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There are fewer better home heating options than a baseboard heater. They are perfect for supplementing your existing heating system and providing extra warmth where you need it most. 

So, have you been looking for the ideal baseboard heater to keep your loved ones warm and cozy in winter? Look no further because you’ve come to the right place. 

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Don’t let the cold weather get you down—check out our list of the best baseboard heaters and stay warm all season!

Baseboard Heater Safety Considerations

Regarding baseboard heating, safety should always be a top priority. There are a few key other things to keep in mind to ensure that your home heater operates safely and efficiently.

Proper Installation

Ensure the heater is level and securely attached to the wall and all electrical connections are tight and secure.


Keep furniture, curtains, and combustible materials at least three feet from the baseboard heater.

Overheating Protection 

Look for heaters with built-in overheat protection or install a separate overheat protection device.

Regular Maintenance

Keep the heater clean, check for any signs of damage or wear, and have it serviced by a professional if necessary.

Screenshot from a video showing how to clean your baseboard heater effectively
Courtesy of Family Handyman

Carbon Monoxide and Combustion

Make sure to have a working carbon monoxide detector in the same room as your baseboard heater, and ensure that you place the heater in a room without fresh air.

Children and Pets

Keep an eye on children and pets and ensure they do not touch or play around with the heater.

Considering these safety considerations, you can ensure that your home’s baseboard heater operates safely and efficiently. It’s also important to read the manufacturer’s instructions and beware of the warning signs of potential problems with the heater.

The 11 Best Baseboard Heaters to Stay Warm (Add On)

Without further ado, let’s get into our list of the top baseboard heaters on the market.

Cadet F Series 36″ Electric Baseboard Heater

This baseboard heater is a top-ranking unit with a white color and sleek design, making it a stylish addition to any home. 

The Cadet F Series 36" Electric Baseboard Heater installed in a living room below a window.
Courtesy of Ebay

Key Features

  • The heater boasts a compact design and thus will only take up a little of your space. 
  • Additionally, it uses 120 volts of electric current and has a maximum power output of 750 watts, making it an energy-efficient heating option.
  • The heater has a 20-gauge junction box, 25-gauge steel, and powder coating for durability
  • Moreover, its installation costs are low, and it comes with a lifetime warranty. 
  • With a weight of 7 lbs, it’s also easy to install and requires a thermostat for temperature control.
  • Lastly, the heater operates so silently that it’s ideal for bedrooms.

Where to Buy: Cadet F Series 36″

TPI H2903024SW Electric Baseboard

This unit from TPI is another top-ranking baseboard heater, as demonstrated below by its standout qualities. 

Key Features

  • This device is a high-quality heating solution made of heavy gauge steel and aluminum fins for excellent heat retention and consistent room temperature. 
  • The heater has a built-in over-temperature thermal limit and quick-connect cable clamps for easy installation.
  • It’s ideal for low-traffic spaces like garages and workshops and is corrosion-resistant and scratch-proof
  • The heater has safety features such as a low surface temperature and automatic shut-off.
  • It’s easy to install and maintain, and the sleek design can blend into any room
  • Finally, it comes with a six-inch ground lead wire, and the manufacturer offers a three-year warranty.

Where to Buy: TPI – H2903024SW

Heat Wave 1,000-Watt Convector Baseboard Heater

The Heat Wave 1,000-Watt Convector Baseboard Heater up against a wall in a home.
Courtesy of Amazon

This heater is perfect for small rooms and personal use thanks to its unique characteristics.

Key Features

  • It has an adjustable thermostat, and you can set it at two different temperatures (low and high) for maximum comfort. 
  • The heater has safety features like thermal cut-off protection and a tip-over switch.
  • It can provide supplemental heat up to 400 sq ft and operates on 120 V (60Hz) and 8.3 amps with a power consumption of 1,000 watts. 
  • Nonetheless, you’ll have to do with a rattling sound when moving the heater. Otherwise, it’s a top-ranking heating option.

Where to Buy: Heat Wave 1,000-Watt

Heat Wave 1,000 Watt Convector Baseboard Heater, Black
  • 2 heat settings: low (500 watts) and high (1,000 watts)
  • Adjustable thermostat control for maximum comfort
  • Safety features include: thermal cut-off protection (shuts off heater if it overheats) and tip-over switch (NOTE: rattling sound is normal when moving item)
  • For small room and personal use, provides SUPPLEMENTAL heat up to 400 square feet
  • 120 V (60Hz) / 8.3 Amps / 1,000 Watts / Dimensions: 25.2 in (L) x 5.2 in (W) x 8.7 in (H)

Optimus 30″ Baseboard Convection Digital Display & Thermostat Heater

This Optimus heater is a versatile option that offers multiple settings on heat output (750 and 1,500 watts).

Promo photo of the Optimus 30" Baseboard Convection Digital Display & Thermostat Heater
Courtesy of Amazon

Its other advantageous properties are as follows:

Key Features

  • An “Automatic Thermostat Control” to help maintain the desired temperature in your room. 
  • The heater features a wide temperature range of 35-95°F, which the thermostat can easily adjust and maintain.
  • Further, the heating element has a timer feature that enables you to program it to turn on and off at certain times. The timer has a time range of 1-12 hours and a safety switch that will activate to turn off the heating device if it gets knocked over. 
  • It also has an internal temperature regulating device with an alarm for excessive heat that ensures safety. 
  • Lastly, thanks to its compact design, it’s easy to move around, so you can use it in different rooms as needed.

Where to Buy: Optimus 30″

Optimus 30" Baseboard Convection Digital Display & Thermostat Heater, White
  • 2 Heat settings (750 and 1500 watts) * Automatic Thermostat Control
  • Temperature Settings (35°F to 95°F)
  • 1 to 12 Hrs Timer setting * Tip-Over Safety Switch
  • Internal Heat Limiting Thermostat with Overheat Alert
  • Power indicator light * Durable Heavy Gauge Sheet Metal Cabinet

Fahrenheat PLF1504 Hydronic Baseboard Heater

The design of this heating unit provides you with efficient and comfortable heating for your home. The heater has an ideal dimension of nine inches in height, 3.5 inches in depth, and 70 inches in length. 

The Fahrenheat PLF1504 Hydronic Baseboard Heater installed along a wall in a home.C
Courtesy of Amazon

Key Features

  • The hydronic design of this baseboard heater ensures that it remains cool to the touch, making it safe for use near children and pets. 
  • Easy installation – with its compact design, the PLF1504 is easy to install and can fit into tight spaces.
  • It has an overheat protection feature, which reduces fire risk. 
  • Use of convection heat, which does not circulate bacteria, dust, or allergens in the room, making the air cleaner.
  • Lastly, it is a hard-wired device that operates on 240 volts and 1,500 watts, with a current of 6.3 amps. You can also control the temperature using a thermostat.

Where to Buy: Fahrenheat PLF1504

Fahrenheat PLF1504 Hydronic Baseboard Heater, 1500 Watt, 240 Volt, Beige, 70" long
  • Cool to Touch: The baseboard heater's hydronic design keeps the unit cool so that it is safe to use around children and pets
  • Easy Install: Designed with a wire-way along the back of the heater so that it can be wired on either end
  • Safety Features: The unit's overheat protection feature prevents the heater from running when its air intake is blocked, reducing fire risk
  • Cleaner Heat: Using convection heat keeps allergens, dust, and bacteria from blowing around the room
  • Perfect Size: This unit measures 70 inches long, 3.5 inches deep and 9 inches high. Hard-wired unit; 70 in. length; 240-Volt, 1500-Watt, 6.3 Amp; field-installed thermostat

Cadet F Series 48″ Electric Baseboard Heater

Cadet is one of the trustable baseboard heater manufacturers, and this model is arguably the best of the three we cover in this guide by the brand. 

The Cadet F Series 48" Electric Baseboard Heater installed along the base of a wall to the left of a towel rack
Courtesy of Amazon

Key Features

  • This device delivers potent warmth, with a power output of 1,000/750 watts and voltage of 240/208, making it capable of efficiently heating medium and small-sized rooms.
  • Installing the heater is simple and budget-friendly, featuring universal wiring and pre-cut holes spaced one inch apart for wall mounting.
  • Adjustable thermostat – you can easily set the temperature you want using the built-in thermostat, ensuring a comfortable environment.
  • It also has a high-temperature cut-off feature to guarantee the safety of your household.
  • Lastly, the heater is sturdy, with a limited lifetime warranty to ensure you receive long-lasting service.

Where to Buy: Cadet F Series 48″

Cadet F Series 48 Inch Electric Baseboard Heater (Model: 4F1000A, Part: 06509), 240/208 Volt, 1000/750 Watt, Almond
  • Powerful: With multi-watt capabilities, 1000/750 Watts and 240/208 Volts, this heater delivers lasting warmth.
  • Simple: With universal wiring and pre-punched knockouts, this heater installs in a snap.
  • Convection: Circulate warm air throughout your entire room with convection heat capability.
  • Contents: Includes one 48" Cadet F Series Electric Baseboard Heater in almond.
  • Reliable: Enjoy long-term durability with a limited lifetime warranty.

Comfort Zone Low Profile Baseboard Silent Operation Heater CZ600

The Comfort Zone Low Profile Baseboard Silent Operation Heater CZ600 on a living room floor in front of a couch and window.
Courtesy of Amazon

This electric baseboard heating tool provides efficient and quiet heating for your home. 

Key Features

  • Electric heating – the CZ600 uses electricity to heat your space, making it a convenient and cost-effective option.
  • Safe operation – the heater has built-in safety features, including overheat protection, to ensure it is safe in your home.
  • Silent operation – one of the standout features of the CZ600 is its silent operation, which makes it ideal for use in bedrooms or other quiet spaces in your home.
  • Furthermore, the product comes ready to use without the need for assembly.

Where to Buy: Comfort Zone Low

Comfort Zone Electric Baseboard Space Heater with Adjustable Thermostat, Dent-Proof End Panels, Overheat Protection, Tip-Over Switch, & Stay-Cool Body, Ideal for Home, Bedroom, & Office, 1,500W, CZ600
  • EFFICIENT AND VERSATILE HEATING: Designed for medium-sized rooms, this 1500 Watt convection baseboard heater delivers powerful performance to keep you warm and comfortable. With two heat settings and an adjustable thermostat, you have full control over the temperature, allowing you to create the perfect ambiance in your space. Enjoy efficient and customizable heating that suits your needs and enhances your comfort level.
  • SAFETY AT ITS BEST: Rest easy knowing that this heater prioritizes your safety. It is equipped with an advanced safety system, including a tip-over switch that automatically shuts off the heater if it's accidentally knocked over, ensuring no hazardous situations arise. The stay-cool body prevents burns & ensures safe handling, even during extended use. The overheat protection sensor detects excessive heat and promptly shuts off the heater to prevent any potential risks. Experience peace of mind and warmth in a secure environment.
  • WHISPER-QUIET OPERATION: Experience undisturbed tranquility in your space with this electric baseboard heater's silent operation. Designed to operate quietly, it ensures that room occupants are not disturbed by distracting noise. Whether you're watching TV, enjoying music, or engaging in a conversation, this heater's noise-free performance allows you to maintain a peaceful atmosphere. Keep the volume at a comfortable level and savor the serenity while staying warm and cozy.
  • DURABLE AND STYLISH DESIGN: This sleek and low-profile convection baseboard heater is built to last. With dent-proof end panels, it maintains its stylish appearance even with regular use year after year. Rest assured that this heater will stay in pristine condition, free from unsightly dents or damage. Its robust construction ensures that it continues to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your space while providing reliable and efficient heating. Enjoy both durability and style in one compact package.
  • COST-EFFICIENT HEATING SOLUTION: With this electric baseboard heater, you can effectively manage your heating costs by focusing on the room you're in, rather than heating the entire house. By providing targeted heat where you need it most, this heater helps you optimize energy usage and reduce unnecessary expenses. Enjoy a warm and comfortable space while maintaining control over your heating bills. Experience the benefits of cost-effective heating without compromising on comfort.

Fahrenheat FBE15002 Portable Electric Baseboard Heater

This model is a timeless, all-purpose electric baseboard heater with an integrated thermostat. 

Promo photo of the Fahrenheat FBE15002 Portable Electric Baseboard Heater.
Courtesy of Amazon

Key Features

  • The unit has a portable design that allows you to move it to any room that needs additional heat.
  • Also, it operates on 120 volts and has a versatile plug that works in most rooms. 
  • The heater’s low-profile appearance makes it blend seamlessly with any decor.
  • This Fahrenheat unit employs natural circulation to scatter warmth uniformly throughout the space, eliminating the need for loud fans or clicking noises.
  • Safe operation – built-in safety features, including overheat protection, to ensure it is safe in your home.
  • Finally, the unit uses convection heat, which does not circulate bacteria, dust, or allergens in the room, making the air cleaner.

Where to Buy: Fahrenheat

Fahrenheat FBE15002 Portable Electric Baseboard Heater,1500 Watt, 120 Volt, 46" Wide, White
  • Portable Design: Move this baseboard heater to any spot in need of extra heat The 120 volt plug will work in almost any room, and its low profile design will blend into any decor
  • Fanless Operation: Natural convection moves the heat throughout the room, which means evenly distributed heat with no loud fans or clicking noises
  • Safety Features: For worry-free warmth, the unit's overheat protection feature prevents the heater from running when its air intake is blocked, and the linear high-temperature safety cutout will automatically shut off unit in event of air blockage
  • Cleaner Heat: Using convection heat keeps allergens, dust, and bacteria from blowing around the room
  • Perfect Size: This unit measures 45 inches long, 6 inches wide, and 7.5 inches high

Cadet 8F2025W Baseboard Heater

Cadet also manufactures one of the largest and longest baseboard heaters. The Cadet 8F2025W is 96 inches long. It is the best choice if you have a long wall (eight feet or more) and require substantial heating. 

The massive Cadet 8F2025W Baseboard Heater installed along the base of a wall in a bedroom
Courtesy of Cadet

Key Features

  • The heater has a maximum heating capacity of 2,500W when connected to a 240V circuit and can produce either 2,000W or 2,500W heat.
  • The Cadet 8F2025W is an exceptional baseboard heater—it’s one of the few to receive an Energy Star certification.
  • Also, this model can independently heat rooms of up to 300 square feet, making it a good addition to homes with extensive space.
  • Lastly, the heater is manufactured by Cadet, a company known for its reliable products. That is a significant point of assurance to you as a buyer.

Where to Buy: Cadet 8F2025W

Cadet F Series 49″ Portable Electric Baseboard Heater

We’re not done with Cadet yet until we highlight the remarkable properties of this popular and highly-rated baseboard heater. 

The Cadet F Series 49" Portable Electric Baseboard Heater under a living room window
Courtesy of Amazon

Key Features

  • It is 49 inches long and weighs 10.1 pounds, making it a compact and portable option for heating.
  • The unit operates at 1,500 watts and 120 volts, with a heating coverage of 600 square feet, providing efficient warmth for small and medium rooms.
  • Thirdly, it is compatible with a wall-mounted thermostat for temperature control.
  • It also has a high-efficiency heating element that helps reduce energy consumption.
  • The heater comes with a simple, plug-and-play design for easy installation
  • It also features a limited lifetime warranty, meaning you can always return the device to the seller if it doesn’t perform well as long as the warranty duration is valid. 

Where to Buy: Cadet F Series 49

Cadet F Series 49" Portable Electric Baseboard Heater (Model: 4P1500W, Part: 05601), 5120 BTU, 120 Volt, 1500 Watt, White
  • Powerful: At 1500 Watts and 120 Volts, this heater provides efficient warmth to any room.

Costway 24914-CYPE Baseboard Heater

Finally, we have a Costway freestanding baseboard heater that is easy to install. 

The Costway 24914-CYPE Baseboard Heater in front of a living room couch
Courtesy of Amazon

Key Features 

  • It’s a budget-friendly yet highly efficient 1,500W unit.
  • With this heater, you can adjust the output to either 1500W or 750W, providing more flexibility and the potential for increased energy efficiency, especially if used with a thermostat.
  • Measuring less than 40 inches in length, the Costway 24914-CYPE has a highly concentrated heating power of 38.0 watts per inch.
  • Lastly, it is easy to both set up and use.

Where to Buy: Costway 24914

No products found.

Final Word

In this article, we’ve provided you with reliable, efficient, and cost-effective solutions to keep your home warm and cozy. Staying warm during winter is crucial for maintaining good health and comfort, and you shouldn’t have to librate to achieve it. 

Baseboard heaters are an excellent option to add supplementary heating to your home. So, whether you’re looking for a small, portable unit or a more robust, powerful option, there’s a baseboard heater to suit your needs.

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