Sustainable green homes, buildings, and mountains along the coastline in Nunavut

The population and topography of Nunavut, Canada, are fascinating, each playing a role in why people flock to this province. However, if you’re an eco-conscious person who wants to live sustainably, finding a reliable builder who guarantees perfection can be challenging.

When it comes to sustainable construction, you want to hire a skilled and experienced builder.

Such a builder will not compromise your home’s comfort and will ensure the project is code-compliant.

In this post, we discuss the top sustainable green home builders in Nunavut, Canada. These builders focus heavily on sustainable and environmentally friendly building practices to bring you the home of your dreams.

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The Best Green Home Builders in Nunavut

For lower energy bills and carbon footprint, here is our list of the best green home builders in Nunavut, Canada.

Our selection includes:

  • Precision Craft Log & Timber Homes
  • GC-North Construction Inc. 
  • Arctic Canada Construction Ltd. 
  • Illu Inc.

So, without further fuss, let’s dig into what each of these acclaimed sustainable construction companies has to offer prospective Nunavut homebuyers.

Precision Craft Log & Timber Homes

Established in 1990, Precision Craft Log & Timber Homes is one of the premier custom luxury timber and log home builders in North America.

Building a sustainable mountain-style house in Canada’s three rustic territories (Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut) is an excellent fit because of these homes’ authenticity and efficiency.

Exterior front view of a Precision Craft Log & Timber Homes green home
Courtesy of Precision Craft Log & Timber Homes

While other green companies may provide log kits, this builder offers a “Total Home Solution” that starts with the custom design of your home and ends when you step into a beautifully built green home.

Instead of just focusing on the log materials, the company treats your custom home project as a whole, providing all the necessary services to complete your dream house.

Moreover, Precision Craft uses the highest quality wood and energy-efficient ICFs and SIPs to build sustainable and long-lasting homes. The green company also allows clients to tailor floor plans according to their needs. 

Interior view of a Precision Craft Log & Timber Homes green home
Courtesy of Precision Craft Log & Timber Homes

As a National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) member, the company has access to the information and tools necessary to provide clients with the best quality homes.

Why Choose Precision Craft Log & Timber Homes

  • Member of the NAHB
  • Homes are energy-efficient and use LEAN building procedures to reduce waste and energy consumption
  • Offers several innovative lifestyle floorplans to easily personalize your home and get the layout of your preference
  • Specialized in sustainable and quality-built homes in the Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut regions since 1990
  • Detailed knowledge of energy-efficient building techniques for mountain-style homes

GC North Construction Inc. (GCN)

If you’re looking for exceptional customer service while building your home, then this Nunavut-based company is for you.

GC North Construction Inc. has extensive knowledge of sustainable, energy-efficient, and cost-effective building practices.

Exterior view of a a row of green home apartments by GC North Construction Inc.
Courtesy of GC North Construction Inc.

This builder can also help you with legislative compliance, procurement, and the logistics of your dream green home. Regardless of the project scale, the company will happily meet your needs.

Why Choose GC North Construction

  • With 20+ years of project delivery in the north, GC North has gathered extensive northern construction knowledge and experience 
  • The company focuses on safety, quality, and sustainability by applying best practices.
  • Commitment to providing home building services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction

Arctic Canada Construction Ltd. 

Founded in 1995, Arctic Canada Construction has over 25 years of experience working in the arctic, remote locations, and severe climates.

Exterior front view of a school constructed by Arctic Canada Construction Ltd. with fireplace in front of the entryway
Courtesy of Arctic Canada Construction Ltd.

There isn’t a single community in the Nunavut and the Northwest Territories where this company hasn’t had shovels in the ground and shared its expertise on cold climate envelope designs coupled with top-of-the-line construction management.

Whether you need general contracting services for your home or need more specialized services in designing and constructing commercial or industrial buildings in Canada’s northern communities, Arctic Canada Construction Ltd. (ARCAN) is a standout option.

Why Choose Arctic Canada Construction Ltd.

  • The only company in Northwest Territories following the National COR Standards
  • In-house architects take responsibility for designing and constructing energy-efficient homes from concept to completion, including approvals, project documentation, quality control and safety, and construction services.
  • Experienced professionals and skilled trades personnel provide a vast range of design and building services

Illu Inc.

Illu Inc. is a company that fosters sustainability in everything it does. It collaborates with other companies in Nunavut to deliver energy-efficient homes for customers.

With a goal to be a leader in sustainable and energy-efficient projects in Nunavut, Illu Inc. has an experienced team with an interdisciplinary background that helps generate new insights. Through these new insights, the company delivers the kind of value its clients need.

The company stands out for developing, testing, and deploying residential and commercial housing projects with proven renewable technologies that work in Canada.

As a Nunavut Clean Energy Educator, it promotes clean energy solutions by building energy-efficient homes for Nunavummiut.

The best part is that Illu Inc. wants its clients to save more on their energy bills. Therefore, it partners with renowned renewable energy experts to create efficient building envelopes.

Building envelopes enhances the quality of life while lowering energy costs.

Why Choose Illu Inc.

  • Highly experienced team with new insights in green building
  • Highly energy-efficient homes that will help you save money on energy bills
  • It partners with other experts in the industry to create truly sustainable homes 

Final Word – Selecting a Suitable Nunavut Green Builder

Choosing to build an eco-friendly and sustainable home is equivalent to creating a safe and comfortable space for you and your family

So, when it comes to building a home in Nunavut or any other province, we suggest you first speak to past clients, scrutinize each company’s license with the municipality’s licensing board, and get competitive quotes from several companies.

The right builder can help you maintain the value of your home for many years, so be sure to make an intelligent and informed decision when choosing one. 

That said, if you’re searching for a new home or wish to invest in an eco-friendly construction project to promote environmental well-being, don’t think twice about picking any builder mentioned above.

These green building companies will definitely help you construct a safe and unique space, giving you immense satisfaction and joy.

Moreover, by promoting green practices, you can play your part in lowering the use of toxic pollutants that hurt our environment. 

Remember, eco-friendly structures can collectively bring us one step closer to a greener and healthier planet—somewhere our future generations will be content and safe. 

We hope this shortlist of the best green builders in Nunavut makes it easier for you to pick a company, and we wish you luck in this pursuit of creating the sustainable home you envision.

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