden room, home gym, or anything else — the choice is entirely yours with the highly customizable designs.

Quinn’s modular buildings can also have fully-finished electrical connections, kitchenettes, and bathrooms. In addition, the exterior cladding is highly durable and features high spec insulation, security, and double glazing to make Quinn Offsite modular buildings your perfect space year-round.

Wrapping Up

Modular building has made considerable strides in the past few years.

There are multiple benefits, such as low overall average cost, adherence to building standards, high build quality, and long-term value. In addition, the time taken to build the house can be shorter, thanks to the avoidance of delays due to the inclement Irish weather. 

Modular homes also offer many customization options. So whether you’re looking for a luxurious modular home or a basic sustainable unit, you will find a firm on this list that can build your perfect house in Ireland according to your preferences.

Also, be sure to check out our list of the top sustainable home builders in Ireland, as several of the companies featured construct homes that are also modular, and may be able to deliver to your part of the country.

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