I love Ohio. It has cityscapes like NYC or Chicago, yet many naturally gorgeous areas. It’s also an affordable place to live, making it ideal to build anew.

With sustainability at the new forefront of home design, you need the right builders to achieve your green home dreams.

That’s why I’m here. Here are the top 10+ green builders in Ohio I vouch for.

1. Charis Homes

Large, multi-story home by Chris Homes in Ohio
Large room with sliding doors, one wooden wall, wooden floors, and a ceiling fan by Charis Homes
Images courtesy of Charis Homes

Charis Homes has all the necessary qualifications to be your go-to green home builder.

It’s been in the industry for 20 years, so you’ll work with experienced builders who know what they’re doing. They also work with high-quality, Energy Star-certified equipment.

Your house will have all the energy-efficient features you’re looking for: Rockwool insulation, AdvanTech subfloors, Moen faucets, and more.

Building Energy Start and indoor airPLUS-certified homes, Charis Homes holds itself to the highest standards on the market.

2. VictoryGate Custom Home

VictoryGate Custom Homes large home with attached garage in Ohio
VictoryGate Custom Homes large entryway with wooden floors, a dark door, and a staircase to the right
Images courtesy of VictoryGate Custom Homes

What sets VictoryGate apart from its competitors is that it combines sustainability and affordability.

That doesn’t mean they work with cheap materials. In fact, the staff keeps tabs on all the eco-friendly materials on the market and will use the best to build your home.

The best part? They focus on more than just the sustainable side of green homes. They work with some of the most talented architects in the industry to give you a house that combines functionality and visual appeal.

3. Hensley Custom Building Group

Exterior view of a mansion with a large driveway at dusk in Ohio by Hensley Custom Building Group
Overhead view of a timber-frame style home living room with many windows, brown leather furniture, and a hanging chandelier by Hensley Custom Building Group
Images courtesy of Hensley Custom Building Group

Hensley Building Groups has been in the business for 35 years and is still going strong today.

In fact, it’s more serious about building green homes than any other company on our list. Whatever you’re looking for in a green home, Hensley can provide it.

Do you want to install high-efficiency features? No problem!

Want to minimize waste during construction? Easy!

Looking to install solar panels? They’ve got you covered.

Ultimately, Hensley’s builders and architects will put 100 percent into building the LEED home of your dreams.

4. Sterling Homes

Small, quaint home on a street at dusk with the lights on in Ohio by Sterling Homes
Large white living room/office by Sterling Homes
Images courtesy of Sterling Homes

Sterling Homes’ supervisors will bend over backward to give you the most optimal house in Ohio for your budget.

They’ll also put in the time and effort to understand what you’re looking for and how to provide it. You get efficient water consumption, home insulation, sustainable materials, etc.

Hensley also offers to install geothermal systems. It’s a new technology that uses heat from the ground to reduce the stress on the system.

The company collaborates with the best architects in the industry to deliver all these features in an aesthetically pleasing house.

5. All Seasons Builders, Inc

Cream-colored home exterior in Ohio by All Seasons Builders
Cozy warm wooden kitchen with living room views by All Seasons Builders
Images courtesy of All Seasons Builders

All Seasons Inc. is one of the top green home builders in the country. Every worker in the company adheres to the Zero Energy Ready Home guidelines to offer the most sustainable homes.

They also keep tabs on the latest green home-related technology to ensure they deliver the best quality more efficiently. They provide premium, eco-friendly materials at affordable prices.

So, not only will you save costs on construction, but you’ll also save utility costs.

Don’t worry if you know nothing about green homes. The project managers will take you through every step of the process to ensure every inch of the house meets your expectations.

6. Sareth Builders

Sareth Builders exterior at dusk with the lights on surrounded by dead trees in Ohio
Image courtesy of Sareth Builders

Although Sareth hasn’t been around for as long as the other builders, it’s certainly left its mark in the industry.

It’s built numerous DOE Zero Energy Ready Homes featured in several articles. So you know you’ll be dealing with experienced builders.

Sareth understands that houses are multi-generational structures, and they always keep that in mind in their designs.

So, you get a durable house that can stand the test of time. The company offers all the energy-efficient features necessary to reduce your house’s energy consumption.

7. Perrino Builders & Remodeling

Large home by Perrin Builders & Remodeling at night with the lights on in Ohio
Warm home bar with lighting and stone details by Perrino Builders & Remodeling
Images courtesy of Perrino Builders & Remodeling

Every step Perrino Builders takes towards constructing your house is meant to protect the environment.

The builders use eco-friendly materials and install energy-efficient features. Even the wood they use adheres to the Sustainable Forestry Initiative standards.

A Perrino Builders house comes with all the bills and whistles you might expect from a green home. It includes proper insulation, ventilation, and a cooling system.

Perrino doesn’t just focus on functionality. It also ensures the house is as cozy and comfortable as possible.

8. Danmark Custom Homes

Danmark Custom Homes large home in Ohio with a winding front path
Large white living room with a fireplace, staircase, and appealing furniture by Danmark Custom Homes
Images courtesy of Danmark Custom Homes

Danmark Custom recognizes that building green homes helps protect the planet from environmental pollution.

So, the workers there take their jobs seriously. The number of Energy Star-certified houses the company has built should show its dedication.

One of Danmark’s biggest selling points is its Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF).

Its walls are sturdy, soundproof, affordable, and more energy-efficient. It also installs a unique cooling/heating system. It regulates moisture levels and controls the air quality inside the house.

9. Justin Doyles Homes

Brown, angular home with wooden accents and a trimmed lawn on a clear day in Ohio by Justin Doyles Homes
Spacious upstairs with a black metal staircase and black painted double doors with white walls by Justin Doyles Homes
Images courtesy of Justin Doyles Homes

At first glance, Justin Doyles may not seem like a green home-focused company. You’d be surprised, though.

From the beginning stages of the construction to the final touches, the company always takes environment-friendly steps.

You’ll have an energy-efficient house that helps maintain the local ecosystem.

Additionally, the company uses recycled building materials and aims to minimize waste during the construction phase. You’ll get a house with efficient water consumption and improved indoor air quality.

10. Graybach

Housing by Graybach in Ohio
Image courtesy of Graybach

Graybach doesn’t have the same extensive history as some other companies. It quickly made a name for itself in the industry, though.

How? Well, the company is always implementing the newest green home-related technology to achieve the best results with less effort.

The company’s owners understand what it means to adhere to LEED standards. Your house will include high-efficiency fixtures and a cooling/heating retention system.

You can also ask to install thermocore structural insulated panel systems for reduced air leakage.

11. Dennis Ott Builders

Large luxury property in Ohio by Dennis Ott Builders
Image courtesy of Dennis Ott Builders

The workers at Dennis understand the importance of preserving the environment. That’s why they decided to combine the craftsmanship of their builders and the best eco-friendly practices to build green homes.

So rest assured, you’ll easily get a LEED-certified house.

It’ll include home insulation, HVAC systems, improved air quality, and more. The builders use eco-friendly materials and minimize waste during the construction phase.

Wrapping Up

There you have it: Ohio’s best 11 green home builders. They all offer high-quality services and have their own philosophy and different building strategies. So, identify your needs as a homeowner and choose the builder that caters to them the most.

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