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a living room with curved archways and bright ceiling lights on

39 Ways to Save Up to 30% On Your Energy Bill (Step By Step)

We all want to save money on our energy bills, but the issue quickly becomes convoluted about what’s true and what’s realistic. We also don’t usually like to sacrifice our own creature comforts or luxuries in our home, something that we work so hard to attain in the first place.  That’s where this free guide will come in handy.
A cover photo with Erin Shine in an orange shirt and a solar panel in the background

Talking Solar and Netzero With Founder Dalip Jaggi of Revive

As a guest on our first real estate podcast,’s founder Erin Shine has a fun and casual conversation with Dalip Jaggi, co-founder of Revive Real Estate, about all things solar, netzero, saving energy, powering EV’s, and more.
Looking down at a crosssection of and exposed radiant floor at right and a section of linoleum flooring covering it to the left

Is Hydronic Radiant Floor Heating Energy-Efficient?

Radiant floor heating can be the ideal solution for those chilly winter mornings. They will keep every corner of your house warm and toasty with internal paneling. That said, you may wonder how energy-efficient hydronic radiant floor heating is.
A technician kneeling on the floor cuts a piece of cable from a spool during a radiant floor heating system installation

Radiant Floor Heating vs. Forced-Air: Which Do You Choose?

Today, two of the most popular residential and commercial heating types are radiant floor heating and forced-air heating. These methods share many similarities but differ in many ways. Understanding the differences is vital as they may impact how well these heating types perform in your intended application.
Closeup on an exposed hydronic radiant floor and the homeowner's feet who is installing it.

Can Radiant Floor Heating Also Cool Your Home?

When someone talks about radiant heating, they’re generally speaking about radiant floor heating. This is a heating system that uses tubing hidden entirely from sight.  Homeowners don’t have to arrange furniture to make room for bulky radiators or hot-air registers. Instead, it’s essentially an install-it-and-forget-it system. However, a common question among many is whether they can also cool their homes.
Hydronic radiant heating tubing installed on an exposed floor

Is Hydronic Radiant Heating Cheaper Than Traditional HVAC?

When the colder months come around, heating your home is essential. There are a few choices to consider, with radiant heating and a traditional HVAC system being the two most popular options. However, many homeowners wonder if hydronic radiant heating is cheaper to run than regular HVAC.
A homeowner touching a sheet of RetroFoam Insulation on the corner of a home's exterior

What is RetroFoam Insulation? (Compared to Spray Foam)

Very often, deciding which type of insulation to install comes down to budget and the level of disruption you are prepared to put up with. Two common types are RetroFoam insulation and spray foam insulation. But what are they, and how do they compare?
Panels of blue thermal foam insulation installed over a concrete exterior wall

What is Thermal Foam Insulation? (Should You Consider It?)

The choice of available insulation types is enormous these days, and each one seems to have its unique benefits and disadvantages. One of the least-known types of insulation is foam insulation. Unfortunately, when it comes to foam, it seems that most people haven’t even heard of it, never mind knowing what it is and its benefits.