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Delaware is one of the smallest states in the United States, second only to Rhode Island. It is spread over only about 4,000 square miles, which is roughly equal to only 0.3% of the landmass of Alaska, the biggest state in the US.

Although it may rank low among states regarding geographic size, Delaware houses approximately a million people, making it one of the most densely populated states, climbing its way up to number six on the list of densely populated states. 

A rapidly growing population in an otherwise small state has raised many problems for the locals. Increased exposure to air pollution and proximity to factories and other toxic chemical-producing companies has negatively affected the environment and health of individuals.

To combat these problems, inhabitants of Delaware are switching to green lifestyles, including building safe and sustainable houses. In 2006, Delaware joined the US Green Building Council and has since worked extensively to combat climate change.

So if you are considering a relocation to or in Delaware, choosing a sustainable, green home is a popular, wise decision. But, what sustainable home construction options are there to choose from in the state?

After an extensive review, we have come up with a list of some of the best builders in Delaware that support sustainable and green development to assist your search. 

But first, let’s consider why there is a need to transition to sustainable green construction. 

Why Is There A Need To Switch to Sustainable Home Building?

Switching to green and sustainable building will reduce your carbon footprint. In addition, it can be easy on your wallet and safe for the health and wellbeing of you and your family.

Using recyclable and eco-friendly materials and new and advanced technology such as tankless heaters and other Energy Star-certified appliances reduces utility bills significantly. 

Other advantages of building green homes include:

  • 85% of future US energy demands can be met by switching to sustainable building
  • The green home building market grosses over $12 billion annually
  • 40% of CO2 emissions are from construction alone, which can be reduced by green building

The Best Green Home Builders in Delaware

Our list consists of eight top sustainable builders in Delaware that stand head and shoulders above the rest, including: 

  • Green Diamond Builders Inc.
  • Insight Homes
  • Turnstone Custom Homes
  • Bay to Beach Builders Inc.
  • JS Homes
  • Garrison Homes
  • Hunter Creek Homes
  • Capstone Homes

So, without further ado, let’s break down the specifics of what each of these acclaimed builders offers homebuyers.

Green Diamond Builders Inc.

This family-owned business was established in 2004. Since then, Green Diamond Builders Inc. has shown a deep commitment to its customers.

Green Diamond Builders Inc. provides top-notch services and customization. The company specializes in residential and commercial plots it constructs per your requirements. 

Exterior view of a Green Diamond Builders Inc. green home
Courtesy of Green Diamond Builders Inc.

It prides itself on being a full-service company. From the day you put forward your design to the day you officially move in, the company will support you. 

Green Diamond has a list of available sites all over Delaware. It builds houses in communities as well as other locations. A personal realtor can help you find the perfect place that fits your budget. 

Bonus? Green Diamond Builders has a separate design center where you can pour in your ideas and bring them to life!

Why Choose Green Diamond Builders Inc.?

  • High customization ability
  • Helps with acquiring permits
  • Offers full packages 
  • Helps you find your ideal plot if you don’t like any from the available portfolio

Insight Homes

If you are looking for a home building company that will build the most cost-effective and green home for you, look no further than Insight Homes!

The core principle behind Insight Homes is energy efficiency which is why it has been the undisputed winner of the Department of Energy’s ‘Most Certified Homes on the Year’ for two years running (2020, 2021).

Interior view of a Insight Homes green home
Courtesy of Insight Homes

It believes in homes that are low maintenance and reduce your cost over time. Houses built by Insight Homes are fitted with on-demand water heaters and insulators and have dual fuel hybrid systems, ceiling fans, and other energy-efficient components. 

The walls are painted using low-VOC paints that improve the indoor air quality and keep your family secure and healthy. Other advanced construction techniques, such as panelized walls and framed doors, are also used, ensuring the highest build quality. 

All residential plots built by Insight are durable, comfortable, and eco-friendly to ensure you and your family can lead a healthy lifestyle in a safe and secure environment. 

Why Choose Insight Homes?

  • The energy-efficient technology used reduces your utility bills significantly
  • Houses are built while keeping the local climate in mind to provide a healthy indoor environment
  • Provide customization in floor plans as well as in other specifications

Turnstone Custom Homes

Finding a green home builder who can construct your dream home that is durable, appealing, and light on the pocket may feel impossible, but it’s not! Turnstone Custom Homes is a class apart and provides an all-in-one solution. 

Exterior view of a Turnstone Custom Homes green home
Courtesy of Turnstone Custom Homes

It is based in Rehoboth Beach but provides services all over Delaware. The professionals listen attentively to customers to ensure their visions are brought to life.

Delaware is situated near beaches and is often a danger zone for flooding. In light of this, Turnstone Custom Homes designs and constructs houses to reduce the maximum impact of natural disasters.

Energy-efficient technology such as air filters and geothermal systems installed within the homes ensures the safety of you and your loved ones. It lightens the load on your pocket as well.

Why Choose Turnstone Custom Homes?

  • Provides in-person or virtual meetings to guarantee customer satisfaction
  • The estimated cost is reviewed initially so you don’t exceed your budget
  • Payment can be made in small deposits, so building your home becomes feasible
  • The company never exceeds the maximum budget and time set
  • Offers renovation services in addition to new builds

Bay to Beach Builders Inc.

Bay to Beach Builders Inc. was started in 2003. It is famous for employing Amish techniques and old-school workers to construct homes.

Interior view of a Bay to Beach Builders Inc. green home
Courtesy of Bay to Beach Builders Inc.

The surprising thing is how the company incorporates Amish craftsmanship with state-of-the-art, which works together smoothly to build beautiful, energy-efficient homes and still has a fantastic eye for detail.

As soon as you choose the size and design, construction begins immediately. In addition, you receive a walk-through of the entire process multiple times during construction, guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

You can also choose your payment option, including paying a small deposit upfront and then providing regular installments, a route green for your wallet.

Why Choose Bay and Beach Builders Inc.?

  • Offers a model ‘design house’ to make the process of designing your house easier and fun
  • Offers warranty service after you move in
  • Houses can be customized as per your needs

JS Homes

Since opening its doors to the public in 1966, JS Homes has provided generations of people with their dream homes. Because it is family-owned, it emphasizes building a lasting home for families where they can feel secure.

Interior view of a JS Homes green home
Courtesy of JS Homes

Every aspect of your house is tailored to fit your lifestyle. Moreover, JS Homes also provides financial consultancy where you can sit down with the consultant and project managers to find the most affordable route to getting your dream home. 

Why Choose JS Homes?

  • It provides financing or budgeting option to make your house more affordable
  • Homes can be designed and customized by the owner

Garrison Homes

Nobody does variety and attention to detail quite like Garrison Homes! It has been in the business of erecting sustainable residential and commercial buildings for many generations.

Exterior view of a Garrison Homes green home
Courtesy of Garrison Homes

What changes a house to a home is how you personalize where you will live, and Garrison Homes ensures it is perfect to a ‘T.’ 

Everything from the topography to geotechnical details is analyzed before construction to ensure quality perfection. In addition, all homes are flood-resistant and environmentally green.

Why Choose Garrison Homes?

  • Free consultant service
  • Floor plans are flexible and can be customized
  • Offers both quality building and renovation services
  • Will work with and manages excellent communication with out of town clients

Hunter Creek Homes 

Hunter Creek Homes is a custom home building company based in Sussex County, offering unparalleled quality and craftsmanship. One of its many excellent qualities is immense attention to detail. 

Hunter Creek Homes offers various plans, including:

  1. The Reidville, a single-story, three-bedroom house
  2. The Stratford, with three bedrooms and two bathrooms
  3. The Leighton, and many more

Hunter Creek uses the finest exterior and interior products from renowned manufacturers such as Therma Tru Doors, Mid-America Components building products, Wilsonart laminate, and Atlantic designs kitchen and bath. 

Courtesy of Hunter Creek Homes

All the leading names in exterior and interior products combined with innovative design plans make up Hunter Creek homes. Thus, it is an excellent company to opt for to bring your vision of a perfect home to life. 

Why Choose Hunter Creek Homes?

  • A wide variety of custom home plans and packages
  • More than sixty home models
  • It offers customization
  • Use of high-quality building materials

Capstone Homes

Another family-owned business that has been running strong in Delaware is Capstone Homes. The company states that it was founded on the principles of dedication, honesty, passion, and integrity, and its values are seen in its work even today. 

Interior view of a Capstone Homes green home
Courtesy of Capstone Homes

All home aspects can be tailored to make it feel a little less like a house and a little more like a home, whether the floor plans, the interior, kitchen countertops, cabinets, or the exterior. Capstone workers are highly skilled at recreating precisely what you desire.

A sustainable house built by Capstone Homes does exactly what it is supposed to do—recoup the initial cost through lower utility bills and reducing your carbon footprint. Rest assured, Capstone Homes is a professional at putting together an eco-friendly and safe place for you and your family to live.

Why Choose Capstone Homes?

  • Offers personalization and customization
  • Several plans are available that can fit into your budget
  • Works on client feedback and ensures customer satisfaction

The Final Decision: Choosing a Green Home Builder in Delaware

Delaware is one of the only five states with no sales tax. In addition, the real estate taxes are almost lower than the Mariana trench!

Thus, the state has become a prime location for settling down. As more and more people are choosing to build their forever homes here, it’s only fair they also select the best builder to carry out such an honor. 

The list includes some of Delaware’s best options to build houses that protect your family and investment. 

However, don’t forget to check out the websites in depth before choosing a builder that fits your sense of style and functionality. You can also contact project managers or visit company headquarters before deciding what works for you.

Also, be sure to check out our lists of green builders in nearby states, including Pennsylvania and New Jersey, and also the best modular builders in Delaware, as several of the companies featured build homes that are considered sustainable, and may service your area of the state.

Best of luck!

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