Prefab homes are taking the industry by storm thanks to their many advantages. They combine modern aesthetics with efficient construction. These houses are cost-effective, energy-efficient, and versatile, catering to diverse architectural styles.

All these perks make them an attractive choice for home buyers, even in areas with relatively affordable housing like Michigan.

If you’re curious about the top prefab home builders in the Great Lakes State, you’ll love this list I put together for you. I dug through my contacts to recommend the most trusted options around.

1. Legendary Homes Inc.

Modular home in the snow in Michigan by Legendary Homes
White kitchen with white countertops and metal appliances by Legendary Homes
Images courtesy of Legendary Homes Inc.

Operating for over 24 years, Legendary Homes Inc. stands out for delivering turn-key modular home projects.

The company is based in Michigan and covers areas such as Jackson, Brooklyn, and Addison.

So, what does it offer?

Legendary Homes Inc. provides three options for buyers. You can choose from their pre-built plans, customize a standard modular home, or create your design from scratch!

The best part? For your peace of mind, they offer a virtual 3D tour of their designs—a feature that separates them from their competitors.

2. Dickson Homes

Home with siding and front-facing stone against a dramatic sky in Michigan by Dickson Homes
Large, fully furnished kitchen with warm wooden cabinetry by Dickson Homes
Images courtesy of Dickson Homes

Offering more than 40 pre-designed floor plans, Dickson Homes provides you with versatile options.

Most of these projects range from 538 to 3,792 square feet, depending on the house type you choose.

Aside from that, the company allows you to customize your modular house.

However, what makes Dickson Homes stand out is their fast delivery service. For instance, they take as little as 10 to 12 weeks to plan, design, and deliver any of their tiny home models.

3. Heritage Custom Builders

Multistory modular home with attached garage on a grassy hill in Michigan by Heritage Custom Builders
Contemporary living room with hardwood flooring and eclectic furniture by Heritage Custom Builders
Images courtesy of Heritage Custom Builders

With almost three decades of experience, Heritage Custom Builders sets itself apart from the competition with a contractor-owned approach.

The West Michigan-based company offers a hands-on commitment to every step in the construction process, ensuring superior quality.

What’s more, Heritage Custom Builders has over 300 floor plans. So, they’re dedicated to building your dream home without breaking the bank!

The best part is that their support continues after construction, offering a 10-year structural warranty.

4. evoDOMUS

Futuristic home with wooden attached home in Michigan by evoDOMUS
Roomy living room with antique furniture and hardwood flooring by evoDOMUS
Images courtesy of evoDOMUS

If you’re looking for high-end, eco-friendly prefab homes, evoDOMUS might be a suitable option.

Headquartered in Cleveland, evoDOMUS services cover many states, including Lower Michigan.

So, what makes evoDOMUS special?

The company is dedicated to designing modern-looking prefab homes. While they mainly offer custom plans tailored to individual preferences, all evoDomus houses are sustainable.

They feature efficient insulation, PV solar systems, Unilux windows, and low-water consumption utilities.

5. Ritz-Craft

Modern luxury modular home in Michigan by Ritz-Craft
Oversized living room with arching ceilings, large windows, hardwood floor, and white walls by Ritz-Craft
Images courtesy of Ritz-Craft

A leader in modular homebuilding for over 65 years, Ritz-Craft delivers quality craftsmanship at affordable prices.

With a robust network of independent builders, they offer a wide selection of floor plans, from budget-friendly pre-built houses to dream beach bungalows.

However, you can fully customize designs from the benchmark collection. Most of Ritz-Craft’s projects range from 1,500 to 4,000 square feet.

Moreover, the company’s innovative construction methods ensure strong, energy-efficient units featuring smart home technology.

6. Unlimited Modular Homes

Angular modular home on a trimmed lawn in Michigan by Unlimited Modular
Beautiful interior of living room and kitchen, all in white, by Unlimited Modular
Images courtesy of Unlimited Modular Homes

Unlimited Modular Homes is a Michigan-based new home construction company.

Unlike other competitors, this company crafts custom homes. You can choose the house’s style, layout, and all the features you want.

What’s more, the company covers different land sizes, including prefab homes for large acreages.

The best part is that you can build your dream, one-of-a-kind house while matching your budget!

7. Deer Run Cabins

Modular home situated among trees and flower gardens in Michigan by Deer Run Cabins
Quaint living area with blue walls, a comfy couch, a lamp, and shelving by Deer Run Cabins
Images courtesy of Deer Run Cabins

As the name suggests, Deer Run Cabins, a second-generation company, specializes in crafting quality Amish cabins and pre-built modular homes with sizes ranging from 392 to 728 square feet.

However, they allow customer collaboration in the design, accommodating individual needs.

Deer Run cabins come with insulated walls, roofs, and windows. The premium plan features a UV-protecting stain for the exterior wood, prewired electrical systems, interior plumbing, and a tankless water heater.

8. Champion Home Builders

Angular home exterior and long driveway in Michigan by Champion Homes Builders
Appealing white kitchen with a blue dinette by Champion Home Builders
Images courtesy of Champion Home Builders

Champion Home Builders is a major player in modular homes.

Since it boasts an extensive network of regional sellers, the company operates in all 50 states and western Canada.

They offer many pre-built solutions, from single or multiple-family homes to commercial buildings.

When it comes to the designs, Champion Home Builders’ houses generally feature traditional architecture and simple aesthetics.

Aside from modular homes, they craft mobile houses and park unit RVs, all of which cover different budgets!

9. Hygge Supply

Black modular home in the snow in Michigan by Hygge Supply
Open kitchen with floor-to-ceiling windows and plants by Hygge Supply
Images courtesy of Hygge Supply

Another company dedicated to eco-friendly kit homes is Hygge Supply. Operating in Northern Michigan, this company stands out for its innovative building approach.

Not only do they provide traditional prefab homes, but they also offer hybrids or combinable units.

Most of their homes have a modern and minimalist design. Plus, they follow a sustainable building approach, using SIP panels, non-chemically treated wood, VOC-free powder coatings, and more.

That also reduces the need for outsourcing since their homes include framing and finishing.

10. Preferred Homes

Modular home on a lawn with a tree in Michigan by Preferred Homes
Cozy living room with three windows and a ceiling light by Preferred Homes
Images courtesy of Preferred Homes

With over four decades of expertise, Preferred Homes is committed to delivering a seamless homebuilding experience to their clients.

Their energy-efficient modular houses have diverse features, including porches, decks, crawlspaces, and garages.

What sets Prefered Homes apart is their customer service.

Aside from catering to different budgets, they walk you through the financing options available and how to apply for them.

They also provide in-person tours to experience their homes firsthand and make an informed decision.

11. Atlantis Homes

Dark brown-colored home with stone in Michigan from Atlantis Homes
Cozy dining room and kitchen with electric lighting by Atlantis Homes
Images courtesy of Atlantis Homes

Boasting nearly 45 years of industry expertise, Atlantis Homes, a homebuilder company based in southeast Michigan, provides value-packed modular homes.

Having built over 800 custom homes, they ensure a satisfying building journey for every client.

What’s more, Atlantis Homes promises a delivery time of under five months.

Their 3D virtual tour is one of the major features that sets them apart. You can inspect your home—inside and out—ensuring every detail meets your requirements.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, Michigan offers many modular home builders, each with unique strengths and features.

Whether you want customizable designs, fest delivery services, hands-on commitment to every building stage, or eco-friendly solutions, you’ll find excellent options on this list.

The best part is that all these companies have decades of experience and cater to different budgets.

So, take the time to explore these 11 modular home builders in Michigan and embark on the journey to build your dream house!

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