A rock formation atop a plateau in Nunavut, Canada, with rolling, snow-capped hills off in the distance

Modular homes are becoming a more popular choice for homeowners in Nunavut. With the extreme weather conditions in the territory, choosing a home that can be easily assembled and withstands the harsh climate makes sense.

However, finding home builders specializing in this type of construction can be challenging. So we’ve scoured the internet and listed two picks for the best modular home builders in Nunavut to save you time and help you make an informed decision.

Guy Architects

Since 1999, Guy Architects has worked on various building projects, including modular homes in the unique climate conditions of Nunavut and the Northwest Territories. 

Exerior front view of a Guy Architects modular home
Courtesy of Guy Architects

This full-service company has the best team in Nunavut dedicated to helping homeowners leverage their expertise in designing, programming, constructing, and assembling beautiful factory-built homes. The company is also adept at costing, interior designing, and presentations.   

Over the years, Guy Architects has gained invaluable engineering and architectural experience in the province. It knows the ins and outs of building resilient and stylish homes for remote locations that can withstand the extreme north weather conditions and stay in place for years. 

When you start a project with Guy Architects, you can rest assured that quality design, efficiency, and sustainability will be the guiding principles at every step, regardless of location and budget.

The team goes above and beyond to meet homeowners’ requirements and exceed their expectations by delivering maximum value. The designers also ensure each element of the house is a true reflection of the culture, environment, and economy of Nunavut.

Striving for innovation, Guy Architects is committed to improving the range and quality of its services in partnership with Summit Circle Developments.

Interior view of a Guy Architects modular home's skylight
Courtesy of Guy Architects

Apart from residential units, it specializes in building recreational, industrial, and commercial properties and mixed-use buildings.

With its office located in the urban center of Iqaluit, Guy Architects invite people in Nunavut to make their prefab home dream a reality.

Regardless of your goals, demands, and expectations for building such a home, you can expect this specialized builder to deliver a product you’ll be proud to call home. The company’s multi-disciplinary services ensure you’ll receive a well-integrated, state-of-the-art unit at a competitive price.

Red Boat Properties

Red Boat Properties is another company that provides the best modular construction services in Nunavut, delivering units designed for the Arctic climate.

The company constructs all prefab homes in an eco-friendly and quality-controlled environment. Red Boat completes the design and construction process in the factory before transporting the final unit to your desired location.  As a result, you can expect minimal building costs and hassle-free assembly on site within weeks.

Exterior view of a Red Boat Properties modular home under construction in its factory environment
Courtesy of Prefabium.com

Red Boat Properties uses the highest quality building materials for extra-rigid construction. As a result, your dwelling will have optimal thermal value and a wood siding with a 20-year warranty.

Moreover, the company follows energy-efficient building practices and the latest architectural techniques to ensure your house looks aesthetically pleasing and helps you lower energy costs and your carbon footprint. Using the best construction materials also increases the durability of the structures.

Whether you want a simple modular home with minimalistic design elements or have complicated project requirements, Red Boat Properties will give you a decent quote and work with diligence to streamline the construction and installation process to meet your time frame.

It will customize every corner of your home to your needs and lifestyle. You can bring any demands to the table during the design phase, and Red Boat Properties will take care of it.

The team has years of combined experience developing stunning and highly-efficient prefab homes in Nunavut. It is easy to work with and will keep you in the loop from start to finish, ensuring you’re satisfied with the progress and results.

Wrapping Up 

You’re not alone if you’re considering building a modular dwelling in Nunavut.

Many residents of this beautiful Canadian province love the convenience and efficiency of modular homes. As discussed, there are a few good reasons for this trend — cost-effectiveness, energy efficiency, and ease of customization to name a few.

Many modular homes are so energy efficient that they are designated net-zero, producing as much energy as they consume. You can discuss this with your chosen firm to set realistic expectations from the start.

Also, be sure to check out our list of the top sustainable green builders in Nunavut, as some of the companies featured might be able to offer modular homes and may service your area of the province.

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