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Any nature lover will tell you that Arizona is one of the most beautiful states in the country. Not only does it boast many natural wonders, but it’s also bustling with life.

You’ll find the Hoover Dam, Devil’s Bridges, and Scottsdale there. To top it all off, the Copper State is also the home of the Grand Canyon.

Because of that, many families from all over the country choose to move to Arizona. Unfortunately, the cost of housing in the state is relatively high.

That means most of the homes may be outside your budget. If that’s the case, shipping container homes may be the answer.

This article will explain everything you need to know about these structures. We’ll also cover the best builders in the area.

1. BoxHub

A row of white, neon green, bright orange, and lavender purple shipping container homes
BoxHub homes include indoor plumbing and insulation so you’re ready to move right in.

BoxHub has been in the construction business for many years. The company creates high-quality custom shipping container homes for its clients.

These units are durable, modular, and tailor-made according to customer specifications.

BoxHub uses corten steel to turn shipping containers into the house of your dreams.

On top of that, the homes come with all modern comforts and amenities. That includes insulation and indoor plumbing.

Plus, you can configure the structure to match any landscape and install a custom BoxHub home almost anywhere.

2. Crosthwaite Custom Construction

Crosthwaite Custom Construction shipping container home interior spacious living room with white walls, hardwood floors, and plenty of windows
Photo courtesy of Crosthwaite Custom Construction
Crosthwaite Custom Construction shipping container to become a home
Crosthwaite Custom Construction can build you a custom home out of one of these. (Photo courtesy of Crosthwaite Custom Construction)

Crosthwaite started its journey as a simple contracting firm. Then, it quickly became one of the country’s best alternate dwelling specialists.

The company now builds custom homes out of repurposed shipping containers. On the website, the firm offers many pre-designed plans.

These are blueprints for homes that you can purchase directly. After that, you can build it yourself or ask for the firm’s help.

If you don’t like any of the designs, you can sit with a specialist. They’ll walk you through customizing your own unit.

3. High Tech Containers & Steel Structures

High Tech Containers & Steel Structures shipping container home interior living room with tall ceilings, ceiling lights, and large glass doors
Photo courtesy of High Tech Containers & Steel Structures
High Tech Containers & Steel Structures shipping container home exterior on a bright, sunny day
High Tech homes are customizable so you can add more modules as needed. (Photo courtesy of High Tech Containers & Steel Structures)

High Tech believes you only need a little space to live in luxury. The company’s shipping container homes are a perfect example of that.

These structures are incredibly affordable and durable, with high-end finishes. Everything from the furniture to the light fixtures is an artistic masterpiece.

On top of that, most of the units are smart homes. That makes spending a quiet evening at home a much more enjoyable experience.

You also have the option to add more modules, so you can expand your home anytime after the initial installation.

4. ModHous

ModHous teal shipping container home exterior
ModHous builds affordable, attractive shipping container homes. (Photo courtesy of ModHous)

If your budget is tight, ModHous Construction may be the solution. It offers some of the most affordable housing units in the country.

A few of the shipping container homes cost a few hundred dollars. Therefore, you should be able to find a unit that doesn’t break the bank.

The company also provides clients with a walkthrough of all crucial safety guidelines. It’ll show you how to maintain your house so that it lasts for as long as possible.

5. Uncharted Tiny Homes

Uncharted Tiny Homes shipping container home interior featuring panoramic view of living room and kitchen with a touch, heater, and a sign that reads "Good times"
Photo courtesy of Uncharted Tiny Homes
Uncharted Tiny Homes shipping container home exterior on desert ground
Uncharted Tiny Homes was founded in 2016 and offers great prices on high-quality shipping container homes. (Photo courtesy of Uncharted Tiny Homes)

In 2016, Uncharted Tiny Homes opened its doors. Since then, the company has focused on building and remodeling small abodes.

Uncharted did that by providing high-quality housing at a fantastic price.

Aside from creating shipping container homes, the firm also consults with clients. It walks them through the entire process of designing and building a house.

In addition, the business can advise customers where to install their homes.

If you’re debating if Uncharted is for you, you’re in luck. You can take a vacation in one of their pre-existing tiny homes to test it out.

6. Linked Equipment

Linked Equipment shipping container home interior kitchen with a fridge, shelving, and cabinetry
Photo courtesy of Linked Equipment
Linked Equipment manufactures homes, storage solutions, and even tools. (Photo courtesy of Linked Equipment)

Linked Equipment has an incredibly diverse portfolio. The firm produces a collection of tools, storage solutions, and, of course, homes.

Because of that, you can think of the company as a one-stop-shop. It’ll provide the structure of the home and all the amenities inside.

The business’s ready-made dwellings are especially popular. They have fully functional kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, and living rooms.

However, these only work if you install the home in a large, open area.

Otherwise, Linked Equipment allows you to design your own house.

7. Adaptive Shelters

Adaptive Shelters shipping container home living room with couches, chairs, and throw rug
Photo courtesy of Adaptive Shelters
Adaptive Shelters shipping container home exterior
Adaptive Shelters uses high-quality materials to build shipping container homes in urban and rural environments. (Photo courtesy of Adaptive Shelters)

As the name suggests, Adaptive Shelters helps you find a home suited to your needs.

In addition, the company specifically designs the houses to be indestructible.

To do that, it only uses materials of the highest quality. As a result, the firm produces designs that can work in both rural and urban settings.

You can purchase an existing plan or customize a unique space.

The made-to-order homes are more expensive but worth the cost. Your house is perfectly adapted to its environment.

On top of that, the units all come prefabricated. So, installing the house will only take a few hours.

8. Containers on Grand

Containers on Grand shipping container home interior living room with hardwood floors, large windows, a ceiling fan, and furniture
Photo courtesy of Containers on Grand
Containers on Grand shipping container home exterior
Containers on Grand in Phoenix builds homes with up to two shipping containers for cozy quarters. (Photo courtesy of Containers on Grand)

Containers on Grand creates constructed residences in Phoenix that are available for purchase. These are homes built using two or more shipping containers.

The exterior of the houses maintains a metallic finish. This gives them an industrial look with a modern twist.

Plus, they include all the contemporary conveniences that you may need. For example, the houses have a full kitchen and bathroom.

9. Gold Container Home

Jorge Salcedo, an engineer with over 35 years of experience, envisioned the Gold Container Home design that uses two stacks of shipping containers.

The company uses this technology to deliver long-lasting shipping container homes to its customers across Arizona.

Located in Phoenix, Arizona, this company stands out for its unique technology that leads to the creation of container homes that blend well with the environment.

For instance, it uses a pure 100% aluminum foil to reflect all the heat, preventing it from entering the house. Consequently, this creates a conducive indoor environment.

Other technologies that make Gold Container Home one of the best shipping container home builders in Arizona include:

  • Machine-cut, high-strength, and assembled wood joints
  • Factory-grade 3-Phase electrical wiring. This makes it possible to charge EVs at 40 Kwh (80 miles per hour charged) and other heavy machinery.
  • Coaxial cable, gigabit, and sound connectivity across the house

10. AZ Containers

Having been in operation since 2002, AZ Containers has been delivering durable portable container homes across Arizona.

The business is established on the merits of being highly appreciative and receptive to customers.

The company focuses on delivering one-on-one service and high-quality shipping container homes based on customer needs.

Although AZ Containers is large enough to handle any shipping container home need, it provides the type of customer attention that every client wants.

AZ Containers specializes in both rental and sales units. Its rental units are available for personal and business use.

Its rental units come in the following dimensions:

  • 8×10
  • 8×20
  • 8×40
  • 8×40

The best part is that you can also opt for the rent-to-own option.

Wrapping Up

Some shipping container home builders in Arizona offer pre-existing plans, while others provide customizable services. You can find an option that works for you.

For instance, Crosthwaite will walk you through a home’s design and building process.

If you’re interested in modular homes, check out Arizona’s 7 Best Modular Home Builders. For a deeper look at green housing, visit Green Home Builders in Arizona.

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