A picturesque view of the Irish coast with sandy beaches, cliffs, and lush green plateaus

According to the Human Development Index (HDI), Ireland is the sixth best place to live globally. The UN evaluated and compared different world countries using three metrics: access to knowledge, standard of living, and citizen’s health.

If you plan to move to Ireland for these and other reasons, we recommend investing in a sustainable home. A sustainable home will help you conserve the planet by lowering your carbon footprint. It will also lower your recurring energy bills because it’s designed and built to be energy-efficient.

To make your work easier, we’ve researched and curated a list of the top sustainable green home builders in Ireland. These companies are experienced and knows what goes into building an energy-efficient, code-compliant green home. Keep reading! 

The Best Green Home Builders in Ireland

So, if you have decided (or are contemplating) to move to Ireland to start a family, study, work, retire, or you are an Irish folk thinking of returning home, let one of these 24 green home builders in the country help you make a move.

Ecohouse Building Systems

Ecohouse Building Systems is an Irish in‐house team of home builders, designers, and architects.

The company is committed to building beautiful, energy-efficient, green homes and buildings that meet passive standards.

Exterior view of an Ecohouse Building Systems green home
The Kilmessan Project by Ecohouse. Courtesy of Ecohouse Building Systems

It uses cutting-edge renewable and sustainable materials built to last, providing comfort and incredible energy savings.

From small, intimate, passive homes to significant institutional buildings, Ecohouse believes in creating a unique story between clients and their future houses.

In addition, the firm uses turnkey solutions to ensure no hidden extra costs.

Keep in mind that building an A‐rated structure is easy; however, making it sustainable with a low carbon footprint, using alternative energies and passive techniques, takes a team of committed experts.

That is where the builders at Ecohouse can help.

Why Choose Ecohouse Building Systems

  • Clients can visit its showhouses to personally experience the innovative technologies and superior quality used in every build
  • Years of experience building green homes can thus bring your most complex ideas to life
  • The company constantly strives to build high-quality, sustainable homes that exceed Building Energy Ratings (BERs). 
  • Use of renewable and alternative energy sources
  • Anexpert in the industry with years of passive technology and timber frame building experience under its belt
  • Ecohouse’s Design and Planning Package comprises everything, from landscaping the plot to facilitating you to pick the perfect color, all while building a superior, green, and affordable home

GreenTec Eco Homes Ltd.

Founded in 2002, GreenTec Eco Homes Ltd. specializes in constructing low-energy and passive homes along with nZEB commercial and residential buildings.

The founder of the company, Niall Dolan, has 16+ years of experience in the construction industry and is a Certified Passive House Tradesperson by Passivhaus Institut in Germany.

Exterior back-facing view of a GreenTec Eco home on a lakefront
This property overlooking the Atlantic Ocean got upgraded as a low-energy build. Courtesy of GreenTec Eco Homes Ltd.

GreenTec Eco Homes is also a member of the Environmental and Sustainable Construction Association (EASCA).

In addition, the company received the Sustainability Award for a Passive House, Building and Architect of the Year Awards 2017 and won the RIAI House of the Year Award Munster in 2017. 

GreenTec has vast experience in all sorts of construction methods. It works directly with design and project management teams to deliver high-quality homes.

Why Choose GreenTec Eco Homes

  • An award-winning green company specializing in low-energy and passive homes
  • Fully Accredited by CIRI, EASCA, and Certified Passive House Tradesman
  • Offer several floor plans to help clients choose the best one for their needs and demands


The founder of Thermohouse, Michael Cronin, has worked in the building industry for over 20+ years.

The company started as a quarry operator in 1994, but over the years, it grew and diversified into what it is today.

A row of townhomes by ThermoHouse 
This Countess Road, Killarney project benefitted from the incorporated Heat Recovery Ventilation method. Courtesy of Thermohouse

Today, it is one of Ireland’s leading construction materials manufacturers, suppliers, and home builders, with many locations across Munster.

The Thermohouse was designed on three grounding factors—energy efficiency, robust structure, and a complete building solution.

The ultimate objective of Thermohouse is to deliver environmentally friendly structures that can offer security, comfort, and a cost-effective solution to clients for the duration of their occupancy.

The Thermohouse building system is manufactured in the firm’s cutting-edge engineering facility in Killarney, co. Kerry, Ireland. 

Why Choose Thermohouse

  • Has a team of ICF experts with specialized knowledge and skills in green home construction
  • Thermohouse Awarded ‘2022 WINNER – Judges Silver Award’ at Irish Construction Awards
  • Member of the European Organization for Technical Assessment (EOTA), CIRI, and IGBC
  • Thermohouse exceeds NZEB standards
  • 60-year system design life warranty 
  • Complete building system manufactured in Ireland 
  • Rapid build (up to 60% faster)

Irish Eco Homes 

This company is committed to building sustainable green homes with near-zero energy demands.

Irish Eco Homes is an energetic and innovative timber frame home builder with a facility located on the border of Galway and Clare.

Exterior backyard view of a Irish Eco Homes green home
The Eco-Frame, composed of diffusion open frame materials, in action. Courtesy of Irish Eco Homes

However, the company also provides its services nationwide.

Founded in 2007, Irish Eco Homes specializes in low-energy and passive NZEB timber-framed homes.

The company’s ultimate aim is to make sustainable, eco-friendly, and energy-efficient homes.

Irish Eco ensures the use of technology that results in energy-efficient and cost-efficient homes.

With Irish Eco Homes, you will receive an excellent quality structure with high specifications that meet your budget and time requirements.

Why Choose Irish Eco Homes

  • Builds NSAI-certified timber-framed homes
  • All homes are highly energy-efficient, comfortable, sustainable, and deliver excellent build quality
  • Irish Eco homes substantially cut down heating bills

KAP Eco Homes

KAP Eco Homes is a family-owned and operated firm providing exceptional services to Irish homeowners for nearly three decades.

The company’s success lies in its unique approach to customer service.

Exterior backyard view of a KAP Eco Homes green home
The Kap Eco Home 02 floorplan places the spotlight on its mezzanine. Courtesy of KAP Eco Homes

For KAP Eco Homes, the satisfaction of every client is a top priority, and thus always work for long-term cooperation.

In addition, the company designs, builds, and finishes luxurious sustainable homes for each of its customers.

With decades of experience, KAP Eco Homes’ talented and knowledgeable designers create homes that meet your unique needs and technical requirements.

The company aims to build on time, along with the latest processes, materials, and continuous consultations.

With KAP Eco Homes, you can expect to receive a beautiful home that’s also budget-friendly.

Why Choose KAP Eco Homes

MM EcoBuild Construction Limited 

MM EcoBuild Construction Limited is a sustainable home-building service provider in Kilteel, Co. Kildare. It operates around Kildare, Dublin, County Meath, and Wicklow.

Interior view of a MM EcoBuild Construction Limited green home
The company can also accommodate extension services such as this family home in Rathfarnham, Courtesy of MM EcoBuild Construction Limited

Established in 2000, MM EcoBuild Construction started as a small home builder in Dublin and surrounding counties. Since then, it has grown and become a full-service construction firm. 

Considering it is a larger company now with greater expertise, its commitment to superior quality is as strong as it was in the earlier days.

The firm focuses on contemporary development, including house extensions, garden rooms, low-energy homes, and much more.

MM EcoBuild creates complex designs with a tailored, customer-focused, innovative, energy-efficient, and cost-effective construction process.

The MM EcoBuild Construction Limited team promises to go beyond expectations to find the best solutions for every client. 

A full tour of the Rathfarnham extension project. Courtesy of MM EcoBuild Construction Limited’s YouTube channel

Why Choose MM Eco Build Construction Limited

  • MM EcoBuild offers several services, including house extensions, new home builds, garden rooms, log cabin kit-out, low-energy homes, heating solutions, insulation, and groundworks
  • Extends its expertise to every project and uses the best materials, technologies, and innovative designs
  • The team works closely with each homeowner to fully understand their objectives and find the best possible solution


Nuhaus is a leading green construction firm where constant communication with every client is a top priority. The company strives to listen, understand and respond to each homeowner’s needs.

Exterior corner view of a sleek Nuhaus green  home
One of their modern-type homes, the New Rooad, Dublin project. Courtesy of Nuhaus

With Nuhaus, you can rest assured knowing your home will not only meet your expectations but surpass them.

The company provides customization options to the client. Whether you are planning a kitchen extension, attic conversion, or bathroom renovation, Nuhaus can do it for you. 

The firm is among a select few green home builders in Ireland that consider a client’s unique needs.

When you commission Nuhaus’ special needs service, it will survey your home, discuss your individual requirements, and devise and deliver a budget-friendly, practical solution to make you happy.

Why Choose Nuhaus

  • The first Zoom or office meeting with Nuhaus is free of charge, and so is the initial cost estimate
  • A fully-insured green company
  • Has completed more than 250+ new home builds and home improvement projects
  • Proud member of NISO, National Guild of Master Craftsmen, Home Bond, and Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI)
  • Nuhaus’s sustainable builds outperform government regulations by almost 250%
  • All projects are energy-efficient and nZEB (nearly zero energy building). 

Des Green Construction

Des Green Construction is based in Cork and delivers clients the best professional, sustainable building services.

The company’s founder, Des Green, has nearly two decades of experience in the construction industry.

Interior kitchen view of a Des Green Construction green home
This Albert Road home got a major make over thanks to Des Green Construction. Courtesy of Des Green Construction

Combining his commitment to delivering exceptional customer service with his passion for high-quality, sustainable construction, Mr. Green has acquired a far-reaching portfolio of satisfied clients. 

The company’s high level of recurring customers is a testament to the quality of its artistry and project management skills. 

Des Green offers home building, renovation, external insulation, and plastering services.

In addition, the company provides high-quality services by skilled artisans and even detailed no-obligation quotations to all potential clients.

Why Choose Des Green Construction 

  • Specialized in the construction of all kinds of sustainable commercial and residential properties
  • Offer high-quality service, skilled craftsmen, and no obligation detailed quotations to all potential clients.
  • Proud member of Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) 

Eco Timber Systems

Founded in 1998, Eco Timber Systems is a family-owned and operated green builder in Cork.

The firm started working with local self-builders, facilitating their home construction, but rapidly transformed into working closely with local home developers and builders.

Exterior view of a Eco Timber Systems green home
This low energy barn house was outfitted with the ECO Passive House Timber Frame system. Courtesy of Eco Timber Systems

Over the past few years, construction standards have significantly changed.

Eco Timber Systems had pledged to adapt and meet those necessary changes. As a result, the company is sustainably agile, lean, service-focused, and quality-driven in all aspects of its business.

Today, Eco Timber Systems is recognized as a leading technical expert in the industry.

The firm has several experienced artisans under its wing and uses advanced automated manufacturing techniques to build green homes. 

Why Choose Eco Timber Systems

  • No matter the size of your project, all Eco Timber homes are built on the principles of quality, safety, integrity, sustainability, and responsibility
  • A certified member of NSAI and Eco Irish Timber Frame 
  • Every home comes with high levels of insulation and air-tightness 
  • Clients can build their custom home on time and within their respective budget


Established in 1810, Collen is a family-owned business.

It operates under the guidance of its eighth generation with a strong reputation for building excellent, high-quality homes. It’s a global construction firm with operations in Germany, Sweden, and Ireland.

Interior view of a Collen green apartment
The interior of the Frascati Apartments, a multi-level modern residential project by Collen. Courtesy of Collen

Collen is presently ranked in the top five main building contractors in Ireland and has over 200 years of experience in public and private sector projects as a designer, building contractor, joint venture partner, and management contractor.

Over the years, Collen has successfully negotiated and undertaken projects for an array of clients, including individual homeowners, private companies, large multinational firms, state authorities, and local authorities.

The company garnered a reputation for building sustainable complex projects within respective budgets and timelines. 

Collen is committed to sustainability. Its sustainability practices and policies minimize environmental impact while delivering maximum social and economic benefits to the community. 

Why Choose Collen

  • The company has delivered building excellence throughout Ireland for 200+ years
  • Its construction portfolio includes commercial data centers, industrial warehousing, substations, biopharma, healthcare, retail, education, residential, and conservation projects, stretching from €1 million to €750 million
  • Continually strives to incorporate better sustainable practices to fulfill the needs of the present while recognizing the needs of future generations

Ecotech Homes

Based in Cork, Ecotech Homes strives to get the basics right when building durable green homes.

The firm uses a highly-insulated, airtight building envelope paired with the right external doors, windows, and renewable solutions to provide clients with an A-rated or passive home. 

Exterior rear view of a Ecotech Homes green home
These builders provide you with the complete package to a achieve an A-rated or Passive Home. Courtesy of Ecotech Homes

Ecotech strongly believes that high-performance and passive homes demand a robust, reliable, and high thermal performance to prevent heat loss, drive energy efficiency, control solar gain, and eliminate thermal bridging.

These principles are KPIs in building low-energy, passive, and near passive homes.

Ecotech Homes can also help you minimize energy costs and carbon emissions while maximizing your home’s overall performance and energy efficiency.

Why Choose Ecotech Homes

  • The company offers comprehensive self-build packages to take the difficulty out of building a dream green home for each client
  • Ecotech Homes is a timber frame builder expert making sure every project is sturdy and long-lasting
  • As an award-winning home builder, the company is committed to following the highest building standards in all projects; it provides every client with the most energy-efficient and sustainable home to suit their budget
  • Famous for building passive, low-energy, and near-passive homes

Innovative Home Solutions

Innovative Home Solutions specializes in designing and building passive homes throughout the UK.

The company is dedicated to building energy-efficient and passive houses.

Interior view of an Innovative Home Solutions home's living room
Their in-house designers make sure you have a home that values both form and function. Courtesy of Innovative Home Solutions

This builder has come a long way in reducing its carbon footprint in both building practices and design methodology.

It pairs timber frame designs with superior craftsmanship to create energy-efficient and high-performance sustainable homes.

Innovative Home simplifies building highly sustainable and energy-efficient homes by working with in-house designers.

It claims to have taken the hassle and cost out of the design process with its well-rounded, smart floorplans to create a highly-comfortable, durable, and energy-efficient space. 

Why Choose Innovative Home Solutions 

  • Ensured healthier air quality with the help of super-efficient heat recovery ventilation systems
  • All homes offer a healthier living environment with controlled humidity, pollen and dust reduction, and mold-free practices
  • Since it is both a construction and architectural design firm, it provides a streamlined delivery process, from inception to completion

Forever Green Construction 

Located in County Louth, Forever Green Construction  has 20+ years of experience building energy-efficient, green homes.

Though based in County Louth, the firm also provides construction services across Ireland.

You will be delighted to know that Forever Green Construction uses the best sustainable practices to fulfill your dream home’s requirements.

Whether it is a house extension, renovation, or an entirely new build, the team of experts will find the best solution.

Exterior view of the top of a Forever Green Construction home with workers renovating the roof
Aside from the usual renovation and construction services, Forever Green also offers installation of photovoltaic energy systems. Courtesy of Forever Green Construction

The company understands the importance of finishing a project on time within your respective budget and, most importantly, to the highest standard. 

In addition, all workers hold the necessary qualifications and certificates to build a sustainable home. So, you can relax knowing that your project is in good hands. 

Why Choose Forever Green Construction  

  • It offers various services, including home extension, new build, renovation, and more
  • Uses best sustainable practices to build energy-efficient homes for every client
  • All Forever Green workers hold the necessary qualifications and certificates
  • Extends professional service right from the planning stage 


The origin of this Irish green home builder dates back to 1947. With this massive history comes invaluable experience.

The company uses seven decades of experience to deliver service that reflects its work.

Clancy offers agile construction services, which means they have extensive experience in private and public projects ranging from residential, commercial, education, healthcare, conservation, hospitality, restoration, leisure, and conservation. 

Interior view of a row of Clancy townhomes
The Bloomfield Limerick is a residential development of 154 units spread over 16 acres. Courtesy of Clancy

The firm has an in-house team of expert designers and builders who oversee every project from design to completion.

It also believes in early contractor engagement since it can significantly save costs and time. 

Why Choose Clancy  

  • 1,400+ projects completed
  • 70+ years of experience in the construction industry 
  • The company has 1,100+ satisfied clients
  • Clancy has four offices across Ireland
  • Safety Grade A-certified for nine consecutive years

Green Air Technologies

Green Air Technologies (GAT) was founded in 2008 when Fintan Kearns and Green Air Heating joined forces to make a formidable renewable energy firm.

With over six decades of experience in engineering, construction, and the renewable energy industries, GAT is a well-recognized entity with operating offices in Ireland and the UK.

Exterior front view of a Green Air Technologies home
Aside from traditional heating efficiency methods like external wall insulation, you can also request for solar pv photovoltaic installation. Courtesy of Green Air Technologies

The firm’s head office is located on the Cava-Longford-Leitrim border, but its energy and installation experts operate nationwide.

Green Air Technologies provides a vast range of services to homeowners in several disciplines but specializes in low-energy construction, efficient insulation, and heat pumps—the company delivers tailored renewable solutions and technical expertise to all clients.

While using renewable energy in construction is becoming the norm, Green Air Technologies remains at the forefront with advanced technologies, cutting-edge designs, and construction practices. The aim is to offer clients reliable solutions that are cost-effective and sustainable. 

Why Choose Green Air Technologies

  • The company offers free quotes to every potential client and can provide advice where needed
  • Uses renewable energies to build green homes that are durable, energy-efficient, and long-lasting
  • Excellent track record in quality, innovative designs, customer loyalty, and post-sales services

Mannion Passive House Builders

Established by Cyril Mannion, Mannion Passive House Builders offers sustainable building services from Dublin to Galway to several other areas in West Ireland.

Interior view of a Mannion Passive House Builders green home's living room
The company includes timber frames and insulated concrete forms (ICF) in its building systems options. Courtesy of Mannion Passive House Builders

Over the years, the company has earned the reputation for being one of the best green home builders, constructing A-Rated, passive, and low-energy homes at cost-efficient prices. Mannion is passionate about breathing life into architectural drawings. 

With 30+ years of experience, the firm has undertaken projects of all sizes.

It is best known for providing new construction, upgrades, refurbishments, and groundworks for commercial, residential, and business sectors.

In addition, this company is a one-stop solution for all types of A2-rated NZEB Building Services.

Exterior front view of a Mannion Passive House Builders green home
The Limerick, a Certified Passive House. Courtesy of Mannion Passive House Builders

Why Choose Mannion Passive House Builders

  • Experienced team with 35+ years of experience in the industry 
  • Offers an array of tailored services and building systems to clients 
  • Famous for building low-energy, energy-efficient, and passive homes
  • Delivers the highest quality of work on time and within respective budgets

Greencore Construction 

Greencore Construction specializes in designing and building sustainable and green passive homes all over the United Kingdom.

Exterior view of a Greencore Construction home
The Springfield Meadows project is an award-winning community composed of 25 Climate Positive homes. Courtesy of Power Transition

The company was founded in 2013 by Martin Pike and Ian Pritchett with the objective help small developers and self-builders create low-carbon, high performance homes using natural materials, such as timber, lime, and hemp.

Today, Greencore combines a solid scientific approach with practical and pragmatic delivery with the guidance of an experienced team.

Facade of a wood-paneled Springfield Meadows home by Greencore Homes
Springfield Meadows has completely eliminated dependence on gas utilities. Courtesy of Greencore Homes

Why Choose Greencore Construction 

  • Greencore Construction is accredited by the Local Authority Building Control (LABC) which ensures that new buildings, renovations, conversions, and extensions are safe and high-performing.
  • The company is a multi-award-winning designer and builder climate positive houses. 
  • Greencore Construction has 200 self-builders and developers on their network
  • Provides faster build times, better living comfort, lower environmental impact, and reduced energy bills. 

The Wee House Company 

With almost a decade of experience in green homes under its belt, The Wee House Company aims to make custom buildings accessible anywhere in the United Kingdom, including Ireland.

Founded by the father-daughter duo Ian Hope and Jennifer Higgins, the company has a multi-award-winning history and is blazing the trail in sustainable homes. 

Exterior view of a Wee House Company home on a waterfront
The company prides itself in making “modular homes with character.” Courtesy of The Wee House Company

The company’s depth of construction experience positions it at the forefront of sustainable build innovations.

The project team oversees the entire process through their turnkey service, from planning and design to construction and service installation.

Additionally, this sustainable home builder is accredited by the Build Offsite Property Assurance Scheme (BOPAS), providing quality assurance for unconventional methods of construction.

The company has also been evaluated and approved in accordance with IS0 9001:2015 quality management guidelines, systems, and standards. 

Why Choose The Wee House Company

  • The company is popular for designing, building, and delivering sustainable homes quickly and cost-effectively. 
  • Dealing with a single contractor like this can result in huge cost savings and can also take the stress out of building a home.  
  • Past clients claim that the experience with The Wee House Company is smooth and painless. 
  • The sustainable home construction and finish is ‘5 star’ according to several client testimonials. 
  • The company designs and carries out on-site modular construction of one and two-story structural timber buildings.

Green Future Homes

Green Future Homes strives to be the most trusted and leading provider of quality energy-efficient homes in Ireland and Great Britain.

Established in 2012, it operates from its Armagh office across the island of Ireland.

The company started its journey with Northern Ireland’s first ever government-accredited zero-carbon house.

In addition, it offers faster build times than others (almost five times), saving clients money in the long run.

Exterior front view of the top of a Green Future Homes house with solar panels installed on the roof
The Green Future House, Nothern Ireland’s first zero carbon home. Courtesy of Green Future Homes

Green Future houses have a mini power station that produces its own energy and transfers the excess to the national grid, enabling homeowners to generate income. 

Why Choose Green Future Homes

  • Award-winning innovative blueprint for creating homes that are sustainable and budget-friendly
  • Puts absolute care and attention to detail into all projects
  • A reliable and notable provider of distinctive, quality energy-efficient green homes
  • Green Future Homes’ have a mini power station that produces its own energy


Founded in 1997, Cygnum is Ireland’s leading timber frame processing firm for sustainable green homes. It is based in Cork.

Exterior view of a Cygnum home
They also design contemporary A-rated homes as seen in the Faran Night Moon concept. Courtesy of Cygnum

The company builds timber homes using the best practices of skilled craftsmanship, manufacturing excellence, and the latest technical design and engineering capabilities.

For almost 20+ years, it has made timber frames for homes, schools, hotels, apartment blocks, and public buildings.

Cygnum has a technical engineering and design department that’s continuously driven to improve existing products and use innovative solutions to exceed clients’ expectations.

In 2011, the company built one of the UK’s first Passivhauses.

In 2013, it became the first Irish company to have a Passivhaus system certified by the Passivhaus Institute, Germany. 

Why Choose Cygnum

  • The largest timber frame manufacturer in Ireland
  • The team of talented designers, engineers, and building experts can provide a wealth of experience and knowledge to your sustainable project
  • The first Irish company to have a Passivhaus system certified by the Passivhaus Institute, Germany

Southern Green Homes Ltd. 

With over 20 years of professional experience, Southern Green Homes Ltd. has a team of dedicated and skilled craftsmen using exceptional sustainable practices to build green homes in Ireland.

Exterior front view of a Southern Green Homes Ltd. home
They can also conduct energy audits to effectively assess your home. Courtesy of Southern Green Homes Ltd.

The builder takes great pride in being a green company and is approved by several green entities, such as the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland, ECSSA, NSAI, and more. 

Southern Green offers various services, including new buildings, renovations, insulation, electrical works, roofing, landscaping, boiler services, and more. 

Why Choose Southern Green Homes Ltd. 

  • Munster’s leading sustainable green home builder
  • It is insured and registered
  • Accredited by Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland, ECSSA, NSAI, and more

Green Aspect

Green Aspect has presence in Australia, UK, and Ireland. It was founded to be a team-driven and client-focused construction company. Today, those values are more crucial than ever.

Interior view of a Green Aspect home's living room
A peek into the company’s use of space-saving and energy-efficient fixtures. Courtesy of The Interiors Addict

The company understands that every building project, regardless of size, brings its own challenges. These challenges are undertaken and resolved through the relationships of the stakeholders involved in building a sustainable structure.

From designers to vendors and project managers to homeowners, for Green Aspect, maintaining relationships and trust are the success factors of every building project. 

Why Choose Green Aspect 

  • Winner of the Fit-Out Project of the Year – Residential 
  • Offers exemplary customer service 

Emerald Eco Homes

Emerald Eco Homes specializes in building low-energy, high-quality homes at affordable prices.

With over 20 years in the building sector serving Ireland and abroad, you can trust this company to effectively deliver your next sustainable green home.

Emerald Eco Homes incorporates excellent workmanship and sustainable materials to create quality green homes for its customers. It ensures that all homes are comfortable and provide healthy living environments.

A sprawling multi-level home set in a manicured lawn in the Irish countryside by Emerald Eco Homes
Transforming your home into a Passive House is one of Emerald Eco Homes’ specialties. Courtesy of Emerald Eco Homes

This builder specializes in the following:

  • Turnkey projects: It can take full responsibility and ownership of the construction project, especially for busy clients. If you opt for this, the company will provide a contact point to liaise with as you focus on other projects.
  • Design and build: This is where you get a one-stop for designing, planning applications, and building services. Therefore, you get a single contact point from concept to completion.

We featured this company on this list due to its focus on being a reliable partner. It fosters long-term relationships with customers through quality work, honesty, respect, and trust.

You can opt to have the company design and build for you a passive house with up to 90% energy savings. The best part is that it will use natural, sustainable construction materials throughout the project to make your home green.

Why Choose Emerald Eco Homes

  • It uses cellulose insulation to make homes more energy-efficient
  • Eco Homes are built with natural, sustainable materials
  • It designs and builds passive homes that save up to 90% of energy
  • Get a home with low energy consumption

Ecogreen Homes

Finally, Ecogreen Homes is another builder you can entrust with your green building project in Ireland. It provides a wide variety of prefabricated self-build home kits for all budgets and households.

The company stands out due to its eco-friendly design that incorporates modern and traditional architecture. This design is sympathetic to the landscape and can be molded to fit specific requirements or locations.

A rendering of he Den home model by Ecogreen Homes
The Den is a 102-square-meter home that can accommodate 2-3 bedrooms. Courtesy of Ecogreen Homes

Ecogreen Homes specializes in the following two types of homes:

  • Prefab timber frame: These are available in passive and standard sets. The best part is that you can send the company your floor plan for cost estimation.
  • Handcrafted log cabins: It customizes handcrafted log cabins to meet a client’s needs.

The company’s sustainable homes are designed with some of the most efficient heat recovery ventilation systems. You can also opt for a Mechanical Extract Ventilation (MEV) system.

With endless bespoke design options, this company offers an opportunity for self-builders to realize their visions at a manageable cost.

Why Choose Ecogreen Homes

  • Its prefabricated construction takes significantly less time and will save you money
  • Consistent quality is guaranteed since the project takes place in a controlled factory environment
  • Safety and security are guaranteed
  • Highly energy-efficient prefabricated homes due to the use of eco-friendly insulation and energy-efficient doors and windows  

Selecting a Suitable Green Builder for Your Needs

Investing in your new green home is indeed a huge commitment. However, there are several companies in Ireland for you if you wish to experience everything sustainable housing offers.

These builders are a great starting point for individuals and families ready to design, build, and live in an eco-friendly house. 

Consider contacting the firm offering the type of home and services you seek. Some provide more customization options than others, so be sure to have an idea of your home’s final design before going ahead and hiring any of them.

On the other hand, if you love the allure of the Highlands, we can also provide a list of The Top 30 Sustainable Green Home Builders In Scotland.

Or would you prefer the ruggedlandscape of the Welsh coastline? We’ve also compiled the The Top 7 Sustainable Green Home Builders In Wales.

Best of luck and happy home hunting!

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