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A reverse osmosis system next to a sink on a countertop, with the text "reduce wastewater" transposed above the image

How To Reduce Wastewater From a Reverse Osmosis System

If you’re a reverse osmosis (RO) system user, you know it’s one of the most effective methods for obtaining safe drinking water. However, you’ll also know that a significant drawback to this technology is the amount of wastewater it produces. 
A homeowner sitting at a desk holding an illuminated energy-saving light bulb in one hand and punching numbers into a calculator with the other, with the text, "tax deductions" superimposed above the image.

Energy-Saving Lighting: What Tax Deductions Do You Get?

In recent years, many have embraced the ‘Go Green’ initiative to realize the Zero Carbon Footprint agenda. In support of this, the US government has implemented measures to encourage citizens to use energy-saving lighting.