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The exterior air compressor of a Heat Pump Water Heater in snowy conditions

Will Electric Heat Pump Water Heaters Work Well in Canada?

Electric heat pump water heaters are an energy-efficient way to provide buildings with hot water, but they don’t always work well in colder climates. This drawback is understandably a concern for Canadians, as they live in one of the most frigid nations in the world.  
A interior wall with a spray foam insulation application

Can You Remove Old Spray Foam Insulation? (A How To Guide)

Spray foam insulation is relatively easy to apply. It’s designed to last several years, sometimes multiple decades. However, some homeowners want to remove this form of insulation to replace it with foam batts, boards, and other materials. You might be curious if you can remove this long-lasting, durable spray insulation from your home.
a unfinished concrete block home sitting on a sandy lot, with a sign in the middle that says hurricane evacuation zone

How Do Concrete and Cinder Block Homes Do in Hurricanes?

Say you are buying a home in a hurricane-prone zone. The spot you choose for new home construction and area weighs in on the materials you need for the house. You may wonder if something like a cinder block or concrete seal your family from raging hurricanes.
a man installing weather stripping around a door jam in a house

Sealing Doors with Weatherstripping: Does It Save Energy? 

You have a couple of old doors in your house. While you’ve been meaning to fix them forever now, the project just keeps falling to the back of your to-do list. Part of the reason may be that you wonder if sealing the doors with weatherstripping is enough to impact your energy usage or if you are better off replacing the doors.