Folks from various states prefer to retire in North Carolina because of its superb medical centers and hospitals. Its picturesque vistas and mountains are also an invitation to some.

More than that, people move to this state because of its budget-friendly houses. One of the reasons behind the state’s favorable market conditions is the shipping container home industry, which is quickly gaining popularity.

If you’re interested in finding a reliable, quality company to build you a container house, you’re in the right place. This post will look at the Old North State’s top shipping container home manufacturers.

1. Craftspace

Craftspace shipping container home interior woman at computer in living room
Photo courtesy of Craftspace
Craftspace shipping container home exterior man with dog
Craftspace produces custom shipping container homes with great interiors. (Photo courtesy of Craftspace)

Craftspace’s main aim is to put millions of unused shipping containers back into use. What better way to do that than to turn them into stylish custom homes?

The company’s building solutions and technology enable the construction of various structures useful to the local community.

Apart from container houses, Craftspace also produces schoolhouses, offices, and studios.

Craftspace has a team of seasoned forward-thinkers. Its design head Ben Wilker has years of experience in 3D renderings and digital visualization.

Likewise, the expertise of the company’s operations chief Gregg Howell in managing company logistics ensures an uninterrupted flow of supplies.

Moreover, the company is also passionate about interior design. Julia Jacobsen uses her artistic talent to help transform containers into eye-catching living spaces.

2. RLC Service Group Inc.

RLC Service Group Inc shipping container home exterior under construction
RLC Service Group Inc. has more than 30 years of experience serving the Asheville area. (Photo courtesy of RLC Service Group Inc)

Located in Asheville, RLC Service Group Inc. has been in the construction industry for three decades. The company is known for exceeding clients’ expectations by providing outstanding service.

Most of its past and present customers praise the company’s ingenuity. On top of that, RLC Service Group has been commended numerous times for their on-time delivery.

This is possible due to the company’s wide range of experience and tools.

While RLC Service Group builds traditional houses, it’s also an expert shipping container home builder.

The company recognizes that people are becoming more conscious of the environment and that repurposing discarded materials to build houses will satisfy the market’s needs.

So, the company utilizes cargo containers to build eco-friendly homes.

RLC Service Group also offers property restoration, modifications, designs, and RV repair services.

3. Doron Builders

Doron Builders shipping container home bedroom interior with wood walls and old accennts
Photo courtesy of Doron Builders
Doron Builders shipping container home back porch
Doron Builders will work closely with you to design a shipping container home you adore. (Photo courtesy of Doron Builders)

Doron Builders is another company with years of experience under its belt. The people of North Carolina and other parts of the Southeastern United States have long benefited from the expertise of this company.

They believe container homes give home seekers an affordable and individualized living space.

Doron Builders’ two-decade-long service plays a huge role in meeting its clients’ individual and specific needs.

In other words, they allow you to customize your dream house freely. It means a great deal to Doron Builders that your home reflects your style and personality.

However, if you are still thinking of a design, they can provide you with a variety of layouts to choose from.

Regardless of which option you opt for, the company assures you that they’ll build your shipping container home with elegance, affordability, and durability in mind.

4. Magnum Design-Build

Magnum Design-Build  shipping container home exterior under constuction
Magnum Design-Build specializes in prefabricated shipping container homes. (Photo courtesy of Magnum Design-Build)

Known for building houses with timeless designs, Magnum Design-Build has also withstood the test of time.

Its core mission is to create residential properties that future generations will enjoy.

Like other builders, Magnus Design provides shipping container homes that don’t break the bank.

The company imports high-quality yet affordable prefabricated materials from overseas and assembles them locally.

This reduces production expenses and allows the company to build high-quality container houses at cost-effective prices.

When it comes to creating layouts, Magnum Design uses 3D technology. Among the company’s favorite tools are Sketchup and Twin

motion. The use of these architectural technologies helps the company produce functional floor plans.

Moreover, Magnum Design-Build boasts projects that far exceed the standard code requirements for homes. Simply put, it’s renowned for producing houses with superior structural integrity.

5. L.S. Smith Inc.

Gray, neon yellow, and neon green shipping container homes in tall stacks
L.S. Smith Inc. has decades of experience in the home-building industry.

Owned and headed by Leslie Smith, L.S. Smith Inc. has years of experience in the commercial and residential development industry.

The company was founded in 2004 in Wilmington, where its headquarters still stands today.

L.S. Smith Inc. focuses on providing custom-built shipping containers for commercial and residential use.

The company aims to promote sustainability in local neighborhoods by reusing scrap materials.

One of its notable projects is the Cargo District, a shipping container community with nine one-bedroom live and work units. Each unit has around 600 square feet of living space.

Besides converting containers into functional and livable buildings, the company provides plumbing and electrical services.

In addition, L.S. Smith Inc. offers heating, ventilation, and air conditioning services for businesses and multi-family properties.


Shipping container homes are cheaper than traditional houses. As a result, they allow you to redirect your savings towards more pressing needs.

However, don’t mistake affordability for lack of class.

We learned how these container home-building companies pay close attention to aesthetics. In fact, their expertise in the field offers endless possibilities.

However, beauty means nothing if the quality of these houses is compromised. That’s why you should hire the company with the most experience.

They should also have integrity in their projects and always deliver their work on time.

Luckily, the five shipping container home builders mentioned here share those qualities!

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