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Modular homes are an excellent alternative to conventional homes, and are becoming popular among homeowners in Quebec as they require less investment and are quicker to build.

Nevertheless, finding builders specializing in modular homes can be challenging. That’s why we wrote this article, listing 12 of the best modular home builders in the province to help you find the one that’s right for you.


A leader in the construction of modular homes for over three decades, Pro-Fab is renowned for the reliability and quality of its products and services.

Recently, it has received numerous awards and distinctions, including the 2020 Consumer Choice Award in the Manufactured Homes Category.

Exterior front view of a Pro-Fab modular home
Courtesy of Pro-Fab

The company has two manufacturing plants, six model homes to visit across Quebec, and two complete decoration centers. It also offers 3D virtual tours of its homes to interested customers.

The modular home you purchase from Pro-Fab includes:

  • The foundation 
  • Electricity and plumbing 
  • Joinery fittings
  • Complete exterior and interior decoration services
  • Support service from the company’s advisors
  • A comprehensive owner’s manual and unmatchable after-sales support
  • The GCR Guarantee (Residential Construction Guarantee) guarantees your peace of mind

Maisons Laprise

Pioneer in energy-efficient modular homes in Quebec, Maisons Laprise has been constructing high-performance, high-quality homes since 1989. The company is a Platinum Member and winner of the prestigious program of Canada’s Best Managed Companies and has been for 15 consecutive years. 

Interior view of a Maisons Laprise modular home
Courtesy of Maisons Laprise

Cool in summer and warm in winter, its houses are designed for the province’s climate and ensure energy savings and long-lasting comfort.

Maisons Laprise houses are designed and manufactured in Quebec with FSC wood, 100% eco-friendly and recyclable insulation, and waterproofing systems. Their cutting-edge manufacturing technology is environmentally friendly and produces only 2% waste which is then recycled.

Maisons Rubix

Maisons Rubix offers several prefab homes in various sizes and styles. This builder has everything ranging from 500-square foot micro homes for homebuyers interested in simple living to 3,000 square feet luxury two-story homes.

The company also offers custom designs to clients who dislike its standard models or feel they don’t meet their needs.

Exterior front view of a Maisons Rubix modular home
Courtesy of Maisons Rubix

Maisons Rubix modular homes are built in sections in its factory. All the modules are then delivered and assembled on site.

Remember that these homes do not include the lot, foundation, municipal infrastructure services (plumbing, electrical, gas main connection), landscaping, paint, mudding of joints, and flooring.

Apart from that, Maisons Rubix also offers a vast range of prefabricated structural components. Even though they were initially reserved for particular clients, they are now available to the public. These components include prefab walls, flooring systems, doors and roofs, roof trusses, and almost any other feature you need.

The company also has a direct wholesale program which is an excellent way for builders, developers, and homeowners to buy complete modular homes at a low cost and finish their projects in as little as four weeks after delivery.

Lofty Pods

Co-founded by Michel Paquin and Eric Harari, Lofty Pods builds high-quality dwellings in Quebec. Its goal is to create distinct and sophisticated modular homes with a unique design.

The company incorporates clean lines with high ceilings, optimized floor plans, and the best use of windows for maximum efficiency and sunlight. Lofty Homes pod houses are designed small and measure only 200-600 square feet. This size allows for affordable pricing.

Exterior view of a Lofty Pods modular home
The Antarctic Parallel by Lofty Pods, Courtesy of Lofty Pods

However, you can get them customized to your preferences and budget by adding one or more Lofty add-on rooms, which include a gym, home office, garage, and more. 

The company uses modern technology to design and build its pods in a climate-controlled environment at its manufacturing facility in Quebec. Its eco-friendly pod houses are built using locally-sourced materials stored inside, eliminating the risk of water damage and mold.

Lofty Pods’ factory sealing and design ensure homes are perfectly insulated, minimizing the use of cooling or heating during summers and winters. In addition, its structures feature recycling and water collection systems and are generally low-carbon homes that you can use off-grid. 

Action Maisons 

The next esteemed modular builder in Quebec is Action Maisons. The company is a general contractor in modular construction and manufactures homes according to the best practices in the industry. 

Its main goal is to simplify your life and facilitate the buying process.

Exterior view of an Action Maisons modular home
Courtesy of Action Maisons

Action Maison’s projects can be delivered and installed anywhere in Quebec. The house models are either slid onto the foundation or installed using a crane.

The company has various professionals who can help you make the right design decisions. They can help you determine the best combination of colors, materials, and products according to today’s major lifestyle and availability trends. This assistance ensures your house will be current, long-lasting, and beautiful. 

The company also has privileged agreements with the most well-reputed players in the mortgage industry. As a result, it can introduce you to the representatives with whom they have been doing business for many years, thus significantly facilitating the entire process of purchasing your chalet or house. 

Another benefit of Action Maisons is that the GCR New Home Warranty will cover your house fully. The firm also provides fast, efficient, and unparalleled after-sales service. 

Le Maître Constructeur Saint-Jacques Inc.

Le Maître Constructeur Saint-Jacques Inc. is a family-owned business specializing in the manufacturing and selling of prefab homes. Since 1989, the company has stood out for the quality of its products and services.

Exterior front view of a Le Maître Constructeur Saint-Jacques Inc. modular home
Courtesy of Le Maître Constructeur Saint-Jacques Inc.

Renowned in the modular home sector, many customers are noticing the incredible value for money provided by Le Maître Constructeur Saint-Jacques Inc.

Some reasons why Le Maître Constructeur Saint-Jacques Inc. is part of our list include:

  • Affordability – because of its high volume of purchases of superior materials, Maître Constructeur can offer the best and most competitive prices on the market. 
  • Superior quality materials and services – at Maître Constructeur, excellence means unmatchable services and using premium quality materials. It works with you to realize the project of your dreams and accompanies you at every stage, from choosing the model to the delivery.
  • Quick delivery – once you place your order, your structure is only on the production line for around one week before being shipped. 
  • Customization – all of Maître Constructeur’s templates are fully customizable. Plus, you can also bring your own plan!

Les Maisons Ouellet

Les Maisons Ouellet is a well-known builder in Quebec that allows you to plan a factory-built home with complete transparency and confidence. The entire team takes it upon themselves to provide you with the exact prices and data to cater to your budget requirements.

At Les Maisons Ouellet, you can pick the model you want from the company’s extensive range of cottages and houses or bring your own plan for an assessment. 

Interior view of a Les Maisons Ouellet kitchen
Courtesy of Les Maisons Ouellet

The company’s expertise in factory-built homes is evident thanks to its multiple awards.

For instance, Les Maisons Ouellet won honors at the 2006 Gala Qualité Habitation and was awarded the manufacturer of the year in Quebec in the “manufactured house” category. Moreover, it received the 2012 “Entrepreneur Performance Excellence” award, the most prestigious title awarded by Qualité Habitation in all of Quebec. 

Expert Maison 

Expert Maison is a building company that uses modular technology to simplify your life and buying process. It manufactures your home in its factory and then delivers it in modules to your site.

Exterior view of an Expert Maison modular home
Courtesy of Expert Maison

The company’s variety of in-trend plans, integrated estimating, sales, logistics, manufacturing, and site installation services come together in one place to make your decisions and choices simpler, more economical, and more efficient. 

Expert Maison complies with the Quebec Building Code and is covered by the GCR New Homes Guarantee. It delivers everywhere on Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Quebec, and surrounding areas. 

Maisons usinées Côté

At Maisons usinées Côté, experts work with you to construct your modular home project. You can choose from various house models, including classic, contemporary, or country.

When you choose Maisons usinées Côté, you will have an advisor who will guide you through the entire process, from selecting the model to financing and construction.

Interior view of a Maisons usinées Côté modular home
Courtesy of Maisons usinées Côté

In addition, you will have a draftsman who will assist in developing tailored plans for your modular home to meet your needs. Lastly, you will work with an appointed designer with whom you will finalize the layout plans, including the choice of colors and coverings. 

The construction of your home starts once you have approved your floorplan. Then, you can visit the Maisons usinées Côté’s factory to see the production of your new home.

After the home is delivered to your location, the company’s site team will take over to do the final fittings. Your building will also be inspected during this step to ensure compliance. Lastly, a team of experts will arrive at the site to fit the exterior cladding.

R. Peck Construction, Inc. 

R. Peck Construction, Inc. is a Licenced General Contractor situated in Wakefield. It is an authorized builder for Guildcrest Homes.

Exterior front view of a R. Peck Construction, Inc. modular home
Courtesy of R. Peck Construction, Inc.

Situated in Morewood, Ontario, Guildcrest manufactures modular homes and is regarded as the premier modular home builder in Ontario.

Guildcrest delivers the houses to the site, where R. Peck Construction’s elite team completes the project. Some advantages of working with R. Peck include guaranteed prices, definitive timelines, a quicker building process, indoor construction, and much more. 

Maisons Dunfab

Maisons Dunfab specializes in the manufacture of pre-engineered houses. Using a rigorous process, the company guarantees its team will build your home quickly and efficiently. 

A nearly completed Maisons Dunfab home on a build site
Courtesy of Maisons Dunfab

The CCQ decree governs the company’s installation teams. This means you can rest assured work will be done by the book and in line with your requirements. 

Moreover, its finished and above-water structures are registered with the GCR construction guarantee plan, benefitting from a 5-year guarantee. 

Wrapping Up

Modular homes are revolutionizing the real estate market in Quebec. They are budget-friendly, and you can easily tailor them to suit your needs.

Modular homes offer plenty of benefits, from unique designs to eco-friendly elements. So, if you want something that’s totally one-of-a-kind, prefab homes are a perfect choice.

Whether you’re looking for a basic, environmentally friendly, or luxury modular home, you will find a builder on this list who can create the home of your dreams in Quebec.

Also, be sure to check out our list of the top green builders in Quebec, as many of the companies featured construct modular sustainable homes, and may deliver to your area of the province.

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