The Minnesota state sign along the freeway welcomes visitors to the state.

If you currently live in-state and are looking to relocate, or you’re considering a move to Minnesota, a modular home could provide a smooth transition.

But, what modular home builders are there to work with in Minnesota?

This guide will introduce you to the best modular home builders across the North Star State and the homes you can customize. By the time you’re done reading, you should have found your perfect builder! So, let’s get started.

Alexandria Homes, Inc.

Beginning our list is Alexandria Homes, Inc. This modular construction company was founded in 1996 to make housing more affordable in the Alexandria area. 

Exterior front view of an Alexandria Homes, Inc. modular home.
Courtesy of Alexandria Homes, Inc.

The Alexandria Homes, Inc. team is insured, bonded, and licensed and currently has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. 

What We Like

Do you want to move to Minnesota in double-quick time? Alexandria Homes has a variety of quick move-in homes available. These modular homes are already built on a carefully select lot. 

Side by side photos of interior views of an Alexandria Homes, Inc. modular home.
Courtesy of Alexandria Homes, Inc.

You can look at all the details, such as the square footage, pricing, and home amenities on the Alexandria Homes website before you make up your mind.

The homes are available as rentals or permanent residences. Don’t delay if you find a home you like, as it won’t be around for very long! 

Dynamic Homes

With a rich company history of more than 50 years, Dynamic Homes has always made it the company goal to produce custom, high-quality modular homes for Minnesotans. 

Exterior front view of a Dynamic Homes modular home.
Courtesy of Dynamic Homes

Dynamic Homes also serves Nebraska, Wisconsin, Iowa, South Dakota, and North Dakota.

This Detroit Lakes business specializes in modular tiny homes, chalets, split-levels, split-entries, two-stories, and ramblers. You can even browse a pre-existing home plan and then customize it.

Interior view of a Dynamic Homes modular home
Courtesy of Dynamic Homes

Should you want an even fuller degree of control over your home design, Dynamic Homes gives you the option to design and build your house entirely from scratch. 

What We Like

Dynamic Homes has a unique selection of homes to choose from. These include commercial and residential properties alike as well as tribal housing.

Friendship Homes

Founded in 1982, Friendship Homes is a prominent name in modular building in Minnesota. 

Interior view of a Friendship Homes modular home's kitchen.
Courtesy of Friendship Homes

The company’s appeal has spread to other states as well, which explains why Friendship Homes is known in Wisconsin, South and North Dakota, Montana, and parts of Canada. 

Friendship Homes builds modular properties that are inexpensive, elegant, and eco-friendly. In addition, the factory belonging to Friendship Homes is environmentally-protected, the company says.

Exterior front view of a Friendship Homes modular home.
Courtesy of Friendship Homes

What does this mean? Snow, mold, and rain will never get in and affect the home-building process. Plus, you can get your perfect prefab home built faster without any risk of weather delays! 

What We Like

Those aren’t the only eco-friendly features, either! Friendship Homes builds its unique brand of homes with an insulated duct system, Low-E glass thermal windows, corning fiberglass insulation exterior walls, and eco-friendly furnaces. 

Schult Redwood Falls

Next on our list is Schult Redwood Falls, established in 1934. That’s right, this company has been going about 90 years! 

Exterior front view of a Schult Redwood Falls modular home.
Courtesy of Schult Redwood Falls

So even back before energy efficiency was a big buzzword in the world of modular home building, Schult was doing it.

Today, the Redwood Falls modular builder continues that legacy of excellence. If you want a teeny-tiny home, you can buy a structure that’s 500 square feet. Larger models exceed 2,500 square feet, so there is undoubtedly some good variety here to find the right size for your needs.  

Interior kitchen view of a Schult Redwood Falls modular home.
Courtesy of Schult Redwood Falls

What We Like

Customizing your Schult Redwood Falls home is easy. You can select options such as the home’s siding, shakes, shingles, cabinets, backsplash, wall tile, countertops, and floors. 

Highland Manufacturing 

Worthington’s Highland Manufacturing has been a staple in the area for two decades and counting. The company prioritizes customer satisfaction, top-line construction, and innovation at every turn. 

Interior kitchen view of a Highland Manufacturing modular home.
Courtesy of Highland Manufacturing

The construction of Highland’s modular homes is up to state and national building codes. This company is obsessed with quality, and it shows!

What We Like

Highland Manufacturing offers homes between 500 and 2,300 square feet that are single-story or multi-story. You can customize any of the designs to your heart’s content. 

Ideal Homes

With more than 45 years of extensive history, Ideal Homes in Barnum works with area home builders such as Dynamic Homes, Midcountry Homes, and Commodore Homes to build lasting modular properties. 

Interior view of an Ideal Homes modular cabin home
Courtesy of Ideal Homes

You can also select from two tiny home models, Wolfe and Morgan. The Wolfe is a 700-square foot prefab home with one bathroom and two bedrooms. 

The Morgan is slightly smaller at 568 square feet. The home includes a 79-square-foot covered porch, a 25-square-foot covered entry, and two bedrooms. 

Exterior front view of an Ideal Homes modular cabin home
Courtesy of Ideal Homes

What We Like

If you’re not sure which of Ideal Homes’ great options is right for you, you can take a 3D tour of any property through the company’s website. 

Woodlund Homes

Woodlund Homes was founded in 1965 and serves Wyoming and Minnesota residents. 

All its custom homes are built in Woodlund’s facility. The home modules go through an assembly line to add features like ceilings, plumbing, wiring, walls, and floors, not to mention interior features. 

Interior kitchen view of a Woodlund Homes modular home
Courtesy of Woodlund Homes

The team at Woodlund uses green building measures whenever possible, adding geothermal cooling and heating systems, extra insulation, low-flow toilets, engineered wood floors, hard-plank siding, and oriented strand board features.

What We Like

The variety of modular homes Woodlund offers is quite expansive, including ranches and two stories. 

Woodlund also builds the houses in its own Cornerstone Series. These 1,000-square-foot homes include at least one bathroom and several bedrooms. The Rustic Retreat series consists of homes up to 3,300 square feet and include log construction for a cozy place to call your own. 

Northstar Systembuilt

Marshall’s own Northstar Systembuilt is a modular builder founded in 1995. Originally a family-owned company, Northstar grew extensively once beginning to focus on modular homes. 

Interior kitchen view of a Northstar Systembuilt modular home.
Courtesy of Northstar Systembuilt

The team prides itself on its quality control measures that each house passes before it’s shipped to you, the happy customer. You can even tour the Northstar Systembuilt factory to see how their homes are built! 

What We Like

Northstar Systembuilt will build you a cape cod, ranch, or two-story modular home. You can also select between two Northstar-exclusive home series, the Classic Series or Platinum Series.

Exterior front view of a Northstar Systembuilt modular home.
Courtesy of Northstar Systembuilt

According to Northstar, the Classic Series homes are buyer-friendly, providing timeless designs that are exquisitely appealing.

The Platinum Series is for those with a bigger budget who want a deluxe property with all the whistles and bells. Your home will include at least 2,000 square feet, several bedrooms, and multiple bathrooms.


Minnesota has a variety of talented, dedicated, and passionate modular builders throughout the state. Many have been in business for well over 20 years, so they have a long-standing reputation you can trust.

Whether your dream modular home is a tiny property or a huge family home, you can get it built in Minnesota! 

Also, be sure to check out our lists of modular builders in nearby states, including Montana, South Dakota, and Wisconsin, as many of the companies in those states may service your area of Minnesota, too.

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