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Oregon could be the place for you, especially if you love nature. Between Cannon Beach, Multnomah Falls, the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Park, and Crater Lake National Park, there are many priceless sights to behold in Oregon.

Bountiful attractions like these may explain a surge in the state’s population over the last decade, which is about 3% higher than the national average.

As a result, home prices are up in many counties as well, jumping around 20% on average in many counties throughout the state. Considering this, it may be a good idea for homebuyers to weigh the option of an efficient and cost-effective modular home.

But, what choices do you have if you’re interested in getting a modular home built in Oregon?

Well, we’ve saved you the trouble of a lot of heavy lifting by scouring the Internet and compiling a list of the most acclaimed modular builders in the Beaver State.

The Best Modular Home Builders in Oregon 

Several modular home builders throughout Oregon stand far and above the rest, including:

  • ideabox 
  • Urban Cabins
  • Skyline Homes
  • Fidelity Builders
  • 121 Tiny Homes
  • Lexar Homes
  • MODS
  • Oregon Cottage Company
  • Gold Valley Log Homes
  • Homestead Log Homes
  • Simplicity by Hayden Homes
  • HiLine Homes
  • Tiny Heirloom
  • Solaire Home Builders
  • New Era Homes 
  • Rich’s Portable Cabins
  • Tiny Smart House
  • Tru Form Tiny 

If you want to learn more about the wide variety of modular home builders throughout Oregon, you’ve come to the right place. Ahead, we’ll detail company histories, available floor plans, and customization services so you can select the right home builder for you!


Starting our list is ideabox in Salem, which lives by the motto, “the right amount of everything.”

You’ll indeed find everything you’re looking for when you browse ideabox’s modular homes. You can select from four models. 

Interior view of an Ideabox home
Courtesy of ideabox

The ib.01 has two bathrooms, up to three bedrooms, and is 1,500 square feet. This home starts at $310,000. The ib.02 is a 1,600-square foot home with two bathrooms and up to three bedrooms for $320,000 to start. 

If you need more space, consider the ib.03. It has two bathrooms and three bedrooms spread across 1,700 square feet. This model costs about $330,000.

Finally, the ib.04 is a 1,200-square foot home with two bathrooms and three bedrooms. The starting price is $280,000. 

Exterior side view of an Ideabox modular home
Courtesy of ideabox

What We Like

Are you interested in changing up the look of your house? Ask the ideabox team! You can customize nearly anything with their guidance. 

Urban Cabins

Does an insulated detached home sound like music to your ears? In that case, you’ll be very interested in Urban Cabins

Courtesy of Urban Cabins

The cabin kits take about three days to install if you have a concrete deck or pre-poured pad. All Urban Cabins are constructed at a factory with galvanized and painted metal panels and rust-resistant, weather-resistant hardware.

The steel panels are insulated so you can use your Urban Cabin as a quiet retreat to work or even as an ADU. 

Courtesy of Urban Cabins

What We Like

Urban Cabins builds its small modular structures as both hypoallergenic and free of VOCs so you can live and breathe without worry. 

Skyline Homes 

Established in 1951, Skyline Homes specializes in factory-built homes. You can select which elements make it into your property, so it’s unique. 

Interior view of a Skyline Homes modular home
Courtesy of Skyline Homes

Your options include exterior and interior accent columns, a fireplace, lighting and faucet upgrades, exterior dormers, mirrored closets, and designer hardware and doors.

You may also wish to add double vanities, a large shower, brushed nickel kitchen cabinetry, GE SmartWater filtration system, a super-capacity washer and dryer, or stainless steel appliances. 

What We Like

Skyline Homes builds all modular homes following Energy Star standards for energy efficiency. 

Exterior view of a Skyline Homes modular home
Courtesy of Skyline Homes

The company is an Energy Star partner and promises about 15 percent more energy efficiency than the average home following the 2004 International Standard Code. 

Fidelity Builders

In Willamette Valley is Fidelity Builders, a modular builder that favors using sustainable materials whenever possible. 

Exterior view of a Fidelity Builders modular home
Courtesy of Fidelity Builders

The Fidelity Builders’ home-building process involves four steps. First is the consultation to discuss your needs, budget, and goals. 

Next, you’ll work with the Fidelity team to design your ultimate modular home. Pre-construction then begins, which is still part of the second phase. This process entails permitting as well. 

Interior view of a Fidelity Builders modular home's kitchen
Courtesy of Fidelity Builders

Finally, your home will be built at Fidelity’s factory and delivered to you when it’s ready! 

What We Like

Fidelity Builders has a vast portfolio of modular home designs that is sure to impress. 

121 Tiny Homes

Bend’s 121 Tiny Homes provides modular shells and kits to live the tiny lifestyle for yourself. But, if you’d instead their professionals build your home for you, that’s an option as well. 

Exterior view of the Miller House, a modular home by 121 Tiny Homes
Courtesy of 121 Tiny Homes

You can feel confident in that decision considering that the 121 Tiny Homes team is insured, bonded, and part of the American Tiny House Association.

The tiny homes are customizable, so you can put your unique stamp on one. 

You can also choose from pre-built homes in the Icon Range. These homes are beloved classics, including the 196 square foot Miller House, the teeny-tiny Min, or the 96 square foot Salsa Box.

Interior view of a 121 Tiny Homes modular home
Courtesy of 121 Tiny Homes

What We Like

Tiny homes don’t always mean tiny prices. Fortunately, 121 Tiny Homes offers to finance, so your new house is more affordable. As the company says on its website, “we believe that homeownership should be attainable.” 

Lexar Homes

Since 2001 when the company was established, Lexar Homes has built more than 5,000 modular properties across the Pacific Northwest. 

Exterior front view of a Lexar Homes modular home
Courtesy of Lexar Homes

Lexar has 14 design studios and offers 75 floor plans to suit any budget and taste.

You can select from three unique floor plan collections. The Designer Collection includes homes that are architecturally flawless and have, as Lexar says, “comfortable luxuries.” 

Interior view of a Lexar Homes modular home
Courtesy of Lexar Homes

The Signature Collection boasts elegance, extravagance, and elevated finishes aplenty. 

In the Benchmark Collection, you’ll find prefabricated homes that are budget-conscious. 

What We Like

Lexar Homes promises an array of customization options for its abodes, from custom fixtures to counters, cabinetry, lighting, flooring, and more. Lexar even offers home financing! 


Exterior front view of a MODS modular home
Courtesy of MODS

As the MODS team says, it’s “leading the way in modular philosophy.” 

The Portland, Oregon prefab home constructer makes custom properties, including commercial buildings, multi-family homes, transitional housing, and single-family homes.

The MODS team is comprised of artisans who are passionate about quality, beauty in design, and efficiency. The company is interested in achieving a net-zero energy footprint someday. 

Interior view of a MODS modular home
Courtesy of MODS

For now, a MODS home includes controllable solar and light radiation, vapor and water flow, and heat. 

What We Like

MODS gives you the freedom to customize your house with features like sliding doors, glass walls, vaulted ceilings, radiant floors, and more. 

Oregon Cottage Company

If cottage living in Oregon is calling your name, you must check out the Oregon Cottage Company

Interior view of an Oregon Cottage Company modular home
Courtesy of Oregon Cottage Company

Its tiny homes are built following a multi-step process. First, you and the team will meet for a consultation, where you’ll fill out a questionnaire. 

After planning the design and paying an initial deposit, construction can begin. 

All Oregon Cottage Company models feature Forest Stewardship Council-certified pine, rigid EcoBatt insulation, and other energy-saving features. 

What We Like

Buyers can select from five tiny homes when hiring the Oregon Cottage Company. The models include the cost-effective Alsek, the Asian-inspired Tea House, the 24-foot Unita, the eco-friendly Siskiyou, and the spacious Ynez.  

Exterior view of the Ynez, an Oregon Cottage Company modular home
The Ynez by Oregon Cottage Company

Gold Valley Log Homes 

Hermiston’s Gold Valley Log Homes serves many western states outside of Oregon, including South Dakota, North Dakota, Wyoming, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, California, Colorado, Montana, Idaho, Washington, and Alaska. 

Interior view of a Gold Valley Log Homes modular home

Independently operated, Gold Valley’s log cabin kits are budget-minded and designed to accommodate however much space you have available. Home styles include Swedish cope, timber, milled, and more. 

What We Like

Exterior view of a Gold Valley Log Homes modular home
Courtesy of Gold Valley Log Homes

To make your modular log home that much more special, the Gold Valley Log Homes team will build shade structures like gazebos and timber stairs, railings, or sidings if requested.

Homestead Log Homes

Interior view of a Homestead Log Homes modular log cabin home
Courtesy of Homestead Log Homes

Prefabricated log home builders are plentiful in Oregon, including Homestead Log Homes

This builder offers a variety of log styles, from Swedish cope to Canadian style and Montana style. 

Exterior view of a Homestead Log Homes modular log cabin home
Courtesy of Homestead Log Homes

The company will accent any log home with appealing features such as trusses, stairs, siding, railings, and fireplace mantles. Models start at about 1,300 square feet and exceed 4,400 square feet, so these aren’t small log homes here!

What We Like

Interior view of a Homestead Log Homes modular log cabin home
Courtesy of Homestead Log Homes

Homestead Log Homes has a showroom you can visit to get a feel for its custom prefab homes before you commit to getting one built. 

Simplicity by Hayden Homes

Do you have land in Oregon but no idea what to do with it? Simplicity by Hayden Homes in Redmond can build a home on your land that you’ll be sure to love. 

Exterior front view of a Simplicity by Hayden Homes modular home
Courtesy of Simplicity by Hayden Homes

Hayden has always been about valuable but affordable homes. In 2009, the company formed the Simplicity branch to expand services over the Pacific Northwest. 

Whether you need a single-family home or a multigenerational property, Simplicity can make it happen. Its team has about 30 years of experience and promises on-time delivery. 

Interior view of a kitchen by Simplicity by Hayden Homes
Courtesy of Simplicity by Hayden Homes

What We Like

Simplicity by Hayden Homes offers instant quotes, so you don’t have any surprises crop up later. 

HiLine Homes

Interior view of a HiLine Homes modular home's kitchen
Courtesy of HiLine Homes

Life in Roseburg can be sweet with HiLine Homes. Founded by William Sundby in 1963, the goal of HiLine has always been to provide affordable housing. Today, the team serves Oregon and Idaho, California, and Washington. 

You can select from single-story and dual-story units. The smallest homes are 500 square feet, and the largest ones are more than 3,000 square feet.

Exterior view of a HiLine Homes modular home
Courtesy of HiLine Homes

What We Like

At HiLine Homes, there’s truly a home for every budget. Even still, it offers home financing. 

Tiny Heirloom

Living the tiny home life is easy when hiring professionals like Tiny Heirloom to build your home. 

Exterior side view of a row of Tiny Heirloom modular homes in a park
Courtesy of Tiny Heirloom

The Portland-based company is family-run and has more than ten years of residential construction experience. The team includes in-house designers and engineers to help you plan your build.

Interior rendering of a tiny home by Tiny Heirloom
Courtesy of Tiny Heirloom

Clients can also explore the Signature Series, including the 20-foot Keepsake, the lightweight Legacy, the family-oriented Heritage, the goose-neck trailer called the Majesty, or the Scandinavian-designed Journey. 

What We Like

Are you looking for an ADU or an office more so than a small home? Tiny Heirloom can build these structures as well! 

Solaire Home Builders

Exterior view of a Solaire Home Builders modular home's back patio space
Courtesy of Solaire Home Builders

Since 1995, Solaire Home Builders in Bend has been “innovating the way you live.” 

The team’s custom-built homes are net-zero and feature an airtight shell with high-efficiency fixtures and appliances. 

Solaire says you can save between 50-75% of what you’re spending on cooling and heating right now by purchasing one of its modular homes. 

Interior view of a Solaire Home Builders modular home's living room
Courtesy of Solaire Home Builders

What We Like

If you have a preexisting home in Oregon that you’d love to remodel, ask the Solaire team! These pros can make it more energy-efficient so that you can enjoy savings on your utility bills month after month. 

New Era Homes

In Bend, New Era Homes is obsessed with home quality. Each modular home built has at least 152 quality standards that ensure more bang for your buck. 

Exterior front view of a New Era Homes modular home
Courtesy of New Era Homes

The team also follows what it calls ‘Uncommon Standards’ that can add up to about $40,000 in value!

Building a prefab home with New Era Homes takes about ten months. One to three months is dedicated to project planning and design, another four or five months goes towards foundational work, and completing the structure takes about eight to nine months. 

Interior view of a New Era Homes modular home's kitchen
Courtesy of New Era Homes

What We Like

All floor plans from New Era Homes are customizable, and you can select from 24 unique floor plans. 

Rich’s Portable Cabins

Lori and Rich Daniels are the founders and namesake of Rich’s Portable Cabins, with more than 20 years of experience in the North Powder area. 

Exterior view of a Rich’s Portable Cabins modular cabin home
Courtesy of Rich’s Portable Cabins

The company started after Rich made an outdoor playhouse for his daughter and realized his passion for building structures. That passion only evolved from there.

Today, you can select from cabin models such as the classic double loft, a small cabin, a stand-up loft, or an economy loft. The homes on wheels offer just enough floor space for living that ultra-cozy, minimalist lifestyle. 

Interior view of a Rich’s Portable Cabins modular cabin home looking out
Courtesy of Rich’s Portable Cabins

What We Like

You can customize the amenities included with your cabin when you hire Rich’s Portable Cabins. For instance, you can add a bedroom, a bathroom, a loft, and a larger kitchen. 

Tiny Smart House

Albany’s Tiny Smart Home has one mission, “to offer affordable, durable, sustainable tiny houses with quality materials and craftsmanship.” 

Exterior view of a The North, a modular home by Tiny Smart Home
Courtesy of Tiny Smart Home

It provides trailer-sized homes, so when it says ‘tiny,’ the company means it! In addition, you can customize your Tiny Smart House to make it your own. 

Trust in the reliability of these petite structures, as the team uses rectangular tube steel and other heavy-duty components for optimal weight distribution and durability. 

Interior view of a The North, a modular home by Tiny Smart Home
Courtesy of Tiny Smart Home

What We Like

You have your pick among eight Tiny Smart House models for RV towing. And each model is very budget-friendly! 

Tru Form Tiny Homes 

Here’s another tiny prefab builder, this time in Eugene called Tru Form Tiny Homes. Founded by Jon Carroll in 1978, co-owner Carroll and his family have always been an eco-conscious bunch. 

Interior view of a Truform Tiny modular home
Courtesy of Tru Form Tiny Homes

That translated to Tru Form Tiny Homes, a Passive House-certified builder, gold-certified through LEED. 

The park models are homes in the six figures between 24 and 28 feet long. If you need a home that’s even smaller than that, Tru Form Tiny Homes offers travel trailer models as well. 

Exterior view of a Tru Form Tiny Homes modular home
Courtesy of Tru Form Tiny Homes

What We Like 

Would you rather buy a pre-built home? Tru Form has those on its website too. These homes are tiny, about 10 feet long, and just shy of 400 square feet. 

The tiny homes are full of features, including bronze fixtures, pinewood cathedral ceilings, recessed lighting, an awning, and a tile backsplash. 


Oregon has plenty of exquisite modular home builders to choose. Many specialize in tiny homes or cabins, and almost all will customize your home, so it’s just right for you!

Also, be sure to check out our list of modular home builders in neighboring states like California and our top choices of green home builders in Oregon, as several of the companies featured may be able to deliver a modular home to your area of the state.

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