Looking out towards the back entry at the bay from the interior of a home with hurricane damage through various impact windows in place

If you live in a hurricane-prone area, it’s a good idea to reinforce your home with hurricane impact windows. These windows can withstand the heavy winds and rain from hurricanes and protect your house from severe structural damage. 

All hurricane impact windows must pass rigorous testing, but some are more durable than others. 

But how do you know which companies produce the best products?

Fortunately, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you. After scouring the internet, we’ve compiled a list of the top hurricane impact window-manufacturing companies for homeowners to choose from.

We’ll also discuss what makes their hurricane impact windows worthwhile.

The Best Hurricane Impact Window Manufacturers

Our list of the 16 best companies that produce hurricane impact windows includes: 

  1. Pella
  2. Marvin Coastal Solutions 
  3. MI Windows and Doors LLC
  4. Simonton 
  5. Florida Window and Door 
  6. CitiQuiet
  7. Storm Smart Industries 
  8. Andersen Windows and Doors 
  9. Jeld-Wen Impact Guard 
  10. CGI Impact Resistant Windows 
  11. Roll Shield 
  12. ES Windows 
  13. ECO Windows 
  14. Eastern Architectural Systems  
  15. CWS Windows 
  16. PGT Windows 
  17. Weather Shield Windows and Doors
  18. Mr-Glass
  19. Storm Tight Windows

Now that you’ve seen the rundown, let’s break down what each of these companies’ products can offer homeowners.


Pella is a company that specializes in front doors, patio doors, storm doors, and hurricane impact windows.

Headquartered in Iowa, it produces some of the best impact windows in the U.S. 

Closeup on the corner of a set of Pella impact windows
Courtesy of Pella

The windows are made from shatterproof glass with double lamination, which allows them to withstand high pressure. They are also Energy Star-certified and UV-resistant, making them ideal for all climates. 

However, in particular, Pella’s Hurricane Shield series passes the Florida Building Code requirements.

Hurricane Shield glass from Pella is available in its double sliding patio doors, awnings, single-hung windows, and casement windows with solid vinyl frames.

While Pella’s impact windows aren’t cheap, they are within the average price range compared to other companies. 

You can visit various Pella showrooms or order your custom hurricane impact windows and patio doors online.

If you aren’t sure which solution will suit your home, you can take advantage of a free virtual home consultation from Pella

Marvin Coastal Solutions 

Marvin Coastal Solutions is one of the oldest companies offering hurricane impact windows and excellent customer support.

Its windows are Impact Zone-certified and UV-resistant, making them perfect for homes in hurricane-prone areas. 

These windows are made from a solid aluminum frame that passes the AAMA 2605 requirements.

The glass has double lamination and an interlayer that protects against flying debris from high winds. 

The windows are also resistant to cyclic pressure, extreme temperature, and flying debris and will keep your home safe in severe weather.

Marvin’s materials are UV-resistant and won’t corrode with salt water or get damaged by high humidity.

The company also follows the “Sea Turtle Protection Ordinance,” a feature that prevents turtles from becoming disoriented. 

With 100 years of experience with high-impact windows and doors and an extensive product range, Marvin is one of the best companies for reinforcing vulnerable homes. 

MI Windows and Doors LLC 

The MI Windows and Doors logo
Courtesy of PR Newswire

MI Windows and Doors is another reputable company that manufactures impact windows.

It follows rigorous testing procedures and high standards for all products and manufactures some of the most durable high-impact windows. 

MI’s StormArmor product range is perfect for protection against storms and hurricanes in coastal homes. 

Its high-impact windows can handle wind speeds over 140 mph (225.30 km/h) and will protect against air infiltration, water penetration, and UV rays.

The windows are also durable enough to withstand forced entry and maintain structural integrity even in extreme weather. 

These windows pass all American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) and National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) tests.

They are also made from double dual pane glazed glass and have metal reinforcement in the sash.

Depending on your home design, you can also choose between vinyl or aluminum windows. 


While Simonton manufactures a wide range of windows and patio doors, its Stormbreaker Plus product range is hurricane impact-resistant and will protect your home in extreme weather.

The high-impact windows can withstand debris, forced entry, and high winds. 

All Simonton Stormbreaker Plus windows are designed to meet the requirements of coastal areas where there’s a higher risk of hurricanes.

They are also certified to meet Missle D specifications in Florida and approved in Miami-Dade and Broward counties. 

Closeup on exterior Simonton impact windows on a home's back deck
Courtesy of Simonten

These windows are also UV-resistant and will block up to 50% of external sound. The durable interlayer is also helpful in preventing debris from breaking the glass.

Florida Window and Door 

While Florida Window and Door is a relatively smaller company that produces high-impact windows, its quality is unmatched in Palm Beach County and the surrounding areas.

The company also has a five-star rating with the BBB and was voted the 2021 best window and door installation company in Palm Beach County. 

Florida Window and Door manufactures impact windows for the harsh Florida climate. They can resist 9,000 internal/external pressure cycles and will withstand high-impact winds and flying debris. 

Its products meet the minimum hurricane protection requirements and are approved according to Florida building codes. These windows are also tested for air infiltration, water resistance, and forced entry.

You can get high-impact windows in the form of sliding windows, single-hung windows, and a wide range of other styles. 

Florida Window and Door is viable if you’re looking for high-impact windows in or around Florida. 


While promoted as a soundproof window manufacturing company, CitiQuiet windows are also hurricane-resistant.

It has one of the best STC ratings, and its windows are up to 95% soundproof. They are also double laminated and can be used in conjunction with your existing windows for added protection. 

Looking out off a second story balcony at the scenery outside through CitiQuiet impact windows
Courtesy of CitiQuiet

Headquartered in New York, CitiQuiet is quite popular in large cities where noise reduction windows are in high demand.

However, their high-quality window design makes them perfect for coastal and hurricane-prone areas as well. 

If you’re looking for a window design that will provide sound and storm protection without affecting your existing window system, CitiQuiet’s windows are ideal. 

Storm Smart Industries 

When it comes to specialized hurricane protection products, Storm Smart Industries is one of the best companies in Florida.

Established in 1996, it provides storm catcher screens, hurricane impact windows and doors, aluminum panels, and storm panels. 

The company’s high-impact storm-resistant windows are designed to withstand the severe hurricanes common in Florida. 

The windows are made with two low-E panes and a plastic layer between them for reinforcement. They are also energy efficient and won’t fade due to UV resistance. 

If you live in an area with a high probability of hurricanes or tropical storms, the Storm Smart windows will provide optimal wind, water, and debris protection. 

These windows are also designed to resist break-in attempts and are shatterproof, giving you added peace of mind. 

In addition, they will give your home a calmer atmosphere thanks to the sound resistance. Therefore, Storm Smart is an ideal choice if you live in a busy city area. 

Andersen Windows and Doors 

Whether you’re looking for replacement windows and doors or just want to renovate your home and install storm-resistant windows, Andersen Windows and Doors is one of the best options.

Exterior front view of a coastal home with Andersen Windows and Doors impact windows
Courtesy of Andersen Windows and Doors

It has one of the best distribution systems in the U.S., and you can find hurricane-resistant Andersen windows in most Home Depot stores. 

These windows are also soundproof to an extent and come with UV protection.

In addition, the Budget Friendly series windows are made from Fiberex, which is twice as strong as vinyl, making them more structurally sound than many other hurricane windows. 

Best of all, these windows are double-glazed and come with an interlayer for protection from flying debris. 

The company has showrooms all over the country and offers a free consultation, so you can better understand which option suits your requirements. 

In addition, Andersen stands out from many of the companies on this list regarding availability, installation, and after-sales service. 


Jeld-Wen is one of the best premium window and door companies in the U.S.

While regular Jeld-Wen windows don’t have hurricane impact protection, the company can fit them with Impact Guard, which upgrades them to high-impact status. This upgrade allows your windows to resist extreme hurricane winds. 

Impact Guard is a laminating material installed on top of the windows to transform them to hurricane impact status.

It also improves the energy efficiency of your windows, blocks out harmful UV rays, and can reduce external sound penetration. 

However, the primary purpose of upgrading your windows with Impact Guard is to protect against hurricanes and extreme weather. 

Jeld-Wen Impact Guard windows undergo rigorous testing and are approved for areas with a high hurricane risk.

The frame is made from high-quality aluminum, and the glass can withstand a nine-pound (4.08kg) object hitting it at 34 mph (54.72km/h)!  

CGI Impact Resistant Windows & Doors

CGI Windows is one of the few companies on this list that actually specializes in hurricane impact windows and doors.

It makes some of the most durable high-impact windows and even offers public testing to verify them yourself. 

Take a look at this video to see how CGI puts its impact windows under the “canon test”:

Screenshot from a video in which a impact test is conducted on CGI Windows impact windows
Courtesy of CGI Windows

CGI impact windows aren’t too expensive either and come in energy-efficient options.

The energy-efficient windows are also free from sales tax, making CGI one of the more affordable options.

These windows also boast UV and sound resistance and are almost impossible for burglars to smash

Because CGI specializes in hurricane-resistant windows and doors, you can get them in various designs, from classic to modern architectural designs.

In addition, they come in Sentinel, Sparta, and Scout collections, giving you a range of options for home renovation. 


While RollShield is a local Florida company with no showrooms outside the state, it still produces some of the best impact windows. 

Roll Shield offers impact windows with both vinyl and aluminum frames so you can choose based on your home design. 

In addition, it also specializes in shutter doors, retractable screen systems, sliding glass doors, and other home products.

Its impact windows are designed for High-Velocity Hurricane Zones and meet stringent Florida building requirements.

They are resistant to extreme winds and forced entry and won’t break from debris in a severe storm.

In addition, the interior glass is laminated, making it shatterproof for extra safety. 

These windows are also eco-friendly and come with Low-E glass and Duraseal spacers.

While its hurricane impact windows are some of the best in Florida, the only limitation is that the company is currently limited to the Clearwater area. 

ES Windows 

ES Windows‘ impact windows are highly regarded worldwide due to their glass quality and wide range of designs.

The company offers unique upgrades with its standard windows, making them the best value for money. 

The ES Windows Elite line is exported to 27 countries and provide the ultimate in storm protection. 

ES Windows' windows and doors installed on a home's back patio
Courtesy of Assured Storm Protection

These windows have a 10-year SGP warranty and a five-year PVB warranty, so you’ll never have to worry about replacement costs in the unlikely event that they break.

They also have reduced sound transmission and low U-values for energy-saving homes.

The corrosion-resistant frames are perfect for coastal homes and will last at least ten years. 

This model is also large missile impact-rated and has a water infiltration rating of 12 psf, putting them amongst the best hurricane impact windows worldwide. 

ES Windows also has custom color options for the hardware finish and a range of window designs. 

ECO Windows Systems

Based in Miami, ECO Windows Systems is one of the leading manufacturers of impact windows and doors in the U.S.

The company provides unique customization options and excellent after-sales services. 

ECO windows and doors exceed Miami-Dade building requirements, which makes them ideal for High-Velocity Hurricane Zones. 

Besides the storm protection benefits, ECO windows meet the highest energy efficiency standards, meaning they are exempt from sales tax.

In addition, you can enhance the windows with energy-efficient LoE coatings or insulate the laminated glass with argon. 

These windows are also large and small missile impact-rated and NFRC certified, making them ideal for coastal areas.

The aluminum frame quality is unparalleled and meets Miami-Dade County specifications. 

You can also order them in various architectural shapes to suit your home design. 

Eastern Architectural Systems  

The Eastern Architectural Systems logo
Courtesy of WindowWall

Eastern Architectural Systems windows is another reputable manufacturer of hurricane impact windows. 

It offers both vinyl and aluminum solutions, and its windows are designed according to modern architectural standards. The company has operated in South Florida since 1982.

The EAS Fixed Impact Window has thick impact-resistant glass and a three-inch (7.62 centimeters) deep aluminum frame. In addition, these windows are certified to prevent water and air penetration, even in severe storms. 

The stainless steel design also increases protection against corrosion, and the windows have a preloaded spring for longevity. 

You can also add a hurricane impact roller when you install single-hung and horizontal windows.

And, even though EAS windows are made in the U.S. and have the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval, they are priced lower than many other popular impact window brands. 

Custom Windows Solutions

Located in Ocala, Florida, CWS has been making hurricane impact windows since 1986. 

Its WINDPACT Window Lineup has some of the best vinyl hurricane impact windows with an aesthetically pleasing design.

They also offer a limited lifetime warranty on these windows, proving their confidence in their product quality. 

What makes these impact windows stand out is their energy efficiency. These windows are designed vinyl frames that reduce heat and can help lower your energy bills.

They also come with Low-E glass and are UV resistant for added energy efficiency. As a testament to this, the company was the first Florida window manufacturer to receive the Energy Star rating

CWS windows are also fitted with multiple hollow chambers for added storm protection.

If you want added durability, you can combine two windows in one with the twin single-hung and tombstone single-hung impact windows. 

PGT Windows 

PGT Windows is one of the best-selling impact window brands.

Founded in 1980, PGT has supplied windows for over 30 years and is regarded as the industry leader in high-quality impact windows.

Looking out from the living room of a home through PGT Windows impact windows
Courtesy of PGT Windows

The company has also worked with the state of Florida to help create building requirements to deal with its rough weather. 

PGT holds the most Miami-Dade certifications for hurricane impact windows and claims to have a 100% record for them.

It offers both aluminum and vinyl windows with casement, single-hung, awning, and other window designs. 

PGT windows are water and air-resistant, withstand the impact of debris hitting the glass at high speeds, and won’t falter in severe hurricanes.

They also filter out more than 99% of the sun’s UV rays and have enhanced energy-saving features. 

The WinGuard series from PGT is also shatterproof and almost impossible for burglars to break.

Most hurricane impact windows contractors will recommend the PGT WinGuard for quality protection. 

The company also manufactures hurricane-resistant patio doors and shutters made from corrosion-resistant material for coastal homes.

The best thing about PGT Windows is its efficient distribution and after-sales service. 

Weather Shield Windows and Doors

Established in 1955 in Medford, Wisconsin, Weather Shield Windows and Doors is one of the best manufacturers of hurricane impact windows for a good reason.

The company is committed to making doors and windows the best way they can to meet its customers’ needs. It stands out due to its focus on innovation and flexible solutions.

The best thing about this company is that it offers a diverse range of styles, sizes, shapes, and options to choose from. Therefore, no matter your taste or design, you’ll get an option that is guaranteed to impress.

Its success is based on the fact that it strives to provide the best quality products to customers. Consequently, it’s among the leading manufacturers of doors and windows in the U.S.

Some of the reasons for featuring Weather Shield Windows and Doors to this list include:

  • Continuous innovation: It’s always in search of ways to enhance its products and services. This is why it has a dedicated Research and Development Center and the largest onsite test lab in the industry.
  • Best-in-class warranty: Its windows and doors are backed up with a warranty against defects in workmanship and material for up to 20 years. Also, it provides a 30-year warranty against wood rot on clad products.
  • Design flexibility: Its casements can create over 6,000,000 configurations. You also have the option to choose from an impressive collection of wood interiors, finishes, and colors.
  • Energy efficiency: It uses energy-efficient materials to manufacture its windows and doors. This helps customers save on their utility costs.


Located in South Florida, Mr-Glass has over 30 years of combined experience in manufacturing doors and windows. It stands out for excellent craftsmanship and a focus on innovative approaches and solutions based on its customers’ needs.

With a goal to be the most trusted hurricane impact window company in South Florida, Mr-Glass leaves no stone unturned to create quality and long-lasting products.

Moreover, through quality assurance, its engineers ensure that the delivered products are first-rate. It achieves this by using the latest technology and quality materials, making its windows more strong to withstand high-speed winds.

Some of its windows include:

  • MG-150 extruded aluminum unclipped mullion
  • MG-150 extruded aluminum clipped mullion
  • MG-200 impact-resistant single-hung windows
  • MG-250 impact-resistant single-hung wall system 

Storm Tight Windows

Finally on our list of the best manufacturers of hurricane impact windows is Storm Tight Windows. This is a company committed to making your home a safer place.

The company specializes in impact windows that helps customers save up to 40% on their monthly energy bills and up to 25% of their homeowner’s insurance.

The company’s impact-resistant windows have been designed to protect families against intruders and the most intense category 5 hurricane force winds.

Since its establishment in 2010, Storm Tight Windows has been specializing in durable products to combat demanding climates without compromising a home’s beauty.

It guarantees utmost quality control by manufacturing all its products in-house.

The company’s sliding glass patio doors and hurricane windows are built to last. Some of their features include:

  • Steel-Reinforced Sashes
  • Extra-Thick 90-Gauge Vinyl Frames
  • 100% Virgin Vinyl Construction
  • ENERGY STAR®-Rated Materials for Energy Savings
  • Custom Interlocking Latch Systems

Wrapping Up

Hurricane impact windows are a tried and true solution for securing your home against the destructive forces of tropical storms.

Hopefully this list of top-quality, reliable manufacturers has provided you which plenty of viable hurricane impact window options to choose from.

Happy hunting!



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