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Shipping container homes have recently become increasingly popular as an affordable and sustainable option. They also offer their owners a lot of utility, especially those living in high-population density areas, like New York City (and state).

So, if you are based in New York and interested in building a shipping container home, what are the top container home builders to consider?

As a quick note also – we recently updated the article and found another great builder, which is why our title has “8” builders in it, while the original URL says 7.

The Best Shipping Container Home Builders in New York

Great shipping container home builders in New York include Contanium, Steele House, and MB Architecture. LOT-EK, Bigprototype, Ecubed Homes, and Marengo Homes are also excellent shipping container home builders in the area. 

Continue reading to discover more about these great, New York-based shipping container home builders.

Then, we’ll discuss what makes these container home builders worth considering and what to look for when hiring someone to build your home. 

1.) Contanium 

Container homes are known for their sustainability, a benefit that Contanium values greatly.

The company may be the most well-known shipping container home builder in New York. 

Inner view of a Contanium cabin shipping container home
Courtesy of Contanium

Founded in Red Hook, Brooklyn, it has established itself as one of the area’s great shipping container home builders.

If you want a lot more control over the design of your container home, the company offers creative freedom paired with expert guidance to produce living spaces that are unique and original. 

Whether you want an urban dwelling in Brooklyn or a cabin upstate, Contanium has the team and tools to create a shipping container home that will last for decades.

After browsing their catalog of container home options, you’ll be amazed at how fantastic this dwelling type can be.   

Backyard view of a container home in the woods by Contanium
Courtesy of Contanium

If you want a container home builder with a rock-solid reputation who has been featured in numerous publications, Contanium is an excellent choice.

One of the advantages of this home style is its portability, and Contanium will deliver your abode wherever you need it in New York state. 

2.) Steele House

External front angle view of a shipping container home in the New York mountains by Steele House
Courtesy of Steele House

Steele House has a reputation for making some of the most impressive shipping container structures in New York. 

Written up by renowned publications like The New York Times, Tim Steele, the founder, has made a well-recognized name for himself in the business since beginning in 2009.

He has a keen eye for style that has helped build a following to create one of the premier shipping container home builders in New York.

Specializing in designing the interior and exterior of homes and businesses, Tim has a penchant for creating gorgeous buildings out of recycled materials.

Shipping containers are one of his specialties, and he has made a handful of incredible houses that have gained notoriety in New York. 

Interior view of a container home by Steele House
Courtesy of Steele House

Steele House’s trademark style is simplicity paired with functionality, resulting in reliable, comfortable, and long-lasting homes.

Steele House is currently working on three shipping container homes, published on its website. 

If you are looking for a great container home builder in New York, Steele House should be one of the first companies you contact.

You’re sure to get stunning results from a company that continues to produce best-in-class homes.  

3.) MB Architecture 

MB Architecture is a Manhattan-based architecture firm that has made a solid name for itself in the construction and design business.

It gained fame in 2009 for its shipping container home in Amagansett, New York. It was a beautiful project that set a precedent for style in shipping container homes.  

MB Architecture has won prestigious awards like the American Institute of Architects Peconic Chapter Honor Award for Architecture for its construction, making the firm one of the most famous names in New York’s shipping container home industry. 

External view of a MB Architecture container home and it's back patio space
Courtesy of MB Architecture

After deciding to use MB Architecture for your container home, you’ll work with a team of professionals with extensive experience in container homes and the press and credentials to prove it.

This highly-regarded firm designs and builds homes that range from a one-container project to stacking multiple shipping containers to make a gorgeous home or office. 

The Insta House has become one of its most popular products, making the outfit one of the leaders in New York container home building.

Choose MB Architecture if you want a shipping container home constructed by a company with worldwide acclaim.  

4.) LOT-EK

LOT-EK is genuinely one of the great shipping container home builders in New York.

If a beautiful design is something you seek out, this will be one of the best choices you can make for building your home. 

You can have an incredible home with the style you need at a fraction of the cost using LOT-EK to design a shipping container home. 

Aerial back view of a LOT-EK shipping container home
Courtesy of LOT-EK

Famous for creating some of the most eye-catching dwellings made exclusively from shipping containers or featuring them as focal points of the house, LOT-EK will open your eyes with wonder and impress friends with their creative visions.

It regularly turns shipping containers into numerous commercial and residential buildings but specializes in unique home construction for individuals who want a beautiful home made from sustainable resources. 

With incredible results, the company has earned a reputation for making high-end abodes using shipping containers exclusively or included in hybrid construction.

For example, one house was recently listed for just under $1 million and has gained a following for the unique building that featured a shipping container as the main bedroom. 

Interior view of a LOT-EK container home in NYC
Courtesy of The Spaces

LOT-EK has also created famous houses in upstate New York if you prefer to live outside the city.

5.) Bigprototype

If you’re looking for one of the most remarkable houses on the block, you’ll want to consult Brooklyn-based Bigprototype

This crew produces some incredible homes from recycled materials by a team of creatives whose backgrounds range from musicians to woodworkers.

As a result, you’ll have a stylish dwelling constructed from things you never imagined, one of which is shipping containers. 

Bigprototype has established a reputation in recent years for building sustainable homes that are as unique as they are practical.

Another feather in its cap is how it has convinced previous clients (who were on the fence about building a container home) to consider this environmentally friendly and minimalist lifestyle. 

The stunning 1,200-foot (365.76 meters) Container House 2 is located in the Catskills and was built in 2011.

An example of its groundbreaking construction, this home was built to be the perfect two-bedroom home for the modern individual. It gives the resident everything they need and offers a comfortable and stylish home interior. 

Front view of the Bigprototype Container 2 home
Courtesy of Bigprototype

Bigprototype has collaborated with some of the most well-known names in shipping container home building, like Tim Steele, and is a name you can trust to produce a house you can rely on for the long haul.

Expert advice through the unique lens of creative individuals makes this team one of the best options. 

Contact Bigprotoype and set up an appointment to create a shipping container home constructed by some of the most creative home builders.

6.) Ecubed Homes

Andrea Nentwick wanted to try something different during the early innings of the COVID-19 pandemic.

So, along with her fiance, she decided to try living away from the city and using sustainable and inexpensive resources. 

She quickly realized her knack for creating homes out of minimal supplies and gained numerous fans around the state. Thus, she began her career as a shipping container home builder in New York, and Ecubed Homes was born.

Interior view of an Ecubed Homes contain home
Courtesy of Ecubed Homes

Andrea has quickly earned a reputation for producing gorgeous homes featured in publications around the state. 

Ecubed Homes is a name you can rely on for making the most out of the least materials, emphasizing saving energy and utilizing smaller spaces.

This dedication to minimalism makes her projects ideal for people who like the idea of living in just one shipping container and maximizing the design of that space. 

Exterior backyard view of an Ecubed Homes container home
Courtesy of Ecubed Homes

The company works with three different sizes and will ship the container where you need it.

In addition, the team is available for site visits and trained in setting homes up to live on or off the grid. 

If you’re interested in starting the project today, just fill out the form on its website, and you will be on your way to having one of the most well-crafted shipping container homes in New York.

7.) Marengo Structures

Marengo Structures is another excellent option for shipping container homes in New York.

It doesn’t have the same notoriety as some of the other high-profile names on this list, but it is a trusted option. 

That said, the firm has some of the most comprehensive experience you’ll find and is an excellent choice when you need a reliable and professional shipping container home builder.

Courtesy of Marengo Structures

Suppose you need a home-building specialist in New York with connections to experienced industry professionals and a dedication to building your shipping container home quickly and effectively. 

In this case, you’ll want to contact Marengo Homes.

The builder researches and collects information to make you one of the most well-thought-out shipping container residences available at a reasonable and competitive cost. 

Marengo should be a top consideration if you need a dedicated team who can quickly build a beautiful shipping container dwelling.

It is also a less expensive option if you are trying to conserve money, making the firm a choice we recommend for a more budget-friendly option during global economic troubles. 

8. Giant Containers

This is a global manufacturer and supplier of modular shipping container homes.

It specializes in residential, retail, commercial, and industrial structure. 

What sets Giant Containers apart is that it makes its homes as eco-friendly as possible. Moreover, it ensures that the homes are as affordable as possible to meet different budget allocations.

Due to its understanding of the fact that industries have different housing requirements, this company tailors its homes to meet the specific needs of each client.

We featured this company on this list because its modular shipping container homes are as versatile as possible. 

These homes can be stacked horizontally or vertically to create multi-story dwellings.

Also, the modular nature of these containers makes seamless expansion and reduction possible.

Giant Containers is also an ideal option if you want a storm-resistant home. Its shipping container homes are designed to withstand wind speeds of up to 220 mph. They are also designed to endure tropical storms and hurricanes.

The company has a diverse portfolio that showcases its commitment and dedication to quality products and services.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect solution or seeking inspiration, the company’s portfolio showcases a world of possibilities.  

Final Thoughts

New York has no shortage of great sustainable home builders, and many of them construct shipping container dwellings. 

The shipping container home builders featured here lead the pack, so if you’re ready to take the plunge and settle into the ultimate sustainable home, you can’t go wrong choosing any of the companies listed.

Also, if you’re considering a container dwelling but haven’t ruled out other sustainable home options, be sure to check out our list of the top sustainable green home builders in New York. We also have a great list of modular homebuilders in New York as well.

Best of luck! 

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