Shipping container homes are gaining more popularity for many reasons. They’re cost-efficient, highly customizable, and durable.

While container homes are relatively new, you can find many reputable builders. Today, we have a list of 5 Ohio shipping container home builders.

Keep reading to see your container home dreams become a reality!

The Top Shipping Container Home Builders in Ohio

Ohio has a lot of great container home builders. Let’s check out the best builders to consider for your project.

1. Tailored Container Homes

A row of colorful shipping container homes in colors like red, blue, orange, and white against a clear blue sky
Tailored Container Homes can build you the perfect residential container home.

Tailored Container Homes started in 2008 as a construction company. It was then known as Tailored Development and Electric.

They worked on many industrial, commercial, and residential projects. So, they have good experience in building all kinds of homes.

With the rise of tiny homes, Tailored Development and Electric were interested in the concept.

Shortly after, the engineering team started working on custom designs for container homes. Their main focus was to make it as cost-effective as possible.

After the great feedback they received from customers, they decided to focus more on building container homes.

Tailored Container Homes can design and build any container home idea you have in mind.

In fact, I’ve seen some amazing three-story container home designs from them. Moreover, the company offers 2D and 3D designs, so you can visualize what the project will look like.

Additionally, they use Cortex steel containers, which are eco-friendly and durable.

On top of that, Tailored Container Homes offer to finance up to $100,000 of your project through Hearth Financial.

2. Container Homes USA

Container Homes USA is a company specializing in building customizable container homes. The company is based in Ohio, so you won’t have to spend a fortune on transportation.

With high quality and unlimited customization as the company’s focus, they have built many amazing projects.

The builders at Container Homes USA understand the market changes, and they’re always adapting.

What’s better is that they know how to implement any ideas you have in mind into realistic, functional designs.

Moreover, they’re detail-oriented, so you can rest assured that every tiny detail you mention will be considered.

In addition, they have hundreds of blueprints and plans if you want to be involved in building your dream container home. You can contact them, and they’ll help you with your DIY project.

From mobile medical clinics to a sauna or a hunting cabinet, they can do it all.

The designs in their catalog are innovative and unique, especially the two-leveled three containers design.

3. CW Dwellings

White stacked shipping container homes against a blue, tree-lined sky
CW Dwellings operates in Ohio, expediting the process of getting your prefab home!

CW Dwellings is an Ohio-based company that offers a wide range of prefabricated homes.

Additionally, the company can build customized container homes. So, you can design your container home from scratch, and they’ll make it come to life.

If you have a custom design, the company can give a quote after the design phase. CW Dwellings will also provide you with the following:

● A detailed plan of construction

● A list of appliances and optional features for your unit

● The total price of the container home

After working on the design, the company requires a 35 percent down payment to place the container procurement order.

CW Dwellings handles everything from the metal structure and plumbing to the painting and finishing details. What’s better, they use Gantt charts to make sure the project is on track.

What’s more, quality is CW Dwellings’ primary focus. The company runs a thorough quality control check on all the units.

4. Custom Container Living

Custom Container Living is a company dedicated to building shipping container homes of all types and sizes. The company offers various models and designs.

Additionally, Custom Container Living, as the name suggests, can build customizable container homes.

All you need to do is to pick out a floor plan that suits your design. Then, you can customize everything from A to Z.

For starters, you can choose between a used or a one-trip container. After that, you can pick the style of the doors, windows, and roof.

What’s better, you get to pick the exterior siding from many available options. They include the following:

● Ribbed metal

● Exposed container

● LP smart lap siding

● Cedar lap siding

● Two-tone ribbed metal

You also get to pick the style of everything, such as:

● Interior wall finish

● Ceiling

● Flooring

● Bathroom

● Tub and shower

● Kitchen and appliances

● Cabinets

● Countertop and backsplashes

● Lofts and ladders

Not to mention the wide variety of upgrades they offer. Here’s a list of some options:

● Bunk beds

● Dining bar

● Burn wood accent wall

● Wall-mounted grizzly fireplace

● Rooftop deck

● Exterior water faucet with hot and cold

After that, you can use the custom quote builder to determine your design costs.

5. J. Evans Custom Home Construction

Woman wearing a blue button-down shirt with a laptop sitting on a hammock outside of her shipping container home in Ohio on a clear, sunny day
J. Evans Custom Home Construction specializes in property selection and container construction.

J. Evans Custom Home Construction specializes in building shipping container homes. They can help you with everything from finding a suitable property for container construction to building the container home of your dreams.

The company can build you a container home for any purpose. That includes:

● Residential purposes

● Pop-up commercials

● Medical clinics

● Man caves or ladies’ lairs

They have various floor plans and layouts you can choose from. You can also develop your own layout, and they’ll build it for you.

Wrapping Up

We hope our list of 5 Ohio shipping container home builders helps you pick a suitable builder for your dream home.

You can’t go wrong with any of these builders. They’re all reputable and have lots of experience in the field.

So, you can rest assured that they can build any idea you have in mind for your shipping container home!

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