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Home wind turbine kits are usually expensive, and many affordable ones are often unreliable. So, you can spend several thousand dollars for a marginal boost in power or shop for a few reliable small wind turbine kits that don’t break the bank. 

The top small wind turbine kits that don’t break the bank include models from Dyna-Living, Pikasola, and Hilitand. Tumo-Int and Primus turbine kits are costlier in comparison but not exorbitantly. However, these small wind turbines have a limited power generation capacity. 

Recently, vertical-axis wind turbines have made a splash in the market, but their efficacy, efficiency, return on investment, and practicality are yet to be proven

So, this list only consists of horizontal axis wind turbine kits that are reliable and affordable. Read on for our recommendations.

The Top Small Wind Turbine Kits for Under $200

Small wind turbine shot from underneath against a clear blue sky with clouds
The YaeMarine wind turbine generator kit features a sturdy build that can withstand wind.

YaeMarine Wind Turbine Generator Kit

The YaeMarine Wind Turbine Generator Kit (400W, 24V) is an efficient and effective option if you only have $200 to spare. YaeMarine’s windmill generator has a turbine featuring five nylon fiber blades that is rated for 400W with a max wattage of 430W. 


  • Quality construction (nylon fiber blades, die-cast aluminum alloy cabin, neodymium iron boron magnet, etc.)
  • Low start-up wind speed (4.5 mph (7.2 km/h))
  • High max wind tolerance (100 mph (162 km/h))
  • Auto wind direction adjustment 
  • Resistant to oxidation, corrosion, and ultraviolet radiation

We should note that the operating temperatures of -40°F to 176°F (-4.4°C to 80°C) are usually a norm for small wind turbine generator kits, and YaeMarine is no exception.


  • The kit excludes the essential wiring cable
  • The three-phase AC permanent magnet generator (PMG) is noisy
  • The real-world power output is likely to be much less than 400W in most places—even if you account for this product’s relatively lower purchase price, YaeMarine’s wattage may be a dealbreaker

Dyna-Living Wind Turbine Generator Kit (500W, 12V)

The Dyna-Living Wind Turbine Generator Kit has five blades and a charge controller. Also, you get a user manual and all the mounting accessories but not the mast or pole. 

Meanwhile, the Dyna-Living 500W 24V AC Generator Kit includes the turbine, charge controller, and screws. This small wind turbine kit doesn’t have the mast or pole either. 

However, most small to medium home wind turbine kits at these prices won’t include a mast because the onsite installations aren’t the same as those for higher-priced models. 

The reason we lumped these models together is that their specifications are pretty similar, including:

  • Maximum or peak power: 500W
  • Rotor diameter: 55.11 inches (1.4 meters)
  • Start-up wind speed: 4.47 mph (7.2 km/h)
  • Optimum wind speed: 29.08 mph (46.8 km/h)
  • Survival Wind Speed: 111.84 mph (180 km/h)


  • The three-phase generator’s permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) is less noisy.   
  • Due to the blade length, the rotor diameter is one of the highest within this price range. 
  • The blades are sturdy, courtesy of the nylon fiber and copper inlay. 
  • The Teflon coil is resistant to scorching temperatures without affecting the power output.
  • The turbine’s braking mechanism protects the installation from extreme winds.
  • Even if the average power output is below the peak 500W, the energy generated is higher than the real-world capacity of other affordable 400W wind turbines.    


  • While the start-up wind speed is low, the optimum operating requirements are slightly higher than other small wind turbines in this class.
  • The braking system may stop the turbine when the wind speeds aren’t too high.
  • Even when the wind speed is optimum, the real-world average power output may not exceed 400W.  

The Top Small Wind Turbine Kits Between $200 and $500

Small wind turbines in a row across the ocean
The Pikasola is a solid mid-priced option, although it doesn’t include a battery.

The models within this price range are attractive because two credible brands have home wind turbine kits offering significantly different rated power outputs. Also, Pikasola’s 12V, 400W wind turbine kit has a marginally higher price than Hilitand’s 24V, 800W generator. 

Pikasola Wind Turbine Generator Kit

Pikasola is as well-known a brand as Dyna-Living, but its small wind turbine kits have different specs. According to the current listing, the Pikasola Wind Turbine Generator Kit has a somewhat understated peak power output.

The published specifications of the Pikasola Wind Turbine Generator Kit (400W, 12V/24V) include:

  • Five nylon fiber blades
  • Die-cast aluminum alloy cabin
  • Neodymium iron boron magnet
  • Automatic windward angle adjustment
  • 5.6 mph (9 km/h) start-up wind speed 
  • 29 mph (approx. 47 km/h) rated wind speed
  • 6.7 to 56 mph (10.8 to 90 km/h) functional wind speed
  • 90 mph (144 km/h) maximum wind speed
  • 12V / 24V DC
  • 400W rated power
  • 410W max power

While the rated and max power outputs are 400W and 410W, respectively, this Pikasola small wind turbine has an amp rating of 50A and 25A for 12V and 24V terminal voltages. So, this turbine kit is actually rated for 600W (50A x 12V or 25A x 24V), as shown on its generator controller label. 

Nevertheless, a higher wattage or greater amperage for the same resting voltage is a boon. Even if you don’t get 600W, you can expect 400W — something that those rated at the lower wattages usually don’t deliver in real-world conditions and under various wind strengths.


  • The box has everything (including installation notes), albeit no mast or pole and battery.  
  • Pikasola recommends iron or steel pipes with an approximately 50 mm (two-inch) diameter, a requirement many brands don’t discuss.
  • This small wind turbine kit is suitable for your home, boat, recreational vehicle, and as a hybrid unit with solar or other systems for remote installations.
  • The operating wind speed range is broader than almost all other turbine generators within its price range.   


  • The start-up and optimum wind speeds are slightly higher than most turbine generators of 400W capacity, so the actual power output can vary.
  • The maximum wind speed for safety or survival is slightly less than other similar-sized models. 

Hilitand Small Wind Turbine Generator Kit

Of all the Hilitand small wind turbine kits you’ll find online, the Hilitand Small Wind Turbine Generator Kit is the cheapest in its range.  

The features and specifications of this 24V, 800W Hilitand small wind turbine kit include:

  • Five nylon fiber blades
  • , each 60 cm (23.6 inches) long
  • 1.2 meters (approx. 4 feet) rotor diameter  
  • 4.5 mph (7.2 km/h) start-up wind speed 
  • 26.9 mph (43.2 km/h) rated wind speed
  • Approx. 112 mph (180 km/h) maximum wind speed
  • Three-phase AC PMSM generator
  • Yaw and electromagnetic controller system
  • Automatic wind direction angle adjustment

The wind turbine kit includes the blades, motor, and controller. Also, the box has a blade cover, spacer, and a fastening tool bag. 


  • Small size, given the 800W power output capacity
  • Automatic current and voltage adjustment
  • The permanent magnet synchronous motor generator is low-noise
  • The injection-molded blades are more aerodynamic than the typical models in the range


  • The kit doesn’t include the wires
  • The real-world wattage is much less than 800W if the wind speeds aren’t around 26.9 mph (43.2 km/h)
  • This model has no warranty info, so you have to check with the seller or manufacturer

The Top Small Wind Turbine Kits for $500-$1,000

Small wind turbine with green tip pointing at a blue sky with white clouds
The Primus Wind Power Air 40 Turbine Generator Kit is a great example of a high-priced small turbine that gets the job done.

Small wind turbine kits within the $500 to $1,000 price range don’t necessarily have a higher-rated or maximum power output capacity. However, the product quality is much better, especially considering the design, engineering, craftsmanship, and other specifications. 

Primus Wind Power Air 40 Turbine Generator Kit

The Primus Wind Power Air 40 is a small wind turbine for home or mobile installations, albeit only for land-based applications. A similar turbine kit is the Primus Wind Power Air 30

The Primus Wind Power Air 40 model is rated 12V, 24V, and 48V. Therefore, you can select any one that suits your needs. In addition, the prices don’t differ much among these variants. 

Some features and specifications of Primus Wind Power Air 40 include:

  • Tested and rated for 40 kWh per month at an average wind speed of 13 mph (around 21 km/h)
  • A rotor diameter of 46 inches (1.17 meters) with a swept area of 11.5 sq ft (1.07 sq m)
  • Three injection-molded composite blades
  • The turbine body is made of permanent mold cast aluminum
  • It weighs 13 lbs (5.9 kg), but the shipped item weighs 17 lbs (7.7 kg)
  • A starting wind speed is seven mph (11.26 km/h)
  • An operating wind speed range of 7-49 mph (11.26 to approx. 79 km/h)
  • A maximum wind tolerance or survival speed is 90 mph (approx. 149 km/h)
  • A microprocessor-based turbine smart controller
  • The alternator is a permanent magnet brushless motor
  • The Air 40 model has an electronic torque control for overspeed protection

You need an SCH 40 pipe with inner and outer diameters of 1.5 inches and 1.9 inches (38 mm and 48 mm). The Air 40 model is suitable for lighting, telecom, off-grid power at home, and other applications, including water pumping. 


  • It’s easy to install since the lightweight yet sturdy kit is a plug-and-play setup.
  • The permanent magnet brushless motor generates minimal noise and vibration.
  • The smart controller microprocessor enhances the turbine’s efficiency.
  • The operating wind speed range is optimally utilized without any mechanical braking.
  • The torque control protects the turbine from strong winds and storms.
  • Primus offers a five-year limited warranty on Air 40 and other wind turbine kits.  


  • The Schedule 40 pipe isn’t included in the kit.
  • The survival wind speed isn’t the best in class.
  • It’s not one of the cheapest 400W wind turbine kits.  

The Top Home Wind Turbine Kits for Over $1,000

We know—this is supposed to be a list of small wind turbine kits that don’t break the bank. However, if you have a couple of thousand dollars or so lying around, you may want to consider the Tumo-Int and Primus home wind turbine kits. 

Their product quality and reliability are miles above what I’ve listed before, though there’s a significant difference between their rated power output.

Tumo-Int Wind Turbine Generator Kit

The Tumo-Int Wind Turbine Generator Kit is available in two versions. The three-blade kit is for windy regions, while the five-blade variant is more suitable where wind speeds are low. Also, you can choose a 24V or 48V 1,000W-rated Tumo-Int turbine kit. 

The features and specifications of this Tumo-Int small wind turbine include:

  • The max rated power is 1,050W
  • A start-up wind speed of 5.6 mph (9 km/h)
  • An optimum wind speed of 28 mph (45 km/h)
  • Maximum wind speed tolerance of 90 mph (144 km/h)
  • Automatic wind adjustment and output optimization
  • MPPT with software-enabled monitoring, adjustment, and boosting features
  • Electromagnetic and mechanical over-speed control and fault alarm system


  • Sturdy construction with nylon fiber blades, thicker bearings, and Teflon wire
  • Aerodynamic design and efficient generator with low noise and nominal vibration
  • Effective wind energy conversion at low starting and optimum speeds
  • Software-enabled control and reports with support in multiple languages
  • Three-year warranty with free maintenance service and 30 days replacement guarantee


  • The minimum installation height is 20 feet (six meters) above all nearby obstructions
  • The installation precondition may call for special equipment or professional help
  • The peak power output is only at steady, optimum wind speeds of around 28 mph (45 km/h)

Primus Air Silent X Wind Turbine

The Primus Air Silent X Wind Turbine Kit shares most of the specifications of the Air 40 model. However, the Air Silent X is for land and marine applications.

Therefore, we’ll only highlight the features that are different from the Air 40 turbine, including:

  • Rated for 12V, DC, 440W power output at up to 90 amp-hour
  • Carbon fiber blades with corrosion-resistant paint
  • Marine-grade seal (o-ring) and stainless steel fasteners
  • Upgraded hub and motor generating almost no noise


  • Suitable for land-based and marine applications
  • Turbine noise is approximately 40 dB, whereas most models are around 65 dB loud
  • Tested and rated 400W power output at 29 mph (approx. 46 km/h) wind speed
  • A five-year warranty, which is currently the best per the industry standard


  • It’s expensive, especially considering the limited 400W/440W power output under ideal conditions
  • The kit doesn’t include the mast or pipe for land-based applications
  • The box doesn’t have the stays or poles for marine installations

Final Thoughts

The prices of small wind turbine kits rated 400W to 800W vary from under $200 to over $1,000. Very few companies have 1,000W to 2,000W turbine kits for under $2,000. 

Also, most don’t deliver the peak output—higher outputs would require you to break the bank.


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